Wikio and Trigami: the 7th merger in the last 18 months…

Recently, Wikio has been picking up the pace. The European media group merged with Nomao and Overblog in the fall of 2010 and hasn’t been been slowing down since. Rumors of a hefty round of funding are yet to be confirmed. And even though the company may’ve taken a hit from Google’s Panda, it’s just announced yet another merger; Trigami is the latest addition to the Wikio family.

Founded in 2007 in Switzerland, Trigami provides social media ad solutions for German-speaking markets. The company counts over 500 clients that are able to benefit from the network’s 15K bloggers for innovative ad solutions and seeded content.

As a result of this merger, Trigami will be integrated into theĀ Ebuzzing platform, currently used by over 1500 companies. Prior to this deal, Ebuzzing was only present in France, Italy, Spain and the UK but will now include 2 German offices as well. Thus, this Wikio solution will now be available not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland.

Wikio’s rapid expansion is definitely unusual for Europe. This is the company’s 7th merger in the last 18 months.