Want To Get Your Arduino On, But Don't Want To Solder? Check Out Teagueduino

With Google’s Open Accessory Toolkit rolling up Android and Arduino together, there’s a lot of attention being given to to the popular hacking engine. But unsurprisingly, such a powerful tool isn’t really able to be just picked up and played with. Teagueduino is a modification of the Arduino system that makes the platform a bit more accessible to newbies.

No soldering is required, for one thing. I like solder in theory, but in practice it always freaks me out. What if I get molten metal on me. So that’s one barrier removed. It also has a sweet graphical feedback system for understanding your inputs, outputs, modules, and so on, making the language of hacking a little more accessible.

It’s kind of like the Duplo to Arduino’s Lego. The same principles are in action, but in larger, more coarse form, and you can’t choke on them. And of course it’s all open source, so you can modify or remix as you please.

Lots more info on this cool system at Teague Labs. If I had space in my apartment for a workbench, I’d totally check out one of these kits.

[via Hacker News]