T-Mobile Trade-Ins: Go Green, Save Some Green

I can’t speak for everyone, but no matter how much I want to become more earth-friendly, it never really happens. It’s always too expensive, or too inconvenient, or too much work, and I blow it off. Luckily for me (and other would-be-greeners), T-Mobile is giving you a way to go green and save a little green.

If you’re with T-Mo and looking to upgrade your phone, the carrier has offered a way to trade-in your old-school flip-phone or any other throwback you have lying around for a chunk of change (to be used for a new phone, of course).

So basically, you take your old phone into a T-Mobile store, at which point a T-Mo rep will decide how much its worth, but will apparently refrain from sharing that little detail with you. Instead, you’ll get the value of your phone through a mail-in rebate and have to make another trip to the store to cash it in for a new phone.

Obviously, your pink Motorola Razr from 2006 isn’t going to pay for the HTC Sensation 4G, but at least you’ll be earning yourself a little discount, and possibly some good Karma from Mother Earth.

[via Gizmodo