Wireless Charging

  • HaloIPT Revs Up For Wirelessly Charged Electric Cars

    HaloIPT Revs Up For Wirelessly Charged Electric Cars

    Those who resist purchasing an electric car because charging stations are less ubiquitous than gas stations or figuring out how to charge your car at home seems complicated have one less excuse to go green. A new system from British startup HaloIPT allows cars to be charge wirelessly using induction. The wirelessly transmitted power goes to the car’s battery for an ongoing charge, similar… Read More

  • Powermat Expanding Into Europe

    I stopped by the Powermat booth at Mobile World Congress 2011 last week to get the update on their line of wireless charging products. Their biggest announcement during the event was that they are expanding into the European market this year, which I suppose makes the MWC an appropriate venue for that communiqué. Other than that, they still had some products on display, previously mentioned… Read More