TwelveSouth put a wireless charger in a picture frame

TwelveSouth is one of the most innovative Mac accessory companies out there. From its PlugBug adapter to the AirFly Bluetooth headphone receiver, the company makes clever, well-produced products. But the PowerPic — I dunno, man.

I’m sure the build quality is there, as with its other offerings. New Zealand pine sounds nice. At its heart, though, the product is really a wood box around a wireless charging stand. “Wireless charging is awesome, but adding yet another charging gadget to your bedside table is not,” says the press material.

So TwelveSouth built a picture frame with Qi charging built in to hide your gadget-owning shame. It’s a real picture frame — one designed to put real pictures in. Then you place your phone on top. So when it’s not charging, it’s a picture frame. Kind of like how the Google Home Hub or Facebook Portal turn into digital picture frames when not in use. Only this isn’t digital. It’s paper.

The best part of the PowerPic is probably the name — like PowerPC, but with an “i.” Apple homages abound. Ultimately, though, it’s one of those things that seems more like a project you’d find on a DIY YouTube channel. Only it’s a product you can buy for $80. Just in time for the holidays, I guess.