• Does Wikileaks Represent The End Of Internet History?

    Look at Matt Drudge, freaking out over Wikileaks’ so-called “insurance policy” against Julian Assange’s arrest. READY TO LAUNCH “DOOMSDAY FILES,” Drudge screams. (Red font, too. All we need is a siren.gif and we’re in full meltdown mode.) And Doomsday for whom, exactly? I mean, as of today, all Wikileaks has done is to make available a number of… Read More

  • WikiLeaks’ One True Home Is Twitter, But For How Long?

    With Amazon, Paypal and dissolving their relationships to WikiLeaks, leaving it without a stable home and a way to make money, Twitter currently serves as the only solid ground the Internet whistleblower has to stand on. This has left many wondering whether or not Twitter will eventually take down the @wikileaks account if put under enough pressure, from lawmakers or… Read More

  • Why Is The WikiLeaks Twitter Account Only Following TweetBackup?

    Even though Amazon and Paypal have severed their relationships with the controversial to say the least WikiLeaks, the @WikiLeaks Twitter account is still holding strong. Some are wondering why Twitter has as of yet to cut ties with the service after this week’s leak of 251,287 diplomatic cables, which pissed some high powered people off to put it lightly. Read More

  • The Wikileak China-Google Cables

    A week ago when the first Wikileak cables started coming out, the New York Times reported that some of them shed some more light on the Chinese hacking attacks on Google which led to its withdrawal from operating in China proper. But the actual cables were not released until today. The NYT describes the cables at length in another article today. But the underlying cables are hard to find… Read More

  • Wikileaks Now Fighting Its DNS Provider. Some Coincidence, No?

    Another day, another bit of Wikileaks. It seems The Guardian slightly misunderstood the way the Internet works in claiming that Wikileaks had its domain name revoked by its hosts. Not quite. What seems to have happened is that its DNS server has stopped providing the DNS service. The domain name is still there, handled by Dynadot, it’s just that Wikileaks would need to find someone else… Read More

  • Is Wikileaks' Julian Assange Hiding Out In The UK? And Why Are People Hating On Amazon?

    More Wikileaks info for you. It’s pretty hard to think of a bigger tech story in 2010 than the site’s rise to prominence. Obviously it’s been around for a while now, but it didn’t really ruffle any feathers—always a good thing—until this year. Today’s developments: it would certainly appear that Public Enemy Number One (in the eyes of certain talking… Read More

  • Bradley Manning, alleged WikiLeaks source, set up an early Facebook? Really?

    Well, it’s a strange world out there. Channel 4 News has revealed that the man accused of passing thousand of secret US documents to WikiLeaks was a tech geek who set up a primitive ‘social network’ at his school, years before Facebook appeared. Private Bradley Manning joined the US Army in 2007 and was posted to Baghdad, where he worked on classified army networks. He has… Read More

  • Wikileaks' Julian Assange Now Wanted By Interpol, ‘Hacktivist’ Claims Responsiblity For Denial Of Service Attack

    It’s Wednesday, that must mean there’s more Wikileaks news to discuss. And of course there is. Interpol, and by that I don’t mean the band, has placed Julian Assange on its wanted list for “sex crimes.” It all goes back to that alleged incident in Sweden a few months back. If nothing else it’ll make travel slightly more difficult for Assange. Read More

  • Sen. Joe Lieberman: Amazon Has Pulled Hosting Services For WikiLeaks

    WikiLeaks was briefly down this morning not only because of ongoing DDoS attacks, but because it was actually taken off Amazon Web Services by Amazon and moved back to a Swedish provider, according to this tweet from Reuters. WikiLeaks has been in the news almost every day since it released 251,287 U.S. diplomatic cables to major media organizations on Sunday. Yesterday founder Julian Assange… Read More