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  • The Latest Western Digital My Book Takes The Mac Look To The Max

    Western Digital, like most storage companies, has long had a line of products designed for the Mac crowd. The latest incarnation of the My Book Studio takes up a notch with a brushed aluminum enclouser and perforated top grill — you know, just like the Mac Pro. Also like the Mac Pro, this Apple-ified Firewire/USB 2.0 drive carries a premium with the 1TB, 2TB and 3TB drives costing… Read More

  • The WD Nomad Rugged Case Will Protect And Serve My Passport External Hard Drives

    External hard drives are notoriously fragile devices. They do, after all, contain what is essentially a miniaturized multilayer record player. It’s in this spirit that Western Digital just announced the WD Nomad case for the My Passport External hard drive line. A elastomer interior holds the drive tight while a polycarbonate casing serves as the front line defense. Best of all the case… Read More

  • WD TV Live Now With Netflix 3.0 And CinemaNow

    Today, Wester Digital announced an update to their WD TV Live devices to include Netflix 3.0 software along with the addition of CinemaNow. CinemaNow, operated by Best Buy, can access more than 10,000 movies and TV shows that users can either rent or purchase. The Netflix 3.0 update allows users to now search on the TV without having to set up queues on a PC. Also, the Netflix update… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 3TB Western Digital USB 3.0 Drive For $150

    I’m pretty satisfied that we live in a world where A) I can order a pizza online and B) 3TB hard drives are only $150. What more could you want? The USB 3.0 Western Digital My Book Essential 3TB drive is on sale for $150 at Best Buy — no coupon code required. Just jump over to the site and order it up with free shipping. The Best Buy price is $30 less than Newegg or Amazon. Best… Read More

  • Western Digital Stuffs 6TB In The My Book Studio Edition II

    The latest My Book Studio Edition is a massive digital tome for storing your pics, music and spreadsheets. The model has always been a big boy, but the second edition ups the storage to a whooping 6TB and now supports Apple Time Machine backups. The backside houses FireWire 800/400, eSATA, and lowly USB 2.0. The $550 price tag is a bit much to swallow considering there’s various NAS… Read More

  • Hitachi GST Sold To Western Digital For $4.3 Billion

    The storage arm of Hitachi, Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, has been bought by Western Digital for a combination of cash and shares totaling $4.3 billion. It was just last year that WD surpassed Seagate in terms of hard drives shipped, but both companies are facing a challenge as consumer and local storage trends more towards high-speed flash, leaving spinning drives in their dust. Read More

  • WD TV Live Now Packs Facebook, AccuWeather, USB Wireless Keyboard Support

    The Internet’s fav little media streamer just got a bunch of new notable features. Of course you already know what they are if you read the headline, but here it goes again: Facebook! AccuWeather! Deezer! and USB keyboard support meaning you can finally utilize a wireless keyboard feed through a wireless USB dongle to control your little streamer! All great selling points verse the… Read More

  • Western Digital Ups Its Media Offering With The WD TV Live Hub

    The WD TV has long been atop the enthusiast’s list of favorite media streamers thanks to its low price and robust media format support. But the just-announced WD TV Live Hub does things a bit different. While it still dances with local networks and USB drives, the Live Hub packs a 1TB hard drive for local storage. Nearly anything can be stored on this drive and triggers can be set up… Read More

  • Western Digital Starts Shipping 3TB, 2.5TB Internal Hard Drives

    Western Digital outed a 3TB external hard drive under the My Book line just a few weeks ago, but now, the same 5400 RPM hard drive along with a slightly smaller 2.5TB version are available sans the enclosure. Both drives ship with an PCI-E Advanced Host Controller Interface Host Bus Adapter that will add operating system support for the large drives. Even with this card, the drive will not… Read More

  • Western Digital Catches Up To Seagate With 3TB External HDD

    Seagate has been pushing its 3TB-per-drive advantage ever since it put out the 3TB GoFlex back in late June. They used ‘em to put 12TB into a 4-drive NAS, and I think some of that love must have trickled down to make this little 1.5TB baby possible. But their nemesis, Western Digital, may catch up in the coming months, having just announced a 3TB drive of their own. Read More

  • 10,000 Hard Drives Stolen, Craigslist Hard Drive Market Crashes

    Thieves in Malaysia managed to drive off in a truck containing 10,800 Western Digital hard drives. Don’t expect to see the drives hit the market though, Malaysian police were able to identify the culprits, as they used to work at the warehouse the drives were stolen from. The Malaysian news site NST reports that the people driving the truck were in fact waved through security after… Read More

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