Western Digital

  • Western Digital Ups Its Media Offering With The WD TV Live Hub

    The WD TV has long been atop the enthusiast’s list of favorite media streamers thanks to its low price and robust media format support. But the just-announced WD TV Live Hub does things a bit different. While it still dances with local networks and USB drives, the Live Hub packs a 1TB hard drive for local storage. Nearly anything can be stored on this drive and triggers can be set up… Read More

  • Western Digital Starts Shipping 3TB, 2.5TB Internal Hard Drives

    Western Digital outed a 3TB external hard drive under the My Book line just a few weeks ago, but now, the same 5400 RPM hard drive along with a slightly smaller 2.5TB version are available sans the enclosure. Both drives ship with an PCI-E Advanced Host Controller Interface Host Bus Adapter that will add operating system support for the large drives. Even with this card, the drive will not… Read More

  • Western Digital Catches Up To Seagate With 3TB External HDD

    Seagate has been pushing its 3TB-per-drive advantage ever since it put out the 3TB GoFlex back in late June. They used ’em to put 12TB into a 4-drive NAS, and I think some of that love must have trickled down to make this little 1.5TB baby possible. But their nemesis, Western Digital, may catch up in the coming months, having just announced a 3TB drive of their own. Read More

  • 10,000 Hard Drives Stolen, Craigslist Hard Drive Market Crashes

    Thieves in Malaysia managed to drive off in a truck containing 10,800 Western Digital hard drives. Don’t expect to see the drives hit the market though, Malaysian police were able to identify the culprits, as they used to work at the warehouse the drives were stolen from. The Malaysian news site NST reports that the people driving the truck were in fact waved through security after… Read More

  • Your Instant Network: Western Digital Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit

    Western Digital has a fancy, new device, the Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit, that will extend the range of your network to anywhere there’s an electrical outlet. Sounds like HomePlug, right? That’s because it is! Funny how that works. Read More

  • WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player plays just about everything

    Not to be outdone, Western Digital just released the Live Plus HD Media Player with Netflix streaming. The $149 box will stream just about anything to any TV and includes a direct storage access system, allowing you to stream video right off of a hard drive. The device outputs 1080p video over HDMI 1.3. It also streams over Wi-Fi. Product Page Read More

  • Western Digital outships Seagate for the first time ever

    Seagate is no longer the reigning hard drive king. Western Digital edged-out Seagate in the first quarter of 2010 by shipping 51.1 million hard drives. Read More

  • Western Digital has sold more hard drives this year than Seagate

    Five hundred and fifty eight million hard drives were shipped in 2009. Think about that for a moment. Five hundred and fifty eight million. Of those, 175.2 million (or 31.4%) carried the Seagate brand name while 165.2 million came from Western Digital. According to The Information Network, WD pulled ahead in the first quarter of 2010, selling 51.1 million hard drives compared to… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: 1TB for $70

    Just to help you spend your paycheck today, we’ve got another CrunchDeal for you. Let’s say you’re running out of space, so you don’t have enough room to download Left 4 Dead 2. No problem, Newegg.com is selling a Western Digital Caviar Green 1TB drive for $70. This is the SATA 3.0Gb/s version, with the 4kb physical sectors. That makes it perfect for Windows 7, but no… Read More

  • Western Digital Velociraptor SATA 3.0 hard drives are the fastest money can buy

    It’s like Christmas morning for PC enthusiasts today. Western Digital has released its SATA 3.0 (that’s a maximum transfer rate of 6.0 Gb/s, which translates to 768 MB/s) Velociraptor hard drives. The Velociraptor name basically means “OMG FAST!” when it comes to hard drives. The thing is, unlike the last time Western Digital released Velociraptor hard drives, two… Read More

  • Western Digital is now shipping the Scorpio Blue 750GB 2.5-inch hard drive directly to our hearts

    Western Digital here, While other companies are just announcing their large 2.5-inch drives, we’ve started shipping ours and wanted to thank everyone involved with the industry-leading Scorpio Blue 750GB 2.5-inch hard drive: the engineers for crafting the drive, the bean counters for pricing it well at $149, but most importantly, you, the consumer. It was you that pushed us to stuff… Read More

  • Review: WD My Passport Studio external hard drive

    Short version: The drive performs as well as any other, and the e-ink display is handy. It’s up to you to judge whether it’s worth the extra cost. Read More

  • New My Passport Studio from WD has built-in e-ink status display

    This new external HDD from Western Digital isn’t the first to incorporate a display, but I like the look and feel of these better. It uses e-ink to display whatever info you like to know, like free space, number of files, that sort of thing. I don’t know about you, but to me that sounds pretty handy. I’ve got a couple drives lying around and I can’t ever remember… Read More

  • Review: Western Digital My Book 3.0

    We looked at the 500GB USB 3.0 Seagate BlackArmor PS110 a few days back and now the Western Digital My Book 3.0 drive is on the bench. There are some important differences and similarities between the two USB 3.0 options. First, while the PS110 is a portable solution and the My Book 3.0 is a desktop external, both drives spin at 7200 RPM. They also both come with USB 3.0 ports, with the… Read More

  • The WD MyBook line gets the USB 3.0 treatment

    If you’re going to buy that new USB 3.0 hub, you might as well have something to plug into it. Why not the new WD MyBook 3.0? I mean, it’s damn fast, not that expensive, and looks sick. Read More

  • Western Digital's HDDs go to 11… percent more storage thanks to new technique

    There’s always a moment of letdown when you get that brand new 1TB drive formatted and find it’s only got 930GB available. What the hell, right? But that’s just the way it is. That data is reserved for all kinds of secret hard drive needs, the kind of thing we don’t talk about on family blogs like this one. But Western Digital appears to be taking steps to minimize… Read More

  • Review: WD TV Live HD Media Player

    Short Version: Western Digital’s newest addition to its growing lineup of media players, the WD TV Live, essentially picks up where its older sibling (the great WD TV) left off. With the newly added networking capabilities via a built-in Ethernet port or USB Wi-Fi adapter (sold separately), the WD TV Live has taken Western Digital’s little black box to the next level. Be it… Read More

  • Review: Western Digital My Book Essential with SmartWare backup software

    Short version: Western Digital’s refreshed My Book Essential external hard drive provides a simple, unobtrusive, and relatively inexpensive home backup solution. With an enormous 2TB capacity, built-in WD SmartWare software, 256-bit built-in encryption with password protection, an “illuminated capacity gauge,” and a MSRP of $249.99, there is very little not to like here. Read More

  • Western Digital announces WD TV Live HD Media Player

    Looks like those images that leaked back in August of the WD TV 2 were pretty spot on. Earlier today, Western Digital announced the newest member of its growing WD TV family, the WD TV Live. Read More

  • Western Digital addes e-ink displays and excitment to external hard drives

    Have you ever wished your 1TB external hard drive would have a little screen on the outside, friend? Well, it’s your lucky day because Western Digital’s new line of My Book Elite and My Book Studio has just that: a 12-character e-ink screen. But act fast, everyone is going to want this! Read More