• TuneIn Tunes In To $500k From True Ventures, Mitch Kapor

    TuneIn, a new startup co-founded by Adam Hertz and former Ask.com CEO Jim Lanzone, has raised a first round of funding – $500,000 from True Ventures and Mitch Kapor. Phil Black from True Ventures and Kapor join Lanzone and Hertz on the board of directors. Lanzone is not working on the startup full time, he’s taking a board seat going forward. TuneIn first launched a couple of weeks… Read More

  • Tweeting from the Web? Nine Alternative Web Clients

    Believe it or not, almost 50% of Twitter users, prefer to tweet directly from Twitter.com. This isn’t surprising, but most heavy Twitter users agree that Twitter.com is actually the poorest user experience among the plethora of alternative web applications to access the service. But there’s one thing Twitter.com has going for it (besides being the default way all new users… Read More

  • TuneIn: A Media Dashboard For Your Twitter Stream

    Twitter has quickly turned into one of the best places to discover new media — be it video, images, or links — as soon as it comes out. Videos that may take hours or even days to surface on sites like Digg can virally spread across Twitter in a fraction of the time. As Fred Wilson put it, the value of Twitter lies in “the power of passed links”. TuneIn, a new… Read More