Online Radio Service TuneIn Adds Recommendation Engine And Google+ Sign-In Integration

TuneIn, the popular online radio service that lets users listen to over 70,000 radio stations from around the world, just announced the launch of TuneIn Live, the company’s new service for helping listeners discover new audio content. Using the data it gathers from its over 40 million monthly users, TuneIn is now able to provide its users with personalized recommendations based on the stations, songs and artists they listen to.

This, TuneIn’s Director of Product Kristin George tells us, means the service can now “recommend stations that just started playing something new in each genre every few seconds.” George also stressed that “this is just the beginning.” It took TuneIn about seven months to build this new technology into its service and ” it is now allowing discovery to happen on a level we only dreamed about.” Having 70,000 stations and more than 2 million on-demand programs in its directory, TuneIn CEO John Donham wrote in a statement today, meant that the company’s “biggest opportunity has been discovery,” but the large amount of content was also “a lot for anyone to digest.”

TuneIn Live - iPad Screenshot 1 - Station

The new discovery engine is now available on the company’s website and in its iPad app. It will arrive on the other major mobile platforms later this year.

TuneIn was also a launch partner for Google’s Google+ sign-in launch yesterday. Now that it has integrated the new Google+ login system, TuneIn will allow its users to set reminders for upcoming live events in Google Calendar (I’m not sure how much demand for appointment radio listening there really is, but I could imagine sports fans may want to make sure they tune in to the right station when their team is playing, for example).