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  • The NY Times Real Estate App Gets Its First Big Redesign

    The NY Times Real Estate App Gets Its First Big Redesign

    The New York Times has released version 2.0 of its NY Times Real Estate app — one that the company says represents its first “major redesign” since it was launched back in 2007. For an iOS app, that’s an eternity. After all, Apple didn’t even open its iOS App Store until 2008. (The app originally launched on the mobile web.) So it’s probably not surprising… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang: Fits and Starts

    Gillmor Gang: Fits and Starts

    The Gillmor Gang — John Borthwick, Dan Farber, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — take a walk on the wild side as The New York Times publishes all the news that fits. Except, that is, the news about itself. The Twitterverse is clogged with leaked Innovation reports, business model Kremlin Wall analysis, and newsroom disappearances galore. For the record, we also stop in… Read More

  • [UPDATED] China Reportedly Lifts Ban On Facebook In The Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, But Continues Crackdown On Internet Freedom

    [UPDATED] China Reportedly Lifts Ban On Facebook In The Shanghai Free-Trade Zone, But Continues Crackdown On Internet Freedom

    [UPDATE: The People’s Daily, a newspaper run by the Communist Party of China, has published a story refuting reports (link via Google Translate) that Facebook and other sites will be made available in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone. The South China Morning Post reported earlier this week that the Chinese government will allow access to some banned Web sites in the Shanghai Free-Trade… Read More

  • The New York Times Company Sells The Boston Globe (And Related Properties) For $70M

    The New York Times Company Sells The Boston Globe (And Related Properties) For $70M

    The New York Times is selling the Boston Globe and the rest of its New England Media Group to John Henry, the billionaire who’s principal owner of the Boston Red Sox, for $70 million in cash. The news has prompted some rather depressing comments about the Globe’s relative worth. For example, Ken Doctor at the Nieman Journalism Lab noted that the price is $12 million less than… Read More

  • Nate Silver Is Leaving The New York Times For ESPN

    Nate Silver Is Leaving The New York Times For ESPN

    Nate Silver, the statistician who rose to national prominence for his scarily accurate predictions of the 2008 and 2012 U.S. presidential elections, is leaving The New York Times for ESPN. Silver will take the Five Thirty Eight brand with him to the sports giant, according to The Times’ Brian Stelter . Read More

  • Snow Fail: The New York Times And Its Misunderstanding Of Copyright

    Snow Fail: The New York Times And Its Misunderstanding Of Copyright

    The New York Times spent months and had an entire team working on the creation of Snow Fall, and it shows. But what if I told you that you could recreate the same interactive experience in just about an hour? You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Well, the New York Times wouldn’t. Read More

  • New York Times Still Treading Water With Digital Subcriptions

    New York Times Still Treading Water With Digital Subcriptions

    How is the New York Times doing with the new digital paywall it put up last March? We found out a few details today when the New York Times announced second quarter earnings. All together, the New York Times counts a total of 1.1 million digital subscribers, but only 281,000 of those are currently paying (756,000 are existing print subscribers who get digital access with their existing… Read More

  •'s Social News Aggregator For The iPad Now Live On The App Store

    As we reported in February, betaworks and the New York Times are collaborating to launch a socialnews reader for the iPad called And we heard more details on the app as it readied for launch this week. Today, Betaworks founder and CEO John Borthwick announced that the iPad app is finally live on the App Store for your viewing and browsing pleasure (link)., which has been… Read More

  • NYT's Q1 Earnings: Digital Advertising Grows 4.5%, 100,000+ Paid Digital Subscribers

    The New York Times Company this morning reported Q1 2011 earnings per share of $.04, compared with $.08 in the same period of 2010. Total revenues decreased 3.6 percent to $566.5 million from $587.9 million. The publisher’s operating profit came in at $31.1 million for the quarter, compared with $52.7 million in the same period of 2010. Approximately three weeks after the global launch… Read More

  • In Baffling Move, The Huffington Post Erects Paywall Solely For NYT Employees

    In a move sure to irk at least two or three people who work for The New York Times, The Huffington Post (owned by AOL, our own masters in some degree of command) has put up a paywall that applies only to NYT employees. In a message to affected potential readers of HuffPost content, founder Arianna Huffington explains that NYT employees can henceforth access only one article for free per month. Read More

  • All Blog Links To The New York Times Will Be Freebies. This Could Get Ugly.

    It’s not news that the New York Times payfence isn’t much of a fence. We’ve already written about the Facebook and Twitter loophole, but it turns out that the loophole is more like a loop chasm. NYT head Martin Nisenholtz told AllThingsD’s Peter Kafka on Friday that all blog links will render stories accessible for non-subscribers. And while blog and social media… Read More

  • The Google Loophole Has Become The Facebook/Twitter Loophole

    The Google Loophole Has Become The Facebook/Twitter Loophole

    There are a lot of interesting angles to the news this morning about The New York Times’ new paywall. Top news will remain free, a set number of articles for all users will remain free, there will be different pricing tiers for different devices, NYT is fine with giving Apple a 30 percent cut, etc, etc. But to me, the most interesting aspect is only mentioned briefly about halfway down… Read More

  • As Funding Talk Swirls, Tumblr Lands A Director Of Product

    Earlier today, a Business Insider report indicated that Tumblr has landed a “very big and competitive” new round of funding from Sequoia Capital. We’re still looking into that, and they’re not commenting, but here’s one thing we do know about the company: they’ve just hired a new Director of Product. Derek Gottfrid will be joining the company from The New… Read More

  • The New York Times' Net Income Falls 18% As Advertising Slide Halts

    In the first quarter of the year, The New York Times Company announced upbeat earnings results, reporting a profit and growing digital advertising sales, albeit after significantly scaling down costs last year. Earlier this morning, the media company released earnings for the second quarter, and things aren’t looking terrible for them – but not stellar either. The company’s… Read More

  • Andreessen's Advice To Old Media: "Burn The Boats"

    Andreessen's Advice To Old Media: "Burn The Boats"

    Legend has it that when Cortes landed in Mexico in the 1500s, he ordered his men to burn the ships that had brought them there to remove the possibility of doing anything other than going forward into the unknown. Marc Andreessen has the same advice for old media companies: “Burn the boats.” Yesterday, Andreessen was in New York City and we met up. We got to talking about how… Read More

  • Bay Area News Project Strikes Content Deal With The New York Times

    The Bay Area News Project, a non-profit media organization providing hyper local news to the San Francisco area, has announced a deal to provide news to the New York Times. The content will be used for The New York Times’ local San Francisco editions on Friday and Saturday. The deal with the New York Times has been rumored to be in negotiations but was officially announced today. The… Read More

  • The New York Times Announces Paid Content Plans For 2011

    The New York Times Company announced this morning that it will be introducing a paid, metered model for at the beginning of 2011. The publisher will offer users free access to an unspecified set number of articles per month and then charge users once they exceed that number. The New York Times says this will enable to create a second revenue stream while still… Read More

  • More People Around The World Get Their News Online From Google News Than CNN

    Well, Rupert Murdoch is going to love this. More people around the world get their news online from Google News than from CNN or the news properties of the New York Times. In November, 2009, according to comScore, Google News attracted 100 million unique visitors worldwide, making it a larger news site than CNN (66 million) or the combined properties of the New York Times (92 million). But… Read More

  • The New York Times To Eliminate 100 Newsroom Jobs

    The New York Times reports today that the paper will cut 8 percent of its newsroom staff, or around 100 people by the end of 2009. Currently, the New York Times employs 1,250 staff members in the news department. The media company is planning to offer buyouts to both union and non-union staff and will need to implement layoffs if they can’t get enough people to participate in the… Read More

  • Should Journalists Be On Twitter? Three Quarters Of NYTimes Readers Don't Think So.

    Apparently, the New York Times is still unsure whether its reporters should be allowed to Tweet or not. Intrigued by this tweet from writer and consultant Stowe Boyd, I registered for the New York Times’ Insight Lab, an online community / focus group made up of Times readers interested in providing the media company with direct feedback. The homepage features a quick poll asking members… Read More