• With A Talent War In The Valley, Perhaps Romania Has The Answers?

    With A Talent War In The Valley, Perhaps Romania Has The Answers?

    Today, in 2012, there is a talent war like no other. The Valley is abuzz with a hiring frenzy. Startups can’t compete with Yammer, Zynga, Twitter, Facebook and the rest for developers. Perhaps the answer is to look elsewhere? To countries where the old Soviet education system produced maths and science graduates by the truckload? To Kiev, Belgrade, Slovenia and others? And perhaps to… Read More

  • The Romanian story behind Evernote Clearly

    I have fallen into a habit of reading online with the help of Evernote Clearly, a browser extension that creates a layer on top of a web page, showing text in large font and neutral colors. No matter how small or large my monitor is, Clearly creates a peaceful environment, in which I can read without the distractions of flashing images, related links and even advertisement. As TechCrunch… Read More

  • Twitter iPhone balloon nears Nerdgasm Event Horizon

    What do you get when you attach an iPhone running custom software to a balloon and float it around a conference room in Bucharest? I don’t know but, these guys did it and got the iPhone to Tweet out random pictures from over the heads of rapt conference goers. It appears that this was done to promote a Java programming company, which is pretty nice of them. Essentially they programmed… Read More