• The Playstation Move Japanese Promo video doesn't need translating

    Yeah, the video is in Japanese, but you’ll probably be able to follow along without a problem. The first half shows off the hardware and the second half is mostly game play. That’s the part you’re going to wanna watch if you have any doubts that the Move is a Wii clone. Read More

  • Square Enix considering adding Move support to Final Fantasy XIV

    When the Move comes out this September, it’ll be the games that drive rather people actually buy the peripheral or not. Square Enix is already looking toward that future, and plans to add support for titles like Heavy Rain, SOCOM IV and Final Fantasy XIV. Read More

  • The Playstation Move is a Wii clone – but it's awesome

    The Playstation Move is just what it looks like: a Wii clone. It feels the same, looks the same, and works the same. That’s a good thing, though. Everyone and their grandmother has played Wii bowling and knows how it works. Sony isn’t reinventing motion control with the Move. They are, however, seriously improving it. Read More

  • Sony's Playstation-branded sound bar is exactly what it sounds like

    When they told me there was a new PS3 surround sound bar, I didn’t expect much in the way of originality. And I didn’t get much. But it does look like a nice little audio solution for a small apartment or room where you don’t need cables running all over. It’s a little more than two feet wide and about three inches tall and deep. What were you expecting? it’s a bar. Read More

  • "Playstation Plus" – in which you pay Sony so you can borrow demos and PS3 themes

    There’s always a hardcore market. But $50/year may be too steep for what they’re offering. Early access to demos, special themes, and a handful of mini games? I don’t know. And it all disappears when your subscription ends. Sketchy! It’s like a Zune Pass except you don’t get access to like six million tracks, just the same stuff as everyone else a few days… Read More

  • PlayStation Move Controller will cost $60, expected Sept. 1st

    News has been pretty sparse about the pricing or availability of the PlayStation Move controller, but GameStop thinks they have the down low on when and how much. GameStop’s Canadian site is showing the (expected) release date along with the pricing. Read More

  • Nyko gaming accessories

    Nyko, proprietor of fine gaming peripherals, showcased several new items at CES. For the Wii we have the upgraded Wand+, the Type Pad wireless keypad, the Perfect Shot pistol grip attachment, and the Charge Base Quad charging station. We also have a media hub for the PS3 Slim, and a new personal headset/speaker combo for the Xbox 360. Read More

  • Video: A look at the Sony PlayStation motion controller

    Sony’s ballyhooed motion control system for the PlayStation platform is months away from launch, but the PS Blog has some intriguing behind-the-scenes-like video with the R&D team that’s currently fine-tuning the system. Have a look at two videos after the jump. Read More

  • PlayStation Home could stream TV shows, movies in the future

    We don’t typically cover PS Home updates at the ‘Gear, but the Sony PS team just dropped a tiny morsel of goodness and I feel compelled to tell you about it. The Movie Theater in Home is getting revamped with a 10-screen layout that PS Home Community Manager CydoniaX says could one-day stream full-length TV shows and movies. Nothing is set in stone so we’ll throw this one on… Read More

  • Fat Princess for the PS3 finally gets dated! It’s about damn time. Her royal fatness will launch on the PlayStation Network this Thursday (7/30) for $15. Read More

  • Sony to ship PS3 Slim next month?

    The secrecy over the PS3 Slim continues to unravel with news that Foxconn have been contracted to manufacture and ship the updated model starting next month. The report from UDN does not explicitly say that the smaller version of the current platform will be sold anytime soon, but it falls in line with what Ars’s Mole leaked over the weekend. However, UDN states that an updated PS3 will… Read More

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