• Can Open Source Hardware Companies Survive Clones?

    Can Open Source Hardware Companies Survive Clones?

    In theory, this Kickstarter project aiming to sell a sub-$2,000 MakerBot clone shouldn’t be that much of a big deal. The MakerBot Replicator, one of the first (and best) home 3D printers in the world, is an open source product, and as such, anyone with a little wood, some soldering experience, and a dream should be able to build one – or a hundred and one. But in practice the… Read More

  • MakerBot | TechCrunch Makers

    TechCrunch Makers Episode One: Inside Brooklyn’s Makerbot With Bre Pettis

    It’s been months in the making, but here it is: the first episode of TechCrunch Makers, featuring Bre Pettis of Makerbot. We visited Bre’s downtown Brooklyn factory where he and the rest of team design, build, and ship hundreds of Makerbots a week. Read More

  • Makerbot And The Met Team Up To Scan And Print Art

    Makerbot And The Met Team Up To Scan And Print Art

    Works of art are timeless and now, thanks to Makerbot and the Met, they can be deathless, too. A June 1 hackathon brought a group of artists and hackers together at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art where they 3D scanned a number of well-known pieces of art. The work is now appearing on Thingiverse where you can download and print things like the head and shoulders of a sphinx and Bather… Read More

  • iModela Adds CNC Milling To Your Home 3D Printing Arsenal

    Upset that the Makerbot can’t produce solid, smooth objects for your home 3D printing pleasure? Why not give the iModela a look. Read More

  • What Is A 3D Printer Good For? Stop-Motion Cartoons Featuring Princesses, Of Course!

    Makerbot creator Bre Pettis and his musician friends from Scary Car made this cute little video featuring 3D printed action figures being created in (near) real-time and then discovering love. Read More

  • MakerBot 3D Plastic Printer Explained at CES 2012

    Bre Pettis Of Makerbot: “The Future Is Already Here”

    We got a great look at the new Makerbot Replicator and, more important, we sat down with founder Bre Pettis to talk about the future. His take? The future is here and 3D printing is one of the things that will change the world. Pettis built the first Makerbot at NYC Resistor, a hackerspace in Brooklyn. He realized the potential was, in a sense, infinite and, thousands of sales later, Makerbot… Read More

  • MakerBot Announces Their Latest 3D Printer, The Replicator

    MakerBot has just announced the MakerBot Replicator, a new, larger replicator that is larger than a breadbox (literally) and supports Dualstrusion 2-color printing. With a build envelope that’s roughly the size of a loaf of bread, The MakerBot Replicator™ gives you the power to go big. Make an entire chess set with the press of a button. Friends, classmates, co-workers, and family… Read More

  • The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

    The Most Important Gadgets Of 2012

    Rather than looking back (which I’m sure we will), I thought it would be nice to look forward to 2012 and beyond and note some of the gadgets that will change the world in the next few years. I’ve included mobile, gaming, and computing gadgets but I think 2012 will also be the year of Windows Phone, 3D printing, and fitness technology that actually makes a difference. I’m… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Get Yourself A Thing-O-Matic For $999

    CrunchDeals: Get Yourself A Thing-O-Matic For $999

    Makerbot’s Thing-O-Matic is pretty pricey – $1,299 for the kit and $2,500 for the assembled kit – but (and this is my professional opinion) it is amazing and everyone in the world should own one. That said, has a special deal on Thing-O-Matics this week – $999 for the kit and $2,000 for the assembled device – one of the first and biggest discounts ever on… Read More

  • And Makerbot Said: Let There Be 3D-Printed Shells For Pet Hermit Crabs

    And Makerbot Said: Let There Be 3D-Printed Shells For Pet Hermit Crabs

    We’re big fans of the home 3D printer here. It’s a truly disruptive technology, though for now the cost is still a bit too high, and the uses aren’t quite practical enough, for it to be a household item just yet. But that hasn’t stopped people from putting it to good use. Project Shellter is one of the most interesting applications of the technology I’ve seen. Read More

  • Print Your Own Padlock

    Print Your Own Padlock

    This project on Thingiverse is just about amazing. It’s a complete lock and key set made entirely using open source plans and a printed on a Makerbot. It can only be opened using the right key (or, given it’s made of plastic, a lighter) but it’s the engineering that clearly counts here. Read More