• CrunchDeals: Get Yourself A Thing-O-Matic For $999

    CrunchDeals: Get Yourself A Thing-O-Matic For $999

    Makerbot’s Thing-O-Matic is pretty pricey – $1,299 for the kit and $2,500 for the assembled kit – but (and this is my professional opinion) it is amazing and everyone in the world should own one. That said, has a special deal on Thing-O-Matics this week – $999 for the kit and $2,000 for the assembled device – one of the first and biggest discounts ever on… Read More

  • And Makerbot Said: Let There Be 3D-Printed Shells For Pet Hermit Crabs

    And Makerbot Said: Let There Be 3D-Printed Shells For Pet Hermit Crabs

    We’re big fans of the home 3D printer here. It’s a truly disruptive technology, though for now the cost is still a bit too high, and the uses aren’t quite practical enough, for it to be a household item just yet. But that hasn’t stopped people from putting it to good use. Project Shellter is one of the most interesting applications of the technology I’ve seen. Read More

  • Print Your Own Padlock

    Print Your Own Padlock

    This project on Thingiverse is just about amazing. It’s a complete lock and key set made entirely using open source plans and a printed on a Makerbot. It can only be opened using the right key (or, given it’s made of plastic, a lighter) but it’s the engineering that clearly counts here. Read More

  • Makerbot Releases New Extruder

    Makerbot Releases New Extruder

    Now this is some pretty hardcore dorkitude, but our buddies at Makerbot just released a new extruder for their building devices. Why is it special? Well, the first extruders did 3mm streams while this one does 1.75mm streams, increasing the “resolution” of the objects and question and allowing you to extrude two streams of hot plastic simultaneously. Read More

  • MakerBot Takes $10 Million In Funding From Foundry Group, Angels

    MakerBot Takes $10 Million In Funding From Foundry Group, Angels

    MakerBot Industries, creator of home 3D printers, has announced a total of $10 million in funding from a number of investors, the bulk coming from Foundry Group. Also included in the round were Bezos Expeditions, True Ventures, and RRE, along with a dozen or so angel investors. The company started in 2009 with around $75,000 in seed money, and since then has put together and sold some 5200… Read More

  • Stephen Colbert’s Head Goes Into Space

    Stephen Colbert’s Head Goes Into Space

    The folks at Makerbot made a bust of Stephen Colbert and gave him a copy when they appeared on his show a month or so ago. Not content to let it just moulder in the shop, they decided to attach it to a weather balloon and send it up over Long Island. The resulting video and images are striking: the Great Eagle himself in flight high over the salty waves of the Atlantic, overtopping the… Read More

  • MakerBot's Bre Pettis on Entering the Startup Game

    (Founder Stories) MakerBot’s Pettis: "We Are Going To See A Huge Amount Of Hardware Startups"

    Chris Dixon heads down the homestretch of his Founder Stories interview with Bre Pettis and the two touch on the fact that the barriers to entry for founders foaming at the mouth to launch hardware startups are being washed away. Pettis says, “we’re seeing this startup culture come into hardware, where normally this was just the realm of the really big companies who could afford to… Read More

  • Bre Pettis on Running a Nuts and Bolts Business

    (Founder Stories) MakerBot's Bre Pettis: "We Started With 3 Guys, A Laser Cutter, And A Dream"

    As Bre Pettis continues his conversation with Founder Stories host, Chris Dixon, the two discuss the challenges of running a business that literally requires nuts and bolts assembly. In this situation, scaling brings a whole new set of challenges unfamiliar to many software start-ups. Hardware is just a different game.  For example, as Pettis tells it, “we ran out of motors, we bought… Read More

  • MakerBot's Bre Pettis on His Home Based 3D Printing Machine

    (Founder Stories) Bre Pettis' Ambition: "One MakerBot Per Child" (TCTV)

    In this episode of Founder Stories, host Chris Dixon takes a look at a 3D printer while talking to the maker behind the MakerBot, Bre Pettis. If printing 3D objects sounds impressive, think about this. Pettis thinks “it’s early days”—drawing comparisons to early PC’s like the Altair. About the size of a mini-fridge, the Makerbot ships for $1,299 and allows users… Read More

  • Now You Can Download My Head!

    Good news, everybody! My head, scanned at Makerbot Industries by artist Jon Monaghan with a high-resolution laser scanner, is now a Thing, available for everyone to own, covet, and place into terrible places. That’s right: I’m now 3D-printable. Read More

  • Video: A Look At High-Res 3D Laser Scanning With Makerbot’s Bre Pettis

    In the olden days, when you wanted a bust made, you hired some fancy sculptor to come to your house and sit with you for hours a day until, months later, you had a handsome marble or ceramic bust. Now, however, you can get a bust made in a few minutes using laser scanners and Makerbot rapid prototyping machines. Ain’t progress wonderful? Makerbot’s Bre Pettis invited me over to his… Read More