• Passionate Users Jumpstart Creativity

    We’ve all seen this before. Passionate users want more or different functionality for a given product, and they build it themselves rather than wait. Sometimes it is done purely for passion, other times there’s a profit motive. But the result is often a kick in the pants to the original startup. How the company responds says a lot about their commitment to their users. A good… Read More

  • LinkedIn Raises Nearly $13 Million More

    Professional social network LinkedIn will announce a previously rumored $12.8 million round of financing on Monday, led by Bessemer and the European Founders Fund. The company, which has been profitable since March 2006, has raised $13.4 million in two previous rounds of financing, bringing the total to more than $26 million. The company had something north of $10 million in revenue in 2006… Read More

  • Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    NYC-based, a niche search engine, has announced a partnership to power Mamma Careers. I’ll be the first to admit, this specific instance isn’t big news, but they are on a partnering spree, alongside their primary competitor, SimplyHired. SimplyHired powers MySpace Jobs, as well as LinkedIn Jobs (to name a couple). Both Indeed and SimplyHired are securing as many… Read More

  • LinkedIn Expanding Model to Service Recommendations

    LinkedIn, a social networking website primarily focused on business connections has added a section to their site that allows users to recommend service providers — a yellow pages based on user referrals. From web designers to doctors, users rate service providers in a thumbs up, thumbs down voting system similar to Digg. LinkedIn has continued to gain members, increasing membership to… Read More

  • CollectiveX is better than LinkedIn

    CollectiveX, a startup founded by repeat entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has the chance to disrupt Linkedin. I gave a teaser about CollectiveX back in November of last year. I can disclose a little more about the service and its features now, although they will not let me post any screen shots other than the one shown below. CollectiveX is Linkedin the way it should have… Read More