• Yahoo Launches Kickstart, A New Social Network Around College Students And Alumni

    Yahoo Launches Kickstart, A New Social Network Around College Students And Alumni

    Yahoo’s advanced products group, led by Scott Gatz, is launching a new service this evening called Kickstart. While immediate analogies will be drawn to Facebook, the service is actually much more like LinkedIn in that it connects students and alumni at specific colleges and universities and helps them connect on a professional level. Alumni can help students get jobs (or can find good… Read More

  • Checkmate? MySpace, Bebo  and SixApart To Join Google OpenSocial (confirmed)

    Checkmate? MySpace, Bebo and SixApart To Join Google OpenSocial (confirmed)

    Google may have just come out of nowhere and checkmated Facebook in the social networking power struggle. MySpace and Six Apart will announce that they are joining Google’s OpenSocial initiative. Silicon Alley Insider reported the MySpace rumor earlier today. We’ve confirmed that from an independent source, as well as the fact that Six Apart is joining. Per the update below, Google has… Read More

  • Details Revealed: Google OpenSocial To Launch Thursday

    Details emerged today on Google’s broad social networking ambitions, first reported here in late September, with a follow up earlier this week. The new project, called OpenSocial (URL will go live on Thursday), goes well beyond what we’ve previously reported. It is a set of common APIs that application developers can use to create applications that work on any social networks (called… Read More

  • Facebook Has LinkedIn In Their Crosshairs

    Facebook Has LinkedIn In Their Crosshairs

    Facebook may be used for professional networking (particularly in Silicon Valley), but it sure isn’t set up to be. People’s profiles are all about their dating status, pictures, videos and other very personal information. It’s perfect for college dorm networking, but not so much for job or business development hunting. LinkedIn, by contrast, is set up perfectly to network. You… Read More

  • Plaxo + LinkedIn + iPhone = Brilliant

    Plaxo + LinkedIn + iPhone = Brilliant

    TechCrunch has been hard on unified address book provider Plaxo in the past, and probably with due cause, given their previous spam promoting ways, but I am now reevaluating that view based on Plaxo Sync. I wrote about Plaxo’s improved Sync features back in June; although it sounded good I didn’t really have cause to use it then. Confronted with a “how do I sync various… Read More

  • CollectiveX Launches Groupsites Maryland based CollectiveX launched in February 2006 as a way for groups to create a quick and well designed social space online. Users could share calendars, files and contacts, and message each other on a forum. We covered CollectiveX in our roundup of “build your own social networks” last month.The original idea overlaps with both LinkedIn and… Read More

  • LinkedIn Traffic Up, But Is It Enough?

    LinkedIn Traffic Up, But Is It Enough?

    The latest figures released by Hitwise indicate that traffic to LinkedIn is up 323% in the last year and 17% in the last week alone. It’s a healthy rise, and something LinkedIn should be pleased with, however the real question becomes: is this growth high enough given the rising popularity of Facebook as the social networking destination of choice? The comScore figures speak for themselves… Read More

  • LinkedIn To Open Platform In Response To Facebook

    LinkedIn To Open Platform In Response To Facebook

    LinkedIn is moving to provide API’s that will open its platform to developers in response to Facebook’s rapid growth. Dan Farber reports LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman saying that the move will occur in the next 9 months. LinkedIn helped define the professional networking space, and yet today it faces the real risk of long term irrelevance as Facebook becomes the social networking platform… Read More

  • See Who's Reading Your LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn added a new feature this week called “Who’s Viewed My Profile” that shows the last twenty people who’ve looked at your profile and the company or industry they are in. In the last week, visitors to my profile included a student at the University of Waterloo, a product manager at Microsoft, and someone at Kyocera, among others. Users choose what information… Read More

  • War Of The People Search

    I moderated a fascinating panel tonight at Google headquarters that included execs from three “people search engines” – the CEO of Wink (Michael Tanne), the CEO of Spock (Jaideep Singh), and the COO of Zoominfo (Bryan Burdick). The panel was very timely. Earlier today the Wall Street Journal published an article called “You’re Nobody Unless Your Name Googles… Read More

  • Passionate Users Jumpstart Creativity

    We’ve all seen this before. Passionate users want more or different functionality for a given product, and they build it themselves rather than wait. Sometimes it is done purely for passion, other times there’s a profit motive. But the result is often a kick in the pants to the original startup. How the company responds says a lot about their commitment to their users. A good example… Read More

  • LinkedIn Raises Nearly $13 Million More

    Professional social network LinkedIn will announce a previously rumored $12.8 million round of financing on Monday, led by Bessemer and the European Founders Fund. The company, which has been profitable since March 2006, has raised $13.4 million in two previous rounds of financing, bringing the total to more than $26 million. The company had something north of $10 million in revenue in 2006, and… Read More

  • Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    Online Job Hunt 10 Years Later – Still Sucks

    NYC-based, a niche search engine, has announced a partnership to power Mamma Careers. I’ll be the first to admit, this specific instance isn’t big news, but they are on a partnering spree, alongside their primary competitor, SimplyHired. SimplyHired powers MySpace Jobs, as well as LinkedIn Jobs (to name a couple). Both Indeed and SimplyHired are securing as many partnerships… Read More

  • LinkedIn Expanding Model to Service Recommendations

    LinkedIn, a social networking website primarily focused on business connections has added a section to their site that allows users to recommend service providers — a yellow pages based on user referrals. From web designers to doctors, users rate service providers in a thumbs up, thumbs down voting system similar to Digg. LinkedIn has continued to gain members, increasing membership to 7.7… Read More

  • CollectiveX is better than LinkedIn

    CollectiveX, a startup founded by repeat entrepreneur and venture capitalist Clarence Wooten, has the chance to disrupt Linkedin. I gave a teaser about CollectiveX back in November of last year. I can disclose a little more about the service and its features now, although they will not let me post any screen shots other than the one shown below. CollectiveX is Linkedin the way it should have been… Read More