• Lenovo: "No Plans To Introduce A 23-inch Tablet"

    Did the story about Lenovo’s 23-inch tablet sound a little too advantageous? Yeah, it was. Lenovo has no plans on introducing a 23-inch tablet, countering what William Cai, a senior specialist in marketing, stated a tech conference recently. Ray Gorman, executive director of Lenovo communications, said via ZDNet: “As you know, it is usually not Lenovo’s practice to talk… Read More

  • A 23-inch Tablet Coming From Lenovo This Year?

    Lenovo be crazy. Or smart. Either way it seems the firm is hoping to out a 23-inch tablet by the end of 2011. This comes right from William Cai, a Lenovo senior specialist in marketing, during a talk at this year’s Gadget Show Live. I’m going with smart rather than dumb. The man goes on to talk about the obvious challenges with the project with battery life being the biggest issue. Read More

  • Tobii Technology Unveils Eye Tracking Laptop, A World First

    A new technology that we’ve been hearing about for a few year finally is getting unveiled today at CeBIT in Germany. Tobii Technology has partnered up with Lenovo to create a laptop with integrated eye tracking control. It is said that it will add to the functionality of a keyboard and mouse, rather than killing them. Read More

  • Lenovo LePad Launching In China Next Month, World In June

    Nevermind the Lenovo LePad was officially announced — read: not prematurely leaked — seven months ago back July 2010. The Android 2.2 tablet will finally ship in China next month and then worldwide in June. So yeah, that’s nearly a year from announcement to worldwide launch. Craziness. Just ship the damn tablets already. Last year the 1.3GHz Snapdragon CPU and Android 2.2… Read More

  • Lenovo ThinkPad T420 Is First Laptop To Get UL Environment's Gold Certification

    Underwriters Laboratories’ UL Environment group — which validates claims, through lab testing, that a company or its product is environmentally sustainable, and helps thwart “greenwashing” — today reported that its first-ever Gold level Sustainable Product Certification (SPC) for a laptop was given to the forthcoming, Lenovo ThinkPad T420. According to a UL… Read More

  • NEC And Lenovo Form Joint Venture To Create Japan's Largest PC Company

    Big shake-up in the PC industry: Yesterday, the country’s biggest PC maker NEC and Lenovo announced a plan to form a joint venture to create Japan’s largest “PC group”. Lenovo will hold a 51% stake in the joint venture (to be incorporated in the Netherlands), while NEC will own the rest. Read More

  • Lenovo Delays US Android Tablet Until Honeycomb, Cancels Windows 7 Tablet Altogether [Update]

    Hopefully you weren’t sitting on the Android tablet sidelines, patiently waiting for Lenovo’s options. Yeah, it’s not going to happen anytime soon. The company’s COO recent stated that the Lenovo’s US-market tablet will not be based around the Android 2.2 Froyo release, but rather Honeycomb. Therefore, if Google pushes back Honeycomb, Lenovo’s tablet… Read More

  • Lenovo May Move Into Enterprise Tablet Business (If There Is Such A Thing)

    Lenovo has voiced guarded enthusiasm for getting into the enterprise tablet market — you know, that’s the one with almost no players at the moment. The Nav9 I recently reviewed is aimed in that direction, and of course HP’s Slate is intended for enterprise as well, but tablets have historically been far less convincing to businesses than, say, Blackberries, so it’s still… Read More

  • The ThinkPad Line Reaching 60 Million Sold Notebooks, Lenovo Celebrates With Modes Updates

    The ThinkPad has long been looked upon as the standard of PC notebooks. Partly because the line has been a staple since 1992, but also because they’re just so damn good. The notebook line will hit the 60 million mark sometime this month. That’s impressive and an achievement that should be celebrated with a bit of booze and bonuses for everyone involved. But Lenovo, the current owner… Read More

  • Lenovo gets into the pad business with the LePad

    At CES, we saw two compelling new products from Lenovo: the LePhone, a slick and powerful Android smartphone, and the U1, an interesting hybrid notebook-tablet. Unfortunately, neither one was destined to make its way into our hands. The LePhone is looking to be an Asia-only device, and the U1 has been shelved to make way for an Android-powered variant. But Lenovo isn’t giving up… Read More

  • The iPad Alternatives — The 'Where Are They Now' Edition

    The iPad is the king of tablets and might hold that title for years to come. However, there are a ton of alternatives that we’ve featured over the last few months, mostly in these two posts (1 & 2) detailing the top 14. But since I ran those posts, a lot has changed and while some managed to make it to the market, others were delayed or scrapped entirely. It’s sad, really. Read More

  • All-in-one computer sales up 63 percent (but Apple losing out)

    Seems people really like those all-in-one PCs à la the iMac. Sales this year are expected to grow some 63 percent from last year, to 11.5 million units worldwide. And while that’s good news for computer makers overall, there are winners and losers in the data. The big surprising loser? Yup, Apple. Read More

  • Lenovo releases 3D laptop

    Whoa. This isn’t your Dad’s Lenovo. Heck, it isn’t even your cool older cousins. The Lenovo IdeaPad Y560d is a 3D multimedia machine with a 15.6-inch screen running Windows 7 and up to 8GB memory and 750GB hard drive. It has TriDef 3D technology with 3D glasses and Dolby Home Theater surround sound. A Core i7 adds a wee bit of power along with a Radeon HD5730. Also it has… Read More

  • Lenovo U1 hybrid laptop-tablet to live on as Android device

    The blogosphere cried out in anguish that day, when Lenovo’s compelling (and slightly bizarre) U1 combination tablet and laptop was unceremoniously canceled, and the Skylight OS ditched for Android. The press release implied, but did not say outright, that the U1 was being sent to the great concept bin in the sky. I asked for clarification, and a Lenovo spokesperson told me: the U1 is… Read More

  • Lenovo kills off the U1, switches internal OS out for Android in future devices

    It appears that Lenovo’s U1 hybrid tablet/laptop, which we saw at CES, is being scuppered. My guess is that the Skylight OS, a custom implementation of Linux, just wasn’t good enough to compete with the tablets on the market — and possibly the cost of continuing to support such a project was too much. Whatever the case, the U1 is off the table, as is the Skylight… Read More

  • A quick look at Lenovo's ThinkCentre M90z desktop

    Ready for your daily dose of viral marketing? This Lenovo video is just that, but it’s also an interesting look at the development of Lenovo‘s upcoming ThinkCentre M90z all-in-one workstation. These folks know all-in-one desktops and the M90z looks to be the best yet. Launch data and specs should drop soon. Hopefully. Read More

  • Hands-on with Lenovo's cavalcade of laptops and PCs

    Lenovo’s new line-up is heavy on the all-in-ones but has a few surprises up its sleeve. I got a chance to look at most of the new line last week and came away extremely enthused by the twee Q150. From the press release: If your idea of fun is tricking out your living room entertainment center, then the Lenovo IdeaCentre Q150 is the perfect solution. At just 0.82 inches wide and 6.7… Read More

  • Lenovo refreshes laptop line for 2010

    Lenovo announced their latest models today, a whole slew of new laptops, all-in-one models, and desktops. We’re going to talk about the latest laptops here, but make sure you check out our other coverage on their new products. Read More

  • The Lenovo Q nettop series gets a makeover, should look at home under your HDTV

    Lenovo’s previous nettop entry was just your standard Mac Mini-clone, encased in a drab black box. But the just-announced Q150 shouldn’t have any issues standing out from the crowd. Forget about the sleek exterior, it’s the included bitch’n Lenovo wireless keyboard/mouse that will please the masses [of nerds]. Read More

  • Lenovo updates its IdeaCentre all-in-one line with new CPU, casing options

    Lenovo’s latest IdeaCentre PCs aren’t lacking, well, anything. They bring the latest power and hardware to the all-in-one form factor. Seriously, a person could buy a model from either the A or B Series and feel confident that the systems will be able to handle nearly any task — gaming included. Read More

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