• Android Hack Exposes Google Wallet PIN On Demand

    Like most hacks, this discovery of a way to find an Android phone’s Google Wallet PIN requires a lot of initial access but is disturbing nonetheless. Google knows about the hack and is repairing it. Discovered by Joshua Rubin of Zvelo, the hack is one of the most interesting attacks on Google Wallet so far. In short, this hack allows access to credit card data and purchase history and… Read More

  • Miss Your Cat? Now Fluffy Can Send You Tweets All Day Long

    Miss Your Cat? Now Fluffy Can Send You Tweets All Day Long

    You like cats. Even if you’re a “dog person,” or allergic, I still know your little cat-loving secret. And how do I know? Well, since you’re here on TechCrunch it’s apparent that you’re at least mildly interested in the internet, which happens to be infested with cats. Read More

  • Spire: A New Legal Siri Port For Any iOS 5 Device

    Spire: A New Legal Siri Port For Any iOS 5 Device

    Well-known iOS hacker chpwn (aka Grant Paul) along with Ryan Petrich have released a new tool for installing Siri on jailbroken phones. The Siri port, called “Spire,” works on any phone that can run iOS 5. However, because Apple only officially supports Siri requests coming from the iPhone 4S, a proxy server address is still required. Oh, there’s one more thing: Spire… Read More

  • Siri Ported To iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

    In a moment as historic as Alexander Bell’s call to his assistant, an iPhone hacker wrote on Twitter that he had successfully ported Siri to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Read More

  • Handheld Console Compresses Super Mario Brothers Down To 64 Pixels

    Handheld Console Compresses Super Mario Brothers Down To 64 Pixels

    Doot doo doot doo doo doot! Hacker Retrobrad created a handheld console that displays Super Mario Brother in a very special way: each sprite is reduced to one pixel. The console, called Super Pixel Brothers, includes all 20 levels as well boss fights. The game is played on an 8×8 mutli-colored LED board and to hit enemies you need to position your single-pixel Mario over their… Read More

  • Google Urges Iranian Users To Re-Secure Gmail Accounts After Attacks

    Google Urges Iranian Users To Re-Secure Gmail Accounts After Attacks

    Google is advising users in Iran to take specific steps in order to re-secure their Gmail accounts after last week’s reveal of the man-in-the-middle attacks that targeted Iranian users. The attackers used fraudulent SSL certificates issued by a compromised root certificate authority in the Netherlands, DigiNotar. These fake certificates allowed hackers to impersonate Google.com and others. Read More

  • Wingardium Leviosa: This Rotocopter Is Controlled By The Kinect

    This project is part of a bachelor’s thesis by Armin Ambühl and involves a quadrocopter, a Kinect sensor, and what I assume is dark magic. To activate the copter the user lifts his arm and to stop it he claps. The rest of the interaction is performed by swinging his arms around to rotate and steer the vehicle. What was it that Arthur C. Clarke said? Read More

  • Two-Pound Handy Gear Might Be A Little Much, Even For Sega Fanatics

    This wild Game Gear and Master System-playing mod uses the guts of a Game Gear, a PS One screen, and the original buttons from the original device to offer a fairly massive package full of retro fun. Made by loveablechevy, it includes a rechargable battery and, as mentioned before, weighs more than a Motorola Xoom. Read More

  • DIY All-Terrain Roomba

    The All -Terrain Roomba isn’t brand new but recent updates have made it a formidable opponent to stairs, lumps of dirt, and other obstacles that stand between you and a completely clean Martian surface. The DIY kit uses a modded Roomba and unique chassis to offer stability and impressive speed to this little robot. Read More

  • Remember When: Your Commodore 64 Was A Satellite Descrambler?

    Back in the old days, in Europe, TV selection was pretty limited. When they started offering satellite, you had a few free channels and a few paid channels but enterprising hackers figured out how to decode all of the channels using a breakout cart and the C64’s super processor. The resulting solution cost about $120 way back when and saved a bunch of Euro-hackers quite a bit of money. Read More

  • New Nook Hacked Further, Gets Launcher, Bluetooth, And… Kindle

    Just last week we posted a video of the new Nook (which we just reviewed) running Angry Birds. Not exactly the best match for an e-paper display, but it does show that the underlying Android install is sound and functional. Further proof comes this weekend, with forum-dwelling hackers installing the ADW Launcher home screen and even the Kindle app on it. Read More

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