• Two-Pound Handy Gear Might Be A Little Much, Even For Sega Fanatics

    This wild Game Gear and Master System-playing mod uses the guts of a Game Gear, a PS One screen, and the original buttons from the original device to offer a fairly massive package full of retro fun. Made by loveablechevy, it includes a rechargable battery and, as mentioned before, weighs more than a Motorola Xoom. Read More

  • DIY All-Terrain Roomba

    The All -Terrain Roomba isn’t brand new but recent updates have made it a formidable opponent to stairs, lumps of dirt, and other obstacles that stand between you and a completely clean Martian surface. The DIY kit uses a modded Roomba and unique chassis to offer stability and impressive speed to this little robot. Read More

  • Remember When: Your Commodore 64 Was A Satellite Descrambler?

    Back in the old days, in Europe, TV selection was pretty limited. When they started offering satellite, you had a few free channels and a few paid channels but enterprising hackers figured out how to decode all of the channels using a breakout cart and the C64’s super processor. The resulting solution cost about $120 way back when and saved a bunch of Euro-hackers quite a bit of money. Read More

  • New Nook Hacked Further, Gets Launcher, Bluetooth, And… Kindle

    Just last week we posted a video of the new Nook (which we just reviewed) running Angry Birds. Not exactly the best match for an e-paper display, but it does show that the underlying Android install is sound and functional. Further proof comes this weekend, with forum-dwelling hackers installing the ADW Launcher home screen and even the Kindle app on it. Read More

  • Sony Pictures Security Hole Hits 37,500 Users

    Blammo. Sony has just confirmed that 37,500 Sony Pictures visitors have had their passwords, emails, and other potentially identifying details stolen from the Sony Pictures website. There is little financial effect in this hack as it simply exposed logins and passwords although users should probably change their important passwords if they suspect they have been affected. Sony writes: We… Read More

  • Angry Birds On A Nook – No, Not A Nook Color, A Nook

    The new Nook (colloquially called the Nook Touch) runs Android underneath that crunchy black and white book interface, so Nook hacker JFreke decided to root it and see if something like Angry Birds will run. Lo and behold, it does. Very, very poorly. But it’s still awesome, in a really shabby way. Read More

  • Some Things Never Change: TI vs. Calculator Hobbyists Version 3.0.2

    The battle between Texas Instruments and calculator hobbyists rages on, as TI seeks to keep its OS locked away from third-party developers. After the calculator hacking community discovered the independent tool Ndless (which allows for third-party development on TI’s platform), TI has spent the last year updating its OS to prevent downgrading to version 1.1, which is necessary to run Ndless. Read More

  • Cartridge Hack Creates Super Mario All-Stars… For NES

    I’ve always been slightly bothered by the updated graphics in Super Mario All-Stars, but at the same time I can’t deny that it’s a fantastic cartridge to have around. Hacker Callan Brown apparently felt the same way, and decided to do a little investigation into perhaps remedying the situation. The result? A sweet megacartridge with an old-school way of selecting which game… Read More

  • Kinect Hack Could Eventually Translate Sign Language

    Some French hackers have put together a program that uses the Kinect to detect certain hand gestures (which is, after all, what it was designed to do) and translate them into words. Right now it only recognizes “hello” and “sorry,” but the team is only just now teaching it words — the “build” period is over, and now it’s time to learn. Check out… Read More

  • Cornell Students Show Off A DIY Eigenface Access System

    Some charming youngsters from Cornell have created a fairly simple and effective face matching system using a webcam, a little LCD read-out, and a tiny Atmel ATmega644 8-bit microcontroller running a set of Eigenface tests on the face in question. The system is 88% accurate with no false positives. It is almost completely self-contained and is small and simple enough to add to a front door lock… Read More

  • Sony Knew About The Break-Ins For Six Days Before Coming Clean

    As Joel at Kotaku points out, Sony learned about the network break-ins on about April 20 and did nothing to alert customers until the 26th, a move that points to a great deal of hubris and foolhardy bravado on Sony’s part. Joel followed the trail from beginning to end, noting that Sony learned that something was amiss when servers began rebooting without intervention on the 19th. Read More

  • The Xbox Slim Laptop Is Ready To Ship

    This one-of-a-kind Xbox “Slim Laptop” is ready to ship if you have $1,600 and a need to play 360 games on the road. Built by a blogger named [Ed], it’s basically a fully-functional Xbox 360 inside a laptop case with 17″ 720p HD screen, multiple outputs, four USB ports, and a built-in power brick. Essentially, except for the controller, this is a self-contained Xbox in a… Read More

  • Tell Your Gullible Relatives Not To Click On Any Banned Lady Gaga Video Links

    There is a fairly egregious worm going around now that masquerades as a YouTube link for a “banned” Lady Gaga video. When you click on the bit.ly link it sends you to a fake YouTube page and then asks for permission to access your Twitter account. This results in another infected tweet being sent out on your Twoot stream, thereby continuing the long, sad cycle. Read More

  • iGeigie: A Geiger Counter For Your iPhone

    The RDTN project is working on an easy-to-build and simple Geiger counter for the iPhone. Read More

  • AR Drone And Kinect, Enough Said

    Check out this Kinect-controlled Parrot AR Drone. The man operating the AR Drone shows that you’re never too old to be a pretend airplane. Read More

  • Drink-Making Unit 2.0 Makes Mixology Into Actual Science

    Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories put together an impressive automatic drink-making machine last year which they called the Drink-Making Unit. This year they’ve reinvented it with a whole new style and twice as many ingredient options. And in keeping with the descriptive style of naming, it is known as the Drink-Making Unit 2.0. Read More

  • Watch-Controlled Gripper Bot Is All Kinds Of DIY Cute

    I love that there are tons of tinkerers out there just putting together robots for no other reason than “hey, this might work.” Home hacker Lars Kristian Roland made this one, a simple rover bot with a gripping claw (it runs on modular hardware and an Arduino, naturally) — but the twist in this case is that it’s controlled by a Chronos watch that has a built-in… Read More

  • Left-Handed DSLR Hack – Take That, Righty!

    Matt over at Gizmodo points out a nice bit of DIY work done by Andrew Scrivani, a left-handed photographer for the NY Times. His right arm is out of commission for a while, and left-handed SLR bodies are expensive as hell, so he went to his gear closet and put together this little hack. Basically it’s just a rigid bracket for him to hold while he fires the remote with his incapacitated… Read More

  • Is Apple Too Quick To Shut Down Potentially Hacked Accounts?

    A reader, Mike, sent in a tale of woe so odd and draconian that I’m not even sure what to think of it. On one hand, Apple is protecting its interests when it comes to fake gift cards and other potentially costly hacks and, on the other hand, their reaction is far out of proportion to the actual situation. Mike’s account was hacked in January of this year and $80 worth of iTunes… Read More

  • Russian Hacker Jailed For Putting Porn On Video Billboard

    In Moscow, naked woman find you. At least that’s what many Russians found out last year, when a 40-year-old Russian hacker named Igor Blinnikov somehow found his way onto a 600 square foot video billboard where he played NSFW video for passing motorists. Igor called it a “bad joke” when he confessed, but that didn’t stop him from getting sentenced to one and a half years… Read More

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