Mozilla’s Firefox Monitor will now alert you when one of your accounts was hacked

Earlier this year, Mozilla announced Firefox Monitor, a service that tells you if your online accounts were hacked in a recent data breach. All you have to give it is your email address and it’ll use the Have I Been Pwned database to show you if you need to worry and what data was compromised. Today, Mozilla is taking this a step further by also letting you sign up for alerts for when your accounts appear in any (known) breaches in the future.

When it first launched, Mozilla considered Firefox Monitor an experimental service. Now, it’s being launched as an official service.

If none of your accounts have been hacked yet, consider yourself lucky. That still makes you the perfect user for Firefox Monitor’s new alerting feature, though, because chances are your email address will show up in a future breach sooner or later. Indeed, when Mozilla first asked people about which features they most wanted from a service like this, notifications about future breaches were very high on most peoples’ lists.

Mozilla notes that Firefox Monitor is just one of a number of new data and privacy features the organization has on its roadmap for the next few months. It’s clear that Mozilla is positioning itself as a neutral force and overall, that seems to be going quite well, especially given that Google’s Chrome browser is facing a bit of a backlash these days as users are increasingly concerned about their privacy and the vast trove of data Google collects.