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  • Twitter Closing Its $400M Secondary Offering Tomorrow

    Twitter Closing Its $400M Secondary Offering Tomorrow

    Twitter CEO Dick Costolo confirmed its first $400 million tranche of a $800 million Series G this morning, saying that the company has just closed “more money than I’ve ever seen before” and therefore was in no hurry to IPO. The entire series G, which involved Yuri Milner’s DST, institutional clients, T Rowe Price’s group of funds, Chris Sacca and others, was… Read More

  • Twitter Ads: "The Perfect Wet Dream of Every Marketer." So Why Are There Only 600 Advertisers?

    Dick Costolo just wrapped up his keynote at All Things D. It wasn’t livestreamed, so for those of you who missed out, there were some interesting tidbits about user numbers, defense of Twitter’s stewardship of its developer community and some hints about the ad business. Rather than any newsy bombshells, my biggest takeaway was what I’ve written before about Twitter’s… Read More

  • Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.

    Twitter: Consider This Your Intervention.

    This is the post I haven’t wanted to write for weeks. This is the post no one wants to write. No one wants to say Twitter is in trouble. That’s like shooting your best friend’s dog. But I’m increasingly convinced that Twitter is operationally in trouble, for a lot of the same reasons that Fortune’s Jessi Hempel outlines in her cover today, and other reasons… Read More

  • What Scares Twitter CEO Dick Costolo? Foreigners. (Well, Scaling For Them.)

    Tonight at our Crunchies Awards in San Francisco, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo took the stage with our own Michael Arrington. The topic of discussion? Well, it was sort of all over the place — more of a fun conversation. Mike asked Costolo what he thought about the recent news that Eric Schmidt was being replaced as CEO of Google by co-founder Larry Page. You’d think Costolo would… Read More

  • Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game

    Evan Williams, Master of the Privacy Game

    I’m not talking about the privacy of Twitter’s millions of users- who they follow, what they retweet and the inner-sanctum of their DMs. I’m talking about the privacy of Evan Williams– one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the Web 2.0 era, yet one who doesn’t have Gawker photographers come to his house, doesn’t have snarky movies made about him and… Read More

  • Evan Williams And Dick Costolo: New Twitter Triggered CEO Change

    Evan Williams And Dick Costolo: New Twitter Triggered CEO Change

    As you may have heard by now, Twitter has a new CEO. Former COO Dick Costolo is taking over from Evan Williams as the head of the company. A few minutes ago, I got a chance to speak to both of them about the change. “New Twitter was definitely a trigger for this,” Williams told me. “Conveniently, I took over the CEO role just about two years ago — and brought Dick in… Read More

  • Dick Costolo: Mission Accomplished

    “First full day as Twitter COO tomorrow. Task #1: undermine CEO, consolidate power.” That was Dick Costolo on September 13, 2009. Today, just over one year later, Costolo has done it. Someone roll out the Mission Accomplished banner! Read More

  • Dick Costolo Takes Twitter CEO Role So Evan Williams Can Focus On Product

    Dick Costolo Takes Twitter CEO Role So Evan Williams Can Focus On Product

    Twitter COO Dick Costolo has just taken over as CEO of Twitter from current CEO and co-founder Evan Williams, Twitter confirmed today. In a post on the matter, Williams writes the following: Read More

  • Costolo: Twitter Now Has 190 Million Users Tweeting 65 Million Times A Day

    Twitter COO Dick Costolo offered some updated stats at the Conversational Media Summit today in New York City. Twitter is now attracting 190 million visitors per month and generating 65 million Tweets a day. “We’re laying down track as fast as we can in front of the train,” says Costolo. These numbers are up slightly from 180 million self-reported unique visitors per… Read More

  • TC50 Backstage: Why Dick Costolo Joined Twitter and the Magic Acquisition Number

    It’s 5 p.m. and we’re in the homestretch! The experts and the Twitterers seem to be less impressed with the companies this afternoon than the ones this morning. That or we’re all just getting tired after 40-something demos. So lucky for us that some of the most influential and interesting judges were left for the final panel. I caught up with one of my favorites, Dick… Read More

  • TC50: Twitter COO Dick Costolo Talks About His Newest "Challenge"

    During a break at TechCrunch50, Jason Calacanis and Michael Arrington drilled new Twitter COO Dick Costolo on his new job, why he took the position and what he’s working on. Costolo, who is an early Twitter investor, said he was thinking of maybe starting his own new company, but decided instead to join Twitter because of its incredible momentum: Read More