• TheSkimm founders are coming to Disrupt NY 2016

    TheSkimm founders are coming to Disrupt NY 2016

    The biggest news of the day, with a hint of snark. That’s theSkimm, which tells you everything you need to know about current events, in an email newsletter geared towards millennials. TechCrunch is pleased to announce that theSkimm founders Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin will be on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in NYC. In just four short years, the former TV producers  built one of… Read More

  • Apple’s Diversity Report Doesn’t Satisfy CEO Tim Cook Yet, Though Inclusion Is A ‘Top Priority’

    Apple’s Diversity Report Doesn’t Satisfy CEO Tim Cook Yet, Though Inclusion Is A ‘Top Priority’

    Apple has followed suit with a spate of big tech companies and released a diversity report today, in the form of a micro-site with numbers breaking down the company’s U.S. race and ethnicity distribution, as well as its global gender split. The breakdown reveals a workforce that’s 70 percent male overall, with a whopping 80 percent of its tech employees (engineers, Geniuses and… Read More

  • Shocking study: Young people watch very little TV anymore, spend time online or using other media

    A new study confirms the obvious: the young are watching less and less TV, spending their time using the Internet and playing video games instead. The study, carried out by Deloitte, shows that the older one gets, the more TV one watches. People in the 14-25 age group (that’s me!) watch, on average, 10.5 hours of TV per week. Read More

  • Japan is running out of engineers!

    Looks like Japan is running out of engineers, the guys who design all the neat high-tech toys (among other things) so many of us fawn over. And you can blame “Western” ideology for the shortage. Young Japanese are fleeing the sciences, including mathematics and engineering, to pursue “easy” careers like banking, finance or the arts. Whereas post-WWII Japan was all… Read More

  • Google buying Nielsen data

    Surely you’ve heard Nielsen at one time or another. The data mining company will start selling its information to Google very soon in a move that will help the search-giant target ads better. Some are arguing that Google is buying the data to tailor its upcoming YouTube ads better. That’s definitely a possibility. But Google is also aiming to target fans of television. Read More