Chris Sacca

  • UpNext Scores $500,000 From Chris Sacca And Others For 3D Mobile Mapping

    Mapping is a big boy’s game, with Google Maps, Bing Maps, and MapQuest dominating maps on both the Web and mobile. But sometimes it takes a startup to push things forward. 3D mobile mapping startup UpNext is hoping to get on the map, so to speak, with its detailed 3D maps of cities and venues like the Super Bowl stadium. The New York city startup, which has been around since 2007… Read More

  • Big Appetite: Greylock Sends Entrepreneurs a Message with Expanded $1 Billion Fund

    Big Appetite: Greylock Sends Entrepreneurs a Message with Expanded $1 Billion Fund

    In case you missed it, being a super angel is officially passe. The new hotness is having a late-stage growth cash. Sequoia Capital is doing it. Andreessen Horowitz is doing it. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is doing it. Accel is doing it. Hell, even Chris Sacca is somehow doing it. Greylock is the latest to officially join the club, with news today of an expansion to its current… Read More

  • Betaworks, Conway, And Sacca Embed $250,000 Into

    The angels are lining up to give Y Combinator startup some cash. Betaworks, Ron Conway, and Chris Sacca are investing $250,000 in the company, which specializes in turning links into embed codes. There are hundreds of Websites and APIs out there which let people embed media and data all across the Web. Connecting those embed codes with their underlying links is a Herculean task… Read More

  • Angel Investor Chris Sacca To Launch $5 million Early Stage Venture Fund

    Chris Sacca, a prolific Silicon Valley angel investor, is closing on a new venture fund he’ll call Lowercase Capital, we’ve confirmed. The fund size will be in the $5 million range, and will make investments ranging from $50,000 – $150,000 per deal. Sacca was previously the head of strategic initiatives at Google (he left Google in 2007), has invested in at least twenty or… Read More