Lowercase’s Matt Mazzeo on being Chris Sacca’s partner and the 3 KPIs to successful investing

For the small minority who are not aware, Lowercase is the the fund started by Chris Sacca with $8.4m and resulted in what is believed to be the best performing fund in history with investments in Uber, Twitter, Instagram, Docker, just to name a few.

Sacca went on to build what must be considered, the largest shareholding in Twitter. And with such a prominent figure at the helm it’s easy to overlook Matt Mazzeo, Sacca’s Partner at Lowercase.

Not only does he run the day to day operations of Lowercase but he is also the embodiment of the ‘new VC’. Without the Sand Hill Road signage or polo and blazer combination, Mazzeo is investing his hustle and drive into the blossoming LA tech community.

Having appeared on many podcasts and shows before, today’s discussion was to go behind the scenes to hear the details and stories that no one has ever heard. Did you know Chris Sacca gave him 5 pounds of fake body fat as a present? Or when Matt and Chris first met, Matt was so many bottles of wine down that he cannot quite recall what he said that was so impressive.

All of this and more is revealed in our chat with Matt, as well as Mazzeo’s biggest takeaways from his work with Sacca, his 3 KPI’s to being a successful investor and why we have seen a rise of the personalization of VC and what this means for the industry in the future.