• Startup Texas Is Latest Region To Join The Startup America Initiative

    Startup Texas Is Latest Region To Join The Startup America Initiative

    With today's launch of Startup Texas, Texas becomes the latest U.S. state to join the growing list of regions in the Startup America initiative. The Startup America national campaign, chaired by Steve Case, co-founder of AOL and Chairman of the Case Foundation, is meant to encourage and accelerate entrepreneurship across the country, especially in regions where it can benefit from a push, like Read More

  • Inside Austin’s Capital Factory 2011 Demo Day

    Inside Austin’s Capital Factory 2011 Demo Day

    It was an absolutely perfect day in Austin this past Wednesday, a temperate and breezy 89 degrees. The kind of day that seemed ripe with possibilities. Austin’s startup community gathered en masse at the University of Texas to hear the pitches from the five companies debuting out of Capital Factory, Austin’s summer startup accelerator. The vibe there was optimistic, and full of energy. The… Read More

  • Nicholas' John Biggs' notebook: A video update from me to you

    What’s poppin’, CrunchGear? I just made that little video for your enjoyment. And no, I don’t know how to use the in-house, CG video hosting services. Hence, YouTube. Here’s that bar where Jenna Bush got caught. Crazy! fin. Read More

  • Nicholas' notebook: Just got to SXSW convention center (and everthing's closed)

    [photopress:sxswherefinally_1_2.jpg,full,center] You’ll notice my Jose Padilla beard. That’s what happens when Delta screws you. After something like 30 hours of mild discomfort I have finally reached the Austin Convention Center, home of the SXSW Interactive festival. It’s 6:45 local time and pretty much everything has shut down, including the press room; I’m currently… Read More

  • The Ultimate Geek Cab

    The Ultimate Geek Cab

    Some of us have trouble pulling ourselves away from the computer and sometimes that can be OK. But if you need your fix of video gaming and Internet surfing and happen to live in Austin, Texas, you may want to call Ricky Gray for a cab. Gray has outfitted his minivan-turned-taxi with two LCD TVs on which customers can play Playstation 2 games on, watch TV, and surf the Internet. Gray’s… Read More

  • Apple Wants YOU To Be An iPhone Tech Support Rep.

    Apple Wants YOU To Be An iPhone Tech Support Rep.

    Starting next month, Apple will begin to train an army of representatives to handle the influx of tech support calls related to the iPhone. If you’re need of a job, then perhaps you should consider inquiring about Apple’s recent job posting that’s seeking a Senior iPhone Support Representative. What will your newfound position’s duties include? Well aside from re-locating… Read More