• The zzzPhone is real, on its way soon

    I just got back from checking out the zzzPhone and I can say without a doubt that it’s real. It’s definitely not a scam, but the first generation ran into some problems with the manufacturer and they don’t work stateside. I’m told the newest generation is on its way very soon. Maybe within a month. The OS is still uncertain… Read More

  • Google generated more ad revenue growth than top 3 online competitors, all offline media in 2007

    [photopress:goog2007ads.jpg,full,center] Google not only generated more ad dollars in 2007 than all other online firms, it generated more ad dollars than all other firms, online or off. AlleyInsider crunched the numbers, as they do, and found that Google generated twice as much revenue as Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL combined. Fellow CRUNCH writer Erick Schonfeld fired up Excel and made some… Read More

  • Android, a platform, will outsell iPhone, a phone: Google exec

    [photopress:androidviphone.jpg,full,center] A mobile platform manager at Google said yesterday that he expects Android to outsell the iPhone, which, to me, truly sounds like comparing apples to oranges. Rich Miner points out that Android will be supported by no less than Motorola, HTC, Samsung and LG. Meanwhile, only one company is behind the iPhone, Apple. Never mind that Android is an OS… Read More

  • Android amazes stuffy BBC: "I say, jolly good!" says reporter Although the rest of the world has already gotten their fill of Google’s up-and-coming phone OS/paperweight the BBC just got an… Read More

  • Rumors: Alienware working on Android-based iPhone killer?

    [photopress:_9e28_transformers_cellphone_concept.jpg,full,center] Apple is a computer company before all else, this much is fact. The iPhone is far more computer than phone, and besides its design, that is why it’s so popular. It reinvented the cellphone industry in no small way, and it happened because Apple isn’t a phone company. Neither is Google, but the Android OS is on… Read More

  • Open Source may Create Security Risks for Mobile Phones

    Open Source may Create Security Risks for Mobile Phones

    To date, mobile phones have been relatively safe from cyber attacks when compared to PCs. Security systems have been able to block most viruses on cell phones, but the mobile industry foresees risks coming from the open software platforms that are looming in the near future. Google is backing the Android open source software which is in competition with LiMo Foundation’s Linux… Read More

  • Whuh oh, here comes AOL's Open Mobile Platform

    Whuh oh, here comes AOL's Open Mobile Platform

    Hmmm. AOL announced its Open Mobile Platform at the MWC in Barcelona and says it’ll be available this summer. It’ll provide developers “with ready access to the tools and source code they need to build and distribute applications across all major mobile device platforms and operating systems including BREW, Java, Linux, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.” The parts of… Read More

  • Google to be Integrated on Nokia Handsets

    Google to be Integrated on Nokia Handsets

    The world’s largest handset maker, Nokia, announced today that it will integrate the Google search engine with the Nokia Search application. This plan was released at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Google search will be available in more than 100 countries on a variety of handsets. The first Nokia products to be loaded with Google will be the Nokia N96, N78, 6210… Read More

  • GPhone mauling

    Another collection of photos from my mauling of the GPhone in the wild. It’s ugly, sure, and it doesn’t work. But isn’t it… Read More

  • Our first Android phone hands-on

    Here, in all its madcap glory, is the GPhone: Android running on test hardware that looks compelling but not quite ready for prime time. The interface was quite snappy — it was almost exactly as swift as the emulated software on any PC — and it looks good and tight with lots of nice transitions et al. Let’s say this is the emulator made flesh and leave it at that — the… Read More

  • Several Android cellphones to be shown at MWC today

    [photopress:androidatmwccc.jpg,full,right] Android-based cellphones are somewhere on the Mobile World Conference show floor in Barcelona. There were rumors last week of an ARM-branded Android phone being at the show, and today AFP says we can expect to see models from Marvell, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, NEC and ST Microelectronics. While the first Android cellphones aren’t scheduled… Read More

  • Dell (??) to show Android phone (??) at MWC (??)

    Dell (??) to show Android phone (??) at MWC (??)

    We got a tip in last night regarding the possible, rumored launch of a super-secret Dell product that runs Android. First off, Dell makes Axim’s and that’s about it. Second off, Google isn’t even at MWC but I think Android is on the floor but is definitely not at any Dell location I can espy. Rumor and innuendo, I suspect. My brother is senior level management at dell and… Read More

  • GPhone Prototype Debuts At Mobile World Congress

    GPhone Prototype Debuts At Mobile World Congress

    The first official prototype of a phone running Google’s Android platform has debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today. Upstaging the usually quick blog media, AP captured the first shot (above), left of picture we’ve blown up the phone for a closer look. Samsung said yesterday that it won’t debut an Android powered phone until 2009, and AP reports that the… Read More

  • ARM to demo prototype Android device at MWC, says source

    ARM to demo prototype Android device at MWC, says source

    While ARM and Google are both denying the rumors, I think it’s a safe bet that MWC is going to be centered around Android. It’s pretty much the hottest thing in the mobile phone world at the moment and we’ve yet to see any proof other than photos. Our intrepid Editor-in-Chief will be on hand in Barcelona to cover all the action. So stay tuned because it’s going to get… Read More

  • Android Prototype may land in Barcelona Next Week

    Android Prototype may land in Barcelona Next Week

    ARM, a British chip designer, may reveal a prototype of a mobile phone based on Google’s open-source Android next week at the Mobile World Congress wireless show in Barcelona. The showing could come as early as Monday. Google and ARM have declined to comment on this, so don’t book a flight to Spain unless you’re willing to gamble on this rumor. Taiwan’s High Tech… Read More

  • Android delayed, developer's challenge pushed back

    Android delayed, developer's challenge pushed back

    Don’t worry, guy who wants to make a Neko the Cat port for Android! There’s still time! Android has been delayed for a few weeks and the $10 million developer’s challenge will end on April 14, giving you plenty of time to get the mouse/cat interaction just right. We’d like to let you know that we are extending the submission deadline for the first Android Developers… Read More

  • LiMo Foundation to Launch Phone Platform in March

    LiMo Foundation to Launch Phone Platform in March

    The LiMo Foundation plans to release the first version of its Linux software platform for mobile phones this march. LiMo’s goal is to offer handset manufacturers and operators a hardware-independent software platform that is safe for downloadable applications. LiMo Foundation executive director Morgan Gillis isn’t happy with just publishing the code on time. He wants to put… Read More

  • Google's Android Is Already Delayed

    Google's Android Is Already Delayed

    Google’s Android mobile operating system is already hitting snags. It is hardly out of the gate yet, and (correction) an update to the software development kit that programmers need to create applications for Android is being pushed back a few weeks. Because of this delay, the deadline for the $10 million Android Developer’s Challenge is also being pushed back a month from March 3… Read More

  • Google and Dell making sweet, tender phone love?

    Google and Dell making sweet, tender phone love?

    Dell and Google, eh? They’re apparently maybe, sorta, potentially going to make a phone together. An iPhone rival, to be certain (maybe). The announcement is supposed to come at the 3GSM conference in Barcelona next month even though “Google insiders deny an announcement is due in the near future,” according to Marketing Week. “Senior industry sources” say… Read More

  • Android coming to an NTT DoCoMo handset

    Android coming to an NTT DoCoMo handset

    We won’t be seeing it, but the folks in Japan will. Not until the second half of the year, though, but it’s nice to know they’re preparing themselves. Read all about it over at MobileCrunch. Read More