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  • Good News, Adblock Plus Fans – Soon, There Will Be A Google Chrome Extension

    Adblock Plus, easily the most popular Firefox browser extension, recently hit the 100 million downloads milestone. Soon, the developer(s) behind the add-on will be releasing a beta extension for Google Chrome. We should note that the most popular Chrome extension today is also an ad-blocker, made by Michael Gundlach, who’s trying to turn this into a full-time job (as well). Read More

  • Adblock Plus, The Popular Firefox Add-On, Hits 100 Million Downloads

    You sure love blocking ads when you’re browsing the Web, don’t you? Adblock Plus, the hugely popular Firefox add-on, has been downloaded over 100 million times, its creator is set to announce soon. That’s a record number of installs for a browser app, and one that will be hard to beat, too. In hopes of avoiding the wrath of my fellow TechCrunch staff writer Jason Kincaid… Read More

  • Adblock Plus Extension Developer Raises Funding From Mystery Partner

    Adblock Plus, the wildly popular Firefox browser add-on that, well, blocks ads, is not going to get the plug pulled out of any time soon, and might eventually turn into a self-sustaining venture, even. That’s the gist of this blog post by ABP developer Wladimir Palant (hat tip to @CleverClogs), who has apparently raised enough capital – courtesy of an unnamed Samaritan – to… Read More