• TechCrunch TV Launches On Your TV

    TechCrunch TV Launches On Your TV

    TechCrunch TV is now really TechCrunch TV. When TCTV launched last year, the focus was on viewing our videos on the computer. Not on TV. Ok, we called it “TechCrunch TV” because it sounded a lot better than “TechCrunch Video”. But today, we are launching on the AOL HD platform and you can find us on your connected TV set. Our videos are live on Roku, Boxee, Divx… Read More

  • Roku Introduces The $49.99 Roku LT Streamer, Adds HBO GO To Channel Offerings

    Roku Introduces The $49.99 Roku LT Streamer, Adds HBO GO To Channel Offerings

    Back in 2008, the Roku media player was simply a way to watch Netflix streaming video on your TV. Now just a few years later, the service offers over 300 different media channels and a bevy of various models, the latest of which is the Roku LT. The Roku LT is for the budget-minded consumer, priced at just $49.99. With built-in wireless, the Roku LT streams video in 720p and has access to all… Read More

  • Review: The Roku 2 XS Does Internet Media Streaming, Motion Gaming In A Tiny Package

    Review: The Roku 2 XS Does Internet Media Streaming, Motion Gaming In A Tiny Package

    This is Roku’s third media streamer lineup. The UI isn’t that much different from past models nor are the capabilities. We’ve used and reviewed almost all of the Roku products, from their first Netflix box, so we’ll keep this short and sweet. This Roku series ushers the media streamer into casual gaming thanks to motion controls and Angry Birds. Yep, yet another Angry… Read More

  • Roku Launches New Media Streamers Complete With Motion Gaming Capabilities Perfect For Angry Birds

    Roku Launches New Media Streamers Complete With Motion Gaming Capabilities Perfect For Angry Birds

    Roku just announced its fourth generation of media streamers and they’re unsurprisingly the best yet. They sport more features, an even smaller physical footprint, and the same Apple TV-killing price points as before. These new models, the Roku 2 HD, Roku 2 XD, and the Roku 2 XS, have even more media streaming capabilities as the previous models. All the major streaming sources are… Read More

  • Roku 2 Sneaks Out Of The FCC

    These photos from the FCC show us a few of the new Roku devices coming out in 2011 including the 3000X, 3050X, and 3100X. These guys will have 1080p HDMI, USB support, a microSD slot, and surround sound support. The HD model features an RF remote control. Read More

  • Roku XD Now Available In Walmart Stores Nationwide

    Roku is slowly entering the wide world of retail. The middle tier XD model hit Best Buy retail stores a few months back and now the same model is available in Walmart stores. Roku just made it official with a press release although the streamer has been available from for over a month now. Pricing is slightly lower with the XD model going for $78 rather than the $79 on A… Read More

  • Roku Taps YuMe To Power Video Advertising For Streaming Players

    Streaming video player developer Roku has partnered with video advertising company YuMe to allow content owners to provide video advertising for media. DreamTV and Blastro Networks are among the first Roku content providers to start using YuMe’s video advertising platform. Roku has sold more than 1 million of its streaming entertainment devices for the TV. The company, who has not… Read More

  • Google Issues Roku A Takedown Notice For Unlicensed YouTube Channel

    There are well over a hundred channels on Roku, but YouTube is officially not one of them. There was, however, a homebrewed YouTube channel until a takedown notice was nailed to Roku’s front door. This station was posted by a developer later hired by Roku, which might have lead partially to the legal notice. Roku now says that they’re in talks with Google, which will hopefully… Read More

  • Roku Now In Big Retail Stores

    Friend: So I’m thinking about cutting the cord.
    Me: Oh yeah? You should buy a Roku then.
    Friend: I don’t know what that is. I only buy my gadgets from big box stores.
    Me: Well good news. Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Fry’s Electronics and RadioShack now carry it.
    Friend: How much?
    Me: About $80 for the XD.
    Friend: Oh great, glad to hear Best Buy is going to carry it. Read More

  • The Five Best Cord Cutting Devices (Plus One Bonus!)

    I hit a nerve. I seriously believe cord cutting is all about alternative services and not the hardware. Clearly others think different. My last post concerning the movement focused on three main areas with hardware only one small portion of the overall post. Why? All roads lead to Netflix and DLNA servers anyway. Nearly every box can run Netflix along with at least a dozen of other… Read More

  • Roku Finally Adds Local USB Playback Support

    The Roku XDS is a fine streamer, but like all the rest of the company’s offering, lacked official USB playback support. Sure, there’s been unofficial channels for sometime now, but it’s refreshing to see Roku finally cleared the air and released one themselves. This is big. Read More

  • Video: Experiment Shows Cord-Cutting Simply Too Difficult For Average Families To Grasp

    Here’s more evidence that regular people have zero time for things like Google TV, Boxee, and Roku, if only because they’re too complicated for their own good. Hill Holiday, a “caffeine-fueled ad agency,” asked five Boston-area families to participate in a cord-cutting experiment. For one week each family was asked to forgo traditional cable TV in favor of one of… Read More

  • Roku Hits 1 Billion Streams Served

    Well, it looks like Roku has had a good year. They just announced that they’ve hit a pretty significant milestone; over 1 billion streams served. This means that they’re competing with the cable companies, and gaining quite a bit of viewing time. Read More

  • LG's Smart TV Upgrader Is Kind Of Dumb

    Say you’re buying a TV – any TV, really – and you’re not quite sure what you’re doing. Say you’re in a store and the sales guy says “Well, you want this to be a Smart TV, right?” and you, not knowing any better, agree. Then he upsells this dumb LG box that simply adds LG’s Smart TV offerings including LG’s apps and some DLNA support. Read More

  • Roku Sales Double Following Apple TV Announcement

    I wonder if we might be getting a little causation mixed in with our correlation here. Roku’s CEO has noted that when the Apple TV launched at the beginning of September, Roku sales saw a jump. I mean, not like day-of (though maybe a little, since we gave the little box a big plug at the time), but since that time, sales have actually doubled. Read More

  • Roku Adds 1080p Streaming To The XR In Firmware Update

    Roku has released firmware update 2.9 which includes 1080p support in their XR devices. There are a few other bug fixes in the release including Hulu optimization for all devices. You can download it manually (“To do so please select “Settings” option from the homepage, then navigate to “Player Info” and finally choose “Check For Updates”. Your box… Read More

  • Roku XD Black Friday Deal

    Get a jump of Cyber Monday kids, the Roku XD is going on sale today for a quite reasonable $79.99 $63.99. The sale started this morning as 12:00am, and is good though the end of Cyber Monday (11:59 on 11/29). Go pick one up now from the Roku website, and keep in mind that the XD is the model that offers 1080p streaming, enhanced remote, and the addition of WiFi N. Oh, and you can stream… Read More

  • Viacom Cuts Off Google TV, A Rally To Restore Sanity Is Clearly Needed

    Sigh. This is getting a bit much. Turns out there isn’t much to watch on Google TV after all. Google TV is apparently viewed by big media as the devil, as the horned one himself and the only way to counter its/his takeover plans, is to disallow access/worship. And so, just like that, Viacom joined the ranks of News Corp, NBC Universal, Disney, and CBS in their stance of blocking the… Read More

  • Roku Hits 100 Channels As It Adds Crackle

    You may want to sit down for this one. Roku, streaming video box in extraordinary, has hit its 100th channel — Crackle, the thrilling channel for the introduction of which we got to interview Penn Gillette, and were hounded by Mormons. True story. They only hit 50 a few months back, so this shows some solid growth. Congrats to Roku, and to Roku owners, who now can watch whatever it is… Read More

  • Wanna Watch TV? Don’t Cut The Cord, Get Cable

    Google TV is a mess. Apple TV is a joke. Using a Roku is about as exciting as cleaning my gutters. I like the Boxee Box, but my wife doesn’t understand why; she doesn’t get it and that says something. Downloading torrents or NZBs is time consuming and only a small portion of the population actually has the know-how and hardware to do it. Sorry. Cord cutting is a lost… Read More

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