Roku expands smart home lineup with new home monitoring system for $99

Roku is continuing its latest venture into smart home hardware with the launch of its new home monitoring system, complete with two entry sensors, one motion sensor, a wire-free keypad and a central station with a built-in siren. In addition, Roku announced Wednesday its first solar panel as well as a new smart light strip that can show multiple colors at the same time.

“Roku’s new home monitoring system provides peace of mind, while being easier than ever to set up, control and monitor,” said Mark Robins, VP of Roku Smart Home, in a statement. “We are proud to further extend Roku’s Smart Home lineup with affordable and delightful ways to secure the safety of any home.”

The company will also soon roll out the latest Roku TV OS update, giving customers new features like monitoring from their Roku OS-powered TV or Roku player, accessing event history, turning on notifications and using voice control. The new event history feature will be available for customers with Roku’s new monitoring system as well as Roku cameras and video doorbell devices.

Plus, the company has expanded Roku Voice control to smart lights, bulbs and cameras, so users can speak into their Roku remote or mobile app to turn on lights, show live camera feeds and more.

The TV OS update will roll out in the coming weeks.

Image Credits: Roku

What’s most notable about Roku’s home monitoring system is that it offers customizable monitoring, so users get the option to either self-monitor for free or subscribe to professional 24/7 monitoring — powered by connected safety platform Noonlight (formerly SafeTrek) — for $9.99/month or $99.99/year. (Subscribers receive 50% off their first year if they choose the annual billing price.)

When an alarm is triggered, live U.S.-based agents immediately respond. Users can request emergency assistance when needed.

Roku’s motion sensor detects movement up to 25 feet away with a 120° range, the company told TechCrunch. It’s also designed to only detect human motion, Roku claims, so the alarm won’t go off when pets walk by or curtains blow in the wind.

Users can control the monitoring system either from the system keypad or the Roku Smart Home mobile app. Also, if customers have a Roku player or Roku OS-powered TV, they can monitor from their TV as well. For instance, they can configure settings to be notified when an alarm goes off or when a door/window is opened or closed.

There’s also an option to arm or disarm the system via the keypad or app. Plus, the device has three different modes — Home, Away and Off.

Image Credits: Roku


Additionally, Roku’s new monitoring device is priced affordably compared to rival products. Roku’s professional monitoring subscription price is also on the lower side. At $99, Roku’s five-piece bundle is practical for beginners on a budget as well as people living in smaller homes.

Meanwhile, major competitors in the space — Vivint and ADT — charge upwards of $500 and $600, respectively, for their base systems. SimpliSafe has a DIY bundle for $260 and Ring’s starter kit is around $200 yet only comes with one door sensor, whereas Roku offers two.

Roku also allows customers to buy additional sensors and keypads. Entry sensors are $35 for a three-pack, motion sensors are $15 and keypads are $25.

Like all Roku’s smart home devices, the monitoring system was developed in partnership with Wyze, so it’s no surprise the Roku product is identical to Wyze’s $99 starter home monitoring system. The key difference is that there doesn’t appear to be an option for Wyze customers to self-monitor. However, they do get three months free for the professional service before they’re charged $99.99/year.

Image Credits: Roku

The Roku Solar Panel is priced at $25. The new solar panel powers Roku’s wire-free outdoor camera, which goes for $74. While the camera promises a six-month battery life, the compatible solar panel ensures the battery stays charged year-round.

The new smart light strip can show up to 16 different colors at once whereas Roku’s other smart light strips can only show one color at a time. There are two different lengths — 16.4 ft ($35) and 32.8 ft ($50). The prices are slightly higher than Roku’s other smart light strips, which range from $23 to $45.

Roku’s collection of smart light strips all feature lighting effects, a timer function and music syncing. There are 16 million color options to choose from.

All new products are now available online at On May 15, they can be purchased in U.S. Walmart locations and at