• Squishy, Lego-Like Blocks Could Build The Robots Of The Future

    Squishy, Lego-Like Blocks Could Build The Robots Of The Future

    Imagine a biomimetic robot that can inflate itself, bend at odd angles, and channel liquids through itself in any direction. That’s what scientists at Harvard University have created. By using squishy little Lego blocks with channels built-in, a team at Harvard has created robots can move like slugs or snakes. For example, when you close the channels the robots expand and move and when… Read More

  • The SBrick Expands Your Lego Universe

    The SBrick Expands Your Lego Universe

    Lego (or, if you’re pedantic, LEGO) is lots of fun. Lego Mindstorms is more fun. But what if you want to go to maximum fun? That’s where the Brick comes in. This $70 brick works with regular Lego and allows you to add unique features to your models including motor controls and light handling. The device is very similar to the actual Mindstorms brain but won’t take up most of… Read More

  • Google Chrome Now Lets You Play With LEGO In The Browser

    Google Chrome Now Lets You Play With LEGO In The Browser

    This is a pretty obvious movie tie-in, but it’s still pretty cool: Google has partnered with LEGO to build an app that lets you play with LEGOs right in the browser. Using WebGL and other modern web technologies, a Google team in Australia first developed this application as an experiment in 2012 and now Google is opening it up to everybody. Given that this is Google, it shouldn’t… Read More

  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3 | Fly or Die

    Fly Or Die: LEGO Mindstorms EV3

    LEGO Mindstorms EV3. Even the name is formidable, but just wait until you connect the dots and fire these dragon-esque robots up. The EV3 set of robotic, programmable LEGOs is the very best version of this 14-year-old product line we’ve ever seen. The most notable edition is that users can program directly from the smart brick, the computational component included in each robot that… Read More

  • This Lego Robot Strips Kindle DRM One Page Turn At A Time

    This Lego Robot Strips Kindle DRM One Page Turn At A Time

    In another episode of “Sticking It To The Man Through Lego” we present a spider that manually clicks through the pages of a Kindle book and then signals a computer to take a picture of the e-ink screen, perform some OCR, and spit out a completely DRM-free copy of the text. In short, it’s a sort of intelligent photocopier that is, in theory, completely legal. Read More

  • Just In Time For The Weekend, We Present The DIY LEGO Pancake Bot

    Just In Time For The Weekend, We Present The DIY LEGO Pancake Bot

    If you only watch one video today, it should be this one. You will discover that it is footage of a DIY LEGO pancake maker which is, in my expert opinion, the best thing to come out of Norway since the fjords. Created by Miguel Valenzuela, an American maker abroad, the project has been around for a few years but this video shows us how the project works in detail, further proving that the… Read More


    I, For One, Welcome Our Robotic LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Overlords

    LEGO just introduced the third generation LEGO Mindstorm sets. Like previous versions, a central computer controls motors and servos, essentially bringing the LEGO kit to life. This new version is heavily upgraded. And as a father, I must attest, I would use this set more than my kids. It’s that awesome. Read More

  • LEGO Mindstorms EV3: Next Generation of Robotic Programming

    LEGO Mindstorms EV3: The Better, Faster, Stronger Generation Of Robotic Programming

    Lego is back with another generation of MindStorms, the company’s consumer robotics line aimed at introducing application programming to a younger generation. Kids these days grow up with so much focus on the virtual self, but MindStorms works as a bridge to connect software programming with real-world, physical actions. The new kit includes directions for up to 17 different robots, most… Read More

  • This DIY Lego Wheelchair Can Carry (Small) Passengers

    This DIY Lego Wheelchair Can Carry (Small) Passengers

    Burf aka Simon Burfield is an iOS programmer and Lego experimenter who tries to take building blocks to the next level. Interestingly, if this wild rideable Lego wheelchair is any indication, he’s left the next level and is now firmly in the distant future. Made with 12 Lego NXT motors and 12 multi-directional wheels, this carefully designed prototype can carry around a 198 pound person… Read More

  • This Twin-Lens Reflex Camera Is Built Out Of LEGO

    This Twin-Lens Reflex Camera Is Built Out Of LEGO

    Are you enough of a photo geek to build your own camera? Maybe. But are you enough of one to build it out of LEGO and some spare bits you had lying around the house? Probably not. But Carl-Frederic Salicath over in Norway is. And he did. He calls it the Legoflex B1. Read More

  • LEGO And Minecraft: Made For Each Other

    LEGO And Minecraft: Made For Each Other

    While this can’t be the first time LEGO and indie hit Minecraft have been mentioned in the same breath, I think it’s the first time they’ve really been mixed to this degree. Mojang, the developer of the multi-million-selling mining and adventuring game has put up a project on LEGO’s CUUSOO site, which allows people to submit LEGO projects and get royalties from them… Read More

  • Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

    Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

    Lego (or LEGO if you’re adamant about trademarks) has just dipped another toe into electronic gaming with their clever “Life Of George” iOS title. The game uses 144 pieces and a piece of cardboard covered in a dotted pattern. The game is simple: George shows you a picture from his travels and asks you to recreate it using Legos. You have to dig around in your box of pieces… Read More

  • Lost In Legoland: A Gazillion Bricks And A Mini Star Wars Geekfest

    Lost In Legoland: A Gazillion Bricks And A Mini Star Wars Geekfest

    What happens when a geek winds up in Legoland? He has loads of unfiltered fun, that’s what. You can spend hours just looking at the fantastic creations, big or small, go on fun rides or visit some of the movies and exhibitions in the designated areas. I promised myself to come back here when my kids, who is now only 5 months old, grows a few years older. If you have kids, or you would… Read More

  • Video: Functioning CNC Mill Created From LEGO

    Video: Functioning CNC Mill Created From LEGO

    While I may have created some sweet spaceships in my days constructing LEGO, I never guessed how serious people would get with their blocky creations. Guns, computer cases, even a Tetris-playing device and a robotic hand. So I shouldn’t be surprised that someone has created a CNC mill with their Mindstorms NXT set. Check out the video inside. Read More

  • Lego Cased Computer Crunches Efficiently For A Good Cause

    Lego Cased Computer Crunches Efficiently For A Good Cause

    For many people, building with Legos brings back fond memories. For Mike Schropp, the memories are still being built. Schropp loves Legos, often incorporating them into technology. For his latest project, Schropp built a 12-core PC tucked into a custom made case he designed using some 2,000 black Lego bricks. The finished product is not only awesome looking, but also energy efficient. Read More

  • The Star Wars Prequels Epically Summed Up In 2 Minutes Using LEGOs

    May the 5th be with you! Yeah, I’m a day late on this one but it’s still worth your time. In fact, it’s totally more watchable than the real prequels. Read More

  • This LEGO Lunchbox Wants Nothing More Than To Hold Your PB&J

    Bring the fun of interlocking bricks to the cafeteria. This officially-licensed LEGO lunchbox isn’t anything fancy, but it’s a sure fire way to meet fellow brickheads. (Is that what LEGO nuts are called?) The only downside I can see from my post on top of a LEGO mountain is that it’s only available in certain countries and that doesn’t include the US of A. [Firebox… Read More

  • The Internet Presents More Lego Guns

    We first posted about Lego guns back in January and now they’re back and these guns actually fire. That’s right – not only do they completely ignore the pacifist notion that Lego is for creative, constructive play but now you can actually fudge stuff up! Read More

  • This Motorized Lego Tank Shoots Bricks, Likes No One

    John, you can have your dumb Lego guns. My army of Lego tanks are going to decimate you and your cats. Sure, you might be able to face stomp a few of them Dead Space 2-style, but they’re going to keep coming and wear your down with a constant barrage of bricks from their laser-aimed high velocity brick cannon. Sorry, you’re going to lose this one, compadre. Read More

  • Wear Around Your Childhood Friends With These Spaceman Lego Cufflinks

    These Lego Spaceman cufflinks are sort of self-explanatory just like the folks who wear them. Fine by me. $16.99 a pair on at this Etsy store where there are about a zillion and quarter more similar Lego cufflinks and tie tacks. I like these the best. [via Cool Hunting] Read More

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