Lego’s official ‘Women of NASA’ set goes on sale November 1

Lego has a new set that originated by a member of its Lego Ideas fan-sourced creation platform: The Women of NASA, a package that includes NASA pioneers Nancy Grace Roman, Margeret Hamilton, Sally Rid

Tenka Labs raises another $2M to get its kids’ LEGO engineering kits in retailers

Tenka Labs co-founder John Schuster is no stranger to walking friends through building gadgets using Arduino, an open-source hardware controller — except they might be great software engineers, but

LEGO Life is a new social network where kids can share their creations

Club Penguin may be shutting down, but there’s a new social network for kids arriving today from LEGO. The company known for its physical blocks and building sets is launching LEGO Life, a safe,

LEGO’s new Boost blocks let little kids learn to program

LEGO has long offered the Mindstorms platform for big kids (and adults) to make cool robotic projects. Now, however, they’ve launched the Boost platform, a robotics and programming system aimed

Lego targets pre-Mindstorms minds with its Boost educational kit

Boost is an impressive kit. The five on-board building experiences cover a lot of ground, from a robot to a guitar, to quasi Lego “3D printer” that’s more like an assembly line Rube Goldberg-sty

My Bricks Online puts your smartphone in Lego to make playtime fun again

Lego! Lego! Lego! Who doesn't like Lego? One of the most fascinating entries to the hackthon at TechCrunch Disrupt London used the beloved little bricks to help take young eyes away from screens and e

Kids can build a LEGO drone with Flybrix kits

This BB-8 Is Made Entirely Of LEGO Parts And Actually Rolls Like BB-8 Should

Ready for your semi-regular reminder that some people are just way, <em>way</em> too clever? These folks managed to make a BB-8 model.... completely out of LEGO parts. And it actually rolls. And it

LEGO’s WeDo 2.0 Robotics Kit Teaches Science And Engineering To Elementary School Students

LEGO Education is launching a new version of its WeDo robotics kit for elementary school students at CES today. Just like its predecessor, WeDo 2.0 is meant to introduce students to robotics, engineer

Legoizer Turns Any Image Into A Lego Kit

In the future, everything will be made of Lego if the Legoizer has anything to say about it. This system, really a piece of pixelation software, turns images into Lego creations by breaking them into

Lego Dimensions Video Game Brings Lego Toys To Life

Lego has a new game in the works with Warner Bros. Interactive, which brings the building blocks into the toys-to-life category to compete with the likes of Skylanders. The new Lego Dimensions game is

Check Out The Official Lego SHIELD Helicarrier Set

Lego is no stranger to building epic sets as tie-ins timed with the release of big movies, but the upcoming SHIELD Helicarrier set (via Wall Street Journal) might take the cake in terms of scale. Lego

Squishy, Lego-Like Blocks Could Build The Robots Of The Future

Imagine a biomimetic robot that can inflate itself, bend at odd angles, and channel liquids through itself in any direction. That’s what scientists at Harvard University have created. By using s

The SBrick Expands Your Lego Universe

Lego (or, if you’re pedantic, LEGO) is lots of fun. Lego Mindstorms is more fun. But what if you want to go to maximum fun? That’s where the Brick comes in. This $70 brick works with regul

Google Chrome Now Lets You Play With LEGO In The Browser

This is a pretty obvious movie tie-in, but it’s still pretty cool: Google has partnered with LEGO to build an app that lets you play with LEGOs right in the browser. Using WebGL and other modern

Fly Or Die: LEGO Mindstorms EV3

<a href="">LEGO Mindstorms EV3</a>. Even the name is formidable, but just wait u

This Lego Robot Strips Kindle DRM One Page Turn At A Time

In another episode of "Sticking It To The Man Through Lego" we present a spider that manually clicks through the pages of a Kindle book and then signals a computer to take a picture of the e-ink scree

Just In Time For The Weekend, We Present The DIY LEGO Pancake Bot

If you only watch one video today, it should be this one. You will discover that it is footage of a DIY LEGO pancake maker which is, in my expert opinion, the best thing to come out of Norway since th

I, For One, Welcome Our Robotic LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Overlords

LEGO <a href="">just introduced</a> the third generation LEGO Mindstorm sets. Li

LEGO Mindstorms EV3: The Better, Faster, Stronger Generation Of Robotic Programming

Lego is back with another generation of MindStorms, the company's consumer robotics line aimed at introducing application programming to a younger generation. Kids these days grow up with so much focu
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