• LEGO And Minecraft: Made For Each Other

    LEGO And Minecraft: Made For Each Other

    While this can’t be the first time LEGO and indie hit Minecraft have been mentioned in the same breath, I think it’s the first time they’ve really been mixed to this degree. Mojang, the developer of the multi-million-selling mining and adventuring game has put up a project on LEGO’s CUUSOO site, which allows people to submit LEGO projects and get royalties from them… Read More

  • Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

    Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

    Lego (or LEGO if you’re adamant about trademarks) has just dipped another toe into electronic gaming with their clever “Life Of George” iOS title. The game uses 144 pieces and a piece of cardboard covered in a dotted pattern. The game is simple: George shows you a picture from his travels and asks you to recreate it using Legos. You have to dig around in your box of pieces… Read More

  • Lost In Legoland: A Gazillion Bricks And A Mini Star Wars Geekfest

    Lost In Legoland: A Gazillion Bricks And A Mini Star Wars Geekfest

    What happens when a geek winds up in Legoland? He has loads of unfiltered fun, that’s what. You can spend hours just looking at the fantastic creations, big or small, go on fun rides or visit some of the movies and exhibitions in the designated areas. I promised myself to come back here when my kids, who is now only 5 months old, grows a few years older. If you have kids, or you would… Read More

  • Video: Functioning CNC Mill Created From LEGO

    Video: Functioning CNC Mill Created From LEGO

    While I may have created some sweet spaceships in my days constructing LEGO, I never guessed how serious people would get with their blocky creations. Guns, computer cases, even a Tetris-playing device and a robotic hand. So I shouldn’t be surprised that someone has created a CNC mill with their Mindstorms NXT set. Check out the video inside. Read More

  • Lego Cased Computer Crunches Efficiently For A Good Cause

    Lego Cased Computer Crunches Efficiently For A Good Cause

    For many people, building with Legos brings back fond memories. For Mike Schropp, the memories are still being built. Schropp loves Legos, often incorporating them into technology. For his latest project, Schropp built a 12-core PC tucked into a custom made case he designed using some 2,000 black Lego bricks. The finished product is not only awesome looking, but also energy efficient. Read More

  • The Star Wars Prequels Epically Summed Up In 2 Minutes Using LEGOs

    May the 5th be with you! Yeah, I’m a day late on this one but it’s still worth your time. In fact, it’s totally more watchable than the real prequels. Read More

  • This LEGO Lunchbox Wants Nothing More Than To Hold Your PB&J

    Bring the fun of interlocking bricks to the cafeteria. This officially-licensed LEGO lunchbox isn’t anything fancy, but it’s a sure fire way to meet fellow brickheads. (Is that what LEGO nuts are called?) The only downside I can see from my post on top of a LEGO mountain is that it’s only available in certain countries and that doesn’t include the US of A. [Firebox… Read More

  • The Internet Presents More Lego Guns

    We first posted about Lego guns back in January and now they’re back and these guns actually fire. That’s right – not only do they completely ignore the pacifist notion that Lego is for creative, constructive play but now you can actually fudge stuff up! Read More

  • This Motorized Lego Tank Shoots Bricks, Likes No One

    John, you can have your dumb Lego guns. My army of Lego tanks are going to decimate you and your cats. Sure, you might be able to face stomp a few of them Dead Space 2-style, but they’re going to keep coming and wear your down with a constant barrage of bricks from their laser-aimed high velocity brick cannon. Sorry, you’re going to lose this one, compadre. Read More

  • Wear Around Your Childhood Friends With These Spaceman Lego Cufflinks

    These Lego Spaceman cufflinks are sort of self-explanatory just like the folks who wear them. Fine by me. $16.99 a pair on at this Etsy store where there are about a zillion and quarter more similar Lego cufflinks and tie tacks. I like these the best. [via Cool Hunting] Read More

  • Lego Guns: The Antithesis Of All That Is Lego

    Sure you can build little houses and stuff with Lego, but can you build a sniper rifle? Lego for Adults author Martin Martin Hüdepohl wants to show you how in his book Badass Lego Guns. This video teaser shows some of the amazing shooting creations that actually work and are made entirely of LEGO Technic parts. Read More

  • Lego Angry Birds: Needs More Pigs

    Sadly, these Lego Angry Birds by designer Tsang Yiu Keung are not for sale nor would you be able to play with them because they would explode on impact like Lego frag grenades, causing injury and sadness. Read More

  • Video: Fan-Made Lego Black Ops Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

    Ha, this is pretty funny. It’s “Lego Black Ops,” fan-made video showing everyone’s favorite building block toys totally destroying each other, Black Ops-style. It’s worth your time if you like silly stuff, which I assume you do. Read More

  • Just Some Random LEGO Stop Motion, 8-Bit Nonsense For Your Lazy Friday

    Oh, Friday. Why do you suck so much? I look forward to you all week and then you finally get here, you take forever to end. Thank the almighty Internet Gods that there’s such mind-numbing videos as this stop motion LEGO thing to pass the time. Read More

  • Video: DIY Lego Drum Machine NXT-606

    In 1998 Lego introduced the MINDSTORMS product line. The NXT is a brick-shaped computer that can take in sensory input, control motors and most importantly in this case, play back sounds. The NXT-606 drum machine is based on this unit and I must say it sounds pretty good. You can even get a set yourself and build your own. And why shouldn’t you do that? Click for the video Read More

  • I mean really, who doesn't need a LEGO Buffet Table!

    Created by Droog Design, this is table keeps your geek cravings and avant-garde hipster leanings from being mutually exclusive. At 25,000 pieces, it begs the question… do you have to put it together yourself? Rest assured though, that if you begin to lose your geek cred by obtaining this beauty, you could always mount this other LEGO  beauty on top of it to KEEP IT REALZ. More items… Read More

  • The Star Wars trilogy told in 2:13 with LEGOs

    I don’t know if it’s more sad: someone actually owns that many Star Wars LEGOs or that I’m jealous. Either way, the video is awesome. Well done, kind sirs. Well done. Read More

  • Lego robot plays Tetris

    With a webcam, a digital signaling processing board, and some Lego Mindstorms pieces, Creator Branislov Kisacanin put together what he calls the Tetris-Bot. The way it works is the Texas Instruments DSP board analyzes the screen and then communicates with the NXT robot through LED lights. The Tetris-Bot will then push the buttons on the number bad, which it can do at up to three strokes a second. Read More

  • LEGO Prince of Persia – wait, it's actual LEGOs?

    I suppose it’s mixed blessing for LEGO that when I saw the headline “LEGO Prince of Persia” I immediately thought of their successful video game line. I played with LEGOs when I was young, but I wonder how long they’ll remain relevant when even fans like myself cease to think of LEGO as the actual blocks, and think of them more as a brand of toys and games. Ah well. At… Read More

  • DIY: Nikon IR remote in a Lego

    Here’s a little DIY project for you Nikon shooters out there. Certain models of the Nikon DSLR support IR remotes, but to buy an actual “Nikon” brand remote from your local camera shoppe will set you back around $40. Why not build one yourself instead? Read More