Just In Time For The Weekend, We Present The DIY LEGO Pancake Bot

If you only watch one video today, it should be this one. You will discover that it is footage of a DIY LEGO pancake maker which is, in my expert opinion, the best thing to come out of Norway since th

I, For One, Welcome Our Robotic LEGO Mindstorm EV3 Overlords

LEGO <a href="">just introduced</a> the third generation LEGO Mindstorm sets. Li

LEGO Mindstorms EV3: The Better, Faster, Stronger Generation Of Robotic Programming

Lego is back with another generation of MindStorms, the company's consumer robotics line aimed at introducing application programming to a younger generation. Kids these days grow up with so much focu

This DIY Lego Wheelchair Can Carry (Small) Passengers

Burf aka Simon Burfield is an iOS programmer and Lego experimenter who tries to take building blocks to the next level. Interestingly, if this wild rideable Lego wheelchair is any indication, he's lef

This Twin-Lens Reflex Camera Is Built Out Of LEGO

Are you enough of a photo geek to build your own camera? Maybe. But are you enough of one to build it out of LEGO and some spare bits you had lying around the house? Probably not. But Carl-Frederic Sa

LEGO And Minecraft: Made For Each Other

While this can't be the first time LEGO and <a href="">indie hit Minecraft</a> have been mentioned in the same breat

Lego Tries Augmented Reality With “Life Of George” Game

Lego (or LEGO if you're adamant about trademarks) has just dipped another toe into electronic gaming with their clever "Life Of George" iOS title. The game uses 144 pieces and a piece of cardboard cov

Lost In Legoland: A Gazillion Bricks And A Mini Star Wars Geekfest

What happens when a geek winds up in Legoland? He has loads of unfiltered fun, that's what. You can spend hours just looking at the fantastic creations, big or small, go on fun rides or visit some

Video: Functioning CNC Mill Created From LEGO

While I may have created some sweet spaceships in my days constructing <a href="">LEGO</a>, I never guessed how serious people would get with their blo

Lego Cased Computer Crunches Efficiently For A Good Cause

For many people, building with Legos brings back fond memories. For <a href="">Mike Schropp</a>, the memories are still being built. Schropp loves Legos, often incorporating

The Star Wars Prequels Epically Summed Up In 2 Minutes Using LEGOs

May the 5th be with you! Yeah, I’m a day late on this one but it’s still worth your time. In fact, it’s totally more watchable than the real prequels.

This LEGO Lunchbox Wants Nothing More Than To Hold Your PB&J

Bring the fun of interlocking bricks to the cafeteria. This officially-licensed LEGO lunchbox isn’t anything fancy, but it’s a sure fire way to meet fellow brickheads. (Is that what LEGO n

The Internet Presents More Lego Guns

We first posted about Lego guns back in January and now they’re back and these guns actually fire. That’s right – not only do they completely ignore the pacifist notion that Lego is

This Motorized Lego Tank Shoots Bricks, Likes No One

John, you can have your dumb Lego guns. My army of Lego tanks are going to decimate you and your cats. Sure, you might be able to face stomp a few of them Dead Space 2-style, but they’re going t

Wear Around Your Childhood Friends With These Spaceman Lego Cufflinks

These Lego Spaceman cufflinks are sort of self-explanatory just like the folks who wear them. Fine by me. $16.99 a pair on at this Etsy store where there are about a zillion and quarter more similar L

Lego Guns: The Antithesis Of All That Is Lego

Sure you can build little houses and stuff with Lego, but can you build a sniper rifle? Lego for Adults author Martin Martin Hüdepohl wants to show you how in his book Badass Lego Guns. This video te

Lego Angry Birds: Needs More Pigs

Sadly, these Lego Angry Birds by designer Tsang Yiu Keung are not for sale nor would you be able to play with them because they would explode on impact like Lego frag grenades, causing injury and sadn

Video: Fan-Made Lego Black Ops Is Exactly What It Sounds Like

<img src="" />Ha, this is pretty funny. It's “Lego Black Ops,” fan-made video showing everyone's favorite building block toys t

Just Some Random LEGO Stop Motion, 8-Bit Nonsense For Your Lazy Friday

Oh, Friday. Why do you suck so much? I look forward to you all week and then you finally get here, you take forever to end. Thank the almighty Internet Gods that there’s such mind-numbing videos

Video: DIY Lego Drum Machine NXT-606

<img src="" /> In 1998 Lego introduced the MINDSTORMS product line. The NXT is a brick-shaped computer that can take in sensor
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