• Saturday Morning: I'm Watching Tubecast

    Good find over at Go2Web2 – Tubecast.tv is a new Internet video startup that, like others, is building a user interface layer on top of the online video services like YouTube, Veoh, etc. For the most part the site has grabbed a lot of content from those sites and organized it into channels ranging from music videos to martial arts. Videos are shown on a schedule like normal… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Gimme the Car Edition

    Wake Up Angel: Electronic No-Doze, Less Side Effecty
    Wooden 4GB Zen Stone: If Shop Class Had Been Cool
    Nintendo Opening Offices in NYC October 1?
    GPS vs. Cellular GPS: Head-To-Head at Laptop
    Phone Unlocked OhMyGoDOHGODSH! Read More

  • Attack Of The Fake Bloggers

    Whilst Fake Steve Jobs has gained the most attention in the fake personal blog scene, a number of other fake blogs have been launched this year. Here’s a quick run down of a few that might be worthy of adding to your feed reader…or maybe not. The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
    No list of fake blogs would be complete without the master. Although the blog may have lost its edge since… Read More

  • Wake Up Angel: Electronic No-Doze, Less Side Effecty

    I’m hoping this little guy makes the jump across the Pacific, because it’s time for some of you suckers to go back to school! And if school for you was anything like it was for me, it’s just one big long exhausted hangover. But if you want to grow up to be a popular blogger, like yours truly, you’ll need something to keep you awake during those boring classes. I… Read More

  • Eventbee: AdSense for Events Has Busy Plans

    Eventbee an event management startup out of Sunnyvale, CA has been a busy little bee lately. They are rumoured to be launching two Facebook apps (one for event registration and one for event recommendation) in the next week or so (who isn’t?). They are also developing a channel on Ustream.tv to cover local events. The company provides a great package of event management tools… Read More

  • Sony's Pint-Size Home Theater In a Box

    The Sony Bravia DAV-IS10 is the stealth bomber of home theater systems. You won’t even know it’s there, thanks to five tiny micro-satellite speakers, each of which is about the size of a baby’s fist. The desktop PC-size subwoofer sits in the corner of a room and pumps out some pretty intense bottom end, while the digital amp/DVD player does some fancy digital processing to… Read More

  • Orkut Redesign. Borrrrrring

    When I wrote about the upcoming Orkut redesign yesterday I was hoping for something a little more…I don’t know. Inspiring? Instead we get new icons and rounded corners. I’d love to hear what some of the designers out there think about Orkut. The new look for the second biggest social network on the planet is below. Here’s the old version. I’m underwhelmed. Read More

  • Now That The iPhone Can Be Unlocked, Will Apple Try To Block The Hack?

    For those who might have missed it: Engadget has the scoop on a new software solution that unlocks Apple’s iPhone, allowing it to be used on any mobile carrier worldwide (presuming of course they run a 2G GSM network). The creators of the iPhone hack (iPhoneSimFree.com) claim that the hack is “restore and upgrade resistant”; essentially reseting the phone and/ or loading… Read More

  • Fat Nano™ Sized: Maybe It's Just Big Form-Factored?

    So exactly how big is the new Fat Nano™ going to be? According to ClockSkew.com, who did a mathematical study of the leaked photos when juxtaposed with a 2nd Gen Nano, it should be exactly 3-inches tall. That’s a full half-inch shorter than the current Nano. It will also be 2.3-inches wide, which is almost an inch wider than the current device’s 1.6-inches. Granted, this is… Read More

  • Intuit Shuts Down Zipingo. Yelp Winning This Space Through Attrition

    Zipingo, the small business review site launched by Intuit in late 2005, shut down yesterday. When it launched, Zipingo competed with a slew of other startups that were targeting local business reviews. Of the three that we mentioned – Yelp, Judy’s Book and Insider Pages – only one, Yelp, remains in it’s original form. Judy’s Book changed its model to focus on… Read More

  • Palm's Response To Foleo Delay: Still Shipping On Time

    Somewhat calming news after my tantrum the other day; Palm says that the Foleo will still launch “this summer” and that it hasn’t missed the original shipping date yet. So if Palm is to be taken at its word, rumors of the Foleo shipping on August 22nd were false, as were rumors of it being delayed. Read More

  • YouBeQB Launches – Predict Game Plays, Win Points

    YouBeQB is a new Football game playing site that will snatch up even more time from fantasy sports junkies (see Screaming Sports and FleaFlicker for examples of some of the new thinking around fantasy sports). Watch a game on TV and play along against other players by trying to predict the next play. Users can follow professional or college games. Points are awarded for each correct play… Read More

  • Nintendo Opening Offices in NYC October 1?

    The last time Nintedo was in NYC. Did you know that that Nintendo is opening up a huge, badass office at 445 Park Ave. in New York on October 1? Neither did we, but we just got a hot tip that says it’s so. What is it Nintendo could be up to in NYC? The image above gives us a place to start our brains. They’re obviously going to fight the Foot clan. Duh. Read More

  • Check This Guy Out

    Bill Snitzer, one of the tech guys at BitGravity, is driving to Los Angeles and showing it live on the Internet. He’s got a webcam up showing the drive and a Google Map mashup with a GPS device showing his progress. Bitgravity, located in Burlingame, California, hasn’t officially launched. But the company is the content delivery network (CDN) for Revision3 and other video sites. Read More

  • BGR: BB P2 on Thxgvng?

    We loooooove Black Friday. It’s our favorite day of the year. It’s that day after Thanksgiving in the USA when the holiday shopping stuff really ramps up. It’s the day of the amazing door-buster specials and long lines and mall corndogs and tired, cranky sales clerks and cheap HDTVs and Jagermeister. It’s also the day, from what BGR hears, that Crackberry addicts can… Read More

  • GPS vs. Cellular GPS: Head-To-Head at Laptop

    GPS units are cool toys. Don’t get me wrong, they’re serious devices for some people. I wish to god my cab drivers used them. But for the most part, they’re not essential: we’ve survived thousands of years without them, so it’s time to admit that they’re a convenience. Read More

  • Extra $3G Lying Around? You Could Have an Unlocked iPhone!

    We’re trying hard not to make this AppleGear today, but there’s a lot going on, so screw it, we’re giving it to you. We know a 17 year old kid made up a software unlock for the iPhone, with the help of others, that allows it to work with any GSM carrier. He’s using his with T-Mobile, at least until Apple sues him into oblivion so he can’t afford the bill. But… Read More

  • No Linux For You: Pirate Must Get Comfy With Windows

    Five months in prison for downloading Star Wars Episode III — that seems a little harsh, doesn’t it? Scott McCausland got just that plus he was ordered to replace his Ubuntu Linux operating system with a Windows-based system to ensure compatibility with court-ordered computer monitoring software. Read More

  • Vonage Sued By SunRocket For Use Of Customer List

    After SunRocket abruptly closed up shop a little over a month ago, there was a mad-dash by other VOIP providers to scoop up some 200,000 stranded customers. Not too surprisingly, Vonage was one of those providers. According to Sherwood Partners, the company in charge of selling off SunRocket’s assets, Vonage got a hold of and has been using one of SunRocket’s customer… Read More

  • More Fat Nano™ Rumors: It's Getting Interesting

    We know this is a fake Photoshop image. We made it because we couldn’t show the real one anymore. We’re OK with that. So today we’re hearing more rumors swirling around the Interwebs about the forthcoming Fat iPod Nano™, and this thing’s shaping up to be interesting. We already know it exists, as both Gizmodo and CrunchGear have received Cease & Desist orders… Read More

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