• MySpace/Photobucket: User Overlap Is Nearly 100%

    NewsCorp plans to pay half as much for Photobucket as they did for MySpace. Photobucket is going for $300 million with the earnout (a steal compared to Google/YouTube), and MySpace was acquired for $580 million, back in 2005. Two separate analytics services, though, show that the Photobucket deal will bring very few new customers to MySpace because of the nearly 100% overlap in… Read More

  • TheFunded: Venture Capitalist Feedback Site Lets VCs In

    TheFunded is now two months old and has turned into a somewhat controversial place for entrepreneurs to provide feedback on the venture capitalists they’ve pitched. Until now, membership was restricted. You have to be invited by another member, and you have to prove your identity as an entrepreneur by linking to a bio page or other evidence. There are some really ugly comments on the site. Read More

  • Warner Bros. to Offer Programming on Joost

    This one nearly slipped under the radar, and given the growing list of Joost Partners I could flippantly say Joost has yet another content partner. The latest deal for the streaming TV platform sees Warner Bros content including WBTV: SCI-FI FIX and WBTV: Before They Were Mega Stars being offered exclusively online with Joost. WBTV: SCI-FI FIX will feature shows including the Adventures… Read More

  • ThinkFree to Add Flickr Style Community Features

    Online office suite ThinkFree joins the community sharing crowd Tuesday, with the launch of a number of new features. The new (beta) version of ThinkFree Docs will allow users to search, share, tag and publish Microsoft Office and ThinkFree documents in an online social community, much in the same way that Flickr allows photographers to publish and share photos. I’m told the thinking… Read More

  • Lexar ExpressCard SSD Review

    Lexar recently unveiled its ExpressCard SSD line, a collection of solid state drives that come in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB flavors. I’ve had the opportunity to test one of the 8GB models extensively over the past couple of weeks and I’m now prepared to deliver my thoughts. Does it deliver? Read More

  • Sprint Launching Treo 755p Next Monday

    The boys over at Giz have got a hot tip for Sprint subscribers and Treo fanboys. Launching next Monday, May 14th, is the Treo 755p(finally) as well as the Motorola W835, Samsung M300, Sanyo SCP-3200, and the Samsung M510. Could your Monday get any better? via The Giz Read More

  • Unofficial MacTab: The Mac Tablet That We Really, Really Want to See Released

    Apple’s industrial designers have just been showed up by Yann Le Coroller. The MacTab combines the MacBook’s looks with a tablet PC’s function and portability. It’s held together by “magnets” and “notches” and a hinge on the back lets you use it in the vertical position. Another shot of the beauty… Read More

  • VeeSee IPTV for Deaf Folks: See, IPTV Can Be Used to Fill Niches

    Look at that! Someone using technology for a good cause and not just to pump out more megapixels or whowhatsits per second. Going by the name of VeeSee, this Britian-based IPTV service (think Joost) caters to deaf people, with programming where British Sign Language is the lingua franca. The company felt there was a lack of deaf person-friendly programming on traditional TV programming to… Read More

  • Widescreen Outdoor Theater: Black and White and Hot All Over

    Yes! This is exactly what I need. A giant inflatable screen with an Optoma projector. It will be excellent for entertaining all of those friends that I don’t have when I hold pool parties in my backyard pool that doesn’t exist. Oh I can practically smell the carnage now. Anyway, if you have one of these things you might very well be able to make some friends simply by saying you… Read More

  • HP's Compaq Tablet Lineup Grows By One, the 2710p: It Comes Out in July

    News of HP’s entrance into the gaming notebook market rocked the world yesterday and today brings word of an addition to its tablet lineup. It’s the 2710p and we have no idea what it does, just that it has 802.11n. Oh, wait, and there’s a Webcam option. It’s due to hit stores, online or off, sometime in July. Hotness? Anteprima: HP Compaq 2710p [Notebook Italia via… Read More

  • Blackjack WinMo6 Update In June

    Rumor has it that Cingular is pushing out Blackjack updates in June which will allow Samsung’s slim smartphone to run Windows Live and all the other goodies that WinMo 6 has to offer. I’ve already installed 6 here at CG labs — my basement — so expect a full report this week. Otherwise, Blackjack users stay vigilant. Or maybe find some hacked WinMo 6 out there and install… Read More

  • Epoq MPEG4 Watch: Wow, Cool

    I’ve heard of MP3 playing watches. I’ve heard of TV watches. Wasn’t it just a matter of time until they stuck the two together and created an MPEG4 watch with OLED screen? It looks kind of vaporwarey, but I’d wear a big honking watch with 2GB of storage ($169.95) that plays back MPEG4 video. A 4GB version is also in the works. Read More

  • Mother's Day Gift Trade Up Contest: Win One of 2 iPod 4GB Nanos

    OK, guys. It’s six days until Mother’s Day and you don’t have anything for your mom. How about an iPod Nano and some chocolates, courtesy of Best Buy. Here’s what’s going to happen. I have two iPods lying around here and, in order to ensure they go out in time for Mom to get one, I need entries by 12:00 PM EST Wednesday, May 9 and we’ll vote until 12:00PM… Read More

  • Zonbu Networked Linux PC: Hack-in-box?

    A company called Zonbu is offering a paperback-thin desktop PC for $99 that runs Gentoo Linux on 4GB of internal flash. Where are all your files stored? On Zonbu’s $12.95 a month servers, that’s where. Made by some of the same folks who built the Vudu, I’m 100% certain this will become a nicely subsidized hacker’s toy in the first two months its available. Once the… Read More

  • Breaking: Zune Event News, Zune Phone, Flash-based Zune (Don't Exist)

    We’d heard rumors around the Internetings that today Microsoft would be disclosing a major announcement today regarding Zune. Our top source indicated that if there was anything today, it’d be the confirmation of the Zune Phone. We also hear it would instead pertain to the oft-mentioned flash-RAM-based “Zune Mini”. As it turns out, it’s a little of both. Read More

  • HP Kinda Caves In, Also Throws Support Behind Blu-ray Disc

    Used to be that HP was a member of the HD DVD forum, meaning that even thinking about Blu-ray was a no-no. How time files when consumers are confused and/or don’t know which horse to original story titleback. Two new HP computers, the Pavilion Media Center m8010y and the Pavilion d4890y, will be able to read and write Blu-ray discs as well as read HD DVD discs. (Plus regular ol’… Read More

  • Yahoo Adds Lyrics Shortcut to Search

    Yahoo began publishing the music lyrics on Yahoo Music last week – the first time they appear legally on the Internet. Today they announced a Yahoo search shortcut to find song lyrics very quickly. Just type an artist name or song name and “+ lyrics” to see lyric results for the artist or song above other search results. See, for example, lyrics for the Beatles, U2 and… Read More

  • Vista: Switching Back Is Easy To Do

    Nik Cubrilovic, a contributor to TC, recently had a blow-out with his Mac and started using Windows Vista full time. The terrible part? He really, really likes it! Surprisingly, I tend to agree with him. I was very pleased with Vista’s performance on an older machine I have here at home and I now look forward to booting up Windows rather than dreading it. Granted there’s no way… Read More

  • Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC: Huh. Ok.

    Another day, another UMPC. The Samsung Q1 was the hottest thing since sliced bread about two years ago, but now that they’ve released the super Ultra version, I’m pretty sure we’re all yawning a bit. I mean they didn’t even call it the Q1. They just stuck an Ultra on there and called it a day. It’s got a split QWERTY keyboard, thumb buttons, and a $799 price tag… Read More

  • iPod Update Tomorrow?

    The word on the street (and by “street” I mean the clamor coming from the basements of nerds across the Internets) is that an updated iPod could surface as soon as tomorrow — Tuesday, May 8. Think Secret has acquired the information by way of an “unproven source,” so take this as the BS that it more than likely is. Nevertheless, imagining for an instant that it… Read More

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