• Microsoft Live Shopping Launches – But No Firefox

    Live.com Shopping launched today (official blog post), and all I see is a big message saying they don’t support Firefox. It doesn’t work with Safari or Opera either (same Firefox error message for all non IE browsers). The entire Mac audience has been shut out of Live Shopping. I’ll fire up my Windows machine to test it out later. In general, Microsoft has been good about… Read More

  • Renkoo "Beeta" Launches

    Palo Alto based Renkoo, which just raised $3 million in venture financing, is opening its doors this morning to beta testers. They’ll immediately let in the first few hundred requests and then trickle in new users after that (if you don’t see a box to request a beta account, they haven’t switched over to the new site yet). Once you are a member, you can invite others to use… Read More

  • Goowy Launches Web Chat and Storage Products

    San Diego-headquartered Goowy (a Mark Cuban investment) just publicly launched the enhanced IM and storage products that I tested last month. Goowy users now have Meebo-like IM funtionality built directly into their Goowy desktop, and 1 GB of free online storage via a partnership with Box.net. Goowy has also rolled out significant enhancements to their email client, including a three-pane… Read More

  • Facebook Goes Beyond College, High School Markets

    Facebook, which is rumored to be generating about $1m per week in revenue, is now allowing new users from corporate networks to join their social network (based on email address) in addition to high school and college students. Niall Kennedy was able to register using a microsoft employee email address. I was not able to register using my TechCrunch email – only certain companies are… Read More

  • Fluxiom: Great Product, Outrageously Priced

    Fluxiom, based in Vienna, is a first rate online storage and file management product. I’d even go so far as to say that it is the most usable storage product I’ve tested. A key issue with online storage is the uploading function. Typically files are uploaded one at a time via a web interface, which is fine for just a file or two but breaks down under heavy usage. Flickr and some… Read More

  • Yahoo Launches DVR Service: Yahoo Go

    Yahoo launched Yahoo Go today, a DVR and general Microsoft Media Center competitor based on the recently acquired Meedio technology. The feature list is comprehensive: Use Yahoo Go to manage photos, search Yahoo videos, watch stored movies on your hard drive, listen to music and manage television shows via a full DVR (like Tivo or Microsoft Media Center). Yahoo Go is only available for… Read More

  • Microsoft Spins off Wallop

    Wallop, previously a semi-forgotton Microsoft Research “sandbox” social network and photo sharing project, was spun off into a new, independent, venture backed business. Wallop was previously at mywallop.com – the new company is at wallop.com. The new entity is led by CEO Karl Jacob, a Sun Microsystems and Microsoft veteran. Karl is a seasoned entrepreneur as well – this… Read More

  • Devshop Helps Deliver Better Software On Time

    Unlike the plethora of project management systems available today Devshop stands out because it is focused on one thing – managing software development projects and assisting project managers with delivering quality software on time. Devshop was largely developed and founded by Ottawa, Canada based former developer and project manager Craig Fitzpatrick (who writes a great blog about… Read More

  • Supernova Deadlines Coming Up

    Supernova, including the TechCrunch New Company Showcase, is being held in San Francisco on June 21-23, 2006. There are a number of deadlines coming up. The early bird (significant) discount period expires on May 12, 2006. Note that TechCrunch readers have an exclusive $200 discount off normal registration fees, including the already discounted early bird rate. Send an email to… Read More

  • IE7 Beta 2 Ships

    Microsoft just released Beta v.2 of IE7 and announced it on the IE blog. They’ve also announced toll free phone support and other feedback and support products for users of Beta 2. The English version only was released tonight. German, Finnish, Arabic and Japanese version will be released over the next three weeks. We acted on a lot of the feedback and bug reports from the previous… Read More

  • Teamslide could disrupt WebEx

    Munich, Germany based Teamslide is a new and very low cost alternative to services like WebEx, Placeware and GotToMeeting that allow people to share applications (like power point) online. A typical use of WebEx, Placeware, GoToMeeting, etc. is a sales call. The host, or presenter, sets up the call using WebEx software. The attendees click a link in an email at the scheduled time, and everyone… Read More

  • Rapleaf to Challenge Ebay Feedback

    eBay’s feedback system is, arguably, their most valuable asset. It provides the grease necessary to make complete strangers comfortable enough to buy and sell from each other. But it’s a closed system – only eBay transactions can affect a user’s feedback score. And as much as eBay doesn’t like it, these users (and more) buy and sell stuff through services other… Read More

  • First Impressions of Sonos

    I’ve spent the weekend setting up and using a Sonos music system in my house. Sonos sells hardware that connects to your home network to play digital music and internet radio stations (and also Rhapsody) around your house. Each piece of hardware is a separate zone, so different music can be played in different areas of your house, all controlled by a single wireless hand held… Read More

  • Ziki, This week's new Social Network

    New York Based Ziki is a new social networking site that allows people to tag themselves and make connections with others through those tags. It also allows users to pull in RSS feeds from their blog, flickr photos, YouTube videos, etc. It’s Suprglu with social networking added on. I had all sort of problems registering (and I’m pretty good at registering for new services). Read More

  • A Look at Plum

    Plum, which I first saw at Demo in February, will be launching in mid to late May, co-founder and CEO Hans Peter Brondmo tells me. If you’d like to be notified the moment it launches, give Plum your email address on their home page. Plum is similar to Kaboodle and Stylehive in that it is a social bookmarking site that allows users to add a lot of metadata about bookmarks (including images). Read More

  • Confess Your Secrets: i4giveu

    i4giveu is an Israeli site that allows people to post confessions and ask for the community’s judgement. Confessions can be posted anonymously and are tagged for easy browsing. It just launched, and some of the “confessions” seem a little canned or just plain dumb. And while this isn’t any kind of substitution for real therapy, the popularity of sites like… Read More

  • Update on Pandora/Last.fm Mashup

    For those of you who are fans of Pandora, Last.fm or both, you’ll like this mashup by Gabe Kangas. I wrote about it last month, when it was a bit of a hack. Now, Pandora is fully supporting the effort and has even given Gabe access to the Pandora API to create a more stable application. The mashup is basically the Pandora player, and listeners have the ability to add music played by… Read More

  • Microsoft Live Drive may launch before GDrive

    Microsoft is building an online storage service, code named Live Drive, says Ray Ozzie in an interview with Fortune: Microsoft is planning to use its server farms to offer anyone huge amounts of online storage of digital data. It even has a name for that future service: Live Drive. With Live Drive, all your information – movies, music, tax information, a high-definition videoconference… Read More

  • Mozes: Secure Your Keyword

    Mozes is a Palo Alto based startup founded by Dorrian Porter that is tapping into the U.S. SMS (phone text) market. It allows you to do all sorts of things via sms. Hear a song on the radio that you like and want to bookmark? Text the radio station (ie, KROQ) to 66937 (which translates to “Mozes”). Mozes will note the time and station name and bookmark the song title in your Mozes… Read More

  • More Details on AOL's "MySpace Killer"

    Ted Leonsis at AOL writes about the recent AOL “MySpace Killer” rumors. Here are the additional details he gives: Here’s a better way of looking at it. The AIM Buddy List (which was introduced 10 years ago) was the orignial social network, and it has 43 million AIM and Buddy List users. We’re working on adding functionality to AIM that will really open it up… Read More