• SoundTech Ediface: Like Guitar Hero with real guitars

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf The SoundTech Ediface is an interesting device. It’s basically a pickup that attaches to any guitar and then converts what you play to digital format. It comes with a game called Guitar Wizard that “allows users to jam along to popular songs while learning to play a real guitar.” The Ediface… Read More

  • The Street Fighter IV producer won't screw the game up

    [photopress:edg184.f_street.mov30_prev.jpg,full,center] Edge has the most in-depth, best written article on Street Fighter IV you’ll ever read (unless Vanity Fair decides to write about it). Longtime fans of the series—it’s my favorite series, followed by Silent Hill—will be pleased to know that the game’s producer wants to bring it back to its Street Fighter… Read More

  • BitLet Web BitTorrent client streams music as it downloads

    [photopress:bitlet.jpg,full,center] Music pirates have a new tool to put artists in the poor house. The Web site BitLet.org lets users upload torrent files that contain MP3 or OGG files, which begin streaming right after. So if you’re browsing the many popular trackers out there like Pirate Bay or Mininova, you can preview all the songs included in the torrent. The Web site is essentially… Read More

  • Take a Break(.com) on VCAST

    Break.com, following in the footsteps of YouTube, is coming to Verizon’s V-Cast. Break.com is social video site targeted at men who like funny videos, games, and apparently inane banter in long comment threads. Although web standards are making a push onto your mobile phone (i.e. Safari, Android), V Cast, MobiTV, and SlingBox remain the few reliable ways to get video on your mobile phone. Read More

  • $13.3 Million For Startup That Wants To Kill Snail Mail

    We first covered Earth Class Mail in September 2005 (then called Remote Control Mail), and then again when they launched in late 2006. Today they are announcing a $13.3 million round of financing ($7.4 million of the round was closed last September and $2.84 million was previously raised convertible debt). The round was led by Ignition Partners and included angels from Keiretsu Forum. Users… Read More

  • German Geni Clone Verwandt Raises Second Funding Round

    Genealogy social network Verwandt has raised an undisclosed series B from Hasso Plattner Ventures (HPV), said to be in the “multi-million-dollars” but otherwise undisclosed. They closed their first round in July 2007 from Hamburg-based Neuhaus Partners. Verwandt was originally a clone of Geni.com (although Geni has evolved significantly since then and now has photos, a family… Read More

  • TreasureMyText relaunches with social tools and API

    Privately-owned SMS archiving site Treasure My Text is launching a new invite-only beta version with social messaging features. Currently you can save a text message by forwarding it via SMS to the TreasureMyText standard rate mobile number. You can later view your messages online, plus there is RSS and email archiving. The service – going since 2005 and based in Liverpool, UK with… Read More

  • Phanfare Relaunches with Improved Sharing Functionality, Free Version

    Photo and video sharing service Phanfare has relaunched with enhanced sharing capabilities and a free 1GB version meant to entice users who are not ready to pay $55 per year for unlimited storage. The company found that the first version of its service didn’t make it easy enough for its 11,000 paying members to share their hosted media with each other. Sharing usually had to be done… Read More

  • Pluck signs Guardian deal

    Texas-based Pluck, the social media platform provider, has signed a deal with the UK’s Guardian Unlimited which will now use its SiteLife suite, which gives comment, rating, video, forum, blogs and social profile features to readers. The Guardian currently powers its blogs with Six Apart’s MovableType. GU had previously used Pluck’s BlogBurst service to aggregate material… Read More

  • Why Warner's Blu-ray decision hurts pirates, regular consumers

    Thanks, AP Warner’s decision to exclusively back Blu-ray definitely hurts pirates and could, in the long run, hurt regular consumers, too. By all indications, right now, Blu-ray has the momentum to “win” the format war, especially if the reports suggesting Paramount will switch to it turn out to be true. That would… Read More

  • The venerable Friends Reunited preps a relaunch

    UK startups prepping their next social media or social networking site need to be aware of the sleeping (admittedly nearly dead) dragon of Friends Reunited. The biggest “Web 1.0” social network in the UK has been declining for years due to a lack of investment on the part of owners ITV, the TV channel. But now it’s set to undergo a name change as part of a strategic… Read More

  • Comcast Launches Fancast: Part TV Guide, Part Hulu

    Comcast launched Fancast at CES today. The site, which we first mentioned in April, serves as both a media guide for TV shows and movies, as well as a destination to watch full length and preview clips of professional content. Fancast partnered with Hulu to offer content from NBC and Fox, in addition to content from CBS, MTV, and BET. If Fancast doesn’t stream the full-length content… Read More

  • AudioVox/RCA Small Wonder

    The video is kind of Le Boring but go ahead and take a look at Audiovox’s Small Wonder camcorder. It’s small and it’s certainly a wonder. $149. Read More

  • Video: Turntable controller for Guitar Hero

    This Guitar Hero turntable controller, designed by this guy, evokes memories of Konami’s beatmania, the original music game series. As the above video shows, it works just like a proper GH controller, complete with whammy bar and all the buttons you need to complete face shredders on expert mode. While I haven’t been bitten by the GH bug—I tried to play The Strokes’… Read More

  • Another 150 Tickets On Sale For The Crunchies

    Another 150 tickets for the Crunchies startup awards ceremony and party, which will be held on January 18 in San Francisco, are available now for purchase. The event will be held at the Herbst Theatre at 7:30 p.m. and will be followed by a party. This event is being produced by Read/WriteWeb, Venture Beat, GigaOm and TechCrunch. For your entertainments, the Richter Scales will be singing… Read More

  • Michael Douglas loves XStreamHD, so should you

    We’ve told you about XStreamHD once or twice before. You can forget the format war because we all know physical media is going down the pooper. I like where XStreamHD’s head is at with streaming 1080p video and 7.1 channels of DTS-HD Master Audio (lossless audio). But it does more then movies, too. You can watch TV, listen to your music and play games via satellite. Did I mention… Read More

  • CES 2008: Odd gear out

    My favorite thing to do at the show is hit the odd retailers who sell the crazy junk we all know and love from Sharper Image, Brookstone, et al along with the stuff that ends up in close-outs. Take this weird blue phone, for example. It’s a mini phone! It’s blue! Doug loves it. Read More

  • CES 2008: Name brands add features to battle cheaper HDTVs

    AP image It’s Day Two of the Consumer Electronics Show—time to start analyzing, looking for trends, seeing what’s hot and what’s not. Right now, we’ll focus on HDTVs. In case you hadn’t noticed, unknown companies from Asia (mostly China) are moving in on the HDTV space, which must frighten the… Read More

  • Tuning Lamp is part lamp, part PC, part no-idea

    [photopress:lamp_pc.jpg,full,center] Look at this gadget, called Tuning Lamp by its designer, and you’d half-think it’s a prop from a sci-fi movie. Too bad it’s just a render at this point. Like Chumby, it displays all sorts of widgets, from weather to news—Drudge Report, no doubt—to music. There’s a wireless, fold-out keyboard for controlling all that… Read More

  • Facebook, Google And Plaxo Join The DataPortability Workgroup

    After publishing an invitation to Facebook to join the DataPortability Working Group January 4, we never thought that Facebook would accept it. Today changes everything you’ve ever thought about social-networking data and lock-in before, because today Facebook, Google and Plaxo have joined the DataPortability Workgroup. Google and Plaxo joining are a positive, however given that both… Read More

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