• CVSDude to Grease oDesk's Outsourcing Wheels

    Tomorrow CVSDude, provider of hosted software development environments, will announce a partnership with oDesk, an online marketplace for developers. The deal will eventually result in an oDesk branded version of CVSDude’s technology. These two companies are a natural fit for one other. Whereas oDesk helps developers from all over the world find clients, and vice versa, CVSDude… Read More

  • iPhone-Codes says don't unlock your iPhone, we say pshaw

    This just in from a BFF poster: Unlocking the iPhone is getting popular in the undergrounds and AT&T is lossing millions dollars because of this activity. What with Jailbreak and Metasploit, people can now easily unlock their iPhones or tinker with their units. But there are a lot of reasons why you should not unlock your iPhone. http://www.iphone-codes.com says aside from the risk of… Read More

  • Everex Cloudbook: The Motion Picture

    The video’s about on the same level of quality as Heidi Montag’s new music video, but considerably sexier. Well, maybe. In any case, it doesn’t give you the sense of how compact the thing is since there is no way of telling the scale in the video. It could be a galaxy-sized Cloudbook in a white void, but likely it’s just their production model, set to hit the street hot… Read More

  • PMA 2008: Big Price Cuts for Big HP Printers

    Yes, even though PMA ended on Saturday, we’re still digging news out of the show. Here’s a good one for any photographer considering buying one of HP’s well-reviewed — including in this publication — wide-format Z-Series printers which are seeing some significant price cuts. Usually this means a new model is on the way, but after meeting with HP at the show… Read More

  • Onkyo latest to cause grief to HD DVD camp

    [photopress:ONKYO.jpg,full,center] Oh no! Yet another manufacturer is dropping support for HD-DVD, this time coming from home theater heartthrobs Onkyo. While not committing to total abandonment of the troubled format, it’s definitely an ominous sign of things to come. Onkyo, though, is oddly mum about switching over to the competing Blu-ray format, neither confirming or denying that it… Read More

  • Intel debuts Silverthorne processor; Dragonfire Ring, Dwarfsbane Sword and Elven Might Sling to follow

    [photopress:intel.jpg,full,center] As subnotebooks like the Eee PC and the XO become more and more common (they will), a new market will develop around them and copycat machines. Intel hopes to be a player in this new market with its new Silverthrone line of processors. Pentium-class (or x86) processors, the tiny chips can clock up to 2GHz, while only using 600 milliwatts. This would provide… Read More

  • Magellan, Primordial ensure you won't get lost in the woods

    [photopress:megprim.jpg,full,left]Today, Magellan announced a partnership with Primordial to bring consumers a better off-road routing experience that shows you natural and manmade obstacles. It will help you avoid dense forests, lakes/rivers, steep inclines and anything else nature has to offer. Primordial’s unique and patented Ground Guidance software will be integrated into… Read More

  • China's getting a fake iPhone for fakey fakes who like fakery

    [photopress:0097.jpg,full,center] Hey, China! Have we got something for you! No, it’s not an iPhone, it’s an iFauxne! The T32 is an iPhone clone running Windows Mobile 6: Smartphone Edition, and features many iPhone-like features, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, motion sensors, and EDGE. But, well, it runs Windows Mobile. Not sure on the price, but you’re better off… Read More

  • Linus believes MS's Linux patent disputes to be sword-rattling nonsense

    [photopress:foss_4709.jpg,full,right]Recently, Microsoft suggested that Linux, or at least parts of it, infringed upon certain Microsoft patents. It hasn’t said specifically which ones, just that it thinks it happens. Linux Torvalds, the grandaddy of Linux, said in an interview with the Linux Foundation that he believes MS is talking crap. They have been sued for patents by other people… Read More

  • Hey Blodget, Still Betting On Google $2,000?

    Google’s stock continues its swan dive. It wasn’t that long ago that some bloggers (well, one blogger) were thinking Google could hit $2,000/share. I scoffed, although to his credit Blodget did say it could take 10-15 years for it to happen. Three months later and Google’s lost $100 billion in market cap. What say you now, Mr. Blodget? By the way, putting this one absurd… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to easily stick episodes you've missed onto your Apple TV

    [photopress:appletv.jpg,full,center] At the Stevenote a couple weeks ago, Steve mentioned that within “a couple weeks” those of us with Apple TVs would have the ability to rent movies directly from iTunes on our set-top boxes. This uncertain day has surely passed, and last week Apple said we’d have to wait at least a couple more weeks, as things weren’t ready. Read More

  • Dell doesn't comment on phone rumor, computers are more important

    Dell doesn’t want to talk about phones. They’re focusing on their computer business. So quit asking them about phones. That probably means a phone is in the works. Michael Dell had this to say: “We really don’t comment on rumors and speculation. We are more focused on the computer business.” Dell “more focused” on computers than phones [Reuters] Read More

  • If Web Traffic Was Votes, Obama And Huckabee Would Win Super Tuesday

    With 24 US States holding presidential primaries tomorrow for Super Tuesday, we took a look at which candidates are getting the most traffic online, and the results (at least with the GOP) were surprising. For previous TechCrunch coverage, check out the TechCrunch Tech President endorsements here, and full coverage of where each candidate stands on tech issues here. Democrats: Obama No… Read More

  • Flickr's Version Of A Mass Protest

    Some users aren’t happy at the prospect of a Microsoft takeover of Flickr’s parent company, Yahoo. To protest, they do what Flickr users do – upload images. In this case, the images are all anti-Microsoft, and there’s some really creative stuff. The group has, so far, 917 members and 123 photos. What’s your favorite? Here’s mine. More from Scott… Read More

  • BBC says "two point oh" is how you should say it

    I feel now I can sleep well at night, secure in the knowledge that no less a body than the BBC has now pronounced upon one of the great questions of our time. How to actually say “Web 2.0”. Since two thirds of 500 BBC people surveyed internally think it should be “two point oh”, and ZDNet produced the same result last year, that seems to have settled the matter. However… Read More

  • PMA 2008: DSLR Rain Cover for Hydrophobes

    Here’s the perfectly designed (and named) product for photographers afraid of getting their lenses wet — the Hydrophobia Rain Cover. The cover, which fits 300-600mm lenses, was announced during PMA by Think Tank Photo after 18 months of development. If you think that’s a long time to spend designing a rain cover you haven’t seen this product yet. Though many waterproof… Read More

  • Ben Heck turns Xbox 360 into laptop, again

    Ben Heck can mod like a mofo, but is he a one trick pony? Don’t get me wrong. I was thoroughly impressed by his modded Xbox 360 laptop last year, but transforming an Elite into a laptop, again, is not that cool. Not that I could do it, but I think you see the point. If you want to try your hand at possibly FUBARing your Xbox then feel free to do so thanks to Ben’s thorough… Read More

  • IAC's Diller Summons Flixster To New York Just To Kill The Deal

    The much anticipated IAC/Flixster acquisition isn’t going to happen, we’ve heard. The two parties got very close to a deal. Then, says a source, IAC summoned Flixster to a meeting in New York where they were told it wasn’t going to happen. Why fly the company all the way to New York just to reject them in person? It seems like the polite thing to do would have been to just… Read More

  • Amazon Sells UK And German DVD Rental Business

    Amazon has sold its UK and German DVD rental business to UK based Lovefilm International. As part of the deal, Amazon Europe will make an investment in LoveFilm to become its largest shareholder. The move is one of the few times Amazon has divested itself of on of its business streams. According to a Marketwatch report, LoveFilm will benefit from a multi-year marketing agreement with… Read More

  • Unboxing the Apple //c

    What do you do when your first computer was an Apple //c and you find it on eBay, unopened, for $2,000? You unbox it, of course. Feast your eyes on this Flickr conflagration of red-hot //c unboxing pix including manuals, the 40/80 key, and a sense that damn, we’re all getting old. I actually agree with Joel at BBG about this: the Apple line from the 1980s was overpriced and, to my… Read More

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