• PS3 Goes DVR In 2008

    Me: Santa, I’d like a PS3 for Christmas. Santa: I thought you hated the PS3. Me: Well, I did but Warwick Light, head of marketing for Sony in New Zealand, has made an announcement that’s making me eat my words. You see, Freeview is a free digital television and radio provider in NZ and Sony is hoping to support their terrestrial digital broadcast service by March 2008. Santa… Read More

  • GoFish Dropping Bolt, Share Price, and Ad Rates

    Amidst a falling share price GoFish has dropped its $30 million stock trade for Bolt.com. The deal was also meant to help Bolt pay its settlement with several music labels, including Universal Music. GoFish had initially celebrated the acquisition in their April 10KSB report as increasing distribution for their “made for internet” (MFI) video shows. The combined sites were expected… Read More

  • Sony Announces Gold Trimmed Pocket Bit Mini USB Drives

    Sony has announced a duo of Vista ReadyBoost pocket bit mini USB drives. The USM-HX series is available in white or black with 1 and 2GB capacities. Sony is attempting to attract the rich with its gold trim, but we all the rich are too busy snorting coke, crashing cars, and blaming the other kid for all their foibles. The drives are equipped with file encoding software, virtual expander… Read More

  • Cretors' Popcorn Makers. Yup, We've Gone There.

    Now for something a little more off beat… (as if CG as a whole isn’t off beat as it is) Cretors’ popcorn makers! Yes, replicate all the annoyances of public movie theaters—full of noisy kids, sticky floors and sound systems less optimized than the ones you have at home—with an honest-to-goodness concession-style popcorn maker. Cretor has several models to choose… Read More

  • The Fat Person Detecting Chair: Sweet Justice

    Fat people are totally annoying, right? All fat and out of shape, getting in my way and taking up sooo much space on airplanes. Just enough already. That’s why this chair from—where else?—Japan makes me so damn happy. When normal, good people sit on it, the chair radiates a light blue. When good ol’ Fatsington McFatperson sits down, the chair glows red. Red like the… Read More

  • Extremely Happy Feet: Disney Acquires Club Penguin For Up To $700 million

    Club Penguin, a social network/virtual world that has been on the market for some time, was acquired by The Walt Disney Company and announced today. An earlier deal with Sony fell apart over valuation and Club Penguin’s policy of donating a substantial portion of profits to charity. The company, which launched in October 2005, has 700,000 current paid subscribers and 12 million… Read More

  • Canon Updates Firmware For EOS-1D Mark III

    If there are any EOS-1D Mark III owners in the audience then please take heed on this firmware upgrade. If the errors on the Italian and Chinese menu screens put you into a fit of rage then immediately upgrade to v1.1.0. I’m not sure who would get annoyed with the camera not starting up properly when the battery is inserted, but this alleviates that problem as well. The look of images on… Read More

  • Keyspan Announces USB Server

    Keyspan has announced they’re shipping the USB 2.0 Server. The server is compatible with Macs and PCs to allow access to two USB devices over a LAN or Wi-Fi. It serves as a USB print server and extender. It’s compatible with virtually any USB-enabled device like a digital camera, printer and scanner among many other things. You can even remotely monitor ink and paper levels. Read More

  • MeeMix: A New Breed of Music Personalization is Born

    Tel-Aviv based MeeMix launches its beta program today. Like Pandora, MeeMix is a community music/Internet radio service for the 15-35 demographic. The idea being that any user can create a highly personalized, taste-based music channel with minimum fuss. The major differentiation between MeeMix and Pandora or Last.fm is the way it goes about forecasting personal taste. Typically, there are… Read More

  • First iPhone Update Now Available: Bye Bye Recent Security Flaws

    Apple updated its iPhone for the first time last night, making available software version 1.0.1 via, and only via, iTunes. The update contains the usual ambiguities like “bug fixes,” but the most significant news here is that Apple patched all the security holes that lead to people calling for Jobs’ head a few days ago. Hackers, script kiddies and the women who love them can… Read More

  • Buffalo USB Digital TV Tuner For Macs

    Buffalo is showing Japanese Mac owners some love with the DH-KONE/U2MA digital TV tuner. It plugs right in via USB and has a built-in booster circuit with a highly sensitive tuner and a double noise filter that promises crisp pictures and sound. You can also connect the tuner to your home antenna by using an F-type conversion cable. It drops in Japan sometime this month for around $110. Did… Read More

  • Discovery Acquires TreeHugger.com For $10million

    Discovery Communications has announced the acquisition of TreeHugger.com for what is believed to be $10 million. TreeHugger.com started as an environmentally focused blog in 2004 and grew to include forums, green guides and other related features. The site sits in the Top 20 blogs worldwide according to Technorati and is said to have 1.4 million unique visitors a month. Alexa ranks the site… Read More

  • RumoR: 45nm Xbox 360 CPUs Given Green Light, Redesign In 2008

    We’ll have to wait well over a year to see if this rumors pans out, but sources in Singapore, which support an earlier Mercury News report, say that Microsoft’s manufacturing partners are already readying 45nm (nano meter) Xbox 360 CPUs. Right now, 65nm CPUs are found in the Xbox 360. Once Microsoft is able to shrink the size of the CPU enough, it can redesign the system all it wants. Read More

  • SplashCast Bringing "Sexy Back" to Facebook

    Online multimedia player SplashCast has announced some new partners and has released a new branded multimedia player on Facebook . Launch partners include Justin Timberlake, Pink, and Chris Brown, who are offering official branded players. The SplashCast Facebook application allows users to add a player to their profile that includes a customized skin and comes preloaded with RSS feeds of… Read More

  • Panasonic Announces World's Smallest (Vertical) HD Camcorder

    Panasonic has just one-upped themselves by announcing the SD7 as the world’s smallest HD camcorder. It is worth noting that the SD7 is vertical while the SD5 is horizontal, so really they’re just covering the basics. The key features are virtually the same, but the form factor is a tad smaller than the SD5. AV Watch Read More

  • The Nutcracker: Enough With The Juvenile Jokes

    Today’s concept that puts actual, in-store products to shame is a nut cracker designed by Christopher Kuh. Yes, let’s address the elephant right now: it looks like a dildo. Big deal. It cracks nuts, efficiently and systematically. And also theoretically, being that’s it’s just a render. You place the nut—walnuts in the render—in between the two tubes and… Read More

  • Logitech Announces G9 Laser Mouse, Updates G15 Keyboard

    If you’re looking to take your gaming to the next level then check out the Logitech G9 laser mouse. Why? Because I said so. Heh. The G9 is no joke, folks. You have full control over the performance characteristics of the mouse, which is great, but some douche is going to cry foul and say someone messed with his dpi setting. Aside from adjusting the dpi from 200 to 3,200 are the… Read More

  • CAMfess: Because Jerry Springer Isn't Enough

    CAMfess is a new video hosting site that is billed as “the world’s first website that allows users to confess secrets through video blogs.” The idea is simple enough: confess your secrets, fears or admit mistakes to anyone who would care to listen, or to friends. Users can confess to the world and remain anonymous. CAMfess features “the patent-pending Camfess… Read More

  • Lossless Bluetooth Audio By 2008

    If you use a Bluetooth-enabled audio device to listen to music, you might be interested to know that the files that stream from point A to point B get compressed along the way. So if you have an MP3 file (that’s already been compressed once), it gets smooshed down again as it flies through the air with the greatest of A2DP ease. That’s why Bluetooth audio gets a bad rap. A… Read More

  • FCC Sides With Google, Us: Open Wireless Network Now A Possibility

    Finally, the FCC is showing some sense. The agency said yesterday that one-third of the spectrum that will be auctioned off early next year will have to go toward the creation of an open wireless network. This is a victory for Google and a setback for the likes of AT&T and Verizon Wireless, which wanted the whole of the soon-to-be unused spectrum to continue to be closed. (You can only… Read More

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