• Is a 15.4-Inch MacBook Model Forthcoming?

    : they’re well put-together, slender, get-the-job-done machines. But there is a gap in the product matrix between the 13.3-inch black MacBook at the 15.4-inch prosumer MacBoo Pro. But according to circulating rumors, as well as DigiTimes from Taiwan, Apple has a 15.4-inch MacBook in the works. The non-Pro laptop is likely replace the black high-end MacBook, bridging the two product families. Read More

  • RSS Problems

    Many of you may have noticed that we’re currently experiencing RSS issues. Rest assured that the A-Team is currently on the case. Hopefully Hannibal and his boys can resolve the issue on the quick with as few casualties, and explosions, as possible. Read More

  • Completely Waterproofed iPod Shuffle From SwimMan

    From time to time we’ll post about some new waterproof case for an iPod or device from companies like Otterbox. The problem with all these cases though, is that no matter what, they always run the risk of a leak. Basically unheard of company SwimMan wants to change the way we waterproof our gadgets by waterproofing from the inside out. Take for instance, SwimMan’s completely… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Yahoo Ready to Smash Up the Mash Ups

    CrunchGear reports that Yahoo recently received a ‘Dynamic Page Generator’ patent that has the potential to impact business development, and the futures, of many similarly featured companies including Google, Netvibes, Rojo and many other Web 2.0 companies. More…

    Patent Monkey Read More

  • Locca Keeps Your Home Safe

    With a name that reminds us of something an Italian gentleman would say, you really can’t go wrong with Locca. Locca is a digital, wireless lock opener that works from up to 50-meters away. You just click the button and viola, your door is open—perfect for when you have your hands full. If Locca fails, you’ll be able to use your regular key as an override, so don’t… Read More

  • Alpine's Monster iPod Car Deck Hits the Road

    I have an iPod-compatible Alpine deck in my Kia, and I couldn’t live without it. That being said, I’m seriously considering trading up to the iDA-X001, Alpine’s latest offering, and the first deck by Alpine or anyone else designed with input from Apple’s iPod team. Not only can the deck connect to your iPod via its dock port, but it can control it as well. Information… Read More

  • Plasma Light: Way Cool Tesla Device for a Lamp

    If we had one of these as a kid, we would have had an easier time staying in school and off the hard drugs. It’s the Plasma Light Bulb, a scaled-down version of that freaky sci-fi plasma globe that your rich, smarter friend’s dad had in his den. You know, the room you guys weren’t allowed into with the liquor and porn. And plasma globes. We’re guessing these things… Read More

  • HAL 9000 Micro Thumbdrive Won't Kill You

    . So much so you might even forget it’s in your pocket. But it’s big inside, holding up to 2GB of files and plugging in via standard USB. The icing on the cake is the blue LED that pulses with homicidal thoughts as your precious data is being loaded. All that’s missing is a voice that says, “What are you doing, Dave?” when you’re making back-ups of your… Read More

  • MeeVee Integrates Online Video With TV Listings

    In a substantial upgrade this morning, the TV listing discovery service MeeVee has integrated a number of online media types along with its broadcast TV listings, including viral videos.  It’s a good move that will make the company all the more relevant in a world that is increasingly blurring the line between traditional and online media. MeeVee’s basic service allows users to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: LA Story Edition

    USB ChapStick
    Mini Motorby Billboard Displays Your Name
    Lightcast: Because Paul Van Dyk And Three Hits Of X Aren’t Enough
    The State of Mobile Content
    Dude, 3GSM is Cashed Read More

  • Yahoo Launches Digg-Like Suggestion Site

    Yahoo is taking some criticism for launching a site that includes a Digg-like voting feature earlier today. The main criticism is coming from Digg users, who can sometimes stop fighting long enough to band together into a very angry mob. But a few bloggers are adding their own fuel as well. I don’t have any problem with what Yahoo did. First, Yahoo credited Digg in a blog post announcing… Read More

  • New MySpace-Focused Browser Launched

    BuddyWave is a new browser that’s completely focused on the tens of millions of MySpace users who generate 20 or so page views per day each on the site. The browser is downloadable on Windows machines. Most of the custom functionality requires signing into your MySpace account via the Browser. We had a lot of trouble getting the sign-in to work; however after a few tries we got… Read More

  • Verizon's New Samsung Bends, Twirls, Rocks

    The Samsung SCH-u740 is now available from Verizon Wireless. It’s a great phone for those of you who can’t decide between small flip form factors and QWERTY-txting convenience, as it flips and transforms. In addition, it’s V-Cast capable, with external music controls. What’s really great is that this full-featured phone is only $149 (with 2-years in bondage), a great… Read More

  • Text of Email to all Yahoos

    This email was sent by Yahoo CFO Susan Decker to all Yahoo employees today at 9:01 AM PST and has the details of who’s doing what in their new Advertiser & Publisher Group. Lots and lots of SVP and EVP promotions from the Yahoo ranks, and other peanut butter being spread around. I want to do a summary of this email but it is so dense with corporate-speak that I can’t get more… Read More

  • Dude, 3GSM is Cashed

    I’m wrapping up coverage here at the show and thought it might be nice to look back at everything I’ve seen. The show is about GSM — a strange focus, obviously — but there is enough coolness here to fill a few phone shops. The things I saw here weren’t groundbreaking — everyone is holding their breath, it seems, in anticipation of the iPhone… Read More

  • Vyew Collaboration Suite Now Commercially Available

    Vyew is a new collaboration tool suite that lets users share a common online visual workspace and their desktops. It is impressive. The service came out of beta status today and is now offering premium accounts in addition to the free accounts already available. Vyew is a little like WebEx and other high end conferencing offerings. It’s also a little like Thinkature and other easy… Read More

  • Specialized Judges Could Mean Less Expensive Gear

    The House of Representatives approved a bill to encourage enhancement of expertise in patent cases among district judges. The result could lead to faster resolutions for patent disputes, fewer appeals and less costly litigation, and hopefully — less expensive gear. Read More

  • T-Mobile Scoring Push Mail, 3G

    “Push” e-mail has a high demand It seems T-Mobile’s International CEO Hamid Akhavan is claiming that T-Mobile will offer push email to consumers, as well as 3G services in 2007. No word yet on pricing, availability, release dates, or any anything else for that matter. So I guess we’ll just have to sit back and watch our Blackberries for now. T-Mobile to Offer Push… Read More

  • German Cryptophones: Securephones, not Smartphones

    or Wizard smartphones, utilize AES 256 and Twofish encryption to make sure that your voice calls are secure as possible. These phones aren’t smartphones, though. They do not run the Windows Mobile OS like the standard versions, but instead GSMK’s proprietary security OS. In theory, you could install WinMo on these phones, but then you’d be compromising the security features. Read More

  • InPhase Ships Holographic Storage

    The future is here—sort of. InPhase today announced that it has begun bulk shipping its 300GB holographic storage disks. The platters are 1.5-millimeters thick and cost $180 each. That is on top of the initial $18,000 investment for the Tapestry HDS-300R drive. InPhase says that the drives should expand to capacities of 1.6TB by 2010. Sounds fancy right? Well you should carefully… Read More

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