• MySpace Mobile Launching Tomorrow?

    If you’re like me, you live and die by MySpace. I know, many of you are making fun of me for this, but, well, up yours. MySpace is the best way to organize your friends, and, really, that’s what social networking is all about. For those of us who are nerdy enough to have smartphones, MySpace has pretty much left us out of its plans. Unless you’re lucky enough to be a Helio… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Helium Alleviates Your iPhone Headphone Jack Woes Jameson The bastards are already sold out. I blame CrunchGear and the Capitalists pigs that read it. Read More

  • France Telecom's Orange to adopt OpenID

    Yesterday at the Digital ID conference in San Francisco, Orange, one of the major mobile operator and ISP with more than 40 million subscribers announced they would adopt the OpenID registration/identification standard. There was already a clear trend from big internet properties to adopt (Digg, Technorati Microsoft and AOL but also Yahoo and WikiPedia already announced that). But this is… Read More

  • Rumor: Halo 3 Released Tonight

    We got this in the tips inbox, and there’s always some crazy-ass stuff in there, so take it with a grain of salt, but our tipster says that a new video game called Halo 3, a second sequel to a game called Halo, will be released tonight at Midnight. According to our sources, it should sell more copies than the Bible. Nerds Gamers are expected to take a fair interest in the release, as… Read More

  • How To Lose All Your Friends Immediately, In Real Time

    Don’t even think of using this to contact me. Trumpia is an absurdly stupid new site that, like the efficient crank calling tool we once covered, will likely be used to annoy people far more often than it will be used for any useful purpose. Here’s how it works: Register for an account and tell it the contact information for your soon-to-be-ex friends. Make sure you enter their… Read More

  • Help-Key: How to Instant Message on your iPhone

    Regular readers might recall that when I reviewed the iPhone back in early July that I took issue with the handset’s lack of basic features that low-end phones supported. I griped about the lack of multiple recipients for a text message, the lack of picture messaging, and the conspicuous absence on any form of instant messaging application. Apple’s big into its iChat program, and… Read More

  • PlanHQ Still Tiny, But Getting A-List Attention

    PlanHQ, a Wellington, New Zealand startup that launched in April 2007, has just 180 paying customers and $6,000/month in revenue. But their product, which allows companies to create and track business plan and other goals and objectives, is getting rave reviews from some well known venture capitalists. That’s good news for the tiny startup. The product is an easy to use business plan… Read More

  • Urbanspoon: Restaurant Reviews Coming To A City Near You

    Urbanspoon is a small Seattle startup that wants to help you find the perfect restaurant. Their goal: compete head on with Yelp and other user review sites, specifically around restaurants. But they are approaching the market in a different way than Yelp and others. Instead of talking users into coming to their site and writing reviews, they’re taking a decentralized approach and… Read More

  • Halo 3: Being Hunted

    Here’s another Halo 3 commercial to whet your appetite until midnight. Read More

  • AT&T Site Reveals Tilt Yahoo! Messenger

    One of you guys just tipped us off about the Tilt info on the AT&T support page and for that, we thank you. If you want to try it out for yourself just type “tilt” in the search box on the support section of the AT&T Wireless website. The two results regarding signing on and sending messages via the Yahoo! messenger include some screenies of the app’s interface. Read More

  • Real Time Search Soon At Twitter

    We just got word from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that the company will be launching a real time search feature “very soon.” Type in a keyword or keywords and any time a Twitter is created that includes those keywords, you’ll be notified via IM or SMS. They’ll add the the ability to access this via their API in the near future, Dorsey says. The feature hasn’t… Read More

  • DocuSign Raises $12.4 Million

    DocuSign, an eSignature service, has raised a $12.4 million series C led by new investor WestRiver Capital, LLC and their existing investors Ignition Partners, Frazier Technology Ventures and Sigma Partners. It follows a Series B investment of $10 million in April 2006 from Frazier, Ignition, and Sigma. DocuSign, which has been around since 2003, enables companies to get legally binding… Read More

  • X-OOM Turns Wii Into A Media Player

    Alright so it’s not actually a media player but more of a client which interfaces with your computer and the internet to stream music and other media directly to your Wii. The software is designed to be easily navigable via the Wiimote and features access to over one thousand TV channels and radio stations. A PC based server type application is packaged with the software which allows… Read More

  • Friendster Plays To Strengths, Launches In Chinese

    Friendster is back, at least in Asia. The social network that was the coolest thing on the block until MySpace came around has been slowly regaining its reputation and users over the years, and now boasts 50 million registered user and 27.4 million monthly unique visitors. The only problem (if you call it a problem) is that, like Orkut, most of those users are outside of the U.S. Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Launch Success: Ponoko

    We are being flooded with emails regarding the TechCrunch40 conference – things we did right, things we did wrong (lots, apparently), and suggestions for next year. All are welcome, but what I like to see the most are the emails from presenting companies talking about what’s happened to them since they went up on stage last week. I’ll be pulling all of the feedback into a wrap… Read More

  • Apple: Stop Unlocking iPhones. Please?

    Apple just released a statement saying that it has found several iPhone unlocking applications which can cause “irreparable” damage to the device. Although they’re not doing anything as of yet to directly deter people from modifying the phones software (aside from voiding the warranty of course), Apple said that future updates might brick your phone due to conflict with… Read More

  • Video Review of Halo 3

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=25485 We’re a few hours from the official launch of Halo 3 and I can’t explain in words the excitement I have over this game. I’m giddy like a schoolgirl and I’m not afraid to admit it. I didn’t even play the first two all that much, but the media and advertising blitz over this game is overwhelming and I’ve… Read More

  • Woz Bashes Apple

    My good buddy, Woz, is fuming over the recent price drop on the iPhone and says the refund policy isn’t fair. Nobody expects a product to drop that much in price in such a short time,” said Wozniak, the driving force behind the original Apple I and II computers. “Steve Jobs and everyone expects technology to drop in price. The first adopters always pay a premium. I am one… Read More

  • Corsair Flash Drive Gives Up Your P0rn Addiction

    As if the LEGO flash drive wasn’t enough to woo you back. Corsair has announced a drive with a built-in display that shows how much data you’ve already used indicated by a pie chart; how much capacity is left is displayed with four digits, and a labeling system so you can personalize the content’s read so you know what you’re getting. The Bi-stable Cholesteric display… Read More

  • Spainsh Company First To Debut GPS With 'Real' Photos? (Or Did I Miss Something?)

    Either I’ve been asleep at the wheel for the past… ever, I guess, or this is actually something new—a GPS unit with real photographs rather than cartoony drawings. Even stranger is that this capability first comes to us from a Spanish company. Nothing against Spain, obviously, but I usually expect technology “firsts” to come from Korea or Japan. Be that as it may… Read More

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