• Profile Builder Launches Tonight At TechCrunch Meetup

    At tonight’s ninth TechCrunch meet-up, identity management service Profile Builder is launching and demoing their product on Profil.es. Profile Builder’s solution tackles the fragmentation of our online identity caused by the increasing number of services vying for our attention. With Profile Builder, you can create one profile to link together all of your bits of online identity… Read More

  • iRiver Siren Digital Photo Frame

    I was at Josh’s house the other day and noticed, quietly, that he has one of those digital photo frames. I mean, he’s cool to begin with, but now I know he’s, like, Fonzie cool. So now I look at iRiver’s new Siren digital photo frame with “Be Like Mike Josh” on my mind. Its 5.6-inch QVGA display, encased in old person-friendly mahogany, should do the trick… Read More

  • TechCrunch Meet-Up at August Capital is Tonight

    So today’s the big day for our second-annual TechCrunch meet-up at August Capital. The Guest List is here – it is now full, and we wish we had more space to accommodate all the ticket requests. We’re planning additional events this year and hope you can join us next time. Due to the size of the guest list, we will be checking individual IDs for entry into the party. Time: … Read More

  • Long Live The User

    There’s a rather strange meme spreading at the moment that argues that the term “user” is dead. The short argument is that because we are all users, the term is redundant. Josh Bernoff claims that because we don’t refer to people as users of dishwashers, we shouldn’t refer to people using computers as users either, but simply people. Max Kalehoff believes the user… Read More

  • Trusted Opinion Adds Netflix Queuing

    Social networking startup Trusted Opinion has added Netflix Queuing to their recommendations focused offering. The feature allows Trusted Opinion members to read a review of a movie then instantly add it to their Netflix queue without leaving the page. Although it sounds simple, Netflix does not offer a public API and hence the feature had to be created the old fashioned way, by creative… Read More

  • Dadnab Launches Free Service for Tri-State Transit Riders

    If you commute by mass transportation in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state region you can use the Dadnab service to help plan your trips. Users can send a text message with an origin and destination to ‘tri@dadnab.com’, and just seconds later get a text message back detailing optimal routes and travel times, and includes which buses, trains and even ferries to take. Read More

  • Using Second Life and a Wiimote For Job Training

    They’re training to be Power Rangers Not a week goes by that there’s not a Second Life story to hate on. This Friday edition of “Second Life is really, really, really stupid” brings us news that an MIT researcher is using the “game” and the Wiimote to create training simulators for various companies. (Incidentally, the researcher, one David E. Stone, called… Read More

  • BBC iPlayer: Cheerio Pip Pip Bob's Yer Uncle, Right?

    Care for a spot of tea? BBC, that stalwart of UK television AKA telly, is now offering a peer-to-peer video player called the iPlayer what will offer a selection of “programmes” from the past “weeke” and offer “livee” “programmeing” as it happens. Apparently the program has been circulating for a few weeks but they’ve finally gotten it… Read More

  • AOL Survey: Mobile Lets Users Check E-Mail at All Times

    Do you feel the need to stay in constant touch with colleagues and friends? Do you check your e-mail at all times of the day? Well, you’re not alone. According to a new AOL service, the average e-mail user checks his or her mail and estimated five times per day, and 59 percent of mobile users check every time a new message arrives. Washington, DC according to the survey is the most… Read More

  • CDMA Gains Share

    CDMA2000 dominates the North American 3G wireless telecommunications market. That’s the official word form the CDMA Development Group (CDG), which announced that there are more than 135 million 3G subscribers in North America, and more than 22 percent of those use EV-DO mobile broadband devices. “CDMA2000’s strong growth in North America validates the technology’s… Read More

  • The AudioFile: The iPhone Is Eyeing Your Living Room

    This week: Computers, set-top boxes (like AppleTV), and AV
    receivers are battling to be your household hub, streaming music and
    movies back and forth across your pad until you become sterile and
    glow in the dark. All this gear is versatile, but it’s hard to know
    which one to pick — especially when hefty sums of money are involved.
    Sonos and now Denon seem to have the most… Read More

  • Apple iMac Keyboard: Bull or Just Fake?

    Apple Introduces the iCarpalTunnelSyndrome Engadget has some pictures of a purported Apple iMac “slimline” keyboard that looks like some Taiwanese factory prototype got run over by a truck. This keyboard is supposed to be the “brushed aluminum” model that will be available as early as August 7. I’m calling bullshit on this, but go ahead and stare at it for a… Read More

  • State of Mobile Solutions for Enterprise: MobileAware’s Brian Kinane Offers Insight

    Even before there were mobile devices a portion of the workforce was mobile, meaning they traveled frequently and relied on a variety of tools to stay in touch with home base. And today’s mobile workforce is relying on mobile applications more than road warriors of just a few years ago. So what do the mobile applications of today (and tomorrow) mean for those who are mobilizing their… Read More

  • The Greatest Story Ever Told… On Mobile

    Most text messages max out at 160 characters, and can you imagine wanting to type much beyond that length? A man in Italy used the T9 predictive-text input on his Nokia 6630 to type “Compagni di Viaggo,” or “Fellow Travelers” for the English version. The sci-fi novel clocks in at 384 pages when in the form of a bound book. Author Robert Bernocco typed his novel in… Read More

  • Comic-Con Preview: Heroes Coming to Mobile

    Save the handset, save the world. IGN is reporting that Heroes: The Mobile Game will make its debut at Comic-Com in San Diego this week. Based on the hit series from NBC, the mobile title will be published by Gameloft and players will get to experience the thrill of having superhuman abilities. Or at least experience what it is like to have superhuman abilities on a small mobile screen. The… Read More

  • Your Phone Is NOT Killing You Says Study

    Using that mobile handset is not an early ticket to the grave! Whew! That’s good news for power talkers like me. A new report from the University of Essex suggests that mobile phone transmissions cause no immediate health problems. Wait… no “immediate.” So should I worry? Well, for every study that says this stuff is bad, there is going to be a study that says it… Read More

  • Oasys Mobile Unveils MVP

    This week Oasys Mobile announced the launch of AROD MVP Baseball Challenge, a mobile baseball title that features Yankee Alex Rodriguez, for Verizon Wireless. The arcade style game focuses on hitting a series of targets, including various stadium characters. This quick style of gameplay is based on batting and pitching and features music, crowd noises and even umpire calls and the crack of… Read More

  • Ringtone Maker From Phone Sherpa

    While the service won’t carry your phone up a mountain, but Phone Sherpa has a load of new mobile apps, which the company shared with us. Phone Sherpa Ringtone Maker is a service that will let you create your own user-generated content, including ringtones, while the Phone Sherpa Mobile Store enables the deployment of secure, dynamic and localized mobile content stores integrated with… Read More

  • Dvorak Uses a Mac, Frogs Fall From the Sky Over Indiana, End of World Nigh

    John C. Dvorak is tech commentator from when I was still running around in diapers. The man has literally been “blogging” in print since before most of use knew how to type “10 PRINT ‘HELLO WORLD'” Trust me. The guy’s a legend. But he doesn’t like Apple’s hype. So when he finally admitted yesterday that he actually uses and likes Macs, my… Read More

  • Senators Propose Internet Filtering Legislation

    Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Ted “The Tube” Stevens (R-Alaska) have proposed a bipartisan bill to add Internet filtering and monitoring to the… ummm… Internet? While the plan is all but impossible, their goal is simple: to think of the children. To that end, Msrs. Stevens and Inouye will each stand at one end of the Internet tube and keep bad stuff from going in and… Read More

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