• Hear It N' Get It Developer Gets Funding

    Opus Capital Ventures has provided Hingi with $3.5 million in the first round of funding, reports mocoNews. The Israeli mobile apps developer has created a service called “Hear It N’ Get It,” which can be used to identify broadcast music and let users download related content, including ringtones and MP3 tracks. Users can send an SMS with the name or a short-code of the radio… Read More

  • FuelFinder Helps You Find Cheap Gas

    As gas prices continue to soar with the arrival of summer, finding cheap gas is going to get harder and harder. Driving around is basically counter-productive. So before you drive around the block hoping to find a cheaper price, try looking up for affordable fuel on your mobile phone. FreeMobileFuelFinder.com can help you save money during your next fill-up. This national service is now… Read More

  • Sprint Nextel Goes Unlimited

    Long talkers can soon gab it up without the worry of going over in their minutes, as Sprint Nextel extend its unlimited voice and data plan. WirelessWeek is reporting the carrier is now extending this plan to three new metropolitan markets including Philadphia, Tampa and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Two plans are available and include one for $120 a month, which includes unlimited voice, text and… Read More

  • Google May Launch Mobile Service In UK

    We’ve heard from a good source in the mobile industry that Google may be preparing to launch its own branded mobile network in the UK in the next few weeks. If our source is accurate, Google will become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) via a deal with UK mobile phone company O2. We’re hearing that there will be no physical stores for the service, and that signups and… Read More

  • Dell To Make Tablet PCs By Years End

    Dell has gone and done it. They’ve confirmed the rumors that they’ll be delving into the tablet PC market. Now I could go and give you the details, but I think Jeff Clarke will do a better job. Besides his funky colored shirt makes me giggle and I know it’ll make you LOL too. Direct2Dell [via Gizmodo via jkOnTheRun] Read More

  • Last100 Launches: New Blog From Read/Write Web

    One of the blogs I read religiously is Richard MacManus’ ReadWriteWeb. It has been a source of quality anaylsis and thinking on the new web for years, and has been around far longer than TechCrunch. That’s why I’m very happy to see RWW launch a new blog called Last100, to be edited by veteran writer Steve O’Hear. O’Hear will continue to write his ZDnet blog on… Read More

  • Google, Salesforce Rumors

    I’ve been comparing notes with journalists and bloggers on Google/Salesforce rumors all week. First it was rapid rumors of a Google acquisition of Salesforce, which was flatly denied. Now it seems they may be in partnership talks according to the WSJ, with both sides looking to more fully integrate Google services like Gmail, Gtalk and Google Docs into Salesforce applications. A… Read More

  • Samsung Brings Out The Big Guns For SID 2007

    Samsung is looking to make a splash at this year’s Society for Display and a few of the displays they’ve brought with them from Korea are primed to get the job done. What better way to start off the show then to win the SID Gold Award for Display of the Year with an LED backlit 40-inch LCD TV. The award winning set has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and color saturation that’s 105%… Read More

  • Mario Strikers Charged Trailer

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=19748 The PS3 may be getting a slew of new titles this summer, but I’ll still be playing my Wii because of games like Mario Strikers Charged. I know actual gameplay looks nothing like the trailer, but when the opposition pulls a “Mega Strike” and the ball splits into five separate balls and you’re taking a premature dump… Read More

  • Latest Norton Antivirus Update Causing The Blue Screen of Death

    I’m hoping our readers who use Norton Antivirus on a Windows XP machine haven’t updated their software in the last few days. On May 17, the Norton database was upgraded and by noon millions of users’ PCs were crashing. Norton’s latest update accidentally tagged two essential system files as viruses and cleared them away. Users were met with a blue screen… Read More

  • Google News: The End of News Indexing As We Know It?

    Scotland’s Sunday Herald is running a story reporting that Google has secretly reached deals with several large UK news groups to formally license content for Google News. The report notes that the deals are being kept secret to prevent other media sites asking for a similar deal from Google. I’ve always bought Google’s defense that Google News drives traffic to other news… Read More

  • Starcraft 2 Is Here!!!

    Some exciting news came out of yesterday’s Blizzard Wordwide Invitational in Seoul, South Korea. Wait for it…Starcraft 2 was finally announced. Sure, we dropped a hint that it could be coming out soon and now it’s finally here. The official Starcraft 2 site was officially launched as well with tons of video’s and screenshots. There is no official launch date nor are… Read More

  • Who Will Buy Facebook?

    Last week billions of dollars changed hands in online related acquisitions. Anything that is worth buying is being bought. The rumors that Yahoo is in talks to acquire Bebo for $1billion may have seen wild 2 years ago, but in today’s online market compare favorably price wise. Consider that Microsoft didn’t even blink when it acquired aQuantive for $6billion and Yahoo was… Read More

  • Don’t Fence Fido In

    Most newer ‘burbs today lack the homestead look with unsightly chain-link fence, and this makes for an improved view that evokes vast open spaces. This is great unless you have a pet. Poor Rover either has to be tied up, or you’ll have set up an expensive “electronic fence.” RoamEO have devised a system that will let you use a customizable PDA-sized GPS unit to help… Read More

  • Next New Networks Building Micro Television Networks

    Next New Networks is an online media company with big plans for “micro television networks”. The New York based company launched in January with $8 million in funding from Spark Capital. The team behind the service is impressive. There are five founders of the company, Herb Scannell, Fred Seibert, Jed Simmons, Tim Shey and Emil Rensing. CEO Scannell is the former President of… Read More

  • Is Bebo Worth $1 billion?

    See our earlier post on possible acquisition talks between Yahoo and Bebo for $1 billion or so. The original report for the story comes from the UK’s Telegraph, based on a very weak source – “silicon valley gossip.” Still, we though it was worth a look at the most recent data to see if Bebo really could pull off a $1 billion or more sale. We’ve pulled… Read More

  • Geni: Earning That $100 million Valuation

    When genealogy site Geni announced that it had raised a venture round from Charles River Ventures valuing the two month old startup at $100 million, more than a few eyebrows were raised. For the last couple of months, people have referred to “Pulling a Geni” when they try to raise money at a super-big valuation immediately after launch. At launch, Geni appeared to be like many… Read More

  • Yahoo's Rumored $1 billion Talks With Bebo

    Update: Recent Comscore traffic data for Bebo, MySpace and Facebook is here. Rumors about social networking site Bebo being for sale come up every few months. First it was British Telecom for $550 million in July 2006 (we started that one), then the Financial Times reported they were in talks with Viacom a month later. Now, The UK’s Telegraph is reporting that Yahoo is looking, and may… Read More

  • MyMiniLife: Your Embeddable Virtual World

    MyMiniLife is a Flash based virtual world/social network. Users create and customize a character and then build out a virtual space, adding walls, floors, doors, windows, etc. Users can then add customized goods ranging from lamps to cannons to the space, and embed video or photo elements into items, or link to web pages (click on my moped in the embed for an example). Some users create… Read More

  • The Mysterious Wikiwix: Affiliated With Wikipedia?

    We got a tip today on a new search engine called Wikiwix. The site is new to me and there is very little information about it on the web (one post from about three hours ago is here). It is linked from the main Wikipedia search page, although I’m not sure when it was added. Like Wikiseek, a search engine unaffiliated wtih Wikipedia, Wikiwix searches only Wikipedia. The “contact… Read More

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