• TiVo Slaps EchoStar, Its Customers

    TiVo Slaps EchoStar, Its Customers

    In a recent ruling, a Texas judge found that EchoStar (Dish Network) had purposefully infringed many TiVo DVR copyrights. EchoStar now must pay TiVo nearly $90 million in damages. In addition to the cash settlement, several million Dish Network DVRS will be rendered effectively useless. Now I can empathize with a company wanting to maintain its intellectual properties and all that noise, but… Read More

  • WOLF KING Warrior

    WOLF KING Warrior

    The new Warrior controller from WOLF KING is basically a reassessment of their preexisting Timber Wolf design. By removing the keyboard component, WOLF KING has created a highly portable 55-function device that is appropriate for LAN party environs. It works as a standalone unit or in concert with a keyboard. While it is touted as being homogenous with several game genres, it looks to be… Read More

  • Lions Gate Movies Coming To iTunes

    Lions Gate Movies Coming To iTunes

    Apple hates when its partners spill the beans on its products too early, and it looks like Lions Gate CEO is going to get an angry phone call from someone in Cupertino after yesterday’s financial earnings conference call. In the call, Lions Gate’s president said: “In terms of iTunes movie downloads, I think most likely some time before the end of the [calendar] year,”… Read More

  • Artison RCC600 In-Wall Subwoofer

    Artison RCC600 In-Wall Subwoofer

    Instead of having a free-standing floor subwoofer that takes up your living room, try this vibration-free reactance-cancelling sub that goes into your wall. It’s created by Cary Christie, and available for $2,000, which isn’t that much considering how much performance you get from something that goes into your wall. The RCC 600 In-Wall Subwoofer is perfect for… Read More

  • Coolest Gadgets Turn One

    Coolest Gadgets Turn One

    Coolest Gadgets turns one year old today and CrunchGear would like to wish the crew happy birthday. It’s not easy to stay afloat in the blogging world for an entire year, but they’ve done it admirably. To celebrate, they’re running a $1000 gadget contest that includes a Nexus 95mv Wicked Laser, a solar powered cell phone charger, a pair of MP3 sunglasses and various other… Read More

  • Pantech PN-218 Compact Flip Phone On Alltel

    Pantech PN-218 Compact Flip Phone On Alltel

    Alltel’s not usually known for their fashionable phones, but this small compact-sized compact-like phone from Pantech will be available from Alltel here in the US. It has a 1.8-inch TFT screen, and a 1.0-inch external screen on the outside. A VGA camera, Brew 2.1 capability, speakerphone, and voice memo completes the package. Although this phone is small, it’s fairly thick too. Read More

  • Apple's New Xserve

    Apple's New Xserve

    In case you weren’t one of the lucky few that made it to WWDC, this is what Apple’s new Xserve looks like. Most of us won’t have any need for it, but for our IT drone readers that happen to work with Xserves, take a good look. Apple’s new server [CNET] Read More

  • O2 Ice Cellphone

    O2 Ice Cellphone

    Only available from the UK provider O2, this Ice phone looks nice and won’t break your bank. Only 99 pounds, or $187, on a pre-pay plan will get you this 1.3 megapixel cameraphone with a bonus VGA camera on the front for video conferencing. It also has MP3, Bluetooth, USB, 32MB of internal memory and a microSD slot for extra storage. 3G has never been so cheap. Well, at least not in… Read More

  • USB Ass Cooler

    USB Ass Cooler

    With this USB Ass Cooler, the Japanese have officially cooled everything you can think of. Now, not only can I keep my drink cool and my jacket cool, the old bum-meister can stay chilly as well. This gadget goes onto your seat, plugs into your USB, and is pretty much a fan that blows air into your ass. It costs 4800 Yen, or $41. This kind of stuff makes me wonder what Japanese engineers are… Read More

  • Marriott Hotels Ready Wireless Check-In

    Marriott Hotels Ready Wireless Check-In

    Mariott International has announced an initiative that will allow guests to check-in wirelessly with Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smartphones. The process end-to-end Intel Architecture and proprietary software from Arrive. This will enable guests to check into their rooms while in a cab on the way to the hotel from the airport. Through the software, users can change room types, get… Read More

  • Brain XP

    Brain XP

    Livescience reports that the brain, when waking, will boot up like a computer. Nitric oxide seems to be the “on” switch of the brain, as when the person wakes it triggers certain functions that will set the scene for increasingly complex activities—such as going to the bathroom. Scientists have found that the thalamus might not be the primitive structure they had… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Daily Crunch: Snakes on a Plane Edition

    Lots of big stories dropped yesterday and, as always, we want to make sure that you caught the major ones. Here are some of the highlights from Thursday, August 16: TomTom ONE GPS Released In North America Boeing Drops Connexion More Microsoft Zune Details Logitech Launches iPod Speakers Masterlock Bested? Read More

  • CrunchedGear: The Crunchiest

    CrunchedGear: The Crunchiest

    Alright everybody, it’s Friday and our CrunchedGear contest is in full swing. We’re looking for pictures of your most beaten up gear–cracked, smashed, destroyed, etc. The more broken, the better. Our lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, winners can choose among a Norelco 7240XL or any of these items from Proporta: Proporta BlackBerry 8700 hard case Proporta… Read More

  • Ready To Party?

    Ready To Party?

    The TechCrunch August Capital party is tonight, Friday, at August Capital in Menlo Park (map). The fun starts at 6 pm. Additional details are on the wiki. There will be plenty to eat and drink, lots of companies will be demo’ing, and as always Pandora is piping in the music. Wine has been donated from Stormhoek and Silicon Valley Bank. We have a personally signed, limited edition… Read More

  • Google's Writely released; will another sector be squashed?

    Online ajax-rich word processor Writely began accepting new accounts today after closing registration when the company was acquired by Google in March. A number of startups who used to compete with Writely will now have to challenge Google. Writely’s acquisition fueled talk of a Google Office suite of services, a vision made more real by the subsequent launch of Google Spreadsheets… Read More

  • AMD-based Dells

    AMD-based Dells

    Attention AMD fans, Dell announced today that it will be building desktops and 2P server with AMD processors. Reports have estimated that Dell will prepare between 1 million and 1.2 million new AMD based desktops, and 800,000 AMD based notebooks. This is a huge step for AMD, but rumor has it that it is a ploy by Dell to encourage Intel to lower their prices on processors and not an actual move… Read More

  • Boeing Drops Connexion

    Boeing Drops Connexion

    Citing financial problems with the program, Boeing announced today that it would be discontinuing its Connexion broadband service. Company chief Jim McNerney said, “Regrettably, the market for this service has not materialized as had been expected. We believe this decision best balances the long-term interests of all parties with a stake in Connexion by Boeing.” Regrettably… Read More

  • 3com 3108 Gets FCC'ed

    3com 3108 Gets FCC'ed

    This WiFi VoIP phone from 3com has just gotten its FCC seal of approval. The 3108 SIP and does not offer Skype compatibility. It functions on 802.11b/g networks and has a range of 65 – 165ft indoors and 820ft with no obstructions. The phone features an 1.8in color display, an external 2.4Ghz antenna and various options to store numbers. Its firmware can also be updated via WiFi. Read More

  • More Microsoft Zune Details

    Gizmodo has the scoop on more Zune details today, following up their Zune Pictures with tidbits on how the UI and case looks. The most disappointing detail is that the scroll wheel isn’t actually a scroll wheel. It’s actually just a set of four buttons embedded in the wheel. Oh well. The UI looks like Media Center, with the transparent fonts and alphabetical speed… Read More

  • Picture of Zune Device on CrunchGear

    CrunchGear has a picture of the new Microsoft Zune device, which we wrote about here and here. I like that it’s black, and the screen is large, much bigger than my iPod video. But other than that, it seems sort of…uninspired. More on Gizmodo, which found the picture. Read More