• Defection Watch: Google's Director of Social Media Decides It's More Social at Facebook

    If you are the director of Social Media at Google, wouldn’t you rather be working at Facebook? That is what Ethan Beard decided to do. The Google executive turned in his resignation last week and will be joining Facebook. There he will join other ex-Googlers, such as Facebook’s new COO Sheryl Sandberg, CFO Gideon Yu (formerly YouTube’s CFO) and a slew of others. Both at… Read More

  • Microsoft: MS Office on iPhone? It could happen

    Fortune is reporting that Microsoft may be eyeing the iPhone as a potential outlet for their software, including Office applications and voice control for Apple’s iPhone. “It’s really important for us to understand what we can bring to the iPhone,” Tom Gibbons, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Specialized Devices and Applications Group, told Fortune on Monday. Read More

  • SE launching some phone at CTIA

    The Sony Ericsson Emelie will appear at CTIA. As you can see from these photos it has keys and an operating system. It also plays music.

    SlashRumor: Sony Ericsson Set to Announce New Phone in CTIA Wireless 2008 Read More

  • Save the Developers! Stop Using Internet Explorer 6

    There is a scourge on the Web. It is called Internet Explorer 6. Even though the more recent version of Microsoft’s browser, IE7, has been around for more than two years, IE6 still represents 31 percent of all browsers out there (versus only 22 percent for IE7 and 36.5 percent for Firefox). This upgrade lag is simply unacceptable—to programmers, that is, who find it a real pain… Read More

  • Canned Shape Card Reader

    If you’re anything like me, you woke up this morning, grabbed your first beer of the day out of your bedside mini-fridge, and got ready to face the demons. But what if that can didn’t contain beer but memory card slots! How funny — and infuriating — would that be? Who would you kill? No one, right? Because no one will talk to you. Their loss. Well, now you can… Read More

  • XM-Sirius in a post-DoJ world: Still needs FCC approval, NAB still complaining

    [photopress:xmsir0325.jpg,full,right] The Justice Department gave its blessing to the XM-Sirius merger yesterday. Now we wait for the FCC to weigh in, most likely siding with Justice in giving the merger the OK. Maybe they’ll throw up a few last minute hurdles—please demonstrate how this merger helps the consumer and not just your bottom line, for example—but most… Read More

  • Hands on with Western Digital's My Passport Elite

    Hot off the assembly line is Western Digital’s latest submission into the portable HDD world, the My Passport Elite. And Elite it is. Shedding the generic white and black plastic shells for a more sophisticated soft-touch plastic shell is the Elite’s visual beacon by which you can differentiate it from the rest of the pack. Our titanium version is reminiscent of brushed aluminum… Read More

  • As Predicted, Yahoo Joins OpenSocial. But Wait, There's More

    Two weeks ago there were reports that Yahoo was planning to join Google’s OpenSocial application platform. A day later we heard that the final decision had been made, but it wouldn’t be announced for a while, probably in April. Well, they beat that projection by a week. Today Yahoo announced their support for the platform. But they are also, along with Google and MySpace, forming a… Read More

  • Microsoft Embracing Data Portability? Partnerships WIth Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, LinkedIn and Tagged

    Bowing to the inevitable, Microsoft took a big step today towards data portability by announcing that Windows Live contacts can now be exported to social networks and other Websites. Its Windows Live Contacts API will work with Facebook, Bebo, Hi5, Taged, and LinkedIn to start. Members of those social networks will be able to import their Windows Live contacts (i.e., their Hotmail address… Read More

  • Computer vs. Realtor: Computer Wins. Twice.

    Seattle based Redfin, a service that you use in lieu of a buyers broker or agent when buying a house. We explained their model in detail when they launched in mid 2006. A year later the company was interviewed on 60 Minutes. And all along the way there have been lawsuits and litigation threats against the Redfin model – a home buyer replaces uses the Redfin service instead of a broker… Read More

  • Mixx's New Feature Aims To Get Breaking News To Home Page Faster Than Digg

    Mixx, a Digg-like site that ranks news stories based on reader voting, will launch a new “breaking news” feature later today that should get real news onto the home page very, very fast. More on that below. Since launching just last September, Mixx has been on a tear to release new products. Groups came in December, followed by private mail in Februrary. Also in February they… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Eats Chips and Leaves Edition

    Going towards the light: Researchers look into replacing wire chip interfaces with optical
    Caterpillar eats message into leaf, heralded as green printer
    LIP Watches: The French is for quality
    It slices, it dices, it blasts through concrete
    All About Linux 2008: Aren’t UNIX and Linux the same thing? Yes and no. Read More

  • CrunchArcade: PS3 firmware 2.2 is live

    I’m sure most of the fanbois are already aware that 2.2 was let loose earlier tonight, but in case you’re working the late shift or you’re not at home then this is for you. BD-Live is now in full effect. Read More

  • Peerflix To Close DVD Business, Continue As Ad Seller Only

    Peerflix has announced it will close its previous core DVD trading platform April 23. In an email to members (via Stowe Boyd) Dear Peerflix Member, Effective April 23, 2008 Peerflix is discontinuing the Marketplace and DVD buy/sell/trade portions of Peerflix.com. While the Peerflix.com web site will be available beyond April 23, 2008, you will no longer be able to buy, sell, send or receive… Read More

  • ReVou Lets You Host Your Own Twitter

    There’s a joke that no good Web 2.0 service has come of age until there’s a script available to clone it. Digg has Pligg, Popurls has ezUrls (both predated AllTop). Now Twitter has ReVou. ReVou promises “Twitter clone software made affordable” for $399 as a self hosted script. The script offers all of Twitters features, including SMS support, and even comes with its… Read More

  • CrunchArcade: At WMC, Paul Oakenfold will mix The Bourne Conspiracy soundtrack; Yahoo! will broadcast the show online

    [photopress:oakenfoldtbc.jpg,full,center] To promote the upcoming release of The Bourne Conspiracy (PS3 and 360), which is due to hit store shelves this summer, Sierra, the game’s publisher, will host a soundtrack party tomorrow night in Miami with Paul Oakenfold. The British DJ, who sorta sucked when I saw him last year here in New York, will perform as part of the “Bourne… Read More

  • Imeem Makes Its Own Platform Play For Music Apps. Who's OpenSocial?

    For those of you who thought OpenSocial was going to make things easy for developers who want to create social networking apps once and deploy them everywhere, think again. More splintering is occurring. Tonight, rising music social network imeem (an original member of OpenSocial) is releasing its own software development kit for programmers to create applications on imeem. Imeem is not… Read More

  • Yeah, But He Didn't Predict The iPhone, Did He?

    “A typical vacation in 2008 is to spend a week at an undersea resort,” wrote James R. Berry in 1968. His article, 40 Years In The Future, had a few things almost right, and a ton of things that probably won’t be reality even a hundred years from now. Berry guessed right on flat panel displays and computers that do a lot of work for you. But he also thought we’d have… Read More

  • Red One-powered Super 8 telecine system rules you

    [photopress:redsuper8.jpg,full,center] This is rad. Take one Movie Stuff Workprinter XP. Now add a Red One. You now have an ultra-high-def Super 8 telecine system. What does that mean for you non camera geeks? It means it’s a way of transferring analog Super 8 films into perfect, high-rez digital archives. Why anyone would need that kind of quality from Super 8 remains to be seen, but… Read More

  • Going towards the light: Researchers look into replacing wire chip interfaces with optical

    The interface between the CPU and the motherboard is a good place for electricity and heat leakage, and it’s also a computation bottleneck. In the interest of faster, better supercomputers (probably to better calculate oil revenues), the Pentagon has granted Sun Microsystems a $44 million contract to investigate an alternative to the physical connections which seem to be holding out… Read More

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