• Nintendo Mii's=Big Business

    Who says the Wii isn’t the most popular gaming console right now? The Wii was once again the most sold and sought after console in February and now, apparently, Mii’s are big business. Maybe I’m a far superior graphic artist than David Merrill, but I created my Mii in just a few minutes and it looks fantastic. David Merrill is possibly incompetent and/or has no thumbs because… Read More

  • Mio C320, C520 and C520T Widescreen GPS Units

    Mio makes, like, a lot of GPS devices of various shapes and sizes and just showed off three hot little numbers at CeBIT. There’s the C320, C520 and C520T, all of which have a 4.3-inch widescreen, touchscreen display and the latest Tele Atlas maps. Awesome. Mio’s also quite proud of its new split screen interface, which supposedly helps show more information on the screen than… Read More

  • No Vista Key? No Problem! Run Vista Up To A Year Without Activation

    Last month, while John was upstairs at his place baking a lovely fruitcake, I stole a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate from his basement. When I went to install it on my friend’s computer, everything was working great. Then after awhile, WGA kicked in and sort of tried to break Vista. Then it dawned on me that Johnnypants had already used the serial number that came with the box. Turns… Read More

  • Geometry Wars Was Supposed To Be FREE

    Microsoft screwed you over, lads. Bizarre (the creators of GW) recently told IGN it originally wanted to release Geometry Wars over XBL Arcade for free, but Microsoft wouldn’t allow them. Says Bizzare: Geometry Wars was really intended as a gift to hardcore gamers and we initially wanted to give the game away for free. When it became evident that we couldn’t do this, we said… Read More

  • LG To Host National Texting Championship

    File this one under…awesome, I suppose. Turns out LG is hosting the world’s greatest sporting event. No, not the Super Bowl, but the National Texting Championship! Yes, this is THE premier event where all the best text messengers get together to see who can text the fastest. Those of you with a lot of free time on your hands and no girlfriend can apply for the semifinals in NYC… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Sonic Weapons, Justice League-Style

    Traveling through the Scottish countryside with fellow writer Todd Seavey, who has written a couple of storylines for Justice League comic books, I began to doze off. Todd had just told me one of his storylines, so I began daydreaming about the various members of the League in terms of how these heroes might make use of bleeding-edge sonic weaponry. After all, even superheroes can benefit… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Entry #4: Rock and Crunch

    contest. It was a lovely afternoon as I was using my laptop while sitting in my recliner, when the phone rang. Cursing my forgetfulness, since I hadn’t grabbed my cordless phone off the charger earlier, I set my laptop down on the floor, closing it as I placed it there, and rushed to the phone. After my call was done, I came back and sat down – in my rocker-recliner – and… Read More

  • WiFi Sixth Sense

    Do you dream of being Hiro or Claire in Heroes? Want to have your own special power that Sylar can steal out of your head? Why not try WiFi sensing? This DIY device uses a WiFi sensor and a motor to notify you — at all times — when WiFi is active. Looks fairly easy and a great way to make your friends think you’re a freak. iMakeProjects via Make via BB Read More

  • Kingmax Releases "World's Smallest" USB Drive, Largest Ego

    Every couple months or so, some company comes along and goes “Yo. We’ve got the smallest USB flash drive EVER!” Everyone yawns, we all nod our heads, and life goes on. But with Kingmax’s latest endeavor, the Super Stick, you kinda have to pay attention when the dimensions are, ah, 24 x 12.4 x 2.2mm. Yeah, that’s also known as really friggin’ small. This… Read More

  • WSJ Discovers Twitter, Buttocks in Dark Sans Flashlight

    Good morning, Farnsworth. Up bright and early, I see. I say, old chap, have you seen this latest computer system? It’s called Twittle, I believe. A, here it is in the Journal. Yes. Twitter. How much do we have available in the Mad Money fund? 45 million? Let’s put a pinch of that into this company. It seems the kids just love it. What does it do? Well, the children go to the… Read More

  • Transmit TV Signals Through Electrical Wires

    A mighty German company has figured out a way to transmit television signals through the same wires that handle electricity. Devolvo demoed its creation a CeBIT, though for now the technology can only transmit one TV signal at a time. The technology is still in its infancy (even though companies have had ways to share a network connection via the very same wires for a while now) and uses IP… Read More

  • A PC That Rolls Off the Tip of Your Desk

    This green orb contains a computer with a VIA EPIA Mini-ITX motherboard, 40GB hard drive and 200W power supply. Called the Ball PC System, the sphere opens up when the user needs access to the DVD drive. It comes in two colors: silver and green. The computer looks quite stylish, and I’m a bit amused that it’s suspended in a plastic base, mainly because it could potentially roll… Read More

  • Samsung UbiSync USB Monitor

    The Samsung USB monitor we told you about some time ago is at CeBIT and it’s way better than we thought. It was reported that only three to five peripherals would work from one USB port, but it’s been confirmed that six is actually the number. A Samsung rep stated that a setup with 2GB of RAM and a dual-core processor running at 2GHz could easily support six monitors. There was no… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Elevation Edition

    Japanese Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster: Exactly What It Sounds Like
    Pantech Maglev Floats And Amazes…I Think
    Griffin Radio Shark 2: Like TiVo For Radio, Now Better Sound Quality
    Limewire Will Make A Mess Of Your iTunes
    Fabrix 2007 Case Lineup Read More

  • Top Celebrity List Launched at TeamSugar

    The TeamSugar Top 100 Celebrities List: In some ways it’s the equivalent of the Technorati Top 100 list for bloggers, although the participants are somewhat cooler. Read their launch announcement here. The company has aggregated hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, and pulled data on each of them from YouTube videos, Wikipedia entries, Flickr photos and Sugar Network blog posts. Users then… Read More

  • VLIP Launches Vlogging for Dummies

    Video conferencing company Sightspeed is hopping on the web 2.0 train with the launch of a new video blogging site, Vlip. Vlip lets users post webcam video commentary to the Vlip site along with a thread of video replies. It’s taken the post and reply vlogging from YouTube and placed it front and center with a few enhancements. Vlips, like YouTube videos can be embedded in sites, but… Read More

  • Cingular Unlocks Blackjack for Free

    Searching around on the Web, I’ve found a lot of sites that will charge you between $25 and $35 to unlock your Samsung i607 Blackjack. However, I came across a post describing how to get your phone unlocked for free via Cingular. I decided to try it, since I’m legitimately headed to Europe this summer and need to unlock my phone. I couldn’t find much on the Web about it, so… Read More

  • Streakr Search Makes Social Networks Bare All

    Vivek, over at Startup Squad, recently discovered a new social network and social networking meta search engine, Streakr. The main URL still says the site is coming soon. The new engine lets you search the profiles on the major networks (MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, and Facebook) as well at it’s own social network. It appears to be a hook to draw people into their main service, like Wink did… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Entry #3: Bloops!

    . It came out of no where. There are no signs. You and your love have spent every day together, mornings…evenings…you can’t keep your hands off. Then suddenly life decides to play bitch for a day. You wake up one morning, do your daily routine and then BAM! They are gone. No signs, no warnings. I can’t help but feel completely responsible for what happened. Life… Read More

  • iTMS Getting "Live from Las Vegas" Concerts

    Perhaps you heard back in 2006 that the Palms resort and casino was opening up an $80 million concert theater decked out with state of the art equipment. Now that the theater/hall/whatever is open, Palms is ready to cash in by recording each concert and offering it on the iTunes Music Store. The first show will be March 17th featuring Evanescence and will feature extra songs… Read More

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