• Microsoft's OOXML 'Open' File Format Rejected: Try Again Next Year

    Thank you, Penny Arcade Arguments about Microsoft’s OOXML format date back to my days when I read Slashdot for fun. Yeah, those days are long gone. Anyway, the International Organization for Standardization rejected Microsoft’s so-called open format; Microsoft hopes to pass the vote early next year. And this means…? Should Microsoft fail to gain approval for its file format… Read More

  • The Awesome Auger Is So Awesome It's Awesome

    Last week, Nick and I were chilling at my crib, watching a little Time-Warner cable when this commercial with Billy Mays came on. He was advertising a product called the Awesome Auger, a groundbreaking (literally) tool that helps break up ground so you can plant flowers easier. Read More

  • Adventures in Ergonomics: Steelcase Airtouch

    It’s been awhile since we took a look at anything ergonomic, so I figured it was best we picked up where we left off. In our last installment of Adventures in Ergonomics, we viewed a slew of chairs made to make your back happier. While this go round isn’t quite as ambitious, the product we’re looking at is a component of no less importance. Read More

  • Superbad: Logitech MX5500 Keyboard & Mouse Set

    This morning, Logitech decided to take out the big guns and announce its new flagship keyboard system, the MX5500. This Bluetooth 2.0 (score!) set comes with the new MX Revolution ergonomic laser mouse, which features a metal scroll wheel and included charger. The keyboard isn’t half-bad either. It includes a built-in LCD display that can show the time, date, message, current music, or… Read More

  • Sony To Open Movie Download Service

    The latter part of August saw Sony axing Connect, to no one’s surprise, and the introduction of the video Walkman, which Sony is hoping will resurrect their abysmal PMP division. Apparently they haven’t learned their lesson from Connect and now they’re looking to launch a movie download service. Sony spokesman Shigenori Yoshida had this to say. Read More

  • Control Child’s Mobile Phone Usage with AT&T

    With school back in session, children are heading away from home and showing off their flashy new mobile phones. The calls to friends, text messages about a cute guy or girl, and cool downloads can add up fast. A new service called AT&T Smart Limits for Wireless allows parents to set usage limits on their children’s mobile phones. Calling time, text messaging, instant messaging… Read More

  • New iPod Tomorrow, September 5: What Else Happened That Day?

    Everyone expects Apple to release some sort of iPod tomorrow—be it that fat nano or what’s commonly referred to as “an iPhone without the phone part.” Since September 5 will (maybe) live forever in Apple fanboi history, it got me thinking: what else happened on that particular date in history? Woo! Read More

  • Rocket Phone

    Are you craving attention and individuality? Are you bored with a non-rocket based phone? Does the fragile state of your slim clamshell bother you? Well then this is just for you. Nothing says “don’t date me” better than an orange rocket-shaped phone, but at least it has a color display, 2MP camera, and media player. Is that a rocket phone in your pocket or are you happy to… Read More

  • Linux Is Inappropriate Language On Xbox Live

    Here’s a little something to giggle at: those negative Nancy’s and Debbie downers over at Microsoft have decided that “Linux” is a bad word. This is the error message some dude got when trying to include the word in his motto. He doesn’t tell us what the actual motto was so this is still up in the air but it’s funny anyway. The Word “LINUX”… Read More

  • Virgin America and Google Maps

    “transparent”> If you were wondering how Google Maps would function onboard a Virgin America flight, Virgin and Google have put together a lighthearted little video demonstrating the service. If that doesn’t pique your fancy, then perhaps I should add that it also features a low-rider plane with spinners and hydraulics. Yea I knew that’d get you. Read More

  • RockYou Integrates Like.com Image Search Into Slideshows

    Last November, Munjal Shah made a fairly tough decision and did an about face on his startup, Riya. Instead of continuing to focus on Riya’s existing product – facial recognition and tagging of photos – the company took its core technology and launched an image search engine called Like.com. Unlike other image search engines, Like.com uses photos as the query, returning… Read More

  • Time To Learn How To Breakdance At 5Min

    http://www.5min.com/Embeded/4284/Sometimes its worth taking a second look at a startup a few months after we cover their initial launch to see how things are going. We first covered Israeli startup 5min back in May. The site is a sort of YouTube for short user generated instructional videos. And there are some indications that it may be taking off. The company says 2 million videos were watched… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Mozilla Revives Eudora…You Remember Eudora, Don't You?

    Eudora, the email client that introduced many in the earlier days of the internet to email, officially died May 1, although not that many people noticed. Qualcomm decided to open source the Eudora code and the good folks at Mozilla have resurrected the once great desktop email client. Code name Penelope (Eudora 8.0.0b1) is now available for download here. According to Ars Technica the client… Read More

  • Another Tool To Map Website Visitors

    http://maps.amung.us/flash/flashsrv.php?k=px5ag7n9&type=emb.swf Good things come in pairs, I guess. Yesterday I wrote about FeedJit’s new visitor mapping widget. Today, whos.amung.us, a real time traffic widget that we covered back in March, released a Flash based map widget that also shows the physical location of website visitors. See it at maps.amung.us. There are many other… Read More

  • Windows Live Suite Out This Week

    Pun intended. A couple months back officials at Microsoft said that a suite of Live services was in the works to help create a more seamless experience, and to nudge users into trying out other members of the Live Family. The suite is due out sometime this week and will include apps no one really cares about like Windows Live Messenger 8.5, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Photo Gallery… Read More

  • More Next-Gen iPod Details

    A “reliable” source has just notified vnunet.com that Wednesday’s iPod’s are expected to have digital radio and the ability to purchase songs directly from iTunes via WiFi. Being able to buy tracks as you hear them is a welcomed improvement. Other rumors include a touch screen iPod and an iPhone-like interface. On the 5th we will all know who was right and which… Read More

  • Google Phone: The Plot Thickens

    We’ve been hearing a lot about the Google phone lately but no one was anywhere near sure about what the device is capable of. The phone will be based on a Linux platform with a UI written entirely in Java, but don’t expect anything fancy as it’s pretty ordinary. Some other functionality such as a browser similar to that of the iPhone, and some multimedia jazz are also expected. Read More

  • Digpicz: The Unofficial Digg Picture Browser

    Digpicz delivers a much asked for, and yet to be delivered feature of Digg: picture browsing. Digpicz comes from Peteris Krumins, the same guy behind the unofficial multimedia-only version of Reddit, RedditMedia. Details of how the site was made can be found here. Digpicz pulls its data from the Digg API so it should be fairly accurate and thorough, although as an unofficial site with a logo… Read More

  • MVE Gives Up the Top-Secrets

    So, let me get this right: I can fire up my Microsoft Virtual Earth and navigate my way to see classified military secrets? I guess so, as Ogle Earth shows us. A Nautical fan named Dan did just that, finding a satellite image of an Ohio-class US sumbarine with a new, secret propeller design. When the submarines are out of the water, the props are supposed to be covered up. Oops. So far the… Read More

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