• Nokia N95 8GB now runs YouTube, widgets

    For any owners of the 8GB N95 who haven’t upgraded to the latest firmware, V15.0.015, you may want to take a few minutes and do so. That is, of course, if you care about being able to watch YouTube. And no, it is not the mobile site, but the full on version you watch everyday at work. Along with GooTube the new firmware includes Web Run Time, which allows for widgets. Hooray! Now go… Read More

  • Intel quits OLPC, stops work on XO Laptop after dispute

    [photopress:olpcintel.jpg,full,center] The first OLPC story of 2008 isn’t exactly positive. It seems Intel has left the initiative, claiming the OLPC camp, lead by the cocksure Nicholas Negroponte, wanted it to stop producing chips for its own low cost PC and for other companies’ low cost PCs (like the Eee PC by Asus). Intel wanted none of that so it left. Exactly how true this is… Read More

  • New version of gOS announced

    I think it’s time we shut down the Internet. A new version of the so-called Google OS, gOS will be available next week. Dubbed “Rocket,” this new version has Google Gears support for hot offline action and includes: Virtual desktops: Available on the desktop, allowing easy grouping of applications across multiple desktop spaces · Online Storage Drive: available on… Read More

  • Bodibeat lets you rock out in time to your necrotic heart

    I’m kind of weaning myself off of music while I run. It lets me concentrate a bit more on, say, finishing a race in less than 6 hours. However, the Bodibeat by Yamaha might be just what the doctor ordered. It is a music player that senses your current heart rate and changes the music depending on your effort level. Strolling casually away from a… Read More

  • Meraki Networks to Build Free Wireless Web in San Francisco

    Startup company Meraki Networks is planning to blanket San Francisco with free wireless Internet service by next year. The plan includes persuading thousands of San Francisco residents to set up free radio repeaters on their rooftops and in their homes. Two larger companies, Google and EarthLink, planed a similar project but scraped the idea because of cost. Their system would have… Read More

  • Album sales dropped 9.5 percent last year, but downloads up 45 percent

    This guy, John Biggs, had the top-selling album last year Here’s to another statement by the RIAA calling all of us thieves. Album sales here in the good ol’ U S of A fell 9.5 percent in 2007 compared to sales in 2006. That number counts 10-track digital downloads as “albums,” but if you take those out of consideration then sales dropped 15 percent. The correlation to… Read More

  • Slingbox launches HD box that slings, SlingPlayer Mobile for Blackberry

    [photopress:SlingboxPRO_HD.jpg,full,center] Need 1080i content every-freaking-where in the world? Get ye a $399.99 SlingBox PRO-HD. This monster can send digital TV and HD content almost anywhere, provided your pipe is fast enough to support the upload speeds — Sling suggests FiOS. Blackberry fans will be happy to note that they will now be able to watch Slinged (Slung?) content on their… Read More

  • Norcent launches HDTVs, a camera

    BIZARRO LAS VEGAS (AP) – With the eyes of the world turned to Sin City for this year’s Computer Electronical Show, tech giant Norcent has announced two of its highly anticipated products, the LT series of LCD televisions and a digital camera. Crowds of people are already lining up to view Norcent’s offerings, causing Nevada Governor Gibbon McShandy to declare a state… Read More

  • More Defections At Google

    Today we learn of two more Googlers leaving the search giant: Kevin Fox, a UI designer who worked on Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Reader, and Nathan Stoll, a product manager at Google News. Fox is going to an unnamed startup. Stoll is vague about his plans. Update: Add New York sales vet David Hirsch to today’s list. Remember, these are two three employees out of 16,000 and the… Read More

  • The inscrutable Chinese are Googling for money

    While the rest of the world has been Googling “iphone,” “webkinz,” and “club penguin,” visitors to the great World Wide Wall are googling for “stock,” “China Merchants Bank,” and “thunder…” why thunder? Oh, it’s a P2P download service. That’s strange… anyway. China Daily is reporting that four of… Read More

  • Pudding Media Raises $8 Million To Serve Ads Against Phone Conversations

    Placing ads based on what people say in phone conversations is going to be controversial, but Pudding Media just raised $8 million in an A round led by Opus Capital and BRM Capital to prove the concept. Pudding Media already operates The Pudding, a Website we covered in September. As we reported back then:
    ThePudding provides free, PC-based phone calls to anywhere in the US or Canada. The… Read More

  • Ding, Dong, The Music DRM Witch Is Dead

    Sony BMG, the company that championed DRM music through rootkits is about to drop DRM, according to a report by Businessweek. Sony BMG will become the last of the big four record companies to offer music without the handicap of digital rights management, effectively putting the final nail into the music DRM coffin. Justin Timberlake’s latest song is expected to be the first release by… Read More

  • The Long Decline of the Music Album Continues

    The music industry can’t stop the hemorrhaging, even with the help of digital music sales. Despite a nearly 45 percent surge in digital music sales last year, overall album sales in the U.S. still declined 9.5 percent, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (It counts ten digital tracks as an album). Some stats: There were 500 million CDs and other physical albums sold last year, and… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #285

    Brief 285 gets us back full force into gadgety goodness. I start with the TearDrop iPod Water Resistant Speaker. It comes in blue, orange or white, but I’m not sure if it floats. The Powramid power center from Kreative Power gives you plenty of room for bulky power adaptors. HP is announcing that all of their TVs will come with MediaSmart technology to stream photos, video and music… Read More

  • Google Lodges Patent For Reading Text In Images And Video

    A patent application lodged by Google in July 2007 but recently made public seeks to patent a method where by robots (computers) can read and understand text in images and video. The extension of the application would be that images and video indexed by Google would be searchable by the text located within the image or video itself, a big step forward in indexing that has not previously… Read More

  • New Version of gOS To Be Launched At CES Complete With Google Gears

    Linux distro gOS, the web focused OS we first wrote about when it went on sale with a $199 PC at Wal-mart November 1, is about to launch a new version at CES in Las Vegas next week. Before you ask (as some have previously) why TechCrunch would write about a Linux distro, gOS is different. This is the first major OS to come standard with a focus on web apps, and as I wrote in November last year… Read More

  • Europe Wants To Force DRM Interoperability

    The European Union wants to standardize content distribution as well as DRM standards, according to statements from EU Commissioner Viviane Reding. Under the proposals, the EU would regulate the market by creating a single, European market for online music, films, and video games. According to Ars Technica, DRM would also be required to remain transparent to consumers with an aim of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Listening Party Edition

    Coming soon to iPhone: Copy and Paste
    Belkin’s RockStar allows 5 hipsters to listen to LCD Soundsystem simultaneously
    Skull shaped floppy disk
    Hackers detonate fake nuke on live news; Czech Republic is so not amused
    Stay warm while contracting incurable cancer this winter Read More

  • Facebook Invited To Join The DataPortability Work Group

    You have to hand it to internet memes, the last 24 hours have been rich with debate, and some of it was even worth while. It started around this time yesterday when Robert Scoble was banned from Facebook. As Michael noted later in the day, Scoble was testing a new Plaxo feature that exported friend data from Facebook into Plaxo. Scoble has since had his account reinstated, but not before… Read More

  • The Xbox team speaks out about the outage

    Here it is, folks. What we’ve been waiting for from the Xbox team. Dear Xbox LIVE Members: During this past holiday season you helped us break a number of Xbox LIVE records. This included our largest sign-up of new members to Xbox LIVE in our 5 year history and just yesterday you broke the record for the single biggest day of concurrent members ever on the service. As a result of… Read More

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