• Back To School 2007: Speak of the Devil! A Cheap MP3 Player That Probably Doesn't Sound Like Crap

    I remember my days back in college when MP3 players were a rare sight on campus and people actually spoke to one another during breaks. Then the iPod became all the rage and everyone stopped talking to each other and just bobbed their heads while walking on campus. I was too poor have one of my own, so I looked like a chump and the ladies did not come flocking. Kids in school have it easier… Read More

  • Japanese Book Explains Why PS3 'Failed'

    Plenty of folks are acting like the PS3 has sentenced Sony to financial ruin. Not this guy though, a Japanese video game journalist whose book Why Did The PS3 Fail? explores the steps and missteps that lead to Sony where it finds itself today: the butt of every 14-year-old message board poster’s joke. Yeah the book’s in Japanese, meaning that I’ll never get to read it… Read More

  • Skype Worm On The Loose

    Heads up, Skype users. Seems there’s a P2P worm that’s working its way through the chat feature. It appears as a link from someone in your contact list or possibly an unknown user. It’ll look like a JPEG file but when you click on it you’ll get a dialog asking you to run or save a “.scr” file. If you run it, jump back Jack. You’ve just been infected… Read More

  • In the Year 2000

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=4796674762025998102&hl=en It’s a little dopey, but this is probably one of the best “The Home of the Future” videos I’ve seen in a while. Sure, they got the implementation wrong, but this was made in 1966 and they’ve got email, multiple screens, and bill-paying (it’s a bit misogynist in the video, but you… Read More

  • Bad Parenting At Its Best

    See that dopegasm cake above? The one with the fake money rolled up and twisted into the sides. The one with the dude holding a gat in a wife beater. The one that says “Happy 4th Birthday Lil’ Drerrick”. Last I checked, four-year-olds should not be playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I bet that cake is really delicious though. Via [OK Future] Read More

  • Belkin Continues to Support Boobs

    In its charge to be the most boob-friendly company in the Silicon Valley, Belkin has announced yet another pink product to benefit Breast Cancer research. Belkin today announced a handful of breast cancer aware, pink and brown cases for the iPod Nano. For each case sold, Belkin will donate $2.50 to (with a minimum guarantee donation of $255,000) support Komen for the Cure, the leading… Read More

  • iLuv i707 FM Transmitter For iPod Touch (Even Though The Touch Still Hasn't Shipped)

    The iPod Touch isn’t even here yet—I had to settle for a new nano this weekend, the horror—but accessory manufactures are already promising us the world. For example, iLuv has brought its FM transmitter, the i707, to the top-of-the-line iPod. Like its other FM transmitters, iLuv’s 707 does its best to match the look and feel (there’s more cliches where that came… Read More

  • Wales Bags Biggest Mobile Phone Recycling Facility in Europe

    Excel Fortune Holdings announced that Europe’s largest mobile phone recycling facility will be built in Wales, UK. Excel has committed GBP (Pounds) 6million for the venture with an estimated total start-up investment, including capital turnover, of GBP15million. A 120,000 sq ft facility will become Excel’s European hub and headquarters. Once finished, the complex will be able… Read More

  • Checking, Savings and Master Chief

    You don’t have to tell me. I know that Halo 3 is going to be the greatest game ever made in the history of gaming and that Jesus himself will transcend space and time to sneak a round of King of the Hill in. That being said, Halo 3 isn’t great for marketing everything. Sure, it’s fantastic for things like Mountain Dew and Doritos, but a bank? Doesn’t seem all that right. Read More

  • OQO Updates model 02 Lineup

    Everyone’s favorite UMPC is getting a makeover. OQO announced this morning that it will be updating the model 02 lineup completely. Lots of new options will be available, including a 120GB hard drive if storage is truly a concern. The standard 30GB drive is up to 40GB now, while models using the 60GB drive get jacked up to a whopping 80GB, along with a 32GB SSD HD for additional storage. Read More

  • Back to School 2007: Cheap MP3 Players that Don't Sound Like Crap

    You’re not going to be looking at YouTube videos or surfing the Web on these music players, a few of which don’t even have screens. But there’s one thing these players are all good at: Letting you play up to 1000 songs with sweet sound quality for south of $100. Read More

  • SanDisk Brings Back Sansa View To Combat iPod Nano

    Though canned after an exciting round at CES, the Sansa View is making a comeback. In an effort to combat the recent iPod announcements that Apple made, SanDisk is looking to strike customers who are on a budget. The new Sansa View will feature a price lower than the Nano’s, which should attract the price-wary consumer. A 16GB model will only set you back $199, while the 8GB model is… Read More

  • Writing, Sharing And Protecting Your Life's Story

    A new class of startups is emerging that is part blogging, part genealogy and part something unique. They are focused on the very long term – getting and then keeping customers for decades, and encouraging friends and especially family members to join, too. Once they’re hooked, they’ve spent so much time building content that they are very unlikely to ever leave. The four… Read More

  • RFID Chip Implants Causing Tumors, Cancer

    I’ll be the first to admit that I wanted an RFID chip in my hand for some stupid reason. Maybe it was so I could stumble home drunk at 4am without the need for keys, who knows. All I know is that I won’t be trying to mess with that shit anymore. Seems a study from the 1990s has come back into the limelight and it’s not reassuring anyone. A series of veterinary and… Read More

  • Welcome to Back-to-School Week at CrunchGear

    Hey, kids? Back to school yet? Great. Well, now that Mom and Dad are out of your hair, we can start talking about what you really should be getting. Go ahead and return that crappy laptop they bought you… we’ll wait. Read More

  • Apple Thinking About Bidding For Wireless Spectrum Next Year

    Our friendly neighborhood Seth has already opined that Steve Jobs hates having to deal with AT&T, but does Apple hate having to deal with the “orifices” even to spend billions out of its own pocket? Reports from the business world (a world very far from my apartment) suggest that Apple is considering bidding on the spectrum that the FCC will auction off in January. We’ve… Read More

  • Apple May Buy Analog T.V. Spectrum

    Going once, going twice, sold to the company with the highest bid. On January 16, 2008, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will sell the rights to the spectrum that American analog T.V. broadcasters have used for years. This lucrative spectrum will revert back to the government in 2009. Minimum bids start at $4.6 billion. According to Business Week, Apple may jump into the… Read More

  • Record Industry Proves Again How Much They've Lost The Plot

    Warning: this is so stupid you might need to be sitting down. The latest brainwave from an industry that continues to bleed revenue is the Ringle: a product that combines the single format with ringtones. Each ringle will contain three songs: one popular track, a remix, an older track from the same artist and a ringtone. Distribution method for the Ringle: a CD with a slip-sleeve… Read More

  • Google In Court, Government Investigation Continues

    Google appeared before the Australian Federal Court today facing charges from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that it misleads customers. In a submission to the court, ACCC barrister Christine Adamson stated Google was misleading people who thought the ranking of its search results was not influenced by payments from advertiser. Adamson said that Google… Read More

  • Jawbone Gets A Boost From Sequoia Capital

    If you haven’t actually experienced a phone call with a Jawbone bluetooth headset yet, watch the video below. Phone calls are literally that good, with background noise being completely blocked out. You can have music playing or other background noise and the person on the call with you hears nothing but your voice. I’ve tested it extensively – and it now goes everywhere… Read More

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