• Daisy MP3 Player Brings Hope To The Open Source World

    Daisy MP3 Player Brings Hope To The Open Source World

    The Daisy MP3 Player isn’t an iPod killer. It’s not supposed to be. Originally created by artist and designed Raphael Abrams as a challenge to himself, the device has come a long way since 2001 and is incredibly easy to integrate into existing interfaces such as kiosks and displays. Abrams’ goal was to create an easy to build MP3 player that was open source and connectible. So… Read More

  • New York TechCrunch Meet-up: Guys and Dolls

    New York TechCrunch Meet-up: Guys and Dolls

    Blake and I got to bask in the beatific glory of Mr. Web 2.0 himself, Michael Arrington. He got a bobble head doll from Compete.com and we started taking orders from it until we found out it was drunk. Read More

  • G-Tech Fabric Keyboard Hits Major Retailer For The Holidays

    I haven’t kept it a secret that I dig things with ElekTex smart fabric controls. Well, in a step to get its roll-up wireless fabric keyboard into the hands of many more mobile professionals, G-Tech (by Goodhope Bags) has inked an agreement to sell them in 30 select CompUSA stores as well as in CompUSA’s online store. If you’re unfamiliar with the product, the G-Tech… Read More

  • MyBlogLog to be Acquired by in Acquisition Discussions with Yahoo

    Update: One of Yahoo’s PR firms, OutkastPR, emailed us to say that this story is innacurate, and that Yahoo has not acquired MyBlogLog. We dug a little deeper with some insiders and it appears that Yahoo and MyBlogLog are in very early acquisistion discussions, and nothing more. Founder Scott Rafer was completely silent when asked about the rumors today – suggesting he… Read More

  • Helio Drift Gets a Close-up

    Helio Drift Gets a Close-up

    We got our hands on a Helio Drift last night and snapped a few grainy, Zapruder-esque photos for you all. The phone is very small — quite refreshing from a company famous for its brick-like super-phones — and apparently the GPS integration is much better, allowing developers to create truly location-based features. Should be available in the next month or so and expect a few… Read More

  • SanDisk Shows Wii Some SD Love

    If using a plain old SD card with your new Nintendo Wii just won’t do, flash-memory manufacturer SanDisk is shipping special edition cards to coincide with the console’s release. So what’s special? For starters the cards are white (Yes! It’s true! A white SD card!) and will be emblazoned with “SanDisk For Wii.” And sadly that’s where the… Read More

  • PS3 Launch In New York: Rain, Rap, and Brits

    PS3 Launch In New York: Rain, Rap, and Brits

    Where would you expect to see a Knight of the British Realm, a notorious hip hop artist (and entourage), a video game character and a bunch of desperate journalists on a Thursday night in New York City? Try the Sony Style Store on Madison Ave. The normally upscale store for expensive electronics – all from the Sony brand – along with the lobby for Sony’s NYC corporate… Read More

  • Jessica Biel: Socially Conscious Hottie, RFID Supporter

    Maybe this is old news to you since we’re sure you read your copy of RFID Journal (The World’s RFID Authority) cover to cover already, but RFID tags are starting to be slapped on official memorabilia to prove authenticity. One of the first to start using them is actress Jessica Biel. The tags, which are being supplied by Denver-based systems integrator RFID Ltd., will… Read More

  • TC 8: The Bobble-Head

    TC 8: The Bobble-Head

    It appears our mighty leader has finally turned from a real boy into a puppet. Compete.com awarded young Michael this charming doll last night at TC 8 in New York. I’ve been assured more pictures are forthcoming. Read More

  • Is today the start of the Mobile Web.

    Is today the start of the Mobile Web.

    It seems rumours of 3’s demise yesterday were greatly exaggerated because today in Battersea saw the global launch of the X-Series from 3. Although 3 have been struggling until now to gain a [significant] share of the UK mobile market, this new mobile broadband service just might make a big difference for them. For a longtime now I have likened my experience of surfing the web from… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Brotherly Love Hi-Fi Edition

    Daily Crunch: Brotherly Love Hi-Fi Edition

    Yo-Yos Get Extreme Over At YoYoNation.com
    Zoom H4 Handy Digital Recorder, Welcome to the Future
    Panasonic Drops Science in Dope Retro Headphones
    Philadelphians Get RSS-Based Audio Tours
    Zune Says “Screw You” To Songs On Dude’s Hard Drive
    Dash Contest Last Gasp Read More

  • UK based Virtual World company seeks entrepreneur and (VC) sponsor

    UK based Virtual World company seeks entrepreneur and (VC) sponsor

    PlayGen a London based game development studio with a strong and growing track record in developing serious games for training and learning purposes is developing their latest video “learning” game NanoWars. The idea is that the game should be based on fact as it’s meant to be an educational tool to make learning about nanoscience interesting for 12 to 18 year olds.
    Read More

  • Money Mondays: First deadline is today

    Today is your first deadline to get your information in to feature as part of our Money Mondays Showcase. Just to prevent confusion here’s the format. a) It is not a live, real world event (yet)
    b) We will publish your URL, a handful of relevant sentences we have picked out of your submission (no more than 300 words please) and your contact email address.
    c) This initiative is mainly… Read More

  • Online TV startup links with ISP

    Given the news of BT buying PlusNet, it’s interesting to note that another small rival to BT in the UK broadband market is freedom2surf. With BT attempting to enter the TV market with BT Fusion Vision (at least, some time this century possibly), could F2S offer another tasty morsel for the giant? Because, aside from the usual ISP offerings, F2S has just become the first ISP to sign a… Read More

  • Dave Sifry's State of the blogosphere

    Dave Sifry's State of the blogosphere

    For those of you who have not seen the Technorati quarterly report from Dave Sifry, have a quick read it  certainly makes fascinating reading and analysis on the rapid growth of the blogosphere and the internationalisation effect of the web. No wonder it’s getting harder to be heard!  

    Summary SnapShot: Technorati is now tracking more than 57 Million blogs. Today, the… Read More

  • Le Web 3 startup room but not many UK startups?

    Le Web 3 startup room but not many UK startups?

    Loic has announced the Startup room (version 0.1) at LeWeb3 – “as I really want to give a chance to the startups to get known at LeWeb3″.  Below is a tentative program for the room, the principle is 5 minutes presentation, 5 minutes questions and 5 minutes setup. They may add more startups as there are so many companies still emailing Loic to participate. … Read More

  • Update: Le Web 3

    Update: Le Web 3

    For those of you going to Le Web 3 (30 UK attendees and counting) Loic has just setup a public Google group LeWeb3 for any participant or person interested in the conference to have conversations around it. And in case you missed it, they have put together Planet LeWeb3 which is a one page of all the recent posts of everybody registered at LeWeb3. Read More

  • CaseCamp at Crayonville Island

    CaseCamp at Crayonville Island

    Neville Hobson is blogging that the first CaseCamp ‘unconference’ in the virtual world of Second Life will be hosted by crayon, on December 14, in the amphitheatre on crayonville Island. If you’ve not heard of Casecamp before, the concept is simple – it’s a conference where presenters share case studies of their work, with the goal of creating a commons for… Read More

  • Yahoo! Acquires Contest Site Bix

    Online karaoke and contest site Bix has signed an agreement to be acquired by Yahoo! Bix CEO Mike Speiser will continue running Bix but will also take on responsibility for product management for Yahoo! Groups, 360, and Photos under the title VP of Community. Speiser was previously the founder of Epinions. Epinions was acquired by Shopping.com (then DealTime.com) in 2003, which in turn… Read More

  • Benchmark Capital Europe raises €430 million

    Benchmark Capital Europe raises €430 million

    Benchmark Capital Europe has raised €430 million for its new European venture capital fund. This is Benchmark’s third European fund, having raised €390 million in May 2000 and €290 million in July 2004.
    “We ran out of money,” said Barry Maloney (far right), a London-based general partner with Benchmark. He was referring to the fact that the VC firm had … Read More