• Bubble 2.0: The Video

    blog, blog, blog it all
    blog it if it’s big or small …blog even if you’re wrong
    won’t you blog about this song? How could we not? A perfect link-bait video, and it is pretty funny too (Here Comes Another Bubble). Update: Looks like the video was taken down because of a copyright notice sent to YouTube, which seems weird since it is obviously a parody and thus should… Read More

  • Small towns in the UK want to be removed from GPS databases

    Several small towns in Britain have a problem with GPS. You know how when you’re using a GPS device and you program the shortest route? Many times, the shortest route between Point A and Point B runs right through these small towns, and these towns aren’t built to accommodate the larger commercial trucks: trucks get stuck in the small towns’ small roads, get caught… Read More

  • Apple’s iPhone Relocked in Germany

    In the last few weeks, Apple has been embroiled in a lawsuit brought by Vodafone against T-Mobile of Germany. In an initial ruling, a German court enforced an injunction against T-Mobile’s exclusive right to sell a locked iPhone only. To comply with the order, T-Mobile began selling an unlocked version of the handset for 999 euros, as compared to a locked version of the same device… Read More

  • CrossLoop Raises $3 Million A-Round, Adds Profiles And Widgets

    Ever wish you could just take over your Mom’s computer when she calls you with a PC problem? A free peer-to-peer app called CrossLoop lets you do just that, acting like one of those pricey, help-desk applications used by corporate IT departments. You have to first download it to both your PC and your Mom’s and then when it is launched you can remotely see whatever is on her… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Settlers of Catan

    At the risk of losing some geek cred, I’ll tell you that I’ve never played Dungeons and Dragons, I’ve never finished a full (or even a half) game of Risk, and I’ve never been to any Sci-Fi conventions. As a child growing up on the mean streets of the suburbs of Minneapolis, I led a life devoid of the nerdly wonders that I’ve come to love in the last… Read More

  • See how you Cellphone Service does in January Issue of Consumer Reports

    The January 2008 issue of Consumer Reports contains the publication’s annual survey of cellphone service. If you want to see how your service provider stacks up against the competition you may want to get a copy. Over 47,000 readers in 20 metropolitan areas across the country were surveyed by Consumer report’s National Research Center. The high cost of service and mandatory… Read More

  • Apple and others sued by Klausner over Voicemail

    Klausner Technologies filed a lawsuit in U.S. Court for the Eastern District of Texas against Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision Systems and Skype over alleged patent infringements interfering with Klausner’s visual voicemail rights. Klausner is seeking $360 million from Apple and AT&T claiming the iPhone utilizes patented technology owned by Klausner. The other three companies… Read More

  • MyStrands Completes B Round, $55 Million Raised To Date

    Social music recommendation service MyStrands has completed the second half of their B round, raising an additional $24 million from Spanish Bank BBVA on top of the $25 million we reported earlier. BBVA is a financial services group with more than $782 billion in total assets, 42 million customers in 40 countries and a market capitalization of approximately $95 billion. This brings total… Read More

  • Countdown To Le Web: Two More Free Tickets

    Le Web 3 is coming up in Paris on the 11th and 12th of next week. Over 1,200 people from 30 countries have registered so far, making it (organizer Loic Le Meur says) the largest web conference in Europe. You can see the agenda here and the full list of attendees here. The event is down to its last few tickets, but the conference’s host and founder of Seesmic, Loic Le Meur, has promised… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Heads Roll Edition

    Pleo Dinosaur Robot Marches Its Way into My Heart
    Marvel makes like the RIAA, targets torrent sites
    CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Threadless will make you famous, maybe get you some action
    Mophie juice pack extends the life of your iFones, yay
    CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Mr. Beer Premium Read More

  • Breaking: BlackBerry BIS is down

    Can’t get my e-mail. Looks like BIS is down. :( Read More

  • News Corp May Have Found God, But Not LinkedIn

    News Corp has acquired New York based religious community site Beliefnet, according to a report at FishbowlNY. Beliefnet was founded in 1999 and provides a service that offers commentary and community discussion on various religious beliefs. The company has a checkered history, having declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2002, then restructuring and emerging from bankruptcy in October the… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: $10 in an envelope on Christmas morning that says, 'Use this in a month'

    Get the hell outta here, Rambo’s coming back?!! I need to pay more attention to stuff like this. I haven’t been inside a movie theater in a while so I would have missed this preview but I just caught the commercial on TV. While you’re waiting for January 25th, why not warm up with the trilogy for a ridiculously affordable $13.99? Video for Rambo [IMDB] Read More

  • The 700 MHz Spectrum Auctions. Who's In, Who's Out.

    The deadline to apply to participate in the FCC’s upcoming auction of wireless 700 MHz spectrum passed on Monday. And we still don’t know exactly who the bidders will be. But we have a pretty good idea. Google is in. So is AT&T, Frontline Wireless, and Craig McCaw’s Clearwire. Comcast and Time Warner are out. But Cox Communications is in. Verizon Wireless… Read More

  • European OQO to get 3.5G HSDPA modem

    The OQO E2 will soon be offered with a nimble 3.5G data connection, according to a report over at UMPC Portal. Official info isn’t available quite yet and what’s been posted already turned out to be under embargo but was mistakenly live-blogged. So there you have it. The E2 is similar to the 02 that’s available here in the states except that it drives on the left side of… Read More

  • iPhone Delivers: Bigger Browsing Share Than Windows Mobile

    When Steve Jobs first announced the iPhone, he promised that it would revolutionize the mobile browsing experience. Roughly 1.4 million sales later it barely registers than more than a blip on global mobile phone sales charts, but its users a making their mark. According to figures from Net Applications, the iPhone now holds a 0.09% browser market share; a small figure perhaps but remarkable… Read More

  • The Crunchies – the new tech awards arrives

    The 2007 Crunchies Award site is now live. This is an international awards to recognise the year’s most innovative technical, creative and business accomplishments of key companies, products and people in the new technology arena. The awards are international, but there is at least one award out of the twenty categories which is specifically named Best International Start-up to… Read More

  • Pleo Dinosaur Robot Marches Its Way into My Heart

    Pleo is a new $350 ‘life form’ dinosaur robot created by Ugobe. Unlike all the robot dinosaurs I know (e.g. the WowWee Roboraptor), the Pleo is not remote-controlled. It’s ‘self-aware’. It ‘evolves’. It’s also not very badass. This thing, in a very mass-appealing kind of way, is a puppy. Read More

  • Skype Beta for Mac offers Leopard support, better video

    Skype 2.7 Beta for Mac OS X was released a few days ago and, in case you missed it, the popular VOIP service now plays nicely with Leopard and offers 640×480 video if your camera can handle it. "Leopard compatible – if you have the latest Mac OS X 10.5 then you can use Skype with confidence. Better video resolution – your video conversations are now set at a whopping 640… Read More

  • AdMob + iPhone + LandRover = Good Results

    A iPhone focused LandRover campaign powered by San Mateo based mobile advertising startup AdMob has seen some interesting results (video demo above). AdAge has some details on the campaign here, but I obtained some raw figures from AdMob. Of those users who clicked on the Land Rover advertisement, 23% responded to at least one call-to-action on the landing page. 88% of those users watched… Read More

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