• Sprint Introduces Airave

    Watch out T-Mobile, ’cause your @Home service isn’t the hot shit anymore. Sprint is coming out with a device called the Airave that aims to boost wireless signals indoors and give customers the option to place calls over the Internet. It works by plugging the device into your broadband connection and using your Sprint phone to make calls. You’ll get a boost in reception over… Read More

  • Microsoft approves Blue Monster wine

    It’s ironic that, a couple of days after the head of Mozilla Europe castigated Microsoft’s attitude to Open Source and innovation in a TechCrunch interview, Microsoft today launches its own-label wine designed to promote innovation inside the company. The FT has the story today of how Brit blogger, cartoonist and ‘Marketing 2.0′ guy Hugh Macleod, and Steve Clayton… Read More

  • T-Mobile Buys SunCom Wireless

    T-Mobile announced today that it will be purchasing SunCom Wireless for an estimated $1.6 billion. The deal, expected to close in 2008, allows T-Mobile to take on about $800 million in debt that SunCom has resting on its shoulders. Never heard of SunCom? That’s because it’s a small wireless company that operates in a few southeastern states. If all the telecom giants like… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Buy Roaming Partner SunCom Wireless

    T-Mobile announced today that it will pay cash and assume the debt of SunCom Wireless, a company that T-Mobile is using as a roaming partner. The merger will cost T-Mobile $2.4 billion in cash and assumed debt. Under the agreement, sanctioned by both boards, SunCom shareholders will receive $27 per share. This purchase price represents 22.7% over the closing price of SunCom common stock on the… Read More

  • Another (Gamer) One Bites The Dust

    Sad news coming out of China today as another gamer has died from a marathon session. The unidentified 30-year old male was in a cybercafe in the Guangdong province where he continuously played a game for three days and then collapsed in front of his computer. I blame this on the employees of the cybercafe. They should have cut him off after like, 12 hours. China web-user dies after… Read More

  • French iPhone launches November 29, first picture

    TechCrunch France has broken a story saying the iPhone will be launched in France with Orange at a 300 euro price-point. The phone will be available from 29th November and announced on the 24th September during the Apple Expo in Paris. Going against predictions so far, the story says there won’t be any unlimited data plan (as there is in the US) nor will the phone be a 3G version of… Read More

  • Woz At The Emmys

    Contrary to popular belief, Woz is not dating Kathy Griffin and he told me so, but he did escort her to the Emmys, which he also told me about. I wonder if the plane he hired to run a banner for Kathy was photographed? In case you missed that part in the video, which isn’t hard to do, I’ll fill you in. Woz told me that he hired a plane to fly over the Emmys with a banner that… Read More

  • O2 Paying A Small Fortune To Secure iPhone

    Across the pond, cellphones are a big thing and there’s a lot of competition between carriers. O2 users will be happy to know that they’ll be getting the iPhone come an announcement to be made on Tuesday. While this is great for the consumer, O2 is paying out its ass for Apple’s heavenly gadget. Rumor is that Apple demanded 40% of iPhone service revenues from O2 and it… Read More

  • TechCrunch 40 Session 1: Search & Discovery

    Session one as follows, including our live notes.
    Powerset Powerset is a natural language search engine that can use everyday phrases and grammer to conduct more accruate web searches by understanding the search query and the pages it indexes. Parsing phrases and grammer theoretically produces better results because the egine has a better understanding of the searches intended goal than with… Read More

  • TechCrunch40: Let The Show Begin

    We’ll be bringing you live coverage of TechCrunch40 through the next two days. Enjoy, and also checkout the TechCrunch40 website. Read More

  • Dress Up That Old iMac In Chrome

    Upon the introduction of the new iMac, I immediately dropped everything i was doing and asked myself if this were the time to take the plunge. Not a switch to Mac from PC since I already did that, but a huge investment into a desktop. I could totally get an older iMac for dirt cheap, but I want the brushed metal casing. As soon as i saw the ChroMac covers I thought this was going to be my… Read More

  • Guy Gets Halo 3 Early, Makes Silly Video

    A bunch of nerds off some nerdy forums got their paws on Halo 3 early and proceeded to shoot a video of all the new content. So be warned, if you’re waiting for the game and don’t do spoilers, then don’t watch it. You’ll see new Master Chief costumes, a few new multiplayer maps, new weapons, and much more. You’ll also hear “Halo 3 sucks!” a lot in… Read More

  • EU Says It's Time For Microsoft To Pay Its Antitrust Fine

    Microsoft will have to pay a nearly $690 million fine in the European Union as a result of an antitrust ruling. This fine actually dates back to a 2004 ruling, which the Redmond-based corporation had lobbied and lobbied to get overturned. It wasn’t meant to be, leaving it with a rather large check to write. Microsoft plans to “comply,” whatever that means, with the ruling… Read More

  • Mobile Dating Revenue on the Rise

    Juniper Research, a company that assesses the current and future status of mobile user-generated content, predicts that revenue from mobile dating and chat room services are expected to surpass $1 billion worldwide by 2010. As the world population increases, it looks as though people are being choosier with whom they date. Mobile phones are a perfect platform for dating services. If a match… Read More

  • Follow the TechCrunch40 Conference Online

    Couldn’t snag a ticket to this year’s TechCrunch40 conference? Head on over to techcrunch40.com to follow the action online. We’ve put together a fully-featured website for the event, which starts this morning and continues through Tuesday evening. Get the scoop on the 40 presenting companies, the 100 demo pit companies, our expert panelists, and our keynotes. As the… Read More

  • Dial Directions Expands Coverage, Provides Event Directions

    Dial Directions is a mobile directions service that delivers point to point directions to your mobile phone. To get directions to any location, you dial d-i-r-e-c-t-i-o-n-s (347-328-4667), say where you are, where you want to go, and get directions between the two points sent to your mobile phone via SMS. Their eventual plans for monetization include inserting small text ads into the SMS… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Dimension Edition

    The Ten Dimensions
    IdeaFestival 2007: Attack Of The Woz
    Play A Real Claw Machine Online
    Space Invaders Welcome Mat Deters Visitors
    Ice Cream Machine Gives More Ice Cream To Angry, Unhappy People Read More

  • Pink Garmin Nuvi, Updated C300 Series

    In this wonderful world of tech all you have to do to market a device at a certain group of people is change its color. Pink cellphones are OK, maybe even pink laptops. But really a pink GPS? Is that really necessary? There aren’t any details about this other than that it’s going to happen. But in all honesty we’d rather never see another pink gadget. Ever. At least this… Read More

  • Zwinky Cashes In On Virtual Ecomony

    IAC’s Zwinky has been carefully growing their pre-teen social networking service. It started out as an online avatar creation tool. They later created a virtual world where those avatars could socialize. Usage of the service has been growing, under heavy advertising, as well. They currently have over 9.5 million registered users with 4.6 million active users per month that spend an… Read More

  • Baidu Launches Video Advertising Program

    China’s largest search company Baidu has launched a new video advertising program as part of a program to strengthen its dominant position in the worlds second largest internet market (by users). “Baidu TV,” the result of a partnership between Baidu and Ads it! Media Corporation, will provide advertisers access to approximately 160,000 China based websites participating in… Read More

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