• Toshiba making it official tomorrow? Samsung shifts gears

    We’ve covered this extensively already and know that Blu-ray has won the physical HD media war, but it’s being reported that Toshiba may make an official announcement as early as tomorrow. All Toshiba HD DVD hardware including stand alone players and optical drives will become non-existent on retailer shelves by March. In the same realm of news, Samsung has announced they will… Read More

  • Will YouNoodle Predict Its Own Inevitable Failure?

    New startup YouNoodle debuted to some first class press coverage this morning – a headline in the NYTimes that reads “A Start-Up Says It Can Predict Others’ Fate.” The really choice quote from the article from CEO/co-founder Bob Goodson is this:
    “Give us some information, and we’ll give you some idea of what the company will be worth in five… Read More

  • Indiana Jones, C-3PO, Clone Trooper get LEGOfied

    One of the other cool things we saw at the Toy Fair. [photopress:IMGP5643.JPG,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • They May Have Lost Their Name, But Wikileaks Goes On

    The United States has joined China and Thailand in attempting to censor Wikileaks, however the site itself goes on. A Californian judge ruled that Dynadot, the name registrar for Wikileaks.org, should remove all traces of Wikileaks from its servers and further should “prevent the domain name from resolving to the wikileaks.org website or any other website or server other than a blank… Read More

  • Review: Guitar Hero carabiner

    Nicholas and I attended the Toy Fair here in NYC and this was one of the three of four items we found cool. The carabiner was rather large and was hardly audible, but I guess for the price, you can’t expect too much. The fanboys will probably jump all over it, but I think I’ll pass. Read More

  • Microsoft cares not whether HD DVD lives or dies

    Microsoft sure has a crack team of wordsmiths in their PR department. We do not believe the recent reports about HD DVD will have any material impact on the Xbox 360 platform or our position in the marketplace. As we’ve long stated, we believe it is games that sell consoles and Xbox 360 continues to have the largest next-gen games library with the most exclusives and best selling games… Read More

  • Ex-Apple Team To Launch Stealth Startup Fotonauts

    A team of five former Apple software engineers, led by former Apple Exec Jean-Marie Hullot, have been working on a new stealth desktop/web photography focused startup called Fotonauts since late 2006. Sometime in the next couple of months, they’ll launch publicly. The company is based in Paris, France. Hullot, who worked with Steve Jobs at Apple in the 1980’s, left with him to serve… Read More

  • When stuck in Barcelona, call. Don't Qik. It's quicker.

    Meeting up in Barcelona during 3GSM can be tricky when you have to push through about 30,000 people. But CrunchGear, sister to TechCrunch, gamely held a meetup event (pictured) there last week. However, after realising he’d accidentally booked the event in an office block, CG editor John Biggs moved it “to a hole-in-the-wall paella place with an upstairs.” Despite this… Read More

  • Naked Gun,1408 other Paramount content coming to XBox Live

    Satan! Satan! It looks like XBL fans will have even more sexy content for playback tomorrow. Expect Paramount titles like Stardust, Disturbia and A Might Heart as Paramount officially signs with XBL. Xbox 360 signs Paramount to Xbox Live Marketplace, for classics like Naked Gun [TechDigest] Read More

  • Map My Tracks: Live GPS map creation, and sharing on the way

    Map My Tracks is a new web app that provides real-time GPS tracking for anyone with a compatible mobile phone or an external GPS receiver. It’s aimed at sports people to help them understand and improve their performance, hence it offers a free plan but also subscription services. I like this app because while lots of online/GPS mashups will pinpoint where a mobile phone is, they… Read More

  • Microsoft To Announce WorldWide Telescope On February 27

    A source close to Microsoft says the company will launch new desktop software called WorldWide Telescope on February 27 at the TED Conference in Monterey, California. Our guess is that this is what Robert Scoble was talking about last week when he said he saw a new Microsoft project that brought him to tears. The service will be accessed through a downloadable application – Windows only… Read More

  • HP shipping iPAQ 210 PDA with big VGA touchscreen

    Remember PDAs? HP does. Indeed HP remembers PDAs so ferociously that it’s released a new one called the iPAQ 210. For $449, you’ll get a 4-inch 640×480 VGA touchscreen plus a bunch of other stuff like a 624MHz Marvell PXA310 processor — Marvell bought Intel’s XScale unit back in June of 2006 so you’re basically getting an XScale processor if you’d like… Read More

  • Spore as a cult (or, the media's strange love for the game)

    [photopress:sporecult.jpg,full,center] All the positive press that Spore is getting hasn’t phased the gentlemen over at Penny-Arcade, who are skeptical of the game’s quality. It “preview[s] well,” they argue. Apparently, the sum total of media coverage of the game is much too much, so, essentially, wake them when the game comes out. Fair enough. The Spore Cult… Read More

  • New solar cell splits water molecules, produces usable hydrogen

    Some really smart researchers at Penn State have created a device that mimics the photosynthesis process that plants use to strip energy from sunlight and water. Their solar cell is super inefficient right now (the researchers have to help the reaction along a bit) but they say that with time and effort they may get to a level of efficiency (10-15%, which means nothing to me) that could provide… Read More

  • Dailymotion Offers Bandwidth-Hogging HD Videos

    High-definition video is creeping into our browsers. Today, Dailymotion began offering a smattering of videos in HD. There is nothing you’d actually want to watch—mostly a bunch of trailers for video games—other than to see what HD looks like on your computer screen. But be warned: you need two megabits-per-second download speeds to watch the streaming HD video without jitters. Read More

  • Inside the Lenovo X300

    Although it’s not “officially” released, folks have been playing with X300s like they were candy. Candy, I tells ya! Here we find a blown up X300 exposing it’s ultralight innards. The dissector reports that the laptop is quiet and very light, which we expected from an “ultralight.” Thinkpad X300 taken apart for your viewing pleasure-pictures [Thinkpads.com] Read More

  • The Ladies of MWC Caption Contest vote-off

    I was a little jet-lagged and failed to pick a winner for our caption contest. To that end, we encourage you, the readers, to pick the best caption and that caption writer will receive an Aliph Jawbone. Voting closes tomorrow, Tuesday, at noon. UPDATE – Looks like BinaryBiker (“seamen” line) takes it. Thanks for playing! {democracy:27} Read More

  • Yahoo Can't Find the Pirate Bay

    A search for “pirate bay” on Yahoo no longer turns up a link to the controversial BitTorrent search engine. It appears that Yahoo has decided to filter the site from its search results. Clear references to the site appear in Yahoo’s drop-down search assistant, but when you click on those, you still don’t get the right result. (Update: At least this is my… Read More

  • Hannah Montana clock radio and iPod dock reviewed

    Attention Miley Cyrus fans who frequent CrunchGear.com (and for some reason, there are quite a few), there’s a review of the hot, hot, hot Hannah Montana clock radio and iPod dock over on the San Jose Mercury News website. The review was done by Mattie Keith, age 13, and I think we can all agree that Mattie gave each and every one of us CrunchGear writers a run for our money. Mattie… Read More

  • American Idol performances will be on iTunes

    [photopress:idolitunes.jpg,full,center] Aren’t American Idol ratings way down this year? That’s what the Drudge headlines read, I think. That might explain why you’ll soon be able to download Idol performances on iTunes. The show’s creators/rpducers/hangers-on have cut a deal with Apple that will put on iTunes audio of the 24 semifinalists on iTunes and video+audio of… Read More

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