• Alienware no longer carrying Phantom Lapboard

    The ghost of Ponzi schemes past. I was doing a bit of research for the NYT on the Phantom Lapboard and I remembered that Alienware was supposed to carry it online. After trying to pry a photo out of Phantom itself, I emailed Alienware to ask if they had a photo. Their reply was fairly curt: Alienware does not carry the Phantom lapboard. There were plans a couple months ago, but from what I… Read More

  • iTunes video rentals coming

    Artist’s rendition of the new iTunes Movie Rental Service Don’t tell the guys who are trying to sell next gen DVDs, but the era of physical media is just about over. Witness the news that Apple will probably start renting Fox content over iTunes, ensuring you can watch all the latest and greatest and won’t have to run down to Ye Olde Blockbuster to drop the physical disc onto… Read More

  • Incesoft and mInfo Partnership in China

    Incesoft and mInfo announced today that they will collaborate to bring advanced conversational search to Chinese MSN instant messenger (IM) users. The companies will cooperate on both the technical and the marketing side to distribute the XiaoMing IM search robot to the land of dragons. “Currently there are over 80 million mobile instant messaging users in China. With this number… Read More

  • Amazon Adds Warner Music to DRM-Free Roster

    The DRM-free music movement just gained a new convert from one of the major labels. Warner Music Group is now selling songs from its digital catalog (Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day) on Amazon’s DRM-free digital music store, joining EMI, Universal Music Group, and about 33,000 independent labels. That brings Amazon’s total digital music catalog up to 2.9 million songs. Read More

  • Did Alexander Graham Bell Steal Phone Technology

    A new book by author Seth Shulman entitled “The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell’s Secret” argues that Bell stole ideas for the telephone from rival, Elisha Gray. By hiring clever lawyers and a corrupt patent examiner, Shulman makes the claim that Bell was able to examine patent documents Gray had filed which helped Bell perfect his telephone. Some of the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Sky Passenger Edition

    Russia launches last three navigation satellites
    Airborne Internet raises important societal questions, allows porn surfing in coach
    Optimus not prime for shipping on time
    Crazy Guitar Hero Christmas lights mod
    Crumpler’s Regifting Day Read More

  • Hollywood to go bankrupt archiving films digitally

    Throughout the last century, the dominant method of film preservation was sticking the master reels into a temperature and humidity-controlled vault deep in the desert. This method ends up costing about a grand a year. Films stored on digital media, however, cost more than ten times as much to archive. And when the entire movie has been digitally created from start to finish (shot on digital… Read More

  • GPhone To Debut In February?

    Google powered phones could be debuted as soon as February, according to speculation by APC. It’s an interesting exercise in drawing the dots together to get to a completely unsupported conclusion, but there are some interesting facts APC has reported that are worth taking a look at: You can bet that if Google’s handset partners lift the covers on their Android phones during the… Read More

  • Reminder: Washington's "texting while driving" law goes into effect January 1

    If you live in the state of Washington, as I do, you’ve a scant six days left to legally drive whist text messaging, as a new law forbidding just that practice goes into effect on the first. Egads. Thankfully it’s a secondary violation, you can’t get pulled over for it, but really, we all know if a Washington state trooper sees you initiating a booty call at 60MPH on I-5… Read More

  • RIMs new Blackberries to rock slanty keys?

    I honestly couldn’t care less about this new patent filed by RIM regarding new Blackberry keyboards, but I know you addicts go nuts when we mention anything about them, so here you go. Merry late Xmas to you. Also, I’m not sure how useful this is, but it could actually be a decent design change. Until I’ve had one in my hands, it’s really hard to tell if this is just… Read More

  • Apple To Offer Fox Video Rentals On iTunes

    Apple is said to have signed a deal with 20th Century Fox that will see video rentals on iTunes.

    According to FT.com the deal will be officially announced at MacWorld on January 14. The same report also says that Apple is in talks with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount and Warner Bros along similar lines. Speculation of Apple offering video rentals via iTunes has been around for a long… Read More

  • Rumor: Apple's new portable outed at holiday party?

    Credit: Sonny T. Hung, the Hung Family, and the Pro-Bono Lawyers Guild of New York Ok, this rumor is a little odd, but I’ve gotten a few pings on it, so we’re going to try to put it together. Apple recently hosted a holiday party, likely a company party like most companies do. Apple invited a best-selling iTunes artist to perform, because Apple can do that. The artist (or… Read More

  • Google One-Ups Yahoo In Japan

    Google is set to sign a deal with Japan’s biggest mobile phone operator NTT DoCoMo that will see Google become the default search provider to 48 million NTTDoCoMo customers. The deal will also see NTT DoCoMo switching to Google Apps for the provision of email to it customers. Japan is one of the few markets globally in which Yahoo is ahead of Google in search, holding 65.9% of the market… Read More

  • EU: Microsoft's Last Stand Against Google's Acquisition of DoubleClick

    As we reported December 20, the last hurdle to Google’s acquisition of Doubleclick now rests with the European Union after obtaining approval for the merger in the United States. One company petitioning against the acquisition is Microsoft. The NY Times has a copy of a leaked Microsoft document here (.doc) that details in dot points the case against the acquisition. One choice… Read More

  • New Asus Smartphone Impresses

    We love smartphones, and we love Asus, and when we heard Asus was going to start making smartphones, we got silly on ourselves, even if they are Windows Mobile based. But when we caught wind of this pretty hot design that Asus is using for its next phone, and read the decent specs, well, you don’t want to know what happened. It’s utilizing a handy flip-out QWERTY design that… Read More

  • Apple's stock briefly breaks $200 a share, still gaining overall

    Though it’s back down to $199.50, Apple’s stock was briefly over $200 a share earlier today, a first for the company. We’re expecting it to rise throughout the rest of the year, and to really ramp up the third week of January as it announces firsts in hardware and iPhone software at Macworld, which we’ll be at in force. And now, back to the infuriating rumors and… Read More

  • Casemod Coolness: Atari Laptop

    While I’m of the mind that most casemods are a waste of time and money, every once in awhile someone comes up with something that gets my attention, like this Atari 600XL laptop made by a clever German modder. It looks like an official product (he’s calling his the 1500XL), but it’s in fact a 600XL crammed into a convenient enclosure with an LCD. Not the most useful things in… Read More

  • ATI's new Radeon cards leaked; Gamers get silly

    Listen up, gamers. Normally this is Devin’s territory, but seeing as he’s still in the clink following a disastrous run in with Johnny Law after a few too many glasses of PowerNog™, it falls on my to cover this today. Also, my German isn’t so hot, so I’m trying to translate this with Google and getting nowhere. But here’s the gist of it: new Radeons are coming… Read More

  • Van crashes into TV studio during live newscast

    "Two people were injured, Michelle, and the weather made the rescue work all that much more — HAOOH!!" The look on this guy’s face is priceless. Ha! via Neatorama Read More

  • Comcast + TiVo finally in the wild, your upgrade coming soon?

    Credit: Steve Garfield CC BY-NC-SA It’s been over two years since Comcast announced that its DVR boxen would be getting the TiVo treatment, with nothing materializing yet. That is, of course, unless your name is Steve Garfield, of the Boston area, in which case your DVR is now a TiVo. Garfield is apparently the first customer in the country to get the upgrade, and things are going about… Read More

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