• Congrats to BIMA winners, now can we have a cool tech awards please?

    Hearty congratulations to the winners of the annual awards for the British Interactive Media Association, otherwise known as the BIMAs. In summary, Channel 4 New Media won the “Grand Prix” for 4oD* (the On demand TV catchup service) while ad agency Publicis Dialog won two, and agency GT three. Channel 4 won for the “ingenuity and simplicity of this new interface.”… Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. On this very special edition of The Best Whatever, Whatever, we’ll be taking a look at three comments from one particular post concerning Paris Hilton and Windows Vista. I couldn’t pick just one, so please enjoy all three… Read More

  • Another $60 Million For Facebook

    When Facebook took a $240 million investment from Microsoft last month at a $15 billion valuation, they became, in theory, one of the most valuable Internet-only companies on the planet. But that valuation was tenuous at best. Microsoft and Facebook expanded their year-old advertising relationship as part of the deal. And Facebook was unable to get a third party to pony up cash to justify… Read More

  • Will IRSeeK Have A Chilling Effect on IRC Chat?

    New Israeli startup IRSeek is indexing public Internet Relay Chat (IRC) channels at the rate of 6 million conversations a day. 300 million conversations have now been indexed by the company. The most popular networks, including EFnet, DALnet, Freenode and QuakeNetUndernet, are all being monitored – IRSeeK is now “listening” to 2000+ channels across 10 networks. There are few… Read More

  • Google To Announce Wireless Spectrum Bid Friday

    The Wall Street Journal is quoting “people familiar with the matter” saying that Google will announce a bid for the 700 MHz wireless spectrum Friday. Google first expressed interesting in bidding in July, when it sent a letter to the FCC demanding that the new bandwidth have four requirements: open applications, open devices, open services and open networks. The FCC only adopted two… Read More

  • Google Reader Gets Recommendations, Drag-and-Drop

    Google has released two new features for its RSS reading product, Recommendations and Drag-and-Drop. The Discovery recommendation feature suggests new sites a user may wish to read based on current subscriptions and (interestingly) browsing history. Google has previously offered feed bundles based on subjects, but this is the first time it has offered customized recommendations in this… Read More

  • Update: Cellphones won't explode burning you and your family alive

    Remember yesterday we brought you news of a Korean man who owned an LG cellphone that exploded and killed him? Ok, it wasn’t the phone, it was something else. We’re still not sure what, but the degree to which he was injured wasn’t consistent with an exploding battery. So, you know, it’s okay to quit panicking. Your phone isn’t going to do you in. But something… Read More

  • Facebook Beacon 2.0: What You'll See

    With Facebook making changes to its Beacon program, users will see a new set of options every time they interact with a “Beacon Affiliate”. This is what you’ll see: Notification Facebook users will see a notification in the lower right corner of the screen after transacting with a Beacon Affiliate. Options include “No Thanks” that will immediately stop the… Read More

  • Is Leopard the new Vista?

    Well, I wouldn’t presume to say, but this fellow at PC Magazine seems to be less shy about it, and he has a bone to pick with Cupertino’s latest opus. He’s concerned about the stability issues, unnecessary and distracting visual elements, questionable “fixes,” and my personal least favorite thing about Leopard, Time Machine. Don’t get me wrong, I love my… Read More

  • 50% of the world has a cellphone, so say the numbers

    It’s official: exactly one half of the Earth’s population is taking it up the tailpipe from cellphone companies. 3.3 billion mobile phone lines are currently being used, which comes out to roughly one phone line per every other person on the planet. Considering that twenty years ago only 35 countries had any form of mobile network, it’s an amazing growth rate. Today every… Read More

  • Zune hackers hack the desktop software to bits

    Zune hackers have done what was once thought impossible: They’ve developed a way to change the background of the Zune desktop software. A team of over 200 hackers spent the better part of the summer on the project, with lead coder TarXin2 stating, “It was hard work, but worth it.” Ok, not really, but if you want to really “make it you”, you can, and Cesar over at… Read More

  • Black Hole Phone Bag saves needless stress on power buttons

    If you’re in a theater or someplace else where an unexpected call would mean embarrassment, you can turn your phone off. Sure, you could, but you’re a geek. You need a better way to go off the grid. Brando’s got your back with the “Black Hole Phone Bag”, a phone bag that blocks incoming and outgoing radio transmissions, effectively taking your phone off the network. Read More

  • What's Worse: Windows Vista or Paris Hilton?

    I always say that what makes two people friends is what they have in common, but I think it’s not about having similar likes, it’s about having similar dislikes. What you hate says a lot more about you than what you love. In that spirit, I bring you the first CrunchGear What’s Worse?, where we take something vile from the technology world and something dreadful from the rest… Read More

  • Court orders Bush Administration to divulge communications with telecoms that gave away your private data

    There’s nothing particularly cavalier about hating the telecoms—we essentially get paid for it here—but there’s something almost noble in hating them for kowtowing to the Bush Administration, handing over private data for the good of the War on Terror. We may not have to hate much longer, since the Electronic Frontier Federation yesterday won a court ruling mandating… Read More

  • Official: Facebook Flips On Beacon

    Reports surfaced yesterday, and now we have the official word from Facebook. Users will now have to opt-in to share purchases via Beacon: Stories about actions users take on external websites will continue to be presented to users at the top of their News Feed the next time they return to Facebook. These stories will now always be expanded on their home page so they can see and read… Read More

  • PopSnap: Sarah Meyers' Live Online TV Show

    I first met Sarah Meyers when she crashed our 2006 party at August Capital. She was booted, but got enough video footage to make this video. This year she was back at the party, but as an invitee – see one of her videos here. Meyers now lives in New York, and has been working on a new live daily tech show. It hasn’t officially launched, but her first shows started streaming… Read More

  • Warner CEO makes much of music-making's meager margins

    Apparently EMI isn’t the only major label in trouble. Warner’s CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. tried to remain upbeat during a conference call recently despite Warner only making $5million on $869million worth of sales, translating into a healthy profit margin of a little more than half a percent. Considering the scale of their earnings, it’s not surprising that Warner may also be… Read More

  • EMI no longer fighting the future?

    Reuters reports that the British music industry biggie, EMI, is looking for ways to substantially reduce the amount of cash it hands out to those vicious child-suing trade groups known as the RIAA and IFPI. Times are tight, they say, and there is talk of saving and efficiency – and the so-called “copyright mafia” have been ineffective in curbing piracy. I guess they think… Read More

  • MarketWatch Revamps Stocks Portfolio Tool, Makes Good Use of Ajax

    Dow Jones’ MarketWatch may not display stock information about particular companies as well as its competitors, such as Google Finance, newly redesigned AOL Money & Finance, or even Yahoo Finance, but it has taken the initiative to develop a new portfolio tool that tops them all. Whereas the others’ portfolio tools are still stuck with clunky interfaces that provide… Read More

  • Stephen Hawking sex tape (Sorta SFW, but not)

    That was weird now get your ‘stank skank ass out’. Read More

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