• CrunchGear Week in Review: Fabulous Electronics

    CrunchGear Week in Review: Fabulous Electronics

    Heave-ho, boys, and off to CES (or MacWorld)!
    Philipp Goedicke The writing on the wall [1] says that the date looms near
    So save and backup files [2-5],
    Then take care the welfare of your feline pee-er [6],
    And capture burglars’ smiles [7,8].
    Make sure than you can capture all the sights [9] and sounds [10],
    Strap wheels to both your feet [11],
    Have GPS so you can find your way around… Read More

  • Bubble, Bubble, Bubble

    The startup ranks are starting to thin. We’ve added three companies to the TechCrunch DeadPool in the last week (Raw Sugar, FilmLoop and Browster). Even Google got into the spirit of things when they shut down Google Answers at the end of the year. And over on the Forum users are asking “Who’s Next?“ It’s clear that new venture fundings are still out pacing… Read More

  • Browster in DeadPool

    San Francisco based Browster definitely appears to be dead, as GigaOm reported earlier this week. I have been unable to get a confirmation (or any response) from emails sent to CEO Scott Milener and one of the investors in the company, and the site has been up and down (mostly down) for the last few days. Browster’s browser plugin let uses preview sites on search results and some other… Read More

  • Belkin’s TuneStudio Four-Channel Audio Mixer For iPod

    Belkin hinted to us about a CES announcement for musicians and here it is: the Belkin TuneStudio. Designed for use with 5G iPods, the four-channel mixer lets you record digital audio directly to your iPod at 16-bit, 44kHz quality. Basically a portable audio recording studio, the compact unit (I don’t have dimensions, but in comparison to the iPod pictured, it’s fairly small)… Read More

  • Commercial Break For Sponsors

    It’s time for our periodic Thank You to TechCrunch Sponsors and all of our readers. Please take a second to check out each of our current sponsors: Edgeio – It’s the search engine for “stuff.” They’ve added more than 600K listings today alone. If you’re looking for the most comprehensive classified listing on the web, check out Edgeio’s listings… Read More

  • Zoom!: And We're Off To CES 2007

    Zoom!: And We're Off To CES 2007

    Blake is winging his way to Las Vegas right now and we’ll be staying in the beautiful — and pyramidoid — Hotel Exclusive Luxor. For all of our CES 2007 coverage, just click on over to our CES 2007 coverage page. If you’d like to stop the CG crew for a drink or a delicious $5 steak dinner, AIM me at johnbiggsny or email tips at crunchgear dotcom. Read More

  • Rumor: Slide's Venture Round Was $20 million

    Here’s something we dug up while talking to people about the FilmLoop DeadPool post. The the size of the round of financing that Slide announced in November, funded by Mayfield Fund, Khosla Ventures, BlueRun Ventures and Founders Fund was not disclosed by the company. But we’re hearing it was in the $20 million range, with a post money valuation between $60 and $80… Read More

  • Windows Mobile Crossbow In Action

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=5404987844605210971&hl=en David at MobilityToday turned us on to this video of Crossbow in action. Anything, I suspect, is better than WinMo 5.0. Crossbow Video [MobilityToday] Read More

  • Nokia N800 (nee N870) Unearthed

    Nokia N800 (nee N870) Unearthed

    The Nokia N770 is probably one of the most unsung devices out there. I love mine — it’s a tiny, handy Internet tablet with brains. The N800, it seems, is 10 times better. The fellow at RingNokia got his hands on one and shares some of his unboxing pictures. Strangely enough, it’s missing the expected “870” designation. I tried to create another gallery and… Read More

  • Scorpion Watch Reef Diver Photo Gallery

    Scorpion Watch Reef Diver Photo Gallery

    I got the Reef Diver in, which I talked about a bit before, and I took a few photos to test CG’s PopUpGallery installation. Feast your eyes. Product Page
    UPDATE – Let me know if this gallery works on your browser in comments. It’s acting strange on OSX and Firefox. Read More

  • Wicked Lasers: MobileCrunch Says They're Wicked

    Wicked Lasers: MobileCrunch Says They're Wicked

    Perhaps this is what Paul Simon was talking about when he sang about “lasers in the the jungle” — a crazy-powerful 95 milliwatt green laser from Wicked Lasers. I’ve seen these things before and my neighbor even shot mine up at a passing helicopter, causing us all to scamper into the house and cower in the basement. However, Oliver at MobileCrunch did no such thing… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rehydration Edition

    Daily Crunch: Rehydration Edition

    Ditch iCal, Make Your Office Wall Into A Calendar
    Samsung Refrigerates RFID
    PumpOne Mobile For Fatties With Cell Phones
    Wiimote Add-Ons For Wii Sports: Totally Stupid
    2007 Bloggies: Vote for Us! Read More

  • FilmLoop Dips Toes Into The DeadPool

    Palo Alto-based FilmLoop has reportedly layed off most of its staff of 30 employees after attempts to sell the company failed. This comes just eight months after they raised $7 million in venture capital from ComVentures. Co-founder Prescott Lee and a handful of core technical staff remain. FilmLoop’s service allows users to create photo slide shows and view them via a desktop application… Read More

  • Grouper Just Says "No" To Kenny G

    Grouper, which won the acquisition lottery last year and is now part of Sony, is beginning to take down user videos with copyrighted content. The Grouper blog post discussing the policy says music from Universal is being taken down starting immediately (see our coverage of the Universal lawsuit against Grouper). Grouper is using Audible Magic’s sniffing software to find the offending… Read More

  • Add a Second Hard Drive to Your MacBook, MacBook Pro

    , laptop drives top out at about 200 GB, one-fifth the capacity of a desktop. MCE Technologies, however, has come up with a way for MacBook and MacBook Pro users to push the envelope. By removing the optical drive from your Mac portable, MCE’s OptiBay makes room for a secondary hard drive with capacities of up to 160 GB, for a theoretical maximum of 360 GB. Pricing starts at around $250… Read More

  • USB Organization Certifies Micro-USB for Phones

    Wouldn’t it be nice if your mobile phone had a USB port so that you could grab your photos and ringtones and back-up your contacts? Sure, some of us are lucky enough to have such things on our phones. And some of us even have Bluetooth capable of the tasks. But for the vast majority of cellphones in America, the only way to get information on (or off) is through its carrier’s… Read More

  • Balcony Grill for Us Urbanites

    It’s a balcony barbeque! I know, I know. CES is just days away, and it’s a barbecue that has my expensive panties in a wad, but I desperately want this, though it does not actually yet exist. Perhaps it’s out of consideration for the neighbors of others, or perhaps out of concern for fire safety, or perhaps because it’s from some German-sounding guy’s mind… Read More

  • Nokia E65 Surfaces: High-End Features, Mid-Range Price

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/HSDPA compatibility (GSM for voice, natch), as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and a microSD slot for additional storage. While it seems like those are all high-end features, this is actually a mid-range phone, by Q2 2007 standards; it should go for about $445 unsubsidized, meaning that if Cingular or T-Mobile pick it up… Read More

  • One Terabyte Hard Drives Arrive from Hitachi

    If you’re like us, you download tons and tons of dirty, dirty porn completely legal music and videos. You, then, probably run into the same problem we do: where do you store all this data? The answer comes from Hitachi in the guise of the world’s first terabyte hard drive. Rather, make that hard drives, as the Hitch is dropping two versions of the 7K1000, the Deskstar, ideal for… Read More

  • Cingular Bets on Live Video

    Most people only use their cellphones to make voice calls, we all know this, it is fact. Cingular, however, thinks its come up with a way to entice people to use its 3G features in a new way: video calling. It’s not the video calling of the G.I. Joe wallscreen we’ve all dreamt about as kids, but rather phone-to-phone broadcasting of video, basically using the video camera on a phone… Read More