• Dell, Microsoft join (RED)

    Starting January 31 at Best Buy stores and Dell’s Website, you’ll be able to purchase a Dell machine with Windows Vista that’s been branded by (Product) RED. I can give you a bunch of statistics, but I won’t because you’ll ignore them. I will, however, tell you that with every purchase of a Dell product, Dell and Microsoft will contribute $50 to $80 to the… Read More

  • Southwest Airlines eyeing in-flight wireless access

    Why should American Airlines and Jet Blue have all the fun? Southwest is getting set to test in-flight Internet access as well. It’ll partner with Row 44, offering satellite-based access on four different aircraft sometime this summer. Passengers will have “full access to the Internet” over the “the highest bandwidth available to commercial airlines in the United… Read More

  • WinMo 6 upgrade for BlackJack out today

    Time to upgrade that dinosaur of an OS on your Samsung BlackJack to a less than tolerable version 6. That’s right, today at 5PM EST you’ll be able download the official upgrade, but don’t go there now because it still has version 5. Wait until 5PM EST, k? Don’t do it until 5 Read More

  • MPAA says 44% of movie losses due to piracy on college networks, number could be closer to 3%

    In 2005, the Motion Picture Association of America did a study where it claimed to find that college students account for 44% of the losses that the movie industry incurs, thanks to the illegal downloading of pirated films over high-speed campus networks. That figure is more like 15% due to a “human error,” according to the MPAA. That’s a pretty big difference. What’s… Read More

  • Gears of War DLC is no more

    There comes a time when all good things must come to an end. That time has come for Gears of War as Epic and Microsoft are packing up and moving on. The thought of zero new content may cause you to shed a tear and claim you have something in your eye, but you may take some solace in knowing that GOW 2 is coming later this year. Most of you waited years for Halo so I don’t see why you… Read More

  • Apple Co-Defendent SimulScribe Settles Visual Voicemail Patent Suit. Is Apple Next?

    Lost in all the news about Apple’s earnings yesterday was a development in the $360 million patent-infringement lawsuit against it and other co-defendants (including Skype, Comcast, and AT&T) by Klausner Technologies. One of the co-defendants, SimulScribe, settled. SimulScribe offers its own competing visual voicemail for Blackberries and Windows Mobile phones, which it just… Read More

  • Heads-up on EU startups

    I figured last year’s Le Web 3 was going to be the quintessential startup event for Europe, but there is a new kid on the block which could vie for the crown. The Plugg Conference will focus on Web 2.0 and Mobile 2.0 startups on March 19th in Brussels. As well as a speaker programme [disclosure: I will be chairing some discussions] there will be a “Startup Rally” featuring… Read More

  • Pentax K20D, K200D outed

    Pretty sure this is legit. Not sure how this individual acquired these images, but they certainly look real and there are some mumblings in the forum that specs for the K20D were leaked. They don’t seem to be much different than what we’ve previously covered. I wonder if we’ll see an announcement today or possibly tomorrow? [photopress:8c617379.jpg,thumb,pp_image] … Read More

  • Uh oh, Moto

    Let’s be honest and say that 2007 wasn’t a breakout year for Motorola. Ed Zander got the axe and the company lost about $1.2 billion, for starters. That’s a pretty big pile in new CEO Greg Brown’s lap. From Motorola’s Fourth-Quarter and Full-Year Sales and Earnings report: “For the full year 2007, sales were $19.0 billion, a 33 percent decrease compared… Read More

  • Move to simplify e-commerce in Euro zone

    An initiative by European banks to harmonise transactions within the EU – will officially launch next Monday. The Single European Payments Area (SEPA) aims to make all electronic payments within the euro zone (which the UK is not part of) as simple as domestic transactions, including eliminating fees associated with these transactions. Unfortunately, the initiative is still only in its… Read More

  • Xing buys Turkish business network for EU4.36m

    There appears to be a merger market kicking off inside European-focused social networks. Xing, the Germany-based European business social network which resembles LinkedIn, has now bought Turkish business social network Cember.net, for about €4.36 million (£3.25 million), to be paid in stages. Cember has some 280,000 free and paying member and was “slightly profitable” last year. Read More

  • Oh, I almost forgot: Tusken Raider spotted on Mars

    Is there life on Mars? Yes, says the Spirit rover. Here’s a photo it snapped last November. It appears to either be an intergalactic Sasquatch, a Tusken Raider, a really tan naked guy, or some sort of rock statue near the base of what’s known as Tsiolkovski Ridge. My guess is that there’s probably an underground Whole Foods in the base of that cliff and this fella’s… Read More

  • Goodbye, 30-Second Song Clips. Last.fm Offers Limited Full-Track Streaming and Moves Towards Subscriptions

    It is good to see some creative licensing finally taking hold in the music industry. Today, CBS-owned Last.fm announced that you can now stream the full track of any song up to three times for free, in addition to its regular music-discovery service which streams related songs you might like in a random order. This is also the first step towards a future subscription service, which will allow… Read More

  • AT&T DSL customers all get free Wayport Wi-Fi now

    Next time you’re in a McDonald’s in Jerkwater, Ohio and you assume — like I did — that wireless access will be free, you’ll be right. That is, if you’re an AT&T DSL subscriber. I am not, so I therefore closed my laptop with my wrist because my hands were too french fry-ey. Formerly only available to premium DSL subscribers, AT&T is now giving any… Read More

  • Box.net Raises $6M More for Online Storage

    Online storage provider Box.net has raised $6M in a Series B round of financing led by U.S. Venture Partners and involving Draper Fisher Jurvetson. According to the release, Box.net currently has over 1.4 million registered users and will use the funding “to continue company expansion, including the development and marketing of new services and products.” We recently covered the… Read More

  • Sweden's Twingly To Launch Europe-Focused Blog Search Engine

    At first glance, blog search as a category is oversaturated. Ok, at second glance, too. Not only did Google enter the market directly in late 2005, they’ve also increased the rate that they index blogs and other regularly updated sites for core Google search. TechCrunch, for example, is now indexed multiple times per day by Google, and new posts are often available in a normal Google… Read More

  • Nokia releases 'organic, modern' 7900 Crystal Prism

    This is a loud phone, and I’m not referring to the earpiece volume. It’s aimed at “design-conscious” consumers and will be available in Europe sometime soon (in the first quarter, according to Nokia) for the fashion-forward price of 375 Euro (that’s almost $550). It’ll fit nicely in the pockets of those $200 jeans you’re wearing. The phone’s… Read More

  • Facebook IM Client Social.im Now Available For Mac

    Two weeks ago I wrote about Social.im, a new desktop product from Mogad that allows you to instant message with all of your Facebook friends. The initial software was Windows only. Today they just launched a way for Mac users to use it, too. This isn’t a Mac client, but they’ve provided instructions for using Social.im via ichat or Adium (a popular Mac instant message aggregator). Read More

  • Motorola Handset Market Share and Profits Down

    Motorola announced today that its profit fell 84% in the fourth quarter and that its handset division is struggling. CEO Greg Brown acknowledged that the No. 3 cellphone maker isn’t doing what needs to be done to keep and improve its global handset market share. At the end of 2006, Motorola had 23% worldwide market share. By the end of 2007 it dropped to 13%. “Demand for some of… Read More

  • Solar-powered handheld with built-in NES emulation

    Portable NES and Game Boy emulation without having to stop for batteries? I like. You can also use the solar panels to recharge your cell phone and other small devices. There’s a 3.5-inch screen (320×240), 2GB of internal storage plus the ability to add a 2GB SD card, MP3 player, video player, and e-book reader. All for $123. It’s actually being sold as a 2GB MP3 player but… Read More

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