• How to install Linux on the PS3, or you can win one

    The PS3 has been out for almost two years now, so it’s sorta odd to see a Popular Mechanics article explaining, in painful detail, how to install Linux on the system. But lo and behold, here we are. As you know by now, pretty much all you have to do to turn your PS3 into a fully functional computer—OpenOffice, Firefox, etc.—is download the PS3 version of Ubuntu, backup all… Read More

  • Meet Pekoppa, the plant which listens to your sorrows

    Today Sega Toys presented their newest invention, a plastic plant called Pekoppa [JP, PDF]. The plant will stay inactive until someone communicates with it. If you start speaking, the stem begins to bend. The movement is supposed to resemble a human being’s nod. An IC chip placed in the pot is able to identify rythms in human speech. A current is sent through the stem, which bends… Read More

  • CrunchGear unboxes the Samsung Instinct

    Unlike our delivery woes with the Flip Mino, the Samsung Instinct for Sprint arrived at the NYC CrunchGear office this morning as expected. I’ve been impressed with this phone from the first time I saw it under NDA many months ago. The packaging is nice, but I think all packaging is a waste of money and resources. The Instinct comes with a gaggle of accessories that include: the… Read More

  • Aussie resellers get super secret boxes from Apple

    Oh, whatever could be in this box that Apple resellers in Australia began receiving this morning? All signs indicate that it does not contain a Vegemite sandwich. It looks like Apple is nipping potential global shipping delays in the bud by sending the goods internationally a bit early. The seal on top is pretty clear: open this before June 10th (June 9th in the US, otherwise known as… Read More

  • Icahn Sends Yahoo Another Love Letter. Yahoo Says, Keep Dreaming.

    The letters keep flying back and forth between investor Carl Icahn and Yahoo. On Wednesday, Icahn called for Jerry Yang’s head and characterized its employee retention plan as a “poison pill” intended to kill the Microsoft deal. On Thursday, Yahoo chairman Roy Bostock responded, saying that Icahn was misrepresenting the facts. (He also denied that Yahoo ever turned down a $40… Read More

  • This DVD turns shy boys into Romeos (or not)

    Japan thinks that a video of a couple of women are looking you in the eye for 96 minutes will make you more confident. That’s the content of a DVD [JP] which has been released by Japanese entertainment powerhouse Avex a couple of days ago. The girl in the video is just one of 50 women of different ages and nationalities. So what is this about? The DVD is aimed at curing shyness… Read More

  • Super Mario Bros, Zelda make top 5 worst sequels list

    Ouch. MSNBC comes out swinging with Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link making the site’s Top 5 worst video game sequels list. The three other games on the list are Driv3r, Twisted Metal III, and Bomberman: Act Zero. Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoyed Super Mario Bros. 2. Zelda 2 was okay, not great, but I wouldn’t put it in the top 5 worst sequels category. Read More

  • Chris DeWolfe, Sean Parker and Jeff Weiner Join TechCrunch50 Expert Panel

    We’re excited to announce Chris DeWolfe, Sean Parker and Jeff Weiner will be joining our lineup of TechCrunch50 expert panelists. They, along with Marc Andreessen, Roelof Botha, Ron Conway, Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg and Yossi Vardi will be judging and questioning the fifty startups selected to participate in TechCrunch50. TechCrunch50 is our annual conference where fifty new… Read More

  • Sony announces tiny-ass speakers, home theater

    Either that strawberry’s been genetically modified way beyond safe eating limits, or the speakers that come with Sony’s new HT-IS100 home theater system are pretty small. The 5.1 channel setup pushes 450 watts (RMS) of power, though, so don’t let the tiny fruit-sized tweeters fool you. The two back speakers can be placed without running wires, thanks to an optional wireless… Read More

  • POPrl Mixes Reddit With TinyURL, Gets Strange Result

    POPrl, a new site from the developers of uLiken, is trying to bring a new twist to the Digg/Reddit user-submitted story space. Instead of relying on a voting system that can be easily gamed, POPrl measures a story’s popularity by looking at its virality – the more people that click a link, the more popular a story is (makes sense, right?) Users submit their favorite stories to… Read More

  • Android: 50 questions, 50 answers

    As the Google I/O conference came to an end last week, the Android development team got up on stage and fielded questions from developers in the audience. It’s taken a few days for the full transcript to show up online, but ZDNet’s got it. Some of the highlights: Q. What if my app uses location api, and service provider shuts that off, can they?
    A. They can do that… it’s not… Read More

  • Microsoft wants to turn your phone off

    I’m really hoping that this is one of those patents where the inventor thought “Wow. This is the worst idea ever – I’m going to patent it and never use it, so nobody will ever have to deal with this.” Inventors do that all the time, right? Right? Microsoft has applied to patent something they’re calling “Device Manners Policy”, or DMP. Read More

  • TV, Meet the Web. Google Analytics Starts Measuring TV Ads

    Google’s experiment with selling and measuring TV ads on the Dish satellite network just got a lot more interesting. A month ago, Google incorporated the ability to buy TV ads into AdWords. Now, it is taking all of that ad impression data and layering it on top of Google Analytics (click on the screen shot above for a larger image). This is very basic and imperfect, but it hints at… Read More

  • CrunchWord Puzzle!

    Here’s the latest CrunchGear-themed crossword puzzle. You can find the answers to the clues spread throughout this week’s posts. Enjoy! CrunchWord Puzzle for Friday, June 6th Read More

  • iCraw formerly known as iCall switches iPhone calls to VoIP

    A company I’m calling iCraw just announced a VoIP system for the iPhone that allows you to hop onto a VoIP network mid-call whenever you hit an open hotspot. It should be available on the Apple iPhone App store next week. Since I really enjoy T-Mobile’s Hotspot@Home UMA offerings, this sounds like a great way to save some money and get even better call quality on a non-T-Mobile phone. Read More

  • Opera Browser Integrates Haute Secure to Block Malware

    Opera, the Norwegian-based web browser, has struck a deal with Haute Secure to include malware detection and blocking in the browser’s new 9.5 release. The new version is currently available as a beta, with a final release imminent. Haute Secure makes software that aggressively monitors and alerts users to malware sites. Besides the version that is being integrated into Opera, Haute… Read More

  • An Interview with Qik On New Windows Mobile Version

    Tomorrow Qik, the popular webcasting service that streams video from your phone, will announce support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Actual support for phones will be rolled out in the coming months. Greg Kumparak had the chance to sit down and chat with Bhaskar Roy, Co-Founder and VP Product Management of Qik, and Jackie Danicki, Director of Product Marketing. The transcript… Read More

  • Camera with Eye-Fi card uploads thieves pictures after theft

    A couple from Long Island left their camera at a restaurant in Florida where two of the employees found and kept it . The camera contained an Eye-Fi card which automatically found an open wireless base station and began uploading their photos including some photos the thieves had taken of each other. When they contacted the restaurant with the evidence, the camera was returned and the… Read More

  • Microsoft is totally jealous of Apple

    OMG! Microsoft iz like totally angry at Apple and just sent out a letter where itz all like “We sold nearly 20 million Windows Mobile Smartphones” and it even sent letters to a bunch of analysts saying that and even if it is true WTF right? Like Apple was totally OK wt Microsoft and then we saw them at Dairy Queen and Microsoft was in Intel’s car and Apple was going to get in… Read More

  • Qik goes WinMo: Our exclusive interview

    Tomorrow Qik, the popular webcasting service that streams video from your phone, will announce support for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform. Actual support for phones will be rolled out in the coming months. I had the chance to sit down and chat with Bhaskar Roy, Co-Founder and VP Product Management of Qik, and Jackie Danicki, Director of Product Marketing. The transcript of the… Read More

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