• Samsung Launches 19-inch Bordeaux LCD TV

    Samsung has launched a new 19-inch Bordeaux LCD TV, LN19R71B, in Japan and it has a speaker “which is not visible”. The hidden speaker works because of DACS (Dual Acoustic Chamber System). Picture resolution is set at 1440×900 with a contrast ratio of 300:1 and DNIe does all the digital picture processing. It also includes one HDMI port, S-Image and Analog RGB. The latest… Read More

  • Amateur Sports Management Meets Web 2.0: TeamSnap

    A new service from Portland based SparkPlug; TeamSnap brings amateur sports management to Web 2.0. Anybody who has coached or managed a sports team knows how much work is involved. Managing team rosters, fees and event schedules is a time consuming chore. TeamSnap aims to simply the management of the various aspects of running any sort of team by providing an online destination, a CRM tool… Read More

  • Maxell Developing 200GB Blu-ray Disc

    Not much information here, but it looks like TDK isn’t going to be leading the Blu-ray optical market for much longer. Word is that Maxell is also working on a 200GB-capacity Blu-ray disc. Each disc will carry eight layers of tasty data on each side. Expect to see these available in stores by, ahhhh, 2010. Don’t hold your breath. Maxell also develops 200GB Blu-ray Disc [I4U] Read More

  • Nokia Introduces 3109 Classic

    Those of you in Europe should pay attention to the 3109 Classic from Nokia. This offering includes Bluetooth and microSD with a built-in music player, but lacks a camera. Perfect if you want to leave your iPod at home or if you can’t use a camera-phone in your work environment. Aside from Bluetooth and music playback, the phone is pretty much a no-frills device. It has an e-mail client… Read More

  • Why Haven't CableCARD Home Theater PCs Taken Off?

    Over at Zatz Not Funny, the greatest name ever for a blog, Zatz asks an important question: What’s up with CableCARD-ready PCs? Did they fall off the face of the planet, or are people just not enthusiastic about the idea of sticking a PC in their entertainment center? Read More

  • GameTap Gets Creative, Announces Animated Series

    Fan of the original “Aeon Flux” or “Reign: The Conqueror?” Might want to sign up for GameTap soon, as the company will be releasing a new animated series called “ReVisioned.” A collective group of artists and writers will get together to create a cartoon series based on popular video games. Up first is “Tomb Raider” and guess who’s doing… Read More

  • Apple Being Sued Over Laptop Displays

    If there’s even a minor flaw in a product, there’s money to be made by lawyers and PC fanboys. A San Diego filing for a class-action law suit by Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley is the latest legal trouble for the Cupertino company. The lawsuit claims that Apple was marketing Macbook and Macbook Pro displays as if they were god’s gift to mankind. Claims are made that the Macbook… Read More

  • Plazes Regroups, Learns From Twitter

    Plazes, headquartered in Zurich and Berlin, is a social community that connects you and your friends to the places you spend your time. They’ve been around for a while (we profiled Plazes on the day TechCrunch launched in June 2005), and they recently raised €2.7 million in a venture round. Plazes lets users tell others where they are and what they are up to. Currently, users have… Read More

  • Video Game Sales Rise 20 Percent

    Last month video game sales jumped up 20 percent, a sharp increase over previous months. The reason for such a spike in the video game market? Nintendo. With the release of new Pokemon games and Wii sales still going strong, Nintendo took the lead for April, selling 360,000 Wii units to 14-year-olds around the country. Sony and Microsoft also contributed to the $839 million worth of hardware… Read More

  • Gnarly Alarm Clock Has Light Instead of Buzzer to Wake You Up

    It’s no Clocky, but this alarm clock innovates in a way that’s charming in and of itself. Rather than just having an annoying buzzer, not unlike the sound of creeping death to wake you up, it has a big, red, flashing light. Put it close enough to you and the pulsing redness is supposed to do enough to wake you, and only you, up. And yes, it also has an annoying buzzer. I like… Read More

  • Missing Girl Website Gets Millions Of Hits

    Poor Madeleine McCann has been missing since May 3, when she was taken from her hotel resort in Portugal. Since her abduction, supporters have set up a Web site, www.findmadeleine.com, in an effort to spread the news. Appeal posters and an e-mail chain letter are available from the site for people who want to help out. Normally, chain letters are usually ignored and do no good to helping… Read More

  • Mini Desktop Filing Cabinet Brings Back CES Woes

    Every trade show we attend, we’re swarmed by people in the industry throwing their cards at us like shurikens. After the first 50 or so, you start accumulating a little pile on your work desk and then 6 months down the road, your desk is littered by tons of cards from PR people, manufacturers, R&D guys, and those little cards people flick in your face in Vegas with hookers on them. Read More

  • Former Disney CEO Sees Minute and a Half Programming

    Can you spare about 90-seconds to watch something on mobile phone? If so former Disney CEO Michael Eisner might just have something to fill that minute and a half. mocoNews is reporting that Eisner’s new company Yuguru has plans to create a new series, titled Prom Queen, which would be delivered over some online video stores and via Verizon’s Vcast service. Speaking at Sign On… Read More

  • The Most Convenient Bank Offers Mobile Version

    Commerce Bank, which bills itself as America’s Most Convenient Bank, has launched a Virtual Private Bank reports Mobile Weblog, making it the first Web-based private banking platform. Commerce customers will be able to access their accounts from PDA smartphones such as a Blackberry or Treo, or the upcoming iPhone. According to the company’s press release, “this technology… Read More

  • The AudioFile: The Beat of a Different DRM

    Is the recording industry officially losing control over digital music? And more importantly, what new restrictions will it use to combat the rampant piracy that’s sure to follow? Also: Digital music still has one major drawback: no resale market. But imagine there was a way to capitalize on the potential for used MP3s…. Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Prototyped Leaked

    A new Sony-Ericsson model has appeared on a Polish auction site and the phone is looking quite handsome. The seller lists the phone as a “Sony X123i”, which sounds to us like a prototype model or a completely made up name. Apparently, the phone is set to be the successor to the W850 and we like what we see. Specs on this orangey-red slider include a 16.7 million color LCD, 3G… Read More

  • AMD Preps Its Own Notebook Chipset, Due Mid-2008

    All the Santa Rosa news must have annoyed AMD and now it’s coming out a notebook chip platform of its own, code named Puma. The platform will consist of processors, GPUs and technologies, all of which are being configured to optimize battery and video performance. Puma’s still a ways away, with the first notebooks that use it coming out in mid-2008. Read More

  • Exclusive New Transformers Trailer Available

    We here at the CG are very excited for the upcoming Transformers film. Unfortunately, the past two trailers the studio has been showing are just not that great and really don’t give you a good feel for the movie. But now, thanks to Michael Bay and Yahoo!, an exclusive trailer has been put up on Yahoo! Movies in 480p, 720p, and frickin’ 1080p if you need to wake up your eyes a bit. Read More

  • 3jam Widget for Web to Mobile

    Need to send and receive text messages from the Web to SMS? Tyler let us know about a nifty little tool from 3jam. This new widget lets you exchange messages, but you don’t even have to give out your mobile number. By putting the free widget on your Web page you can send and receive messages to your mobile, which still remains completely masked. 3jam Launches a Web Widget! [via Tylersworld] Read More

  • Microsoft Launches Popfly: Mashup App Creator Built On Silverlight

    Microsoft will announce the private beta launch of Popfly this morning, a new Silverlight application that allows users to create mashups, widgets and other applications using a very cool and easy to use web-based graphical interface. We previously covered the launch of Yahoo Pipes and compared five different applications that let you mix data and build applications online. At the time we… Read More

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