• VTech's latest landline phone does IM

    People with landline phones take notice for VTech has announced something pretty cool. Their latest cordless phone, the IS6110, does IM between phones and comes with a QWERTY keyboard. When the base unit is plugged into your PC via USB you can chat over MSN, Windows Live and AIM. The IS6110 retails for $100 and is available at Best Buy. Read More

  • Save pictures from Safari on your iPhone

    Hallelujah! iPhone owners and presumably iPod Touch owners will soon be able to save pictures from Safari directly into their Photo Albums with version 1.2.0 firmware. Looks like all you need to do is hold your finger down for an extended period of time until a popup box appears prompting you with a couple of possible actions. That’s pretty nifty and I’m sort of surprised it… Read More

  • LG Voyager coming to AT&T, Sprint

    Why carriers love recycling old models from other carriers is beyond me. Especially when said old models suck so hard like LG’s Voyager. The Vu is a much better device though; it’s not that great, either. However, the Voyager has done commercially well selling over 1.1 million units since November. And now they’re bringing it to AT&T and Sprint or so says an LG… Read More

  • HTC S730 (O2 XDA Atmos) smartphone reviewed

    Register Hardware takes a gander at the S730 from HTC, also available on O2 as the XDA Atmos, and gave it a slightly above average score of 75 out of 100. The S730’s keyboard won some big-time praise as “one of the best HTC keyboards we’ve used,” according to the review, and the device’s form factor is described as “chunky yet… Read More

  • Alligator-skinned Windows Mobile wrist watch

    Behold the future…today! It’s the world’s first Windows Mobile wrist watch phone. It comes at you like a feature-tornado with Windows CE 5.0, GPRS, 1.45-inch screen (with handwriting recognition!), network camera and/or a 1.3-megapixel digital camera, Wi-Fi connection, Bluetooth, up to one-gigabyte of “T-flash memory,” and…um…I’ll just cut and… Read More

  • Looking for new revenue, cellphone providers begin pushing video

    It seems that wireless providers will be ignoring that pesky “phone” part in “cellphone” in the coming months, instead promoting them as portable video gadgets. So, great news for those of you who simply want a cellphone with decent reception and battery life. Some 89 percent (!) of Americans already have cellphones, so wireless providers, say analysts, will… Read More

  • Update: Fring's Jailbroken iPhone App Now Live

    As Mike reported earlier today, Fring is launching a downloadable app for the iPhone that will allow people to make Skype and other VoIP calls over the data connection instead of using up talk minutes. Fring supports Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM services. It is now live. (Warning: You will need to Jailbreak your iPhone to make it work). The Fring blog… Read More

  • Biofuel producers catching heat amid rise in food price

    There’s been riots over the rise in food prices. You may heave heard about, or even seen first-hand, rising food costs. (As have I—milk is how much?) Just be grateful you’re not a biofuel producer, since those guys are feeling some heat, namely for “crimes against humanity.” That’s a hard accusation to shake, methinks. Certain individuals are blaming… Read More

  • Strutta: I'm the best around, nothing's ever gonna bring me down

    “What, you think you’re better than me?” We’ve all uttered this phrase at one point or another in our lifetime. Well maybe we’ve just thought about saying it, but we’re inherently wired to feel it. We love to compete with one another no matter what the circumstances are, but let’s face it, seeing who can do the most one armed push-ups at the office… Read More

  • Federated Media's $50 Million C-Round Confirmed—No Plans to Buy Up Blog Partners

    After turning down a $100 million buyout offer, Federated Media Publishing has opted instead to raise $50 million in a C round led by Oak Investment Partners. As was reported two weeks ago, the rumored valuation is $200 million. While the company is not confirming that number, publisher Chas Edwards quips, “We have to be worth at least $101 million.” Federated Media acts as… Read More

  • Mowser Founder Says Mobile Web Is Dead. It's The Opposite: The Mobile Web Was Born Only Yesterday

    The Mobile Web is dead, says entreprenuer Russell Beattie, and it’s time for him to deadpool Mowser. Read the details in Duncan’s post from earlier today. Now I certainly think that the day of creating specialty stripped down version of web pages for mobile devices is coming to an end (and that’s what Mowser did). Small screens with poor bandwidth equals an unusable product. Read More

  • Realtime Worlds confirms $50m Series B

    Games company Realtime Worlds has raised $50 million in a Series B round led by Maverick Capital, reports TechCrunch UK, news which confirms Michael Arington’s story in March. Existing investors New Enterprise Associates and WPP also participated to back the Scotland and Colorado based firm which previously raised nearly $33 million. Realtime has an exclusive partnership with Microsoft… Read More

  • Build A Book On Facebook With Blurb

    Blurb, the on-demand print service with a specialization in photographic layouts, is expanding its “crowd sourcing” strategy onto, where else, but Facebook with a new app that brings people together to create professional quality books. This past October Blurb deployed a new feature for its desktop publishing software called Community Books that could be used to create books… Read More

  • Google's Don't Be Evil Not "Ordained Motto" Says Marissa Mayer

    Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” motto, first uttered by Googler Paul Buchheit (now founder of FriendFeed) in 2001, has long been the pillar of their self-imposed code of conduct. It was amended somewhat in 2006 when CEO Eric Schmidt, under fire for entering the Chinese market with censorship restrictions, said “We actually did an evil scale and decided not to serve at… Read More

  • Fring iPhone Chat/Voip App Launching Today

    Fring, an Israeli startup that has a great VOIP/Chat service for mobile phones (see our February coverage), is launching an iPhone version of the service sometime in the next 24 hours, we’ve heard. This is not a browser-based chat app like FlickIM or Mundu. It should be a fully functional downloadable version of the application that allows users to access the fring, Skype, MSN… Read More

  • Twitter Testing Advertising In Twitter Streams

    Twitter was down tonight, nothing really unusual for the San Francisco based startup (to be fair though downtime has improved since they dumped Joyent), but what was different is some reports of users spotting ads in their Twitter stream during the service difficulties. There were no ads evident when I visited Twitter, which may indicate testing only in preparation for a broad-scale… Read More

  • AOL Buys Sphere's Blog Content Engine

    Tomorrow AOL will announce the acquisition of San Francisco-based Sphere, a blog content engine that launched in 2006. The price is not being disclosed, but sources are suggesting it’s in the $25 million range, or possibly a little more. More details from Om Malik When Sphere first launched as a blog search engine they were already late to the blog search game. Technorati and others had… Read More

  • Facebook News Feed Reports on You Behind Your Back

    The Facebook News Feed is a strange beast. Upon its release, it was met with an extremely negative reception as members protested their new ‘auto-stalker’, but it has slowly gained acceptance as users learned they could control which stories were sent to the News Feed. Users need only click a small ‘x’ in their own personal ‘mini-feed’, and any stories… Read More

  • Hungry Founder Puts Mowser In The Deadpool

    Mobile internet service Mowser is to be shut down due to lack of traffic, funding, and a hungry founder. Founded by ex-Yahoo mobile evangelist Russell Beattie in 2007, Mowser offered a web to mobile friendly page service. Users entered the address of the web page they wanted to view into Mowser, and the site returned a mobile version of the page.

    According to Beattie, the site was unable to… Read More

  • Video: Speed Racer for Wii gameplay footage

    http://www.mtv.com/player/embed/wp/ This looks awesome. I’m really looking forward to the Speed Racer movie coming up in a few weeks, and this gameplay demo of the Wii version of the game looks like it’s a totally fun game. Early word is the movie has captured the cartoon world of Speed Racer perfectly, and this game appears to mirror that. If the characters in the corner are like… Read More

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