• Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Days 04/05

    Reader Response: Holiday SPECTACULAR Days 04/05

    I’ve been jamming out to Man Man and doing nothing productive today, because let’s face it, there isn’t really anything to report today. We almost nothing. We do still have two more winners for our Reader Response Holiday SPECTACULAR. So let’s get right to that. Read More

  • Ergonomic Roundup at CrunchGear

    Ergonomic Roundup at CrunchGear

    As techies, there are few components that affect our bodies as heavily as our chairs. Sitting in a chair for countless hours every day has a notable impact on our bodies. A crappy chair can cause immediate duress and also lead to prolonged pain. A quality chair, however, can do a lot of good for you. Recognizing this dilemma, CrunchGear has conducted a stress test roundup of several of the… Read More

  • Air Dry That Sh*t…Not

    For any surfers, divers, watermen/women in the CG audience Hangair has a pretty bitchin way to dry your wetty. If you’re like me then the thought of pulling on a damp wetsuit in the morning when it’s already 30 some degrees out makes your boys choke up. I can never get my wetsuit to dry fast enough in between sessions but Hangair has the solution. Powered by a 12V motor, the fan… Read More

  • Lets Go! Rider Kick!

    Straight outta Japan, where else…seriously, in commemoration of Kamen Rider’s 35th anniversary Zippo has released a very limited edition, 100 total sets, set of lighters to celebrate how much ass the Masked Riders kicked back in the day. A total of eight designs are featured with seven having each individual rider displayed. Each set will run you a whopping $3100!!! Kamen Rider… Read More

  • LG's Latest And Greatest (well maybe not greatest)

    Another new mobile from LG launched under Cyon in Korea. The LG SB190 boasts DMB and GPS services via Nate Drive along with a 1.3 megapixel camera, mp3 playback and a few other goodies Cetizen didn’t feel like sharing. Feel free to hate me now that I’ve shown you yet another phone that probably won’t make it to the US. LG SB-190 [Cetizen] Read More

  • My Cool Friend The iHolic

    Korea’s Dacos has launched a new mp3 player with DMB support. I know I know, we can’t get it here so why even bother telling you about it. Because I like to irritate you all at work! That’s why, got a problem with that? :) The iHolic comes with, what seems to be a new standard in screen size, a 2.4-inch TFT LCD. It kicks some serious ass because it comes with its own… Read More

  • Performancing Blogging Plugin Now ScribeFire

    When PayPerPost announced the acquisition of most of the Performancing assets earlier this week, a lot of people asked about the future of the popular Performancing blogging plugin, which wasn’t acquired. It’s alive and well and has been rebranded as ScribeFire. The site has a landing page up and will be launching shortly. In the meantime, the old plugin can stll be downloaded on… Read More

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha!

    Nothing makes us cringe more than a gadget getting beaten up or destroyed. However, this Tickle Me Elmo doll that looks like a Private in Vietnam being torched with napalm keeps laughing after it becomes englufed in flames. Hilarious or creepy? You commenters decide. Tickle Me Elmo On Fire [Digg] Read More

  • iTunes Music Store iPod Games Are Cracked

    iTunes Music Store iPod Games Are Cracked

    So if you’re like, one of those guys who really needed an iPod game that you bought one, you’re in luck. Through a fairly easy method, you can crack iPod Games that you purchased for use on any iPod. Sounds great, right? Cubis 2 on my Nano and 5G!!! But be forewarned, not only is this potentially illegal, but people are claiming it’s screwing up anything else purchased from… Read More

  • Love Music? Love Last.fm

    Love Music? Love Last.fm

    If you are any way into music and use any semi-popular MP3 player (software-based), you should check out Last.fm! You install a little plugin onto your PC or Mac and it collects song information from your MP3 player and puts it into a database. So now you can see just how many times you listened to Jimmy Eat World – Sweetness and what albums you listen to are the least popular. Oh and did… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Can't They All Just Get Along?

    The AudioFile: Can't They All Just Get Along?

    Face it, DRM is here to stay. Sure there are cracks (thanks DVD Jon!), file-sharing networks, and Bit Torrent, but the fact is many people are still buying digital music online legally. Some pundits say DRM is either doomed to failure or harmful to the consumer experience because of its increasing lack of interoperability, but I see a clear path through the DRM labyrinth. One company in… Read More

  • Tag Your Desktop Stuff With Tag2Find

    Tag Your Desktop Stuff With Tag2Find

    Tagging should be a feature of operating systems. It’s usually a superior way of organizing information v. folders because a file can be placed in only a single folder, but multiple tags can be associated with that file. It’s one of the reasons I like Gmail, because emails can be tagged with multiple descriptive terms instead of just throwing it into a folder. I find it much easier… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: RPG Edition

    Daily Crunch: RPG Edition

    History of Computerized RPGs: The Wonder Years
    Dazzling Toaster Amps
    Workspace Roundup: Ergonomic Chairs
    Solar Powered GPS Receiver for Hermits, Perverts
    The Futurist: MacWorld’s-A-Comin’ or… The Perfect Musicphone Read More

  • Google's Orkut Down For 13+ Hours

    Google's Orkut Down For 13+ Hours

    Google’s Orkut social network, which has been having a bit of a renaissance this year, has been down for the last thirteen hours as of 2 am PST. It’s unlikely this is an upgrade given the amount of time the site has been offline. This just isn’t Google’s day.

    Update: Orkut is back online now, after 22 hours of down time. Read More

  • Google v. Technorati (and Hitwise v. Comscore)

    Google v. Technorati (and Hitwise v. Comscore)

    Metrics company Hitwise writes a sensational blog post showing the dramatic rise of Google Blog Search against competitors Technorati and Sphere. Their data is saying that this week, for the first time, Google Blogsearch surpassed Technorati in total visits. Google Blog Search just passed 0.0025% of total internet traffic, according to Hitwise, v. 0.0023% for Technorati. The reason for the… Read More

  • Google Top Searches: Based on Everything and Nothing

    Google made a clarification today to their much criticized list of most popular queries in their search engine. The list raised eyebrows because it included some fairly unlikely terms. “Bebo” for example, was the number one term on the list. In the original announcement, Google said: “Google today announced its annual Zeitgeist, featuring lists and charts of the most popular… Read More

  • Polaroid's Upcoming ClickFree Photo Backup Drive

    This slipped by me earlier in the month, but it’s a pretty cool little drive of special interest to shutterbugs. It’s an upcoming storage device developed in a partnership between Polaroid and Storage Appliance Corporation. Called the Polaroid Media Backup Photo Edition, it’s essentially a portable 40GB hard drive designed for backing up your photos—and only your photos. Read More

  • Gmail Disaster: Reports Of Mass Email Deletions

    Just a week after I wrote “Uh Oh, Gmail Just Got Perfect” a number of users started complaining that all of their Gmail emails and contacts were auto deleted. The first message, posted on the Google Groups forum on December 19, stated “Found my account clean..nothing in Inbox, contacts ,sent mail..How can all these information residing in different folders disappear? ..How… Read More

  • Solar Powered GPS Receiver for Hermits, Perverts

    That fancy GPS unit you just got for Xmas isn’t going to do you a whole lot of good in the woods if its battery dies. No, sadly, you’re to be eaten by a bear. And who wants to lug a handful of AAAs around whilst camping? That’s prime Girl Scout stalking time. You need a solar-powered GPS receiver. It’s just what it sounds like: a GPS receiver powered by the sun. It… Read More

  • Workspace Roundup: Ergonomic Chairs

    Workspace Roundup: Ergonomic Chairs

    As techies, there are few components that affect us more so than our chairs. Sitting in a chair for countless hours every day has a notable impact on our bodies. A crappy chair can cause immediate duress and also lead to prolonged pain. A quality chair, however, can do a lot of good for you. Proper lumbar support, being reasonably adjustable, sufficient padding, all these components play a role… Read More