• Samsung Printers Hit Apple Store

    1630 Printers don’t exactly warrant an alarm or anything, but the Samsung duo that are exclusive to Apple until January of 2008 are certainly worth a gander. I saw these a few months ago, but I thought they were fancy new desktop PCs. It never dawned on me that they were just printers until I saw one spewing out paper. They’re both equipped with touch controls and pretty blue… Read More

  • Hasselblad H3D II: 39-megapixel, GPS-enabled DSLR

    Hasselblad is updating their 39-megapixel DSLR with a handful of improvements that may justify its ridiculously high price tag. Well, not really, but it does have some kickass new features that will have any photog drooling. A 3-inch display is a great start and integrated GPS for automatic geotagging are welcome additions for serious photographers are always on the move. A 48x36mm CCD… Read More

  • IT Marketplace OnForce Closes $6.75 Million

    OnForce has closed a $6.75 million series A1 financing round led by Accel Partners. OnForce is a “marketplace for on site IT services”. Companies use the site to post contract gigs for registered IT professionals in your area. Postings can be made to the site for $11 with 10% of the parts and labor taken after completion of the job and final payment transferred. OnForce plans… Read More

  • Google Promotes 411 Service On Billboards

    OK, a Google flavored billboard might not seem that exciting, but for a company with products that have always promoted themselves, it’s an interesting change from Google. This shot was taken in upstate New York, far, far away from the early adopter crowd or the inner-city types whom Google might normally pitch to. Is it a sign that Google is looking to better promote it’s more… Read More

  • Keyboard With Handwriting Recognition

    File this one under lame because the A1Pro USB/PS2 Black Keyboard with Handwritten Identity Feature is so not worth the $25.48 you’ll be throwing away. Even if the handwritten identity feature were to even work properly, I’d still want to have a number pad. How often would you even use this feature? It’s much faster and easier to type than using a stylus, right? I think… Read More

  • Hands On With The Bose Computer MusicMonitor Speakers

    At yesterday’s Bose event, I was given the chance to experience to experience the new Computer MusicMonitor speakers first-hand. As I was led to a small, closed testing room, I wondered what Bose had up its sleeve. Earlier, they were showing videos of a suspension system it designed for a car, so I had no idea what to expect. Read More

  • Grown Up Adults Give The One Laptop Per Child The Thumbs Up (And Why Aren't 'Real' Laptops As Good?)

    NOTE: One guy at TC40 had a OLPC laptop and it would squeal like a dying rat every few minutes. Not a good sign. – JB This One Laptop Per Child business has been making waves since the days when I read Slashdot for fun, but Laptop Magazine just gave it a whirl. We already know that real life kids gave it the thumbs up a few weeks back, and now we have Laptop’s seal of approval. Read More

  • Germany Takes Apple iPhone Total to 3 Nations

    Apple has formally announced the release date for the iPhone in Germany. Germany will get the iPhone November 9th. The 8GB iPhone will retail for €399 ($557) including tax, and like in the United States is tied to a 2 year contract. German iPhone users will have access to iPhone features such as visual voicemail, Google Maps, WiFi iTunes Store, etc. Plans have not been announced yet. No… Read More

  • Talk Like A Pirate, Win 2GB of RAM

    I don’t care if today is international ‘Talk Like A Pirate Day’ because I’m not talking like a pirate, but ye should know that Crucial is giving away some booty in the form of 2GB of RAM. Just head on over and scour the site for the buried treasure chest and you could be one of two scurvy dogs to win. Aarrrgghhhhh. Crucial Read More

  • Does Digg Want To Be Facebook?

    Digg is to offer new features today that will provide social networking functionality akin to Facebook and MySpace. Digg users will now have full profile pages that allow them to connect to friends and share stories that may other wise not hit the main page of Digg. Digg users will also be able to chat with one and other, and leave messages on user profiles; a similar feature to the… Read More

  • Free Unlocked iPhone Winner: Tom

    Once you offer to give stuff away, all sorts come out of the woodwork. Take Tom for example. This “spry chap” give us an earful with his cockney meanderings, forcing us to sit up and “take note of his bonnet” when our random number generator picked his number. Jolly good show, you old sod! Cor blimey gov, what I wouldn’t do to get a butchers hook at yer… Read More

  • USB 3.0 Launching Next Year?

    Just a quick note on some hotness coming out of the Intel Developers Forum going on in San Francisco. A new standard of data transfer is on the horizon and it may show up in the first half of 2008. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group is gunning for throughputs up to 10 times faster than it is now, which is roughly going to be 5Gbps. They’re looking at optical technology, but the connectors should… Read More

  • Jack Thompson Doesn't Like 'Being' In GTA IV, Tells Publisher To Remove Him 'Or Else'

    Patriot I love Jack Thompson insofar as he makes for really great message board flame threads. He’s in the news again, not for allegedly robbing a Las Vegas casino, but because he’s threatening Grand Theft Auto IV publisher with an “or else.” Apparently early in GTAIV the main character kills a video game-hating lawyer. Thompson, who Monday filed “make them… Read More

  • Rez HD First Impressions

    The lucky bastards over at Kotaku got to meet up with Rez creator Mr. Tetsuya Mizuguchi and give his new title Rez HD a spin. The Xbox 360 title is apparently a great sequel and stays true to the original title. Playing this drugged-out game in HD is pretty sweet, as expected, and according to the interview, all the tracks in the game will be re-mastered into Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound. The… Read More

  • HP Planning SSDs In Biz Laptops

    The next time your company offers to let you buy a laptop with company funds, you might want to check out some new business-grade laptops from HP. Though HP isn’t the first choice for the business world (Lenovo seems to reign king here), its new notebooks are set to offer features not found in many others. As of next month, the HP Compaq 2710p, 2510p, 6910p, and 8000 series computers… Read More

  • JBL Reference 420 Headphones Review

    After a long night of drinking, I came home the next morning to discover a package from JBL. Inside was a black pair of Reference 420 Headphones; one of JBL’s latest ventures into over-the-ear headphones market. I opened up the box and discovered they came with their own personal case for transport, which is a great when you’re trying not to break a $150 item. Read More

  • Zune 2 Launch Date Confirmed

    Stop what you’re doing. This is breaking news, folks. The launch date for the Zune 2 has supposedly been confirmed. October 16 will be a glorious day where we’ll see those pink, green, red, and black Zunes in 4-, 8- and 80GB flavors. The ‘leaked’ pics are an accurate representation, but we’ll still see the double-shot casing and it might not be so shiny. The… Read More

  • AT&T Brings Out The BlackBerry 8820

    Look at what the cat dragged in. It’s the BlackBerry I’ve been waiting for, the 8820. GPS and Wi-Fi. Can it get any better? Once it moves over to T-Mobile, then yes. Specs here, but I’m sure you know them already. A 2-year contract with the worst provider in the union will cost you $299.99. Press Release Read More

  • The iPhone Is Heading To Deutschland

    Looks like Apple fanboys in both Germany and the UK will be able to join hands in song November 9th. Deutschland will also be getting the iPhone come the November date, albeit not as cheap as we do. The 8GB iPhone will retail for €399 and is being sold through T-Mobile Germany (Deutsch Telekom). That’s also after a 2-year T-Mobile tariff and V.A.T. is figured into the price. German… Read More

  • Mac Office 2008 Preview Site Launched: Software Here Early 2008

    Office 2008 for Mac is coming early next year; hold your horses, Vince. In the meantime, Microsoft has launched a preview Web site where you can take a look at some of the office suite’s features. It is exciting, I know. (To me, Google Apps has pretty much eliminated the need for Office, especially since it means I can do the same work from a library computer as I could from my laptop.)… Read More

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