• Can you Survive Hollywood? Vivendi Games Mobile Will Let You Try

    If you’ve seen HBO’s “Entourage” or “The Player,” Robert Altman’s inside look at movie industry, you know that Hollywood can be anything but kind. But soon you can learn for yourself with “Surviving Hollywood,” a new game from Vivendi Games Mobile, which arrives on all major wireless carriers next week. This story-based simulation game… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Captured! By Robots Edition

    The Reason Robots Exist
    CrunchExclusive: Nokia BH-604 Bluetooth Headphone Review
    Ownd Cafe: ‘Treat’ Your Dog To An Oxygen Chamber
    Pure Digital Evoke 1S DAB Radio: Where Old Meets New (Radio-Wise)
    Tascam DAP Is A Godsend For Musicians Read More

  • Amazon To Launch Payments Services; Will Compete With PayPal and Google Checkout

    Look for a launch announcement by Amazon this week or next of a new web service around payments, adding to their S3 (storage), EC2 (virtual server) and other services. They’ve been quietly testing the service, which will compete with PayPal and Google Checkout, for a few weeks. It is an extension of the existing Amazon Payments, which allows third parties selling items on… Read More

  • TC Interns' 10 Favorite Facebook Applications

    As a few titans of tech blogging recently began to go back and forth over whether platform-enhanced Facebook is really worth the hassle, we lowly interns over here at TechCrunch decided to list our favorite Facebook applications to see whether third-party additions have really improved our social networking lives. As early twenty-somethings who experienced Facebook when it was exclusively… Read More

  • Scouta Brings Recommendations To iTunes

    Social music and video recommendations startup Scouta has today launched free Mac software that automatically provides social recommendations for iTunes, iPods, iPhones, and the Apple TV. Scouta launched in February with a service that recommends audio and video content to members based on personal content preferences. The new agent allows Scouta to base recommendations on a member’s… Read More

  • DirecTV Announces New TiVo Features For 2008

    Launching in 2008 are software enhancements that will give DirecTV DVR users with built-in Series 2 TiVo a Recently Deleted Folder and Overlap Protection as well as Remote Booking. No need to upgrade now is there? Press Release Read More

  • New iMacs To Debut Next Tuesday

    It looks like the new 20- and 24-inch iMacs will be making their debut next Tuesday at an exclusive press event at Apple HQ in Cupertino. Unlike past events where e-mails were sent out it seems phone calls from Apple’s marketing department were informing the press of the Mac exclusive event. The new slimmed down keyboard should also be making its debut along with demonstrations of… Read More

  • Couch Swapping Comes To Facebook

    Social travel network TripUp has announced the launch of CouchSwap, a new social travel application developed specifically for Facebook. CouchSwap gives Facebook users the ability to offer their couches to friends and other travellers, as well as being able to find available couches offered up by other members. CouchSwap features include a ratings service that allows users to rate couches like… Read More

  • NASA Hates The iPhone

    NASA would sooner launch the iPhone into outer space than issue them to astronauts according to meeting minutes from July 10. ODIN (Outsourcing Desktop Initiative for NASA) project manager, Jeff Stephens, deemed the iPhone unacceptable for NASA. Thanks Jeff, we weren’t sure if it was enterprise ready, but you’ve just reaffirmed our prior beliefs. Alert the masses! RIM and Palm… Read More

  • Geek Squad Needs Your Big Ideas: A Chance To Meet Woz

    Geek Squad, the computer repair company married to Best Buy, is looking for big thinkers. It’s looking for big thinkers in order to solve problems. Big problems. Big problems that require big thinking. So it’s sponsoring a (big?) contest to go along with its annual IdeaFestival, where it’s offering the biggest thinkers the chance to go to Louisville, Kentucky to meet… Read More

  • Hacha PC20 PMP: 7.7mm Thic… Thin I mean!

    Really, there’s nothing I like better than writing about something when only the most basic information is known. Take this Hacha PC20 PMP. I can tell you that it has a 3-inch screen and that it’s fairly slim at 7.7mm. So I’ll save you from all the clever witticisms and just leave you with one more picture. Read More

  • New Study: Top 50k blogs had $500 million in 2006 Revenue

    A new study being published by the University of Texas and Chitika says that the top 50,000 blogs may have generated around $500 million in aggregate 2006 revenue. The data behind the study is rather thin – They are looking at the Chitika blog advertising network, which includes 12,000 blogs, and estimating that most blogs would have three distinct revenue sources. Blog rankings are… Read More

  • Halo Laser Pursuit Coming In October

    Do people still play Laser Tag? Enjoy a round of hot Halo action? If so, then prepare yourselves because Halo Laser Pursuit is getting ready to launch. You, too, can wield a Covenant Plasma Rifle or Pistol and frag away. Both weapons are highly detailed to match what you see in the game and they replicate the same characteristics the weapons in the game have such as blinking lights, sound… Read More

  • StyleMob: For Women Who Like Clothes

    “Street style community” StyleMob will go public Thursday with a product that is part Hot or Not, part fashion magazine and part MySpace. Like Hot or Not, StyleMob encourages users to upload photos to be scored by other users. The concept is that users share their fashions with other users, be that store clothing, created clothing or a combination therein. StyleMob also takes… Read More

  • WindSolutions CopyTrans Doctor: Fix That Broken iPod, With Software!

    We all have iPods and Hickey already told us what to do if it breaks. But, say, you hate Hickey and don’t believe a word he says. Fair enough, but your iPod could still die an untimely death. Sad, yes, but WindSolutions has released CopyTrans Doctor iPod, software that’s still in beta that may, just may fix your hosed iPod. It sounds like DiskWarrior et al. in that it attempts to… Read More

  • A Missed Connection at TechCrunch 9

    Anybody know who the guy in the blue shirt with blond hair is below (looking left, with glasses, back to camera)? Someone saw him at TechCrunch 9 and wants to meet him. See Scott Beale’s post and the related “missed connection” post on Craigslist. hi! this is crazy. thought you’re cute. you’re the tall blond guy with your back to the camera, wearing glasses, 3rd… Read More

  • Tascam DAP Is A Godsend For Musicians

    Apparently the brand Tascam is “big” in the music community, as Vince just went off in our chat room on how great it is. Tascam designed this DAP, the MP-VT1, with musicians in mind, which is while you’ll find a line out and a microphone jack there. It has other features only musicians could appreciate, like Variable Speed Audition, which slows songs down without changing… Read More

  • Circuit City Ad Confirms Price Cuts For All Xbox 360 Systems

    The fate of the Xbox 360 core system is still up in the air, but this Circuit City ad all but confirms the price cuts across all 360 systems. Beginning August 12, the Elite gets a $30 drop to a more affordable $449.99 price point, the Premium edition drops to $349.99 and the Core system now competes with the Wii at $279.99. If the price cuts weren’t enough to get you in the store then… Read More

  • Honestech Software Roundup

    Honestech has an entire suite of software programs that are cheap, do what they’re advertised and easy to use. I’ve spent the last few weeks dabbling with VHS to DVD 3.0 Deluxe, DVD Player 3.0, Claymation Studio, and Rapid Video Blogger. I wouldn’t normally use any of it, but given the chance to test them out, I just couldn’t resist. Read More

  • FCC Fails To Mark Its Place In History

    The FCC released the auction rules on the 700 MHz spectrum today. Google formally requested (and we supported) that the new bandwidth have four requirements: open applications, open devices, open services and open networks. Together these rules could quickly make the U.S. wireless space competitive with European and Asian markets that we have long trailed. The auction rules include much of… Read More

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