• China, having solved all other problems, lands cell tower for Mt. Everest

    If you’ve been wanting to climb mount everest, but were afraid to be without your Blackberry for five days, China’s got your back. The great red burgeoning superpower’s largest cellphone provider has just installed cell towers to cover the mountain, all the way to the summit. Ostensibly this is to ensure coverage for the 2008 Olympic’s torch relay, as the torch’s… Read More

  • Inbox 2.0 Makes Me Sad

    Saul Hansell at the The New York Times is reporting that both Yahoo and Google are planning to use their email services as the core of their social networking strategy over time. Of course, by social network, they mean Facebook and MySpace. Not the already vibrant social networking that already goes on daily via my email inbox…no, we’re talking about widgets. and profile pages. Read More

  • VibeAgent Steps Out Of Beta, Wants To Defeat TripAdvisor With People Power

    Later today VibeAgent, a site that lets users find, rate and review hotels, will be announcing their site is out of beta at the PhoCusWright travel conference in Orlando. We previously covered VibeAgent during their private beta and handed out some invites on Inviteshare. The easiest way to describe the site is as a more social TripAdvisor, which the company clearly wants to take down. Read More

  • ON Networks Takes $12 Million Series B

    Austin, Texas based online video content creation company ON Networks has taken $12 million Series B in a round led by Accel Partners. Also participating in the round were original investors Austin Ventures and AT&T. The funding will be used to expand ON Networks, including the development of its “virtual studio technology platform,” and for the production of new shows. As part… Read More

  • Crunch Network


    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. ZeroHouse concept: totally self-sufficient for a cleaner environment Jeff Wow, what an absolutely honest post. I love it, he pretty much just said what most of us are thinking. Dude, I no longer care about global warming or the… Read More

  • eSnips Takes Hint from Online Dating, Debuts "Social DNA"

    Looks like tonight’s theme is social discovery. Israel-based eSnips, a media-centric social network we reviewed over a year ago, is releasing a new feature called “Social DNA” meant to help you discover people similar to yourself. The idea’s simple and already executed in one form or another by most online dating services. Users fill out quick and “fun”… Read More

  • Social Network for Neighbors Fatdoor Raises $5.5M, Hires New CEO

    Social network for neighbors Fatdoor has raised $5.5M in its first round of institutional funding. The company has also brought aboard ex-Yahoo Jennifer Dulski as its CEO. The investment group was led by Norwest Venture Partners with the participation of KeyNote Ventures. Dulski comes to Fatdoor after nine years at Yahoo where she served variously as VP/GM of Local Markets and Commerce, VP/GM… Read More

  • MT Community Solution: Blogs Meet Forums 2.0

    SixApart has launched a new version of the their Movable Type (MT) blogging platform, Movable Type Community Solution (MTCS) that takes blogging into the realms of forum hosting, with some nice 2.0 touches. Other sites have reported that the new version is something akin to a Ning competitor, but this isn’t the case. I asked Six Apart’s VP Anil Dash exactly what we are looking… Read More

  • The most powerful Wi-Fi router allowed by law

    I get a kick out of stuff that’s the most something-or-other allowed by law. For almost $300, though, I think the most powerful router is a little excessive. Also, it’s got "Extreme" in the name, which I find a bit presumptuous and overplayed. People who own places large enough to necessitate the use of such a device likely won’t flinch at the price, though. Read More

  • Google AdSense Updates – Less Click Fraud To Come?

    Google has made a small change to AdSense that may make a big difference in cutting out errant clicks and even your AdSense revenue. They’ve redefined the clickable region for Google AdSense from the entire boxed region, to just the text link. Google Blogoscoped has a mock-up of the difference in the regions. Although Google has filters to detect outright click fraud, unintentionally… Read More

  • CBS News Writers May Go On Strike, Online Content Providers Looking Happier By The Minute

    CBS News writers will vote Thursday on taking strike action in a move that would cripple news production on CBS television and radio. The CBS News workers will join their drama and comedy colleagues on the picket line, along with Broadway stage hands who went on strike November 8. So far the growing number of striking workers has seen late night talk shows go off air (or into repeats), and… Read More

  • The Wall Street Journal Gets Cozy With Digg

    There’s a new sheriff in town at the venerable Wall Street Journal, and they certainly seem willing to try new things.

    Like the New York Times, the WSJ is now adding Digg buttons to articles. And clicks from Digg get the added benefit of bypassing the paywall. Links are supposedly being added now, although I can’t find any articles that include the digg button yet. The WSJ also… Read More

  • Verizon is bad at correctly quoting data rates

    Wow. Watch this. Sure, kilobits and kilobytes and fractions of pennies can be confusing but this is amazing. You’d think they’d have this information available. This guy asked 56 Verizon operators the same two questions; "What is the data overage rate for the basic 10MB data plan for $29.99?" and "What is the data roaming rate in Canada on the Core Choice 450… Read More

  • Automattic Founders To Take Big Money Off The Table

    It didn’t make a lot of sense when we heard that Automattic, the company that created the WordPress.com blogging platform and oversees the WordPress.org open source project, turned down a $200 million buyout offer. But apparently the investors weren’t ready to cash in their chips yet, and made CEO Toni Schneider and founder Matt Mullenweg a counter offer they couldn’t… Read More

  • Peerflix Hits the Replay Button (Again)—Wants to Become an Ad Network

    Poor Peerflix. It can’t quite seem to figure out what business it wants to be in. The DVD trading site, which already tried to rethink its business last December, has decided that maybe an online swap meet for DVDs isn’t such a great idea after all. Now it wants to become an ad network for movie-related sites. Oh, and it also bought a blog today, TheMovieBlog, for an… Read More

  • Diamond-encrusted gadgets get their comeuppance

    I’ve never been more in agreement with Wired than I am at this very moment. "Everything here is a crap gadget with diamonds glued on it," says Rob Beschizza in his post called The Worst Diamond-Encrusted Gadgets Of All Time. I’d go a step further and make the claim that diamonds don’t belong anywhere near gadgets. Let the gadget itself do the talking. If… Read More

  • Assassin's Creed video review

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=27754 GameTrailers.com has a good video review of Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about this game. GT’s basic view is that the game is gorgeous and innovative, albeit a bit repetitive and with a less-than-stellar enemy AI. "Assassin’s Creed breaks new ground but fails… Read More

  • 2 Billion Photos On Flickr

    So the rumors are correct. The picture above, Flickr confirmed via a phone call, is in fact the 2 billionth image uploaded to the site. The photo was taken by “yukesmooks” in Sydney on November 10th with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi. It has the beautifully minimalist title “Picture 098.” You can apparently find various milestones by typing in the URL… Read More

  • Bebo's Big Push Into Video

    Bebo is taking on YouTube (and Hulu). Today, it opened up its social network to video partners who want access to its captive audience. Launch partners include CBS, MTV Networks, ESPN, the BBC, Channel Four, BSkyB—Bebo is very popular in the UK—Next New Networks, Crackle, Ustream, Last.fm and JibJab. The partners can keep all advertising dollars from the videos (and from music too). Read More

  • PDAs of our past, it's been real

    Remember PDAs? Those nifty little handheld tablets that let you track appointments and set to-do lists? Yah, we do too, and they seem like an artifact from yesterrday. With the rise of the smartphone, the PDA has become redundant, all of the features you’d want in a PDA are included in the generic smartphone, as well as instant email and Web browsing. The third quarter of this year saw… Read More

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