• Nokia Internet Tablet OS Gets Upgraded

    Nokia may not have a multi-touch screen, but they do have a few things up their sleeve that Apple doesn’t. The N800 isn’t a phone per se, but the Wi-Fi feature coupled with the latest upgrade makes the tablet a force to be reckoned with. The latest build, 4.2007.26-8, includes Skype, Adobe Flash 9, memory card support up to 8GB (potential support up to 16GB) and improvements to… Read More

  • The Reason For Owning A PS3: Turok 3

    Hell Yes Way back in the day, the Nintendo 64 once has a brief series called Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. What many don’t understand is that Turok was one of the best first-person shooters in the history of gaming. Between the big head cheat codes, vast levels, and excellent graphics, you also got to kill dinosaurs. That’s about as good as it gets I’d say. That was the past… Read More

  • New Camera Lenses Capture Every Nook and Cranny

    Once summer’s over and you have to return to the harsh realities of work, family, and prayer, how are you going to keep in touch with your distant loved-ones and secret/imaginary girlfriends? Sure, you could call them on the phone or maybe fax them a funny doodle, but why not show them how messy your room is from every imaginable angle? Olympus has just unveiled a new lens that… Read More

  • One Laptop Per Child Laptop to Cost Only $50 in Less Than Two Years

    You know those $100 laptops part of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program? You know, the ones that are supposed to generate clean water and optimal living conditions with the turn of a crank? In less that two years they’ll only cost $50, according to the initiative’s CTO. Good news, everyone. I’m not even going to pretend to know anything about non-profits. So I will sit… Read More

  • Frets on Fire: Like Guitar Hero Except It's Free

    Guitar Hero and its ilk have transformed our nation’s garage band-playing youth into PS2-playing zombies. In researching this phenomenon I came across a freeware, open source game for PC, Mac OS X and Linux called Frets on Fire. It’s a complete, 100 percent rip-off of Guitar Hero only you can import your own songs into the game. (A good tutorial for that is here.) You control… Read More

  • Steorn: Too Hot Today For Free Energy, Please Come Back Later

    So much for the much hyped Steorn demo – after getting the world all jazzed up for a quick rewrite of the laws of physics the other day (they promised to break the fundamental law of conservation of energy by creating new energy from nothing), the public demo was cancelled. The reason, Steorn says, is that “excessive heat from the lighting in the main display area” caused… Read More

  • Congrats To CrunchGear, A Top 100 Blog

    Congratulations to CrunchGear, our sister site covering gadgets and gear that launched last year. They just slipped into the top 100 list at Technorati, at no. 100. Given their growth rate driven by lots of good original content, my guess is they’ll be bigger than TechCrunch by this time next year. Great job, guys. I’m proud to be working with you. See the whole team here, led… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: In Car Diversions

    We all spend too much time in our cars and a summer drive can turn into a nightmare with the right mix of traffic, heat, and gas prices. There are industries built around making our in-car time more productive and enjoyable. The degree to which they’ve been successful is debatable. There is something to the argument that every solution creates another problem. For example’ we all… Read More

  • Easy Turn USB Adapter Makes Traveling With Your iPod Easy Breezy

    Brightonnet has a slick little USB iPod adapter that might appeal to business types or those looking to pack light. The Easy Turn USB Adapter swivels where the iPod dock and USB connector meet. Depending on where your USB ports are this could be an annoyance, but it sure does put your iPod in a handy place and the swivel would probably alleviate any annoyances. We’re not sure on the… Read More

  • Mom Knits An iPhone

    It’s Friday and guess what? iPhone time! Today I bring you a knitted iPhone that was created by some geek’s mother. Detail is exceptional, with all the available apps ready to touch on the front and a sleek gray/metal back, why would you even buy a real iPhone when you can get this? It took about 5 hours to knit and guess what: this mom can even knit a Pop Tart. Yeah, a… Read More

  • 2007: Tech IPOs Are Back. Constant Contact Files Today.

    2007 certainly seems to be the year that technology initial public offerings are coming back into style. A number of startups have nice double-digit millions revenue numbers and are at or near profitability. Last week: Netsuite. Today, Massachusetts based Constant Contact filed to go public. The draft registration statement is here. CIBC, Thomas Weisel and Cowen & Company are the bankers… Read More

  • Ghostlight Ltd Announces WWI FPS

    You too can smell like rancid garbage while hiding in a trench I love a good FPS as much as anyone else does, don’t get me wrong. However, I can only play so many World War II shooters until I’m so sick storming Normandy, I throw all my Heineken out. Ghostlight is working on a new title that could add a breath of fresh air to the wartime shoot-em-up genre. Titled To End All Wars… Read More

  • Defective Xbox 360s Cost Microsoft Over $1 Billion

    Standard return rates for console hardware normally hover in the 3- to 5-percent range. That is, unless you’re an Xbox 360 owner. The Xbox 360’s return rate is a knee-buckling 33 percent, according to a DailyTech.com survey conducted amongst retail stores. While this number may be alarming, Microsoft’s response to the console’s defects has been refreshingly positive. Read More

  • Another Online Presentation Solution…zzzzzz

    The trend towards moving Office documents online for collaboration and remote viewing continues unabated. There’s still no dominant challenger to recently acquired WebEx – everyone knows how to use it and so people keep using it. But a new startup pops up almost weekly that addresses this market. Slidelive is this week’s entrant – a not bad browser-based free WebEx… Read More

  • Surfboard With Two Way Radio and GPS = Vaporware

    Surfers are a strange bunch and don’t take to gadgets very well. I feel awkward when testing out cameras that strap to my wrist and MP3 players that just get in the way. So the concept of this surfboard makes me apprehensive if I were looking at it from a shaper’s perspective. The radio and GPS units are going to have some girth and that does not bode well for shapers because of… Read More

  • Sony Apologizes 'Unreservedly' for Church of England Resistance Mishap

    When I read that Sony had gotten itself into a bit of a scuffle with the Church of England because of Resistance I shook my head side to side like a disappointed parent seeing his only son strike out for the fifth time in a row. Surely, I thought, they’d have to apologize, no matter how minor the infraction seemed to be. And they did. With these words Sony will hope that its latest… Read More

  • Sharp Announces First Blu-ray Player

    Sharp has announced their first Blu-ray player, BD-HP20S, and the specs are quite tantalizing to say the least. The biggest conundrum for consumers is the amount of time it takes for discs to begin playing, right? Sharp has apparently heard all the moaning and done something about it. The ‘Quick Start’ feature claims to start the disc in a matter of seconds, but I’ll see it… Read More

  • Help, I've Fallen, Can't Get Up

    The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in SK has announced the development of a mobile phone system for gammy and pappy that senses if they’ve fallen over and alerts you as well as the ER. The sensors are attached on the belt and work in conjunction with a mobile phone. When a sudden movement triggers the sensor the mobile phone alerts the hospital, which calls to check… Read More

  • First Look At LiveStation: Not Much To Report

    LiveStation, the Microsoft Research/Skinkers P2P IPTV solution we reported on last night, has sent out beta invites to a number of users. I’ve tested it and have included screen shots below. Frankly, there isn’t much to report. This is a Silverlight application and currently works only on Windows machines. If Silverlight is not installed on your machine it will be during the… Read More

  • Mysterious Sony Digital SLR to Be Announced Soon… Maybe

    You see this Sony digital SLR? Its designation is a complete and total MYSTERY to us all. (Yes, we’re conveniently ignoring the giant Alpha logo. But so is everyone else so that makes it OK.) We do have the raw stats, which is all you really care about anyway. How does a 12.8-megapixel image sensor rub you? Or what about its 3,200 ISO rating? Sounds good, don’it? An announcement… Read More

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