• Lenovo's Latest Laptops Promise Battery Life To The EXtreme…Sorta, Kinda

    If you frequently use the excuse “my battery died” to get out of working, don’t buy the new Lenovo ThinkPad X61 or X61s notebooks or the X61 Tablet. According to the company’s details on the three systems, the ThinkPad X61s will keep you up and running for more than 12 hours and the ThinkPad X61 and X61 Tablet will run approximately up to 11 and 10 hours respectively. Read More

  • The AudioFile: Is Apple's iTunes Plus a Minus?

    Apple’s latest blow to other online music download services is iTunes Plus — tracks encoded at 256Kbps in AAC format with no copy protection restricting usage. Big deal? Maybe not as big as many people hoped, thanks to some glitches and limitations, but it’s still a huge step in the right direction for downloaded music. But is Steve Jobs following the right path by shunning… Read More

  • iPhone2 is Here! Wait, What?

    Holy disingenuousness, Batman. Check out this “next generation” VoIP provider called iPhone2. Now, I’ve never used any of the company’s products. In fact, they may be the best VoIP guys out there. But naming your company iPhone2? Isn’t that some sort of trademark issue? Any lawyers in the house? Home Page [iPhone2] Read More

  • Finally, Music Videos To Appear on YouTube

    Finally – users will be able to see music videos on YouTube. :-) Ok, well, now at least it’s more legal. EMI Music just announced they have reached terms with Google’s YouTube both to distribute music videos from EMI artists on YouTube and to enable consumers to leverage the EMI music library in their own YouTube video creations. Eric Nicoli, CEO of EMI Group, said the… Read More

  • Get Smart, Play Lumosity

    Lumosity is a brain fitness program from Lumos Labs which is designed to improve cognitive function through a series of web-based games and exercises. In developing Lumosity, Lumos Labs worked closely with leading neuroscientists from Stanford and UCSF to design and experimentally test the program. In a randomized, controlled study, the exercises were shown to have statistically… Read More

  • Google Maps Zoom Magic Uncovered

    The new street view feature that appears in Google Maps is pretty righteous, but how the f*ck are they doing it? It gives me the creeps and if it ever shows up around me I’ll be kicking and screaming. It’s zooming into people’s homes and everything. It’s a clear violation of my privacy. So who is doing all this? Immersive Media is the culprit and the means by which… Read More

  • Yahoo's People of the Web

    http://us.i1.yimg.com/cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/player/media/swf/FLVVideoSolo.swf The same team that created a site on Yahoo about war zones is behind the new People of the Web, a Yahoo property that covers people doing interesting things online. It was announced on the Yahoo corporate blog. An introductory video is above. Stories include text and video elements and allows reader comments. Read More

  • Zune Firmware 1.4: Out Today

    Listen up, Zune users. Word has come down to my ears that a new firmware update for your handy PMP will be available for download at 10:00 PST today. It’s not a major upgrade, but it does improve the Zune’s shuffling action, which some users have hated on. (Not me, I don’t drink the Haterade.) No word on what other changes are included, but we’re doubting… Read More

  • Apple Hater: Show Yourself

    Readers: after posting a wee story about the iPhone, we received this most excellent comment. Mad commenter — Who are you? Tell us your story. I promise to give you a fair shake. Email us at tips @ crunchgear dot com. I ordinarily wouldn’t put a comment in a stupid blog but your behaviour is so infuriating Steve Jobs, I have to. Steve: This is a promise. I will do everything… Read More

  • Apple Patent Reveals iPhone Signals Kept Clean

    According to a recent patent filing Apple has made, the iPhone will have crystal clear reception with absolute minimal interference. This technology is designed to keep interference away from the iPhone that other gadgets and devices might cause. Just a small detector chip is all it takes. Apple plans on alerting you also when your signal becomes fuzzy or interrupted via audio or text. Read More

  • Desperately Seeking CrunchGear Intern

    Like gadgets? Games? Witty banter? Not working at the pizzeria this summer? Know a little PHP? Drop me a line at john at crunchgear dot com along with one post in CrunchGear style and a few paragraphs about yourself. Don’t send me resumes, but PHP/programming experience is a plus. Pay dependent on skill set and how cool you seem in your email. Applicants must have majority of day free… Read More

  • Dork Sells Star-Trek Themed Pad For Mucho Loot

    Face it. Loving Star Trek is about as dorky as a dork can get. But one Star Trek fan had the last laugh when he sold his one bedroom flat for more than five times the market value. Tony Alleyne sold his home that he transformed into the deck of the starship Voyager for a staggering $843,242 or £425,000. As you would imagine, transforming your bachelor pad into a flight deck is not an easy… Read More

  • First Single From New Prince Album Available From Verizon Wireless

    The man in purple has announced that his first new single, “Guitar” from the upcoming “Planet Earth” album, has arrived. Fans can get the single starting today when they use Verizon Wireless’ free new V CAST Song ID to identify the single. To get the track you’ll have to download the Song ID app to a V Cast Music-enable phones, then from your PC go to… Read More

  • Free Steam Games For ATI Card Holders

    Nothing beats free stuff. Whether it’s a free ice cream cone or a free iPod, both are just so, so sweet. Those of you who still shell out $1000 a year to upgrade your PC for games will be happy to know that Valve and ATI have struck a bit of a deal that runs in your favor. Owners of ATI RadeonT graphics cards will be able to download free games from Valve’s Steam service. So you have… Read More

  • BSA: Azerbaijan Tops in Piracy, Cotton, Rice, Grapes

    The Business Software Alliance — the Ladies Against Women of the IT set — found out that the average Azerbaijani has over $250 worth of pirated software on his or her computer. Second in the list is Iceland with about $225 and America and China eat it big time because we steal $7.2 billion and $5.4 billion from Bill Gates’ mewling mouth every time we hit the Pirate Bay. Cry us… Read More

  • The New Portals: It's the Bread, Not the Peanut Butter

    This guest post is written by David Sacks, the founder and CEO of new startup Geni. Previously, he was COO of PayPal. He also produced the movie “Thank You For Smoking.” For the last several years, Yahoo, MSN and AOL have all suffered a declining share of pageviews, but that does not mean the portal is going out of style. Rather it has been redefined, first by Google, and now… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Sorry for the delay, folks, but I wanted to make sure I gave you all a chance to come up with something to really make us LOL. A few of you made me chuckle and I give you props for that. Keep it up everyone. There won’t be a prize today, but there will be tomorrow! The commenter who really, really makes us LOL will win a set of Rhino Skin iPod Shuffle Accents. I know the prize is… Read More

  • Google Sort of Enables Face Recognition When Searching Images

    The things that Google comes up with are pretty scary. The Street View on Google Maps is pretty cool, but it’s starting to feel a lot like Big Brother around here. It appears that when searching for images you now have the ability to get pictures of just faces by adding this tid-bit to your search, “&imgtype=face”. Voila, stalking on the internet has gotten that much easier. Read More

  • Ezra Chatterton Gets A Phoenix

    Last week, we discussed Ezra Chatterton and his World of Warcraft wishes. The boy got all he could ever ask for and the dudes in Blizzard really hooked him up with some cool gear. Now Blzzard is going one step further and is giving Ezra his very own Phoenix flying mount. Yeah, this kid went and got a friggin’ phoenix to fly around on without having to run some instance 600 times. So… Read More

  • All Things D's Sideshow: Foleo

    http://services.brightcove.com/services/viewer/federated_f8/452319854 I really have to see Palm’s Foleo before I begin ragging on it, but this new not-a-laptop just wasn’t doing it for me. The video above gives us a better idea of what’s up here, but come on, Palm. Amaze us this year. Read More

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