• GSN Pays Tribute To Saddam Hussein With New Game

    I’m all for hatin’ on deposed murderous dictators as much as the next person. This, however, seems like GSN.com is just asking for trouble now. The Game Show Network’s Web site is host to a number of mini games lampooning people in the news and this week they’ve decided to take on Saddam’s death sentence. The site apparently feels this topic is on the same level… Read More

  • The Futurist: MacWorld's-A-Comin' or… The Perfect Musicphone

    The Futurist: MacWorld's-A-Comin' or… The Perfect Musicphone

    MacWorld is just around the corner, and with it endless speculation that 2007 will not only be the year Apple finally throws its hat into the mobile phone ring, but also the year that the promise of a musicphone that can actually substitute for your digital music player of choice finally comes true. Of course, it’s all déjà vu to us. I’m pretty sure 2006 was supposed the year of… Read More

  • Cute Hello Kitty iPod Radio With Clock

    Cute Hello Kitty iPod Radio With Clock

    You know, guys aren’t the only gadget buffs out there. Girls love to read about gadgets that cater to them as well. I’m not saying all girls love Hello Kitty/Sanrio either; my friend kicked my ass the other day in Gears of War but still has a Badtz Maru doll. So today Spectra introduced the KT4560 Hello Kitty iPod Clock Radio. This cutie-patootie iPod dock comes with built-in… Read More

  • Dazzling Toaster Amps

    Dazzling Toaster Amps

    Why bother playing covers of Quadrophenia on a regular amp when you can kick it 1950’s style? These toaster amps from Hottie Amps come with a hella-sweet paint job and crank out tunes from any instrument with a 1/4” jack (though a guitar is preffered.) They’re pretty basic and are more of a novelty item/practice amp rather than a serious piece of equipment, but they do come… Read More

  • Did You Know Apple Makes The “Most Advanced Personal Computers In The World”?

    Because apparently Kevin Costner did when he chose to do this stupid commercial. It’s funny to reflect back at commercials from tech companies that try to appeal so softly to others. Listen to that cheesy background music and narration! This shit wouldn’t stand a chance on TV today. Oh, and Apple Lisa: You rock. Read More

  • Between Holidays and CES

    Between Holidays and CES

    Holidays are over and CES is almost here. So what does that mean? It means only a miniscule amount of news is going to be released until the second week of January. But fear not. I shall be scouring the web for cool, odd gadgets, gear-related videos, and things that fall into he category of “kick-assery.” So enjoy the posts. I hope they keep you entertained, happy, and coming back… Read More

  • Battle Test: Python XM by booq

    Battle Test: Python XM by booq

    Meet my new day bag. The Python XM from booq. You might remember its special edition sister the Bianco from a few days ago. Both versions are identical in terms of functionality, but one comes in black while the other comes in a dubious white. The bag is all sorts of stylish and a versatile packer to boot. It’s designed specifically for use with Apple portables, but other laptops could… Read More

  • Ziff Davis For Sale

    . What does this mean for us and, by extraction, you? Not much, but it’s extremely important to realize that the stalwarts like ZD are hitting a wall thanks to skanky little bloggers in their pajamas. Go us! Anyone have any insight on PE companies like Lehman work? Ziff Davis’ Two Units Being Hawked by Lehman; Enterprise Division Status Unclear [PaidContent] Read More

  • History of Computerized RPGs: The Wonder Years

    History of Computerized RPGs: The Wonder Years

    In this era of 60-hour video games and Cell processors, it’s easy to forget a small band of dedicated geeks who kept us from touching ourselves too much in high school. People like Richard Garriott created computerized worlds that not only paved the way for games like World of Warcraft and Custer’s Revenge but singlehandedly built the computer gaming industry into the cultural… Read More

  • Chess Player Caught Cheating With a Bluetooth Headset

    Chess Player Caught Cheating With a Bluetooth Headset

    Chess player Umakant Sharma has been banned playing in All India Chess Federation tournaments after judges discovered a Bluetooth headset sewn into his cap. A friend had been playing a computerized simulation of his games and relaying moves via the headset. Sharma has been banned from competition for 10 years. Judges discovered the headset during a random sweep during a December 4… Read More

  • Noka: The Expensive Chocolate Expose

    Noka: The Expensive Chocolate Expose

    Noka is some sort of expensive chocolate brand that costs about $2,080 per pound, a considerable investment for something that your body will eventually process into solid waste. DallasFood, a local food blog, decided to take a closer look at the vaunted brand and discovered that a) they do no make or source their own cocoa and b) they’re probably not as good as they claim. Remember… Read More

  • Love Will Tear Us Apart: Microsoft Wants Its Laptops Back

    <img src="http://tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.com/2007/01/"review&quot; over the holiday as a way to astroturf the magic of Vista to the world at large. Now, however, they're saying that these were "review laptops" and that they want all of them back. Neener neener neener. Apparently — and I suppose we could check but who really cares? —… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bag Check Edition

    Daily Crunch: Bag Check Edition

    Who’s Got The Smallest? Argard’s M10 For Sure
    Plastic Strips Play Back Analog Recordings, Scare Gear Bloggers
    Luggage Tags for the Globe-Trotting Geek
    Presto EverSharp
    Have You Seen My Stapler (So I Can Club You With It)? Read More

  • ProfileLinker Takes Meebo Approach to Social Networking

    ProfileLinker Takes Meebo Approach to Social Networking

    There are clearly too many social networks, and if you belong to one you likely belong to many. Boston based (soon to be relocated to San Francisco) ProfileLinker’s aim is to help you stay organized across those networks. Like Meebo did with instant messaging, ProfileLinker wants to aggregate your social networking experience. The target user is someone with a profile on at least two… Read More

  • AllOfMP3 Responds To RIAA's $1.65 Trillion Lawsuit

    Russia-based, DRM-free music download site AllOfMP3 made a brief statement today in response to the RIAA’s $1.65 trillion lawsuit, filed in New York against them. In effect, they told the RIAA to go pound sand: “AllofMP3 understands that several U.S. record label companies filed a lawsuit against Media Services in New York,” an unnamed “senior company official”… Read More

  • Breaking: HD-DVD Encryption Cracked

    Breaking: HD-DVD Encryption Cracked

    I dugg up some information that HD-DVD encryption has been cracked. Not much is known but here are three links you’ll need to know if you want to try backing up HD-DVDs (how sweet, right?) Link 1: Doom 9 Forum Thread Link 2: Youtube video showing “proof” Link 3: The Program in .zip So if you have an HD-DVD drive in your computer, get on this and start making scene releases… Read More

  • Have You Seen My Stapler (So I Can Club You With It)?

    Have You Seen My Stapler (So I Can Club You With It)?

    Ever been in a meeting with a PR guy and you hate his guts so bad you wish you could just shoot him? Well now you can, but it won’t lethally injure him. The site OfficeGuns has been brought to our attention and it’s pretty much the greatest wealth of information available for those of you in an office. Learn the tricks of the trade, how to build weapons from basic supplies, and how… Read More

  • Let’s Just Say Apple Is Now A Fan Of Christmas

    Let’s Just Say Apple Is Now A Fan Of Christmas

    So it seems a lot of people got iTunes Music Store giftcards for the holidays. I’ll even bet my money that little Johnny down the street got that iPod he asked for too! So with all this hoopla of Apple-ness going around, iTunes sales skyrocketed and people logged on to iTMS to purchase songs. Visits were up a whopping 413% compared to last year’s Xmas. Anyone who wants to start… Read More

  • PayPerPost In The News Again

    PayPerPost, the controversial startup that pays bloggers to write about advertisers’ products, will be in the news again tomorrow. They will be announcing the acquisition of blogging tools and services company Performancing (see our earlier coverage of Performancing). The main purpose of the acquisition appears to be for PayPerPost to get access to the 28,000 Performancing users, most… Read More

  • Readers: Make Funny About Porn, Win Zune T-Shirt!

    was this quote from the mother of the 12 year-old girl who received the sullied Zune: What do you tell a 12-year-old child that you have five men having sex with each other? That’s not a conversation that I want to have. We feel that Mrs. Martin’s grammatically questionable phrase is a bit bigoted. It’s almost 2007, we’re supposed to be open-minded, enlightened, and… Read More