• Today's The Day. Put That Phone Down While Driving In California, Or Pay $20

    I hope you got it out of your system, people. Today’s the day that you can no longer use a handheld mobile device in California and Washington (the two states where I spend most of my time). So break out the Bluetooth headsets and don’t even think about checking emails. It’s the law. The first time fine in California is just $20, but the real deterrent is public opinion. Read More

  • Gizmo5 Teams With JaJah To Expand Its VoIP Service

    Gizmo5, an internet phone provider, has enlisted the help of another internet phone company, JaJah, to manage its VoIP services. JaJah will now handle Gizmo5’s customer and billing services, as well as call termination, which involves routing telephone calls between carriers. The deal will allow Gizmo5 to concentrate on development of its softphone software while JahJah deals with most… Read More

  • Nikon D700 gone wild! Pics, specs, and new lenses

    Ah, how I wish I had one of these things. I’ll let the experts explain the gist: Building on the immense success of the Nikon D3 professional D-SLR camera, the D700 offers pro-level performance and an extensive array of features and innovations in a comfortably nimble platform. In addition to the Nikon-original FX-format CMOS sensor, the D700 incorporates Nikon’s EXPEED Image… Read More

  • Zune apps galore – games, chat, even a clock

    Since the launch of the new Zune store and the advent of XNA development for Zunes, there has apparently been quite a lot of activity. I’ve been waiting for a nice omnibus post like this one to point me in the right direction. You’ve got your tetris, you’ve got your solitaire, you’ve even got a chat app — although if your Zune is close enough to another Zune that… Read More

  • Internet Broadcasting Introduces New Online Opinion Tool Slantly

    Internet Broadcasting, a local media network for broadcast publishers, announced today the official launch of Slantly, an online opinion tool. Slantly is intended for web publishers to integrate into their site to create discussions and spark debate. Several major web publishers have already partnered with Slantly to use the tool, including Meredith Publishing and NYCtv. Slantly offers… Read More

  • Once Nearly Invisible To Search Engines, Flash Files Can Now Be Found And Indexed

    For most people on the Web, if Google or Yahoo cannot find something, it doesn’t exist. That has been one of the biggest drawbacks to creating a Website or application that displays itself as a Flash (SWF) file. Search engines could see the file, but they could not see what was in it. Until now. Adobe has come up with a way for the search engines to read SWF files and index all of… Read More

  • Ubisoft lead developer: PC is best for casual gaming

    I can think of two reasons of the top of my head why the PC is the right platform for casual gamers. People just getting into gaming, first of all, don’t even own a console, but they almost certainly own a computer (and let’s be honest, a lot are playing at work). That tips the scales already — your target audience self-selects. Secondly, gateway casual games are ones… Read More

  • Lithium Raises New $12M Round For Hosted Communities

    Lithium Technologies, an online enterprise communities solutions provider, has raised a $12 million in a Series B equity round led by Benchmark Capital.  Lithium had previously raised $9 million in a Series A in April 2007, which was co-led by Shasta Ventures and Emergence Capital. Lithium provides on-demand solutions for enterprise communities, providing social networks, forums, live… Read More

  • PS3 Firmware (v.2.40) update walkthrough and FAQ

    Eric Lempel, Director of PlayStation Network Operations, has put up three fun-filled posts to the official PlayStation blog. The first post is about XMB access in-game and features a video of how it will look. It should make it easier to check messages from friends without having to leave the game. The second post also had a video but this one was less exciting, since it was about the… Read More

  • A Million Businesses on Office Live While Generic Hosting Slides

    Microsoft today announced that after 2 years, their Office Live Small Business app had broken through the million subscriber mark. With one million businesses now managing their website, email and documents using OfficeLive, Microsoft have firmed up their position as a provider of online tools for the small business market against competition from Google and a host of others. At the same… Read More

  • Slide And Vh1 Team Up To Annoy The Hell Out Of You

    Slide and Vh1 excel at making products geared towards America’s lowest common denominator. The first makes SuperPoke, a popular social network app that lets you send text messages saying you’ve done “stuff” to your friends. The latter produces reality show classics like “Flavor of Love”, “Rock of Love”, and “I Love New York”. And… Read More

  • Japanese face analysis system for age verification pwn3d by magazine

    I don’t know how they ever believed this would work. How could they not have tried this? But really, it’s strengthening my belief about how technology advances in Japan. Briefly: Here in the United States, we get trickle-down tech. It’s a hand-me-down from the feudal system, I think: some lab-rats test the hell out of a product until they think it’s ready for us, then… Read More

  • News Corp Consolidates All Fox Interactive Employees Into New Facility

    Fox Interactive Media, the News Corp subsidiary that controls most of its online assets, has signed a 12 year lease agreement for a new facility in Playa Vista. All FIM companies in Southern California will move to the new facility starting in June of 2009. For those wondering about FIM and MySpace’s future growth, this move should settle speculation. The site will house over 300,000… Read More

  • The Sony Mylo 2 personal communicator gets an update

    If you have a Mylo you will be happy to know Sony released an updated for the device. Some of the more notable features in this update are support for video recording, support for a 16GB Memory Stick, playback of WMV files, and improved playback of YouTube videos. If you are not sure what the Mylo personal communicator is, be sure to check out Peter Ha’s review of the device. If you… Read More

  • Facebook Building Out Own Datacenters

    eWeek is reporting a rumor that Facebook are about to begin the move away from leased colocation to building out their own datacenters. What we do already know is that late last year Facebook leased out 10,000sq feet of datacenter space at a new facility built by DuPont Fabros Technology in Ashburn, Viginia, alongside both Yahoo! and MySpace. The lease coincided with a $240M investment… Read More

  • Pics of SLR cameras and lenses sawn in half – very cool

    I’ve actually been looking for pictures like this for ages. I find SLRs and lenses very fascinating, but it wasn’t until I saw a lens cut open like this in the window of a shop in Paris that I understood just how complicated they are. You ask what you’re paying for when you buy a really good prime lens or a $1000 zoom; you’re looking at it. The first picture is cool, as… Read More

  • How Will iPhone 2.0 Change The Smartphone Market

    AppleInsider is reporting today that a recent survey from investment bank RBC Capital Markets shows that over 50% of consumers looking to purchase a smartphone in the next 90 days are likely to purchase the new 3G iPhone which is scheduled for release on the 11th of July. Symbian currently enjoys 65% of smartphone market share (53% Nokia), with Windows on 13% and RIM on 12%. With over 35M… Read More

  • FriendFeed Finally Gets iPhone-Friendly

    FriendFeed, the popular social network feed aggregator, has released a new version of its site that has been optimized for the iPhone. While FriendFeed has always featured a relatively spartan design, the standard version sports small fonts that make text difficult to read on the iPhone’s screen. The new version has increased the font size, and has further tweaked link placement… Read More

  • Popular they may seem, Batman movies don't make as much money as you'd think

    Flickr’d So this is sorta surprising. Despite how seemingly popular the Batman movies have been, that awful one starring George Clooney notwithstanding, they don’t seem to make all that much money. Adjusted for inflation, the first movie is still box office king with $436.4 million at the box office. Batman Begins pulled in $226.3 million. The worst, of course, was that… Read More

  • Europe will finally get its hands on the DualShock 3

    Sony announced that the amazing vibrating DualShock 3 controller will be released in Europe on July 2, 2008. This is a good thing since many of the new games for the PS3 will support the vibration feature. Our good pal David Reeves, the President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe says: We are delighted to confirm that DUALSHOCK 3 will be released in SCEE territories in early July. Read More

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