• Spaceships to be made out of paper if Japan Folded Paper Plane Society has anything to say about it

    Leaving no doubt that Japan is the country to beat when it comes to throwing paper airplanes out of space stations, the University of Tokyo has developed a paper airplane that can be thrown out of a space station. The plane was designed by the Japan Folded Paper Plane Society and will be tossed from the International Space Station, where it will eventually enter Earth’s atmosphere at… Read More

  • Street Fighter IV demo next month

    I haven’t been to Japan in over two decades, so I’m pretty sure I’m due for a trip out East. We know Street Fighter IV is coming and now we’re being told that a playable demo is coming next month. The product manager spilled the beans on the game’s official Japanese Weblog days ago. If you’re in or around Tokyo on February 15th you may want to visit the AOU… Read More

  • EA's Battlefield Heroes will be a free download this summer

    [photopress:bfhgfw.jpg,full,right] Electronics Arts will release Battlefield Heroes this summer, its first free-to-play game in the West. (There’s already a version of Fifa in Korea that’s free) The game, which looks a lot like Team Fortress 2, is from the same guys who developed Battlefield 1942. It will be only be available as a download and won’t cost you a dime. Instead… Read More

  • Speaking of metering the Internet…

    Jeff Jarvis got a taste of the metered Internet in a Munich hotel where he paid 27 euro or roughly $5,000 — actually about $45 but yes, the dollar is that low — for 24 hours of “premium” Internet that wouldn’t let him download YouTube videos or podcasts. Apparently the lower-cost version involved a German man running up and down stairs with packets to type into… Read More

  • Modu Wants You To Guess What It Is All About

    In an obvious attempt to generate buzz, mobile stealth startup Modu is circulating the teaser video below about its soon-to-launch product. (Perhaps in advance of a launch at Demo next week the Mobile World Congress in February?). We’ll bite and help spread the video because of who is behind the startup. CEO Dov Moran sold his previous company—M-Systems, which pioneered the… Read More

  • Paris is an idiot, but knows a good thing when she sees it

    Over the weekend at Sundance, Paris Hilton was introduced to Virgin America’s all encompassing handset and was apparently blown away. How has she not been on a VA flight yet? I take Branson’s latest baby everywhere I go. Everywhere they travel, that is. VA, please add Portland, OR so I don’t have to take Frontier Air back to NYC. Anyway, Director of Inflight Entertainment… Read More

  • Every Eee PC hack known to man

    I still haven’t seen an Eee outside of a press event and if I were in the market for a small-ish laptop then I’d opt for the Eee over the Air based on the simple fact that I can upgrade the little bugger for far less. A couple thousand less, actually. I don’t usually mod things, but I think I’d be ok with it this one time. If you happen to own an Eee, but you’ve… Read More

  • Thailand’s AIS Negotiating with Apple for iPhone

    Thailand’s Advanced Info Service (AIS) announced today that it is negotiating with Apple for the right to carry the iPhone on its network. Apple plans to expand the iPhone franchise to Asian countries this year. The popular handset is currently available in the United States and large European countries. “We are negotiating on details, including a revenue sharing standard. Apple… Read More

  • LetsGoDigital details latest Pentax DSLRs

    Looks like LGD has the scoop on Pentax’s yet-to-be-debuted DSLRs. Not sure how accurate this is, but Pedro believes lightning can strike twice as he claims he found the specs on the Olympus E410 and E510 on LGD last year by manipulating the URL. I think he’s full of poo, but I have nothing to back it up. Dare to be disappointed? Waiting for ecstasy? Links look busted, though. Read More

  • Claim: The PS3 will ultimately 'win' this generation because of Blu-ray

    [photopress:ps3winss.jpg,full,center] This is hard to think, and even harder to say, but if the editor of Next-Generation says it, I’m inclined to believe it: the PlayStation 3 will be the ultimate winner of this generation. And, like in an academic paper, the author actually defines what “winning” means (and what it doesn’t mean). First, “winning”… Read More

  • Samsung's boring brown slider

    [photopress:SGH_t819_openright.jpg,thumb,left]Welcome to another edition of boring cell phones. Today’s guest is Samsung and the t819. The T-Mobile slider features a 1.3-megapixel camera with video capture, an MP3 player (30MB built-in) expandable up to 2GB via microSD slot and stereo Bluetooth. It’s your average mobile phone with myFaves, speakerphone, address book, support for… Read More

  • Joel Johnson takes on AT&T's packet filter plans – on an AT&T-funded web TV channel

    AT&T runs a “tech channel” and there is a show on there run by Hugh Thompson, a security researcher turned eccentric chat show host. They booked Joel Johnson, my old boss at Gizmodo and one of the smartest guys in the room when it comes to tech, under the assumption that he would talk about hot new gadgets. Instead, Joel brought up the small issue of AT&T looking into… Read More

  • Weekend Hacking: RIAA website gets manhandled

    It was too cold to go outside just about everywhere in the country this weekend, so it appears that some enterprising Reddit users took the time to find a slow SQL query on the RIAA’s website and posted a link with the title “This links runs a slooow SQL query on the RIAA’s server. Don’t click it; that would be wrong.” Read More

  • MySpace Answers Facebook's fbFund With Incubator Slingshot Labs

    Four months after Facebook announced the formation of the $10 million fbFund to provide seed capital for startups building Facebook apps, MySpace is responding with its own incubator to be called Slingshot Labs. According to the NYT, the incubator will be financed by News Corp. but will be separate from Fox Interactive Media’s incubator. As we get more details on Slingshot Labs, we… Read More

  • Kyocera to buy Sanyo’s Mobile Phone Division

    Sanyo Electric Co. announced today that it will sell its mobile phone division to Kyocera Corp. The two companies haven’t reached a final price for the deal which is expected to be closed by April 1 of this year. The value of the mobile division is estimated to be worth $374 million (40 billion yen). With occurred debt, the deal should be worth $467 million (50 billion yen). News of the… Read More

  • Facebook Taps Users To Create Translated Versions Of Site. Spanish, French and German Available Now

    MySpace continues to roll out local versions of its social network. As I wrote last week, they tend to put a team on the ground locally (they are now hiring in Turkey) and then build the site not only in the local language, but promote local artists and other popular culture as well. MySpace now has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen… Read More

  • Advertising Giant WPP On The Prowl For Acquisitions: Spot Runner, VideoEgg Rumored As Potential Targets

    Advertising conglomerate WPP is looking to increase its Web advertising revenues through more acquisitions. Last year it purchased 24/7 Real Media for $649 million, and is currently making a run at Nurun, a Montreal-based interactive ad firm. But it may try to boost its Advertising 2.0 cred even further with more small acquisitions. The NY Post, not always the most reliable source but… Read More

  • Wow, That Was Fast. NBC Looking To Patch Things Up With Apple.

    Barely a month after taking most of its videos off of iTunes and going home, NBC is ready to play again. In a story about NBC CEO Jeff Zucker, the Financial Times reports: Mr Zucker appears to have patched up relations with Apple after a pricing dispute last year led NBC to pull its shows from the iTunes digital media store. “We’ve said all along that we admire Apple, that we want… Read More

  • Russians Invest $30 Million in Social Networking Site Badoo

    International social networking site Badoo, just got a $300 million valuation from new Russian investors. TechCrunch UK has the details: Russian investor Finam has put $30m into UK-based social network Badoo for a 10% stake. The money is to build the service in Russia, where social networking market has reached around 10 million users in January.Badoo’s social networking site with photo… Read More

  • Will We See Delicious 2.0 This Week?

    It’s been four and a half months since Yahoo first previewed Delicious 2.0. We’ve heard not a peep from them since as to when it might launch publicly and replace the existing, somewhat dated interface. Well, ok, there was a peep last week. In a blog post titled “using delicious on your iphone” on the Delicious blog, they say “We know we haven’t updated the… Read More

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