• Vista Service Pack 1: XP

    Memories, in the corners of my mind… BBSpot is reporting that Vista Service Pack 1 will improve speed and performance by installing Windows XP, one of Microsoft’s earlier product updates. They went on to note that the next version of Windows, Windows 7, will be available in the next 18 to 20 months, give or take four years. “Ever since I install (sic) Vista I’ve wanted… Read More

  • Kerpoof: You Know, For Kids

    If you have kids — even kids you don’t know about — send them over to Kerpoof. It’s a Flash app that lets you create little movies and stories in the browser using “object-oriented” techniques to animate and move little characters over a preset background. There are quite a few little tricks the app uses, including controlling lighting in real time. Not a lot… Read More

  • Oh Man, A Credit Card-Sized USB Drive

    Hey there, Mr. Business Man. Do you need, like, 4GB of space in your wallet at all times? Of course you do, what with all those [now obsolete] PowerPoint presentations and PGP-encrypted PDFs. Then cast—nay, feast!—your eyes upon this Freecom USB drive wallet deal. Ranging in size from 256MB to 4GB (that’s a lot for a simple USB drive), the device is credit card-sized. That… Read More

  • TC40 Panel Discussion: Getting Funded

    Live from downtown San Francisco we’re live blogging a panel discussion many, many startups out there will be interested in: Getting Funded. Jason Calacanis moderates the discussion with Jay Adelson (Digg), David Sacks (Geni), Roelof Botha (Sequoia), Sumant Mandel (Clearstone), George Zachery (CRV), Hank Barry (Howard Rice), and Jeff Clavier (SoftTechVC). Spotty Wifi, but we’ll… Read More

  • iPhone UK: The news so far

    [Above: Steve Jobs, Apple and Matthew Key, CEO, O2] So here are the basics about the iPhone launch in the UK, as announced by Steve Jobs in London. It was a pretty utilitarian affair with a predictable demo by Jobs of the iPhone’s features, an announcement about the carrier, a chat from the O2 CEO and some Q&A. Almost everything was predicted beforehand, except the rather clever… Read More

  • AMD To Offer Three Core Chip

    Curious about quad-core but not quite sure if you’re ready to make the leap from dual-core? Well you, my friend, are in luck. AMD’s got a big, fat defective quad-core new three-core chip coming out in Q1 2008. This could really go either way. The concept of a three-core chip may end up confusing non-technical consumers as well as insulting the more technical among us with… Read More

  • UK iPhone Onslaught: All the Deets

    Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Well, it wasn’t quite live but Mike did get some great shots and video of the iPhone UK launch and if you comment on the last story you can enter to win an 8GB unlocked iPhone sent almost anywhere in the world where GSM and GPRS flows like the sweet waters the Thames. Charts, Charts, Charts: How The U.S. and UK iPhone… Read More

  • Triops Digital Camera: Go Ahead, Throw It Into The Air For Unique Photos

    I’m only now getting into photography and cameras, but I know that taking a dSLR and throwing it into the air isn’t standard protocol. With the Triops, protocol be damned. It’s a digital camera (that sorta resembles Clocky) with three fish eye lenses that encourages you to toss it into the air, guaranteeing unique shots few others will be able to reproduce. It can take… Read More

  • TechCrunch40: Jeff Clavier Launches $12 Million Venture Fund

    Angel investor and startup advisor Jeff Clavier (pictured with Digg founder Kevin Rose) just announced a new $12 million early stage venture fund today at the TechCrunch40 conference. The new fund will be called SoftTech VC II. Clavier, who has a degree in computer science, has been actively investing in startups over the last few years and has had notable successes such as Truveo (acquired by… Read More

  • iPhone UK launch live blog

    [Note: This is the ‘as live’ blog I did for the Apple launch today, even though the London Apple Store, which usually has WiFi, did not have WiFi today. Go figure. Not only that but the venue was shielded from any mobile signal. I had to leave to get WiFi straight after the launch. Apple needs to “sort itself out” in this respect and… well, I’m being as… Read More

  • Charts, Charts, Charts: How The U.S. and UK iPhone Launches Compare

    Now that we know the sweet details about the iPhone’s UK launch, I spent a stupid amount of time in Pages and Photoshop throwing together what could be the world’s worst chart dating back to Altamira. Be gentle: I have zero graphic design experience or knowhow. It compares what the iPhone at launch in the two countries and adds the iPod Touch because it looked nice. Read More

  • BioShock Gets Etch-A-Sketched

    Etch-a-sketch artists are truly amazing at their craft. I had one as a child and I sucked. I couldn’t sketch a cat to save my life. I’m speechless. Please take a moment to appreciate this piece of art. It’s amazing. I really should get out from under my rock and give BioShock a whirl. BioShock [The Etch-A-Sketchist] Read More

  • TechCrunch40 Session 6: Revenue Models & Analytics

    Session six as follows, including our live notes. Spottt (Adbrite) Spottt helps like-minded sites promote each other for free. Just put a Spottt on your site, blog, or MySpace profile. Every time you show someone else’s ad, they’ll show yours. Spottt was created by AdBrite, with the assistance of Tony Hsieh, co-founder of LinkExchange. Simple model, 1:1 exchange model. Same as… Read More

  • XBLA Announced In India

    This is just for our readers over in India. Yes, we have readers in India. Microsoft has announced that XBLA is coming, but they haven’t laid out a time frame or pricing plan, but it’s said that it will follow the existing international pricing plan, so I’d expect to pay around 2,000 Rupees. Xbox Live India Service officially announced by Microsoft [Tech Shout] Read More

  • Trent Reznor Sticks It To The Man

    Has anyone seen the price come down? Okay, well, you know what that means – STEAL IT. Steal away! Steal and steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealin’. Because one way or another these motherfuckers will get it through their head that they’re ripping people off and that that’s not right. Awesome! Trent Reznor: Steal My Music! [Teckamok] Read More

  • Alaska Air First To Bring Satellite Web Service?

    Growing up in the NW meant Alaska Air handled any sort of air travel along the west coast. Why? Because it was inexpensive and service was above average. I’m happy to hear that by the time I move on back to the west coast, around 2009 or so, I’ll have satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi. Alaska has paired up with Row 44 to bring you Wi-Fi goodness if tests coming up in the spring go well. Read More

  • Google Presents Presently At TechCrunch40

    On stage is Google for the formal presentation of Google Presently. See our previous summary here. New name, Google Docs. Demo includes pics of Michael Arrington, nice touch. The sharing features of Presently being emphasized, includes group chat. Questions: Michael asks what Google’s take is on Yahoo’s acquisition of Zimbra. A: compeitition is important and great for… Read More

  • Hot Or Not Abandons Free Model

    Hot or Not have abandoned their much publicized move to a free model. According to an email from Hot or Not’s founders, since moving to a free model the site had become inundated by spam: You also warned us that this would probably lead to more spammers and fake profiles. You were right, this is exactly what happened. The spammers got aggressive to the point where they were screwing up… Read More

  • Motorola ROKR E8 Deets

    The first images of the ROKR E8 started circulating a few weeks back and I thought they were fake, which is why you’re reading about it now. The next iteration of the ROKR rocks (heh) a backlit touch keyboard and the Omega Wheel for music and menu navigation. Haptic controls are in place with vibration feedback so keep it out of your pants, perv. The GSM/GPRS handset won’t be… Read More

  • Creative Announces Nirvana For Your Senses

    When I think of Creative, I don’t necessarily think of super high-quality audio equipment, but stranger things have happened. The Aurvana (what a terrible name) X-Fi noise canceling ‘phones are the first in the world to be equipped with X-Fi (Xtreme Fidelity) technology that enhances audio playback by intelligently and selectively restoring highs and lows lost during compression. Read More

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