• Groovy Speakers for The Island

    Groovy Speakers for The Island

    Ever seen that TV show “The Prisoner”? Well, these $68 lava-lamp speakers ooze of top-secret 1960s island weirdness. The I-Lit features two clear stereo speakers that plug into the headphone jack of an MP3 or CD player. The base pulses up and down with warm, relaxing colors to the beat of the music and users can adjust volume, light and sound sensitivity. [I-Light Speaker via… Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Concludes

    Find Yourself with TeleNav Concludes

    If you haven’t yet sent in your entry, then you’re out of luck. The contest is now over. We’ll be pouring over the entries and deciding on the best few. Once we narrow it down, we’ll post them and let you all decide who should win the TeleNav GPS Receiver and three months of service. Read More

  • Shabbat Shalom (Inside A Phone)

    Shabbat Shalom (Inside A Phone)

    Lately it seems that Israel is really becoming a frontrunner in the world of advancing technology. Between firefighting devices and advanced weapons systems, someone managed to squeeze a Kosher cellphone into the mix. Designed for the Israeli Army, the Shabbatphone was designed to allow those who need to make calls during Shabbat to do so. It works by allowing the user to operate the phone in… Read More

  • Google to Start Reporting Subscriber Numbers

    Google to Start Reporting Subscriber Numbers

    In response to requests from probably thousands of other online publishers, Google announced today that it will begin reporting the number of subscribers any RSS feed has through Google Reader and Google Personalized Homepage.  Other feed reading Google products may be included in the future but these are the two big ones. FeedBurner requires reporting from feed reader vendors in order for… Read More

  • Gamestop Autodialing Customers

    Gamestop Autodialing Customers

    You may want to hit up a Target for your video-gaming needs next time you go out shopping. It seems Gamestop has been targeting previous customers and their purchases via telemarketing or autodialing. Ars Technica’s Ben Kuchera had bought The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from a Gamestop a while back. Recently, he received a call from Gamestop and a robot relayed the following… Read More

  • MacBook Mini On the Way?

    MacBook Mini On the Way?

    Big rumor today by way of AppleInsider. The story goes that Apple is currently prepping a sub-notebook effort aimed at extremely portable computing. The new system, which I think should be called the MacBook Mini, will have a significantly reduced footprint, use NAND memory and not have an optical drive on-board. Read More

  • Amazon Funds Fantasy Movies League

    Amazon Funds Fantasy Movies League

    Atomic Moguls has reportedly raised nearly $1 million in first-round funding from VC firm Second Avenue Partners and Amazon.com. Atomic Moguls has launched FantasyMoguls.com, which is essentially a fantasy league for movies. You can draft movies and earn points based on how well they do at the box office, number of weeks in the top 5, per-theater average, and their IMDb review score (IMDb… Read More

  • The AudioFile: A Day In the Life of an iPod

    The AudioFile: A Day In the Life of an iPod

    On Valentine’s Day, as I was perusing Time Out New York looking for something lame romantic to do, I came across a roundup of music-activated sex toys that you can plug an iPod into. It got me to wondering: Just how far does the iPod’s reach extend into our lives? I decided to see how many different ways one can incorporate the iPod into a typical day, and I admit, I was shocked. Read More

  • Fujitsu Develops Unique Camera Phone Technology

    Fujitsu Develops Unique Camera Phone Technology

    I fail to see how this is a fantastic breakthrough in technology, but to each his own. Fujitsu has been working on technology where secret messages can be stored in print and read by a camera phone. It works by skewing a yellow hue in the picture and using a camera phone with a Java application to decipher the information. Up to 12-bytes can be encoded and embedded in a picture and sources… Read More

  • Microsoft Releases Unisex Bag Line

    Microsoft Releases Unisex Bag Line

    One would think that a company making carrying cases for a product would manufacture the product that goes in the case, but alas, Microsoft has broken barriers once again. This time with its new unisex notebook bags. The bags are basic, dark Samsill-made and range from $45 to $130. Each bag is equipped with lots o’ room with plenty of pockets and sleeves for throwing your gadget crap in. Read More

  • Zudeo's Legal P2P Hit 1m Uniques in January

    Zudeo's Legal P2P Hit 1m Uniques in January

    The new “all legal” P2P service from Azeurus called Zudeo announced this morning that they saw more than 1 million unique visitors last month in the service’s first full month online. The announcement provides great evidence that P2P is a viable avenue for legal distribution of online video. We covered the company’s content deal with the BBC in December and the… Read More

  • Skinny PS3 In 2008…More Like 2009, Bummer

    The PS3 is a bit husky and everyone knows it, especially Sony. The next-gen gaming console has yet to be launched in Europe and Australia, but Sony is already hard at work on the next generation of the PS3. A statement released by HQ in Japan states that Sony expects to make the transition from 90-nm chips to 45-nm chips in 2008 or early 2009. We all know Sony’s track record regarding… Read More

  • Buy A Tree In Niger

    Tree-Nation is a Barcelona-based entity that wants to plant 8 million trees in Niger, in the shape of a giant heart. Their hope is that this re-forestation campaign will help the environment and the people of the country. They’re going about it the right way. People go to the site and peruse a mapping application to find the trees that have already been planted, and/or pick a spot for… Read More

  • HealthLine Symptom Search and CheckTonight: For When You're Getting Down

    HealthLine Symptom Search and CheckTonight: For When You're Getting Down

    Two new health related services came our way this morning; they couldn’t be more different but both could prove useful.   The first is Healthline’s new Symptom Search.  The successful online medical resource site Heathline has added a new search function that is definitely worth a look.  Symptom search lets you enter one or multiple symptoms you’re experiencing and… Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    The end is neigh! You’ve got about six hours until the conclusion of our Find Yourself with TeleNav contest. To enter, send an email to contest at crunchgear dot com explaining your best stories of directional retardation (use the subject: “getting lost”). The contest run from today until Friday at noon ET. We’ll post the best stories and you all will vote on the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Jump Man Stormtrooper Edition

    Daily Crunch: Jump Man Stormtrooper Edition

    Four Versions Of Super Mario Bros. Compared
    Stormtrooper LAN Party
    Crazy MIT Student Whips Up Superbelt
    Plasma Light: Way Cool Tesla Device for a Lamp
    Find Yourself with TeleNav Update Read More

  • Google to Buy Adscape for $23 Million

    Google to Buy Adscape for $23 Million

    After some rumors of a deal earlier this month, Google has expanded it’s advertising reach by moving into video game advertising with their $23 million acquisition of Adscape. Adscape is a video game advertising company whose AdverPlay product lets developers place dynamic ads right inside the game and Real Virtual Gateway product enables two-way text, audio and video communication via… Read More

  • Pak-Lite Is Awesome

    Pak-Lite Is Awesome

    I love minimalist products. There is something deliciously refreshing about them. As everything becomes super complicated, it’s nice to have some thing that retains functional simplicity. Take Pak-Lite for example. With two ultra bright white LED bulbs, it simply snaps on top of a nine-volt battery. Probably kicks the crap out of most giant flash lights too. Bet it isn’t too happy… Read More

  • Hell Freezes Over: The Fast and the Furious Wins Something

    game has been awarded the title of best made mobile game at 3GSM. Now, not to knock the game or anything, to it’s credit it might be great, but isn’t there something horribly wrong here? I think The Fast and the Furious being the best of anything could very well rip a whole in the fabric of existence and send us spiraling off into some sort apocalyptic horror. Woe is… Read More

  • FreeYourID: Personalized OpenID

    FreeYourID: Personalized OpenID

    FreeYourID is a new web service that allows users to register a personal .Name domain name which in turn can be used as an OpenID identifier, website URL and email host. Your domain name will be in the format of first.last.name and the domain can then be directed to a website, host email aliases or more interestingly, be used as login credentials for services that support OpenID. For those of… Read More