• Give Your Momma A Zune Contest Is Over

    It looks like IK, with his tale of motherly lurve is the winner of our little pink Zune for momma contest. Special thanks to Cesar at ZuneInsider for hooking us up. He’s good people. {democracy:12} Read More

  • Negative Apple Article, Ad Pressure Leads to PC World Editor Resignation: Commoner Than We Think?

    This is more meta than we’re used to ’round here, but PC World‘s editor, Harry McCracken, just quit the magazine because he planned to write an article called “Ten Things We Hate About Apple.” But we all know that’s it’s actually been made illegal in the past few years to write anything critical about Apple. One of the publisher’s higher-ups… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Gadget-On-Gadget Love

    Please, world, take a break from thinking about the iPhone. Believe it or not, there are other cool devices coming very soon that will combine music and communications. The difference is, they aren’t convergence devices in the conventional sense: They communicate and interact with each other instead of trying to swallow each other whole. I may sound like a hippie, but it seems to me… Read More

  • Anti-Virus On A USB Drive

    When your Windows-based PC becomes infected with an assload of virii and you have no clue how to recover, what do you do? You place an overseas order for DigiWorks’ USB Virus Chaser and pray for the best. This new USB thumbdrive just plugs into a USB port and starts finding every virus that has taken over your computer. Very handy. It drops sometime this month, will be available in 2GB… Read More

  • Coach Signature Stripe iPod Case

    A few years ago, I strolled into a Coach store, which happened to be next to the Apple Store. Upon entering, I noticed to the left there were cases for full-sized iPods and iPod Minis. These were the first true “designer” iPod cases I had seen and to be quite honest, they looked pretty nice. Coach’s new Signature Stripe iPod Case is no exception. This beauty comes with… Read More

  • Breaking: Steve Jobs Gets Paid Lots Of Money

    Forbes has come out with the list of highest paid CEOs and guess who’s on top? You guessed it, Stevie Jobs. While Jobs took a $1-a-year salary like the Google Guys, those stock options he got in return made for an excellent monetary gain. Since Apple stock did so fantastic during 2006, Jobs made more than $646 million through the compensation and is probably taking a shower in… Read More

  • Microsoft Buys Mobile Ad Firm

    Microsoft’s interests in the mobile space have just increased. ClickZ News is reporting that the Redmond giant has snapped up ScreenTonic, with the intention of integrating its capabilities into adCenter. ScreenTonic’s core competency lies in mobile display advertising, and the firm’s offerings include fixed, animated and video banners; text links, ad words, interstitials… Read More

  • Surf with Squace

    Trying to navigate the Web with a mobile phone might have just gotten easier thanks Swedish developer Squace. Their program, which is now in beta, makes for an easy and fast way to navigate, store and personalize the content from mobile handsets. The start screen, or My Page in Squace manages your links to favorite sites and services and RSS feeds. Each of these can be accessed through a… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Nokia Trying to One-Up iPod Scroll Wheel?

    Nokia recently received a patent covering a new phone interface by using a frame that can be rotated and a series of input controls around a display that changes what the buttons control based on triggering the frame’s rotation spring (e.g. from letters to numbers) Nokia appears to have developed this interface using a display and changeable letter or number options to provide users a… Read More

  • Microsoft pursues Yahoo! takeover

    The NY Post has the exclusive story this morning: Microsoft has once again approached Yahoo!, asking the Sunnyvale based search portal and content destination to come to the table and negotiate a friendly takeover by Microsoft. The same report values Yahoo! at $50 billion; the interest by Microsoft is said to be serious to the point that world renowned bankers Goldman Sachs are advising… Read More

  • T-Mobile Plans Cellphone-over-Wifi Service for This Summer

    You’re always going to have spotty service and, from my personal experience, T-Mo has been having some trouble here in New York. To help fix that problem, T-Mobile will launch Hotspot at Home this summer, a service that lets soon to be released cellphones (from Nokia and Samsung) hop onto Wi-Fi networks to make phone calls. So if your room or office has poor cellphone reception, your… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Glowworm Edition

    Tron Coming to Xbox Live Arcade
    The Coolest Halo 3 Figurines Ever
    Hippy Bath in a Bag
    LawnBott, Where Have You Been All These Years?
    Why You Can’t Just Go Ahead and Post
    “09-f9-11-02-9d-74-e3-5b-d8-41-56-c5-63-56-88-c0″ Read More

  • YouTube Launches Revenue Sharing Partners Program, but no Pre-Rolls

    The news, first broken by Om Malik and now live on the YouTube Blog, that YouTube has launched a revenue sharing Partners Program for its top content creators is a positive step forward for a service that only made $15 million in revenue last year, despite a purchase price of $1.5 billion. What is notably missing from the announcement is the inclusion of pre-rolls, or similar in-video… Read More

  • ScottEVest Savings on the Performance Series

    Oyez, oyez. ScottEVest, purveyors of all clothes technological, is offering CrunchGear readers a special deal until May 14 on Performance Polo and Performance Pullover shirts. Type in the coupon code 2SAVE20 and get 20% off those items. I can personally vouch for SeV’s cooltasticness. I wear the Performance shirts on almost all the flights I take and the Tactical jacket I got a few years… Read More

  • Breaking: Yahoo To Shut Down Yahoo Photos In Favor Of Flickr

    I am at the annual Outcast CEO Dinner event – Brad Garlinghouse (Yahoo SVP Communications & Communities) and Stewart Butterfield (Cofounder Flickr) are sitting at my table and told me that they will announce the closure of Yahoo Photos tomorrow. The actual closure will occur over the next few months, they say. The service will be shut down in favor of the newer and more social… Read More

  • Tragedy in Legoland: Woman Dies in Lego Rollercoaster Accident

    One of, if not the favorite toy of geeks and Makers everywhere is Legos. The small plastic snap-together bricks can be used to make about anything. In fact, Lego is considered by some to be the most popular toy in the world. So popular, in fact, that in Denmark there is a theme park dedicated to the bricks. Read More

  • Zelda Nintendo DS Mod is the Best in the Whole Wide World

    OK, contest over, give this guy the Best. Mod. Ever. award. It’s a Zelda Nintendo DS mod that brings Awesome (yes, as if it were an entity that could be brought) to your hands. Painted gold with a really intricate shield on the back, the mod pretty much just made my day. It even lights up behind the shield. Back shot after the jump. Read More

  • PR Newswire and Umbria Team Up for Blog Tracking

    PR Newswire has announced a partnership with Umbria, a market intelligence company that specializes in blog research and consumer generated media for a new product by the name of “MediaSense Blog Measurement”, that allows clients to assess the impact of online conversations about their company, products and brands. The new service builds on PR Newswires existing relationship… Read More

  • SuTree: User Aggregated Instructional Videos

    Israel-based internet company, E-learning Knowledge Solutions, recently launched SuTree.com, a video aggregation service where users can add and categorize instructional videos from across the web, providing a directory of video that would often be buried under the weight of competing content on sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe. The service is similar to Scouta, in that instead of being… Read More

  • Plezo PMG 250: It's a PMP That Thinks It's a GameBoy

    Look, someone’s taken the GameBoy micro, removed all the fun, and added a slot for SD cards. The PMG-250 portable media player from Plezo, a company I’ve never heard of either, has a 2.5-inch screen and two probably terrible speakers. It does support 8-bit and 16-bit video game emulation (NES, GameBoy and others with third-party software) so I suppose it does have a leg up on… Read More

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