• Print on the Go with Cloudprint

    Have you ever been on the go and needed to print something you left behind? In today’s fast moving world it is easy to forget something as you scurry out the door. Road warriors need not fear anymore, as Hewlett-Packard has come up with an application that allows you to print documents worldwide via your mobile phone. This innovation is called Cloudprint. Cloudprint is a free service… Read More

  • gBox: Give The Gift Of DRM-Free Music

    gBox is a new take on selling digital content. Instead of emphasizing sales directly to consumers, gBox is encourages you to create wish lists and buy gifts for your friends and family. To kick-start the service, they’ve sealed a pretty big deal with Universal to be the retailer for their new “Open MP3″ experiment into DRM free music. In a move that’s a snub to… Read More

  • Zoho Goes Offline (in a good way)

    Online office suite Zoho will launch offline functionality for Zoho Writer this morning, and other applications in their suite will follow shortly. The offline functionality was built on Google Gears, an open source project launched by Google in May 2007. Users will need to install a browser plugin to take advantage of the functionality. After that, an option will appear in the navigation bar… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Streetview Edition

    Cyclists Always Get The Coolest Jackets
    Hey, Ladies! Hey, What? I Will Track You Using Satellite Technology
    Los Disneys: A Game For People Who Hate Disney
    BioBlox: Adrenalin Fueled Tetris
    IOGEAR Digital Scribe: Insert Something Funny Read More

  • For God So Loved The World He Created Building B?

    I’m not a religious man, per se, but let’s just assume that I believe in some sort of cosmic energy force that connects everyone and everything in space and time and that, for the sake of argument, we’ll refer to this entity as “God”. My advice to you would be to let God be the wireless router on the superhighway of life. Now let’s assume that there’s… Read More

  • Vlingo: Voice Enable Any Mobile Application

    People really hate cell phone keypads for data entry. Anyone who’s called customer service knows voice guided phone applications aren’t new, but they’re a good way to navigate menus and enter text. And applications like Spinvox which incorporated speech recognition to turn verbal voicemails into written text messages, and TellMe, which uses voice recognition to power… Read More

  • Bet On Anything And Everything With BluBet

    BluBet lets you and your friends bet on anything, while avoiding the rather controversial use of real money in online gambling. On BluBet, players will be able to place bets on anything from Brittany’s sex life, to Facebook outgrowing MySpace. The site is launching out of a quiet beta and is backed with $225,000 from Jawed Karim (Co-Founder of YouTube), Kevin Hartz (Co-Founder of Xoom)… Read More

  • Browser-based WiTV To Take On Joost, Others

    WiTV, short for Wireless Internet TV, requires nothing but a web browser yet it’s designed to behave like internet television services Joost, BabelGum, and VeohTV. The service was announced a few months ago but has recently dropped some user interface photos for the world to see. It looks very slick and easy to navigate although I can’t help but wonder about the… Read More

  • CollectiveX Launches Groupsites

    http://www.viddler.com/player/225e1792/ Maryland based CollectiveX launched in February 2006 as a way for groups to create a quick and well designed social space online. Users could share calendars, files and contacts, and message each other on a forum. We covered CollectiveX in our roundup of “build your own social networks” last month.The original idea overlaps with both LinkedIn… Read More

  • Windows Live Messaging Coming To Bebo

    Bebo has announced a new partnership with Microsoft that will see the introduction of the Windows Live instant messaging service to Bebo’s social network. The new service will allow Bebo users to chat to people outside of the Bebo network, from within Bebo itself. What makes the deal perhaps more interesting is that Bebo users will also now be recognized over the Windows Live platform… Read More

  • Help-Key: How To Use a $6 USB Cable and Free Software to Smarten Up Your Non-Smartphone

    We’re not sure why more cellphones don’t ship with USB cables, but it’s a fact that most don’t. We hate the idea that you’ve got all this data on your phone and no way to add more or back it up short of expensive over-the-air messaging. Some providers allow you to back-up your phonebook for free onto their website, but if you cancel your account, it’s… Read More

  • HiPiHi Seeks To Standardize 3D Worlds And Develop Interoperability

    China’s answer to Second Life, HiPiHi, announced at the State of Play V conference in Singapore Monday its intentions to work towards standardized 3D worlds, with an aim of eventually delivering interoperability between various platforms. HiPiHi said it would cooperate with “global leaders in the Internet and communication industry to establish a set of relevant hardware and… Read More

  • Facebook Opens Email Up A Little; I Want More

    Facebook opened up their very closed email platform today by allowing users to add normal email addresses in a message. Previously you could only send messages to Facebook friends. Now you can add in others, too. This is great news for people who use Facebook for most or all of their emailing. But for those of us that use normal email for our day to day business, getting Facebook messages is… Read More

  • Black Nokia N95 With 8GB Internal Storage

    Wirelessinfo.com has some information and photos of a black, 8GB version of the Nokia N95. Just to avoid any confusion, this is NOT the same version of the N95 that Vince reported on a week ago. This version here doesn’t have US 3G capabilities. It is, however, an N95 with 8GB of built-in memory all dressed in black that’s recently been making its way around the FCC. Read More

  • Helium Marketplace: Make Money Writing Online

    Helium is a directory of user generated articles. Anyone can submit an article to any of 24 different categories (arts, autos, politics, etc.). Articles can be submitted directly to channels, entered into contests, or as part of a debate. Since Helium’s launch last October the site has gotten over 69,000 writers and accumulated over 400,000 articles on 60,000 topics. Over the past couple… Read More

  • New Canon PowerShot SX Series Announced

    The SX100 IS is the newest addition to Canon’s family of digital cameras (well, other than these and these). It’s got a 10x optical zoom, 8-megapixel resolution, DIGIC III image processing chip, face detection, VGA movie mode, a 2.5-inch LCD, 19 shooting modes, SD/SDHC memory compatibility and uses two AA batteries. Read More

  • Los Disneys: A Game For People Who Hate Disney

    I’ve always been worried that the United States government would someday sell the entire state of Florida to the Walt Disney Company in order to cover the national debt. It feels good to actually be able to talk about it openly now that the game Los Disneys has been re-released after 10 years in hibernation. So to everyone who called me crazy for obsessing about this subject and scolded… Read More

  • Photos Of Sony Ericsson's New Cyber-shot Phone?

    I’m not one to speculate, but this may be a photo of a new Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot camera/phone hybrid with 3x optical zoom. It may or may not be replacing the K850i some day and, who knows, maybe it’ll have a 5-megapixel resolution, too. I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that the finished version will have some sort of screen, not just a metal plate as shown in… Read More

  • Paramount, Dreamworks Pick HD DVD

    Did I say something about HD DVD being dead this Fall? Bloops. Paramount and Dreamworks have announced they’ve joined the HD DVD camp and that means you’ll see Shrek 3 along with any other film from Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks Pictures, Paramount Vantage, Nickelodeon Movies and MTV Films. Dude! Ali Larter in her whipped cream bikini in HD DVD! That’s awesome. Blu-ray can… Read More

  • Viacom And NBC Inject Themselves Into Online Video Litigation

    Viacom and NBC aren’t content with suing YouTube and other video sites for copyright infringement – they are also trying to inject their opinions into other lawsuits that they are not otherwise involved in. Last week Viacom and NBC petitioned to file a document known as an Amicus Brief in a little known case between Veoh and an online porn site called IO Group. Amicus briefs are a… Read More

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