• The great 22x DVD writer conspiracy

    So how fast is your DVD burner? Somewhere around 16-20x, no doubt, probably because OEM writers at those speeds cost less than $30. But is that the maximum? Hell no, fool. Samsung and LG already have 22x burners out there, but there is a conspiracy in place to keep you waiting that full five minutes for that DVD to burn, when you could be finished all of forty seconds faster. Vendors are… Read More

  • Kevin Rose says 3G iPhone will have video chat

    I’m calling bullshit but feel free to watch Kevin Rose prognosticate. That means “tell the future,” not what you’re thinking, pervo. Read More

  • All About Linux 2008: Why use Linux?

    Purdy! You know who you are: the guy who doesn’t do Linux. Windows works fine, all of your software works under Windows, and things are much cooler when you don’t have to worry about all that command-line garbage. Sure, Vista is a dog and SP1 causes cancer. Sure gaming is getting hit or miss without enough hardware to launch a space mission. Windows works for business and pleasure. Read More

  • Seagate all like "Solid state drives? Ours idea. We gonna sue you!"

    Seagate holds a patent for some aspects of drive/PC communication and may just start enforcing those selfsame patents if this whole SSD craze takes off. But the key thing, Watkins argues, is that SSDs are just too expensive, and will be for a long time. Just look at the MacBook Air. There are two versions of the Apple laptop, one with an 80 GB hard drive for $1,800, and one with a 64 GB SSD… Read More

  • Samsung's 2263DX dual-display monitor: Good for those with limited desk space

    [photopress:SyncMaster_2263DX.jpg,full,center] Samsung’s 2263DX, first introduced at this year’s CES, tried to grab your attention—and your $550 hard-earned dollars—by adding an external, 7-inch monitor to the package. While the benefits of a multi-display setup are still dubious (though fully one-half of the CrunchGear staff uses at least two displays, myself… Read More

  • Moto VU30 spotted at Phone Arena

    [photopress:vu30.jpg,full,center] Phone Arena’s got first pics of a forthcoming Motorola clamshell destined for Verizon this summer called the VU30. We don’t know much about the phone, sadly, though it appears to be a mid-range handset and the design is fairly fresh, at least for Motorola. Let’s hope we never see another phone from the RAZR’s family ever again, and look… Read More

  • Crunch Network

    All About Linux 2008: A Linux Orientation

    Keeping with our Linux theme for the week, I present this week’s Orientation on, well, Linux. Despite a market share of less than 1 percent for the Linux OS compared to 92 percent for Windows and a smidge over 7 percent for Apple’s Mac OS, the seldom used (by the general public) OS is the epitome of open source dev and free software. I mostly dabbled with Linux in college and… Read More

  • The DOJ Finally Realizes That A Sirius/XM Radio Merger Isn't a Serious Threat to Anyone

    Finally, more than a year after the deal was first announced, the Department of Justice approved the merger of Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. This deal took longer to review than Google’s DoubleClick acquisition. And it is not over yet. The FCC still has to put its stamp of approval on the paperwork. Washington really needs to speed up the merger-review process. Deal… Read More

  • Video: Your next lightbulb?

    http://i.zdnet.com/flash/cnb_video.swf It’s the size of a Tic Tac, but it puts out as much light as an average street lamp. It uses new kinds of technology that’s vastly more efficient than the lights in your house now. If these guys can find a way to make it affordable, I’m the first in line. Read More

  • Netflix down?

    We can’t get into Netflix from NYC. Anyone else seeing an outage? From Netflix.com: Unanticipated outtage. Our engineers are working fast on it. Read More

  • iPhone firmware 2.0 out and about

    BGR does it again. Now we know what Exchange and the Parental Controls look like. Hooray. Not. Maybe just a little. [photopress:normal_iPhone2.0_20.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:normal_iPhone2.0_33.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:normal_iPhone2.0_34.jpg,thumb,pp_image][photopress:normal_iPhone2.0_31.jpg,thumb,pp_image] Read More

  • Jerald Cavitt Appointed CEO of UpCode USA

    Managing Director of UpCode Ltd., Sture Udd, announced today the appointment of Jerald Cavitt as CEO of UpCode USA. Cavitt was also named the marketing leader for the UpCode brand worldwide. “I have recognized the marketing genius of Jerald Cavitt and his ability to lead the UpCode brand with his unique marketing strategies. Jerald’s vision has separated us from the other companies… Read More

  • Viewdle Funded by KIT Capital, Partners with ROO

    Viewdle, a startup developing facial recognition technology for video, has received an unspecified amount of funding from KIT Capital. As part of the deal, Viewdle will partner up with ROO, another KIT portfolio company focused on IPTV broadcasting. The partnership will provide ROO with full and exclusive access to Viewdle’s white label technology. Both companies will also work together… Read More

  • ECTACO jetBook e-Book reader: BEHOLD THE FUTURE!

    Here it is, you guys; the book of the future. It’s the $350 ECTACO jetBook — the “ultimate pocket library.” It’s got a 5-inch screen yet “fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.” My what an enormous palm you have, sir. It’s got a cool translation feature wherein you can translate snippets of text between English and Russian and Polish. You can… Read More

  • Samsung 3D plasmas now available

    http://progressive.playstream.com/playstream/progressive/flashplayers/FLVPlayer.swf Remember how we told you Samsung would be bringing their 3D plasma HDTVs this month? Well, the Series 4 sets are now available in stores. The 42-inch PN42A450 is available for $1,199, and the 50-inch PN50A450 is available for $1,699. Yay! Read More

  • ZPC all-in-one PC is a waste of money

    I’m on the fence with this all-in-one PC from Zero-Footprint. Specs aren’t too bad when you max it out with a 3.4GHz Intel Pentium 4 proc, 2GB of RAM, and a 750GB HDD, but it’ll cost you $1,400. Sure it’s all crammed into a keyboard, but who knows what the build quality is on this thing. No thanks. I think I’ll pass. My money can be spent elsewhere for much… Read More

  • Bird flu detector on-chip

    If you’re near avians or their flu, take a look at STMicro’s new bird flu virus detectors. The chip can differentiate human strains of the Influenza A and B viruses, drug-resistant strains and mutated variants, including the Avian Flu or H5N1 strain. As we all know, only 236 folks have died of bird flu but that doesn’t stop us all from going nuts and aiming all our guns at… Read More

  • Virgin Mobile USA launches new plans

    Being conscientious of financial hardship for many Americans, Virgin Mobile USA unveiled new rate plans today that are highly aggressive and easy on the wallet. One such plan is Unlimited 7p.m. Nights and Weekends for $49.99 or 7 p.m. Nights and Weekend Minutes for $24.99. You can also get unlimited text and messaging for $10. Prepaid customers also get deals with a $34.99 plan gives you… Read More

  • NYT: Feel free to haggle down the price of your next HDTV

    [photopress:hagglebbcc.jpg,full,center] The economy isn’t doing so hot and Manchester United seems to be marching toward its second consecutive title. We’re all doomed, in other words. But hey, did you know that you can get $20 off a pair of speakers on Sixth Avenue? The Times has a piece today exploring the issue of haggling in the year 2008. It seems the terrible economy… Read More

  • Guitar Hero: On Tour compatible with all DS systems

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=191059 Some of you have asked which version of the DS Guitar Hero: On Tour would be compatible with and I just received word that it will work from the fatty to the skinny DS. Don’t forget to pre-order. Read More

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