• Minted Launches Competitive Stationery Store

    Mariam Naficy, co-founder of failed beauty startup Eve.com (which went belly up when the bubble burst in 2000), has launched her latest venture: Minted, an online stationery store with a competitive marketplace reminiscent of the one found on custom t-shirt store Threadless. The site offers graphic designers a community to showcase and (hopefully) sell their designs, which are voted on by… Read More

  • Netbook margins so low, some PC makers not even going to bother

    Flickr’d All these small form factor laptops? Turns out they’re not too great for the companies making them. Companies like Asus with its EeePC and Acer with its Everex (and Dell’s future netbook) are now finding out just how little they actually make by selling the small laptops. Margins are so thin on these devices that other traditional PC maunfacturers have decided to… Read More

  • Jimmy Fallon, next host of Late Night, will cut his teeth on The Internet

    Fans of late night talk shows—college students and people with babies who wake up 87 times during the night—know that Conan is scheduled to take over the Tonight Show in the autumn, and that Jimmy Fallon will take over Late Night at the same time. But did you know that NBC will use THE INTERNET to give Fallon a chance to test out his material? Yup, Lorne Michaels, producer of… Read More

  • Stop doing whatever you're doing, because Facebook is getting a new design today

    It’s been about a month since we last teased Facebook and the like, so we’re about due for a post. Many of you who log into your Facebook accounts today will be greeted with a band new user interface, one that Arrington points out looks a lot like Friendfeed, the social news aggregator created by a couple of ex-Google guys. (Credit crunch, saber-rattling, high gas prices…)… Read More

  • Qik goes into public beta

    Qik, the video streaming device for cellphones that we’ve used to different degrees of success, is now in open public beta. Well, whenever the site comes back up, that is. In addition to opening up its doors to the public, the beta adds a few new features that are sure to frustrate us the next time we try to use it (I kid). There’s a new embeddable player, better support for… Read More

  • LivingSocial Gets $5 Million From Grotech Ventures and Steve Case To Create Social Apps

    LivingSocial, a company that started out as a Facebook developer and is now creating social app across many social networks, raised $5 million in a series A financing that was led by Grotech Ventures. Steve Case also personally invested. (LivingSocial’s CEO and co-founder, Tim O’Shaughnessy, is a former AOLer who also worked for Case at Revolution Health). The startup specializes… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Electric Highway Edition

    Badger badger badger badger, mushroom vacuum
    LED emoticon for cars threatens evolution’s greatest success: The middle finger
    Plug-in hybrids to the rescue, in 2010!
    Bandai adds robotic crabs to its Hex Bug lineup
    Kindle 2.0 Coming Around October 2008 Read More

  • The Friendfeedization Of Facebook

    As Facebook continues to roll out the full version of its new user profiles, it’s becoming clear that their primary goal isn’t, as they said in May, to simply create a cleaner user experience and allow developers to have more meaningful engagement points with users. It’s more about highlighting new content relevant to the user and fostering conversations about that content. Read More

  • Investor Activist Urges Yahoo Shareholders To Split The Difference Between Icahn's Board Picks and Yahoo's

    Activist shareholder Eric Jackson has some advice for all the little guys out there holding Yahoo shares: Come August 1, split the difference on the Yahoo board between the current directors and Carl Icahn’s alternative slate. If a majority of the board is replaced, the poison-pill severance package might be triggered. So Jackson is recommending that shareholders vote for four of… Read More

  • iLike Launches Full Song Playback and Ad Platform

    iLike, the music service with a massive following on Facebook and increasing popularity elsewhere, has introduced full-song playback on its flagship site, iLike.com. Through its partnership with music subscription service Rhapsody, the site will be offering over 5 million songs from all of the major labels and a variety of indie artists, too. In conjunction with the launch of full song… Read More

  • Start Streaming: Qik Opens To The Public

    Qik, the video service that streams live feeds from your mobile phone, has finally launched its public beta. The site has also introduced a number of new features to the service, including support for restricted group access to videos, self-service event streams, and a new embeddable player. The beta will support a wide variety of phones on AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint… Read More

  • Hello Goodbye

    Something just happened and I think it may be important. While not everything has been put in place, it appears the necessary ingredients for a conversational platform – correction, open conversational platform – have been added to the mix. What Dave Winer calls the two-party system may be emerging at just the right time to gather tangible momentum. What Winer brought to the… Read More

  • OpenDNS Makes $20k/day Filtering Phishing And Porn Sites

    OpenDNS, a San Francisco based startup founded by Minor Ventures and David Ulevitch, first launched in mid-2006 as a free tool to speed up web surfing and protect users from phishing and other malware sites. OpenDNS isn’t exactly a sexy service. Users have to do some basic configuration of their computer to get it going, and once it’s running they rarely see it again. Here’s… Read More

  • Video: Wanna see the hardest Super Mario levels ever?

    I swear to God, at 2:40 I tittered like a schoolgirl. Be sure to peruse YouTube for other such videos. via Nick McGlynn’s Tumblr Read More

  • The GigaPan robot takes great panoramas

    In addition to churning out iPhone haters, Carnegie Mellon University also produces some fine engineers. A group of researchers there has created GigaPan, a little robot thing that creates wonderful panoramas completely on its own with pretty much any standard digital camera. It first takes a number of little digital photos, then stitches them together like any other other desktop program would. Read More

  • StudiVZ Won't Comment On Facebook Lawsuit, But Will Talk Smack In General

    StudiVZ, the Facebook clone (and by clone, we mean exact duplicate) in Germany, says in an email that they still havn’t received the lawsuit complaint filed by Facebook on Friday. The lawsuit claims intellectual property infringement and accuses StudiVZ of running a “knock-off” of Facebook. StudiVZ says they “cannot comment in detail” about the lawsuit since… Read More

  • FCC reveals Velocity Mobile is not vaporware

    I was just thinking about Velocity Mobile this last week and was wondering when they might actually launch one of their Windows Mobile devices. We first saw them at CTIA in April, but haven’t heard a peep out of them until now. The 103 is now in the FCC database, which leads us to believe an official launch date may be announced in the coming weeks. I’m still a bit skeptical as to… Read More

  • Completely unexpected: More restrictions could jeopardize XM-Sirius merger

    Oh for the love of God, now what? Surely by now you’ve heard about the long-delayed (to put it mildly) XM-Sirius merger, which is really more of a Sirius buyout of XM, but let’s not nuance ourselves to death. So yeah, now it looks like the merger won’t be allowed to take place unless the combined company agrees to set aside 25 percent of its bandwidth for minority and… Read More

  • E3 2008: Borderlands trailer

    I may have been a little harsh on the Borderlands demo I was given at E3, but what do you expect when they show you Bioshock before hand? Anyway, here’s the trailer and it’s well put together, but most trailers are. We’ll be on the look out for gameplay footage and you can be the judge. Read More

  • Japan's Mixi: A Social Network As A Purely Local Phenomenon

    Japan’s biggest social network is called Mixi, launched in February 2004 by the company of the same name. Drawing in one in five web users in the country, Mixi now boasts over 15 million members. The site ranks sixth on Alexa Japan and racks up over 14 billion page views monthly. Google Trends for Websites shows the Japan-focused service attracts more visitors than Bebo on a worldwide… Read More

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