• CrunchGear Week in Review: Fun Time BBQ Edition

    Giant working NES controller coffee table
    BBQ tools for Zorro, other swashbucklers is, well, something
    100-year-old Adix calculator: elegant, beautiful, and practical
    Rad: World’s tallest Lego tower
    Happy Birthday, John Biggs! Read More

  • Digging Deeper On The Top Tech Blogs And Bloggers

    This is a follow up to our post last month that listed some of the top tech bloggers according to TechMeme. The goal was to be able to take a look at the individual bloggers who were writing headlines, not just the blogs they wrote for. As promised, the team (Mark McGranaghan and Henry Work) has put together much more detailed statistics on the blogs and bloggers that publish tech news… Read More

  • PMOG Launches – Go Lay Some Mines On Your Friend's MySpace Page

    PMOG, a multiplayer online game (MOG) that lets users accumulate points while passively surfing the web and then use those points to help or hurt their fellow players, launched out of private beta this morning. We first covered PMOG back in February. To play PMOG you need to install a Firefox add-on that lets you interact with other users asynchronously on websites you visit. You spend… Read More

  • RIM announces Blackberry Bold

    RIM has finally made the Blackberry Bold official. No exact release date yet, but the press release does mention that the Bold should be available “around the world beginning this summer. ”

    Key points from the announcement: 624MHz CPU 802.11 a/b/g and GPS Half-VGA screen (480 x 320) Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP support microSDHC support up to 16 GB Quad-band EDGE, Tri-band… Read More

  • New Indie Film Site The Auteurs To Make A Splash At Cannes

    New Indie film site The Auteurs, which is in private beta, is trying to make a big splash around the Cannes Film Festival later this week with a competition. And they’ve lined up some big sponsors to help them. The competition is sponsored by HP, Facebook and Flip. Users pick up one of 250 free Flip cameras at the festival and shoot a three minute short film. The winner, as judged by a… Read More

  • Eye-Fi adds 2 new wireless memory cards to their product line-up

    Eye-Fi announced two new wireless memory cards today, and they’ve dubbed their original card with a new name. Read about the new line-up at MobileCrunch Read More

  • Google Is A Malware Site (Says Yahoo)

    I’m going to assume that the fact that some Yahoo search results that point to Google with a malware warning are a sign that their new partnership with McAfee just needs a little tuning. The alternatives are either (1) Google is serving Malware, or (2) Yahoo or McAfee are playing a little joke. Most results that point to Google don’t have this “feature,” and given… Read More

  • Powerset Launches Showcase For User Search Experience

    Today marks another milestone for San Francisco based contextual search engine Powerset. They’ve launched a showcase for their user search experience – effectively the search engine minus the web crawl. For now, Powerset queries only Wikipedia and augments results with data from Freebase. The product launch comes just a day after reports that the company is being shopped to… Read More

  • Lightning crashes, a new mother cries, her in-car French fry holder falls to the floor

    I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I’ve been away for years and whenever we return to good old CMH we’re amazed at the pace of life. Everyone is in their cars, driving driving, and they move like whales through the deep, honking plaintive cries and gathering krill — AKA Rally’s — on the fin. This French fry cup holder is clearly from that storied flyover land and… Read More

  • Eye-Fi adds two new wireless memory cards to their product line-up

    Eye-Fi announced two new wireless memory cards today, and they’ve dubbed their original card with a new name. The new line-up: Eye-Fi Explore: The Explore card can automatically locate nearby WiFi networks and geotag your photos using Skyhook’s global Wi-Fi positioning system. It can also automatically connect to any of Wayport’s 10,000+ hotspots (in other words, pretty… Read More

  • Coolest all-Mac video you'll see today

    And the song’s even catchy. I have no idea how they put this together, but it’s pretty damned awesome. Read More

  • It's a Kord Kozy, yes, I spelled that right

    We’ve seen the drum cozies for Rock Band, and we loved them. The idea of mixing crafty knits with hi-tech is a new one but certainly also a sign of the times. Electronics are homey now, and thus subject to cute hacks. This is apparent with this knit Komputer Kord Kozy. Though I do take umbrage with the whimsical spelling, I want one. And yes, I’m a real manly man. What, I like… Read More

  • Apple: No cash for iPhones at the Apple store

    There aren’t many iPhones left, as many note, but if you do find one and you want to purchase it, you’re going to need a credit card. It’s not for the activation or anything of that sort, but Apple requires you to use a marked form of payment for the transaction to help eliminate scalpers, a problem it’s had between itself and AT&T. According to Apple it does this… Read More

  • Apple store out of iPhones…

    Guys: this TOTALLY means there’s going to be a new iPhone next week. I don’t care what you say: they wouldn’t pull the hottest device since the ventricle stent and not have something lined up for release… unless Apple is going out of business, Crazy Eddie style. What think ye? n {democracy:33} Read More

  • Pogue on the Pulse Smartpen: He so funny!

    This smartpen lets you take notes and record those notes for later perusal. You tap the ink and it plays back the audio recorded at that moment.
    David Pogue shows this quite handily and even harshes on the bugs he found in the pen. Good stuff and a great way to spend Mother’s Day weekend avoiding the phone. Read More

  • Swap files between two iPods with miShare

    A Brooklyn, NY startup named miShare, has created a product, which could bring back the mating ritual of mixtape-swapping (but a modern version of it). The gadget allows you to swap music, photos, and anything else you can fit on your iPod. Instead wasting a CD on a paternal love interest, you simply attach your iPods to the miShare to transfer your mix. Depending on their iPod and setup, they… Read More

  • Apple halts online iPhone sales, stores out of stock

    In a move which seems totally out of character for them, Apple has stopped selling iPhones through their online store. No “Out of Stock” message or anything to indicate why – they’ve simply removed the “Buy” button. While this doesn’t absolutely indicate that the 3G iPhone is dropping soon, it .. what am I saying? It definitely indicates that a 3G… Read More

  • VW and Sanyo getting together on Li-ion batteries for hybrids

    Following the lead of Nissan and NEC, which both recently have started down this track, the German carmaker is looking into lithium-ion batteries to improve its hybrids and electrics. It sounds like the Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries in their cars are both heavier and more toxic than the alternative. The Li-ion batteries would lower the weight of the car by hundreds of pounds… Read More

  • Thieves pictured post-heist from MacBook iSight, caught

    A note to future would-be thieves planning on stealing Apple laptops: You can use a small piece of tape to obstruct the built-in iSight camera to keep from being identified by police as the person who stole a MacBook. See, people have found ways to remote control their MacBooks to take photos automatically with the integrated cameras. They can make copies of the photos and show them to… Read More

  • Quarter-century-old BSD bug identified, squashed

    So an OpenBSD developer got an email the other day saying SAMBA was having trouble talking to a DOS file system. The developer thought it was a problem with SAMBA until he found that there was a workaround in place to fix issues with some BSD code. He did a little digging and found that the code had been in place since 1983 — meaning that pretty much every BSD system out there… Read More

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