• Yahoo! Music To Be DRM-Free For Xmas?

    Yahoo!’s Dave Goldman has predicted that Yahoo!’s music store will be selling DRM-free MP3s by Christmas 2007, acknowledging the burgeoning movement amongst the digital download world to abandon rights protection on music sold on the Internet. “The labels understand that DRM has to go,” Goldman said to USA Today, “It’s nothing but a tax on digital consumers. Read More

  • AT&T Taps MediaFLO for Mobile Live Streaming TV

    AT&T’s wireless division (AT&T Wireless + Cingular – simple name) has chosed MediaFLO to roll out its mobile TV service. MediaFLO is a subsidiary of QUALCOMM, the all-caps wireless infrastructure and chip manufacturer. The deal means that the Q can put its TV transceivers on AT&T’s wireless access towers, sending live TV to compatible handsets on the AT&T… Read More

  • The Best Of 3GSM

    The Best Of 3GSM

    We present to you some of the best posts from the 3GSM 2007 conference. Click for our full conference coverage. Motorola Z8 Hands On On the Road with the Nokia 6110 Nokia: Now With YouTube!
    Windows Mobile 6 In Excruciating Detail
    Hands On With All the Samsung Ultras: Can You Say Ultra Purdy? Nokia E-Series: E90, E65, E61i Read More

  • Pheedo Launches Social Media Ad Widgets

    Pheedo Launches Social Media Ad Widgets

    RSS ad network Pheedo will announce a new service tonight – advertising widgets powered by RSS and incorporating several social media tools.  Readers familiar with Techmeme‘s advertising program will recognize the ideas here – companies today are producing creative content to drive visitors to their websites and that content can be leveraged explicitly as… Read More

  • T-Mobile, Samsung Win Most Boring New Phone Contest

    We do not understand the new Stripe from T-Mobile. The myFaves-compatible clamshell from Samsung is curvy, sure, but bulky when compared to the manufacturer’s other offerings for T-Mo, and more expensive to boot. Features-wise, it’s inferior as well, with GPRS (no EDGE support), a standard VGA camera (no megapixels here), and a monochrome outer display. We love Samsung and T-Mobile… Read More

  • Milk Desk

    Milk Desk

    Oh man, this thing is all kinds of hotness. Featuring every amenity one could possibly hope for on a computer desk, the Milk is one of those rare blends of fashion and efficiency. It has a pneumatic lift, cable exits, organizer boxes and a file slot. It sort of reminds me of the Steelcase Airtouch with less pneumatics and more slots. No idea what this beast costs, but that probably… Read More

  • The Lapinator: An End to Roasted Nuts

    The Lapinator: An End to Roasted Nuts

    If you use a laptop, listen up. This will be of interest to you. Unless there is something wrong with the nerves in your lap, or you’re in possession of some magic laptop that doesn’t produce heat, you’ve no doubt been in a situation where your laptop becomes uncomfortable to hold effectively. I’ve tried many products aimed at alleviating the heat concerns emitted from… Read More

  • YouTube Hands Over User's Info to Fox

    YouTube Hands Over User's Info to Fox

    Three weeks after receiving a subpoena from the U.S. District Court in Northern California, YouTube has reportedly identified a user accused by 20th Century Fox Television of uploading episodes of the show 24 a week prior to their running on television.   That user, named ECOTtotal, is also alleged to have uploaded 12 episodes of The Simpsons, some quite old.  Apparently Google and… Read More

  • Beatles Catalog Not iTunes Exclusive

    Beatles Catalog Not iTunes Exclusive

    Poor Jobs. He must be so distraught now that his precious iTunes Music Store isn’t getting exclusive rights to the Beatles’ catalog, that he needs a little help from my friends. Apple Corps head Neil Aspinall says that iTunes will be getting plenty of Beatles tracks, but so will other online music retailers. This means you’ll be able to go on a magical mystery tour of… Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    Just a quick update to remind you all about the continuation of our Find Yourself with TeleNav contest. The winner will receive a TeleNav GPS Receiver and three months of the TeleNav service. To enter, send an email to contest at crunchgear dot com explaining your best stories of directional retardation (use the subject: “getting lost”). The contest run from today until Friday at… Read More

  • Vonage Thinks You're A Modern Day Romeo

    Vonage Thinks You're A Modern Day Romeo

    Vonage is in the mood for some lovin’ now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. By calling 1-700-VALENTINE from your Vonage line, you can choose a romantic poem to send to your significant other. Examples include: Romantic Romeo – A reading from “Romeo & Juliet” by William Shakespeare Renaissance Dramatist Romeo Listen to “Sony to Celia”… Read More

  • Stained Glass PC

    Stained Glass PC

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! This PC is made of ye old wood, metals, and stained glass. It looks absolutely beautiful when the light hits it and you can see all the parts inside. If you’re looking for one though, don’t hold thoust breath. This PC is one-of-a-kind and won’t be seen outside one lucky dude’s office/castle. Stained Glass PC [MAKE] Read More

  • Blu-Ray And HD-DVD Get "Processed"

    Blu-Ray And HD-DVD Get "Processed"

    Those silly users over at Doom9! What will they think of next? Apparently processing keys were on the mind of user Arnezami. He’s posted a method for acquiring the processing key from a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player, meaning piracy is about to skyrocket in the HD sector. This isn’t what happened a few weeks ago when Muslix64 broke the volume key encryption, this is completely new. Read More

  • Golla Laptop Bags: GOOOOOLLLLAAAAA

    Golla Laptop Bags: GOOOOOLLLLAAAAA

    We’re fairly big fans of the Golla mobile bags and now the company has come out with a nice collection of laptop bags to round out their selection. They have an interesting drawstring closure inside and are big enough for a laptop and a few magazines. I wouldn’t try stuffing a camera in there, though. Product Page Read More

  • Microsoft Introduces PlayReady DRM

    Microsoft Introduces PlayReady DRM

    We don’t need any more DRM at this point in time. We have way too much of it now and it seriously has to stop. There, I said it. But why do I bring it up? Microsoft decided that they need to implement yet another DRM system, this time for mobile phones and mobile devices. Dubbed “PlayReady”, this new DRM system is far more advanced than past Microsoft-designed systems. Read More

  • SanDisk Turns It Up To 4GB

    SanDisk Turns It Up To 4GB

    No word on pricing here, but we do know that SanDisk has announced a 4GB microSDHC card in March. A huge improvement over previous capacities, some say that this card alone is posing a threat to the 4GB version of Apple’s iPhone. Utter rubbish, but a good try nonetheless. Don’t go rushing out to buy this card right away though, as most mobile phones that do take microSD can only… Read More

  • Turtle Beach Still Around, Making Wii Headphones

    Turtle Beach Still Around, Making Wii Headphones

    I haven’t heard from Turtle Beach since it stopped making early-1990s sound cards, but I suppose with the recent surge in Wii-popularity, now is a good time to hop on the bandwagon. Either way, these Ear Force W3 wireless headphones from Turtle Beach are “Ready for Wii” and come with an audio splitter cable. Powered by a single AAA battery, these ‘phones will set you… Read More

  • Lock, Dock, and iPod

    Lock, Dock, and iPod

    Truth be told, I thought I had seen every last possible iPod accessory — until this lock came along. Seems Japanese company Elecom thought it’d be a good idea to make a three-number combination lock that plugs into the docking part of your iPod so that it won’t get stolen. First off, the cable used for the lock looks like I could cut it with a pair of scissors. Secondly… Read More

  • HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger: Surprising

    HP iPAQ 514 Voice Messenger: Surprising

    I’m honestly not sure what to make of the 514. On one hand it’s a WinMo 6 smartphone with WiFi, on the other hand it’s an iPAQ without a touchscreen. Essentially, HP made a phone, not a PDA with phone features. It’s about as big as an old school Nokia candybar and it looks OEM-tastic with a very odd trade dress that I haven’t seen in HP products before. Read More

  • Hands On With All the Samsung Ultras: Can You Say Ultra Purdy?

    Hands On With All the Samsung Ultras: Can You Say Ultra Purdy?

    I’m not wetting myself over these or anything, but they’re quite clever. All of Samsung’s new Ultra line is really quite impressive, especially the paper-thin 5.9. I can imagine, however, how Ultra Painful it is to get a shard of Samsung Ultra in your gluteus maximus when you sit down on it and it Ultra cracks in half. Read More