• SimpleWeather Makes Time's Top 25 Websites

    How quickly they grow up. Our little Vince Veneziani’s website, SimpleWeather.com, made it to the top 25 websites Time magazine’s editors can’t live without. How cool is that? Little Vince thought up SimpleWeather while trying to make some granny porn and wanted to see what the weather was like in Boston — a real hotspot when it comes to granny porn. The resulting… Read More

  • SwapTree, Back From The Dead – In Private Beta

    I was sure trading site Swaptree had been abandoned. After a flurry of press about them over a year ago, they went very quiet. Potential investors told me they’d just stopped returning calls completely. My own emails went unanswered as well. They had the smell of death about them. But it wasn’t so. It turns out Swaptree had merely gone quiet and was focused on building out the product. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Love and Death Edition

    Bye-Bye Nextel
    HD DVD Dead By Fall 2007
    MizPee: What It Sounds Like
    Baja Motorsports 70cc Dirt Bike Review
    Roundup: Apple iPhone Reviews Read More

  • Pay to Humiliate Your Friends on Monster Dare

    There’s a subset of viral video sits that have been popping up focusing on verticals. One of the more recent entrants was the comedy site Funny Or Die, which made waves when Will Ferrell’s short sketch “The Landlord” exploded across the net (over 36,539,017 views). Monster Dare joins DareJunkies in bringing dares to social video. The idea is a bit like a softer version… Read More

  • Didn't Someone Tell Feedster They Were Dead?

    You don’t hear the name “Feedster” very often any more, other than the occasional joke about how they managed to execute even more poorly than Technorati. I frankly assumed they were among the walking dead – the place startups go when they don’t have pressure to shut down but don’t have enough money or human assets to do anything interesting, either. The… Read More

  • HotorNot Founder James Hong Talks About Past, Future

    Read this excellent post by James Hong, co-founder of the nearly seven year-old startup HotorNot. He talks about the history of the startup, and touches on where it might be going in the future. A lot of this I wrote about last month after interviewing Hong, but there’s lot of additional information that people will find fascinating. The company never raised venture capital, and was… Read More

  • FreshBooks Launches Open API

    Online invoicing service FreshBooks has launched an open API. Freshbooks sees the new API allowing application designers, businesses, services companies, and users to integrate FreshBooks’ billing platform into a new category of products, features, and solutions for enhancing and streamlining productivity, workflow, sales, CRM, project management, and invoicing. Possible uses of the… Read More

  • Zentation: Online Video And Powerpoint Get Married

    Zentation is a free service that marries video with PowerPoint presentations, delivering a mashed up version of both for online viewing. Using Zentation is simple. Users upload their video to Google Video, log into Zentation and copy and paste the URL of the Google video, then upload a PowerPoint file. The final step involves using the “ZenSync” tool to provide precise start… Read More

  • Thoof Now in Public Beta

    Social news site Thoof, privately launched nearly two weeks ago by invitation only, is now open to anyone. Our launch post is here. Thoof is about personalized news and incorporates elements of Wikis, Digg/del.icio.us voting features. Users submit stories to the service as a link to the news item, along with a title, description and tags. Other users start to see the news item if Thoof… Read More

  • Google Offers Money For Gadgets

    Google has announced the launch of Google Gadget Ventures, a new pilot program that will help fund third-party gadget development and gadget-related businesses. Google will offer two types of funding: $5,000 grants for gadget developers who want to improve an existing gadget, and $100,000 seed investments for new gadget-related businesses. Applications will be restricted initially to… Read More

  • CEA: 1/3 of US Households to be HD by Next Year

    So now that we’re almost exactly half-way through 2007, it’s time to start looking at the holiday shopping season. While iPhones and new Zunes and stuff will get most of the attention, the Consumer Electronics Association has pointed out that it expects 16 million HDTVs will be sold this year, putting the percentage of households with HDTVs at 36% by the beginning of next year. Read More

  • A Look at Supernova 2007 Connected Innovators

    At Supernova’s 2007 Connected Innovators session, 12 young startups (well, 13 if you count the fake one planted to keep the audience on their toes), pitched their products to an audience at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco with punditry by Kevin Werbach and Michael Arrington and supporting color from Josh Kopelman, Julia Hanna Farris and Paul Kedrosky. Here’s a look at the… Read More

  • MizPee: What It Sounds Like

    I’ve spent the better part of the last half hour trying to decide if I should tell you about this. I’ve decided I owe it to the public at large to share. And I think I get credit towards my community service hours, too. Meet MizPee. MizPee is a Web 2.0 site that helps you find a public bathroom. That’s about what it does. You bring it up on your mobile phone, enter your… Read More

  • Meebo Rooms Partner Edition Launches With Big Names

    Web based instant messaging provider Meebo has launched “Meebo Rooms, Partner Edition”, a more corporate friendly version of Meebo Rooms. Meebo Rooms launched in May and allows users to chat while viewing media live with instant messaging contacts, both from meebo.com and from their own sites. Over 75,000 Meebo Rooms have been created to date. The new Partners Edition offers… Read More

  • Belkin Ushers in New Era of Advanced Mouse-based Technology

    Dirty mouse? You’ve tried scrubbing, bleaching, even burning the dirt away — but nothing seems to work! Introducing Belkin’s Washable Mouse. Take an ordinary mouse, make it water-resistant and slap a $30 price tag on it and you have a mouse that can be cleaned in your the sink. Oh, and it “works on many household surfaces, including upholstery and wood.” The… Read More

  • Siemens Says Wi-Fi-only Phones Have No Future

    Siemens, which is no longer the shirt sponsor of Real Madrid C.F., did a mea culpa yesterday and ate crow over the fact that Wi-Fi-only phones have been a complete and utter failure. The company has been a big supporter of the phones, which are meant to connect to Skype and other VoIP providers, but is now prepared to scuttle the ship. The key phrase in those previous two sentences was… Read More

  • Contest: "Share Your Location" With TeleNav GPS Navigator

    Last week we mentioned the latest version of TeleNav GPS Navigator, with new features including finding, sharing and rating the locations of businesses, restaurants or even where you found cheap gas. To celebrate the release, the company is donating a Bluetooth GPS receiver and 3 months of TeleNav service for two lucky readers. Here’s how to win:Tell us your most creative idea for using… Read More

  • Samsung Announces New Mobile TV Chipset

    Samsung just released details of a high-performance, multi-standard mobile TV chip, which would allow cellphone manufacturers to enable TV on their devices regardless of country or standard. With this new technology, Samsung aims to fulfill the needs of the mobile TV industry. Yay. The new chip lets consumers choose which broadcasting service they want without having to change their device… Read More

  • Vodafone, Apple Might Do Weird European Cheek Smooch Thing

    ZDNET Asia is running an article on the possibility that Vodafone might maybe be the potential carrier to perhaps provide iPhone service in Europe. Maybe. According to the article “Credit Suisse believes Vodafone would represent a good bet for Apple as it’s able to offer a presence in most European markets.” What’s interesting about this possible partnership is that… Read More

  • Google Picasa Goes Mobile and Goes Local (What?)

    Google rolled out two new features for its Picasa (think Flickr, only by Google) online photo sharing site yesterday, both of which are useful for showing your friends just how crazy and unpredictable your life is. The first allows you to tag your photos with the location of where they were taken. Then, when sharing the photo album online with your friends, they’ll see all the photos on… Read More

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