• Griffin Evolve Really Is Wireless

    If you feel like dropping $350 on an iPod dock than Griffin’s new Evolve is it. The Evolve consists of a dock that also charges, RF remote, and two rechargeable dual channel wireless speakers. Said speakers are said to work up to 150 feet away, wish they’d prove it at CES. Pretty cool since everything is wireless. Product Page Read More

  • Philips DVD Players Play Nice With iPods

    Yesterday at the Philips press conference they announced two DVD players with iPod docks. The 7-inch DCP750 and 8-inch DCP850 boast swivel screens and support DivX playback on DVD+-R, DVD+-RW, and (S)VCD formats. Each player includes a car adapter to keep the rugrats quiet or feel free to drain the 2.5 hour battery watching all that pron I know you all have. Not to shabby for $150 and… Read More

  • SideShow Geeks Out Your Bag

    As if it weren’t bad enough carrying around all the gadgets I do, I can’t imagine strapping one of these badboys on. I’m pretty sure the girlfriend would kick me in the shins. Just like the Asus and LG I told you about with SideShow the Eleksen messenger bag featuring SideShow on a 2.5 inch LCD screen and controlled via its ‘ElekTex’ fabric controls is on display… Read More

  • MacWorld Announcements Real Time – iPhone Announced

    MacWorld Announcements Real Time – iPhone Announced

    The Steve Jobs KeyNote at MacWorld 2007 in San Francisco is just starting and major new products are expected to be released. We have a team at the keynote reporting live here and at CrunchGear. Stay tuned. The Apple Store is closed until after the Keynote, which has just begun. Minute by minute updates at CrunchGear. The first twenty minutes or so was all about iTunes. 2 billion songs and… Read More

  • Hear About Conduit Yet?

    Hear About Conduit Yet?

    Israel and California based Conduit is announcing a deal today with Google to provide search for their customizable toolbar product. The news itself isn’t all that interesting, although it will help Conduit with revenue. But the Conduit service itself is really taking off. Conduit is a white-label, customizable toolbar for other web services. Like the Google and Yahoo… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Swank and Swag Edition

    Daily Crunch: Swank and Swag Edition

    The Simpsons Movie…I Mean Phone…D’oh
    Windows Home Server: Up Close And Personal
    iFrogz Announces Exotic Cases For iPod/Whatever
    R2D2 Says Beep Bop Beep Bop
    CES 2007: First Day Jitters Read More

  • More Money For Wikis

    After JotSpot sold to Google for $50+ million, it didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize venture capitalists would be dabbling a bit more in this space. So I am not at all surprised to report that Wetpaint, the Seattle based wiki company that we’ve raved about in the past, is announcing a $9.5 million Series B round of financing today, with investments from Accel Partners as well… Read More

  • Wall Street Journal Reports Cingular Scores iPhone Tomorrow

    iChat Mobile rumor, though this is one we’ve heard before: the device will launch with Cingular. Now, we think Cingular has launched its wad with its new Treo 750, and that this is bullcrap. But it is the WSJ, and we’re not one to argue with anyone who features people as stipple drawings, so we’ll open another beer.
    Wall Street Journal Nonsense [Reuters] Read More

  • Apple Set to Launch New Airport Gear

    What good are all the 802.11n draft WiFi cards Apple has been hiding in its latest Macs if you don’t have a base station to go along with them? Sure, there are non-Apple base stations you could go for, but if you’re a hardcore Maclover, you want the real deal. That’s why we’re relatively certain that this week at MacWorld (if not tomorrow) we’ll be introduced… Read More

  • CES: Cobra Adds Red-Light Camera Detection to Line-Up

    First we had radar detectors, which cops hated. So the fuzz started using lasers to track our overzealous speed infractions. Thus, laser detectors were added to the radar detectors, giving us radar/laser detectors. So police started using these horrible cameras to take photos of our license plates as we sped through yellows, so they could dirty our mailboxes with citations. But finally… Read More

  • Plantronics Adds DSP to Bluetooth Headsets

    Bluetooth headsets suck. When wearing one, you look like a douche. I don’t care who you are, you will look like a douche. That does not mean that they are not getting better. There are times and places (private places) where using one is OK, and if you’re going to use one, having digital signal processing is better than not. See, it takes the noise coming in and out, and filters… Read More

  • Motorola Q Pro Finally Hits the Streets

    was coming, and today it’s official. The Q Pro is essentially a Q with added security features and document editing capabilities, using the MOTOPRO Mobility suite to allow a user to securely edit and save Office documents remotely. In addition, it includes a secure VPN client and other enterprise enhancements. Why is Motorola so concerned about security of its Q users? Because, according… Read More

  • CES, MacWorld Rumors and Such

    Rumors are fluttering about that tomorrow at the MacWord keynote Mr. Jobs wil announce some sort of partnership with Cingular. While the kneejerk reaction would be to assume that Cingular will be releasing whatever the “Apple iPhone” has become, we’re going to go out on a limb and say that the partnership is to deliver iTunes on Cingular devices. We don’t know how or why. Read More

  • Yahoo Buys MyBlogLog. No, They Didn't. Wait, Yes.

    Ok so it’s official and confirmed from Yahoo: They bought MyBlogLog. This was first rumored to be happening in November, but was never confirmed and we updated our post to reflect that. This morning the news broke again but was pulled immediately afterwards. Now it’s popped up again. Since I had no idea if it was going to stick this time, I called Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo’s… Read More

  • Talk To Us About CES 2007

    Talk To Us About CES 2007

    So I have some downtime tonight and will be posting throughout the night and week. If you guys want to talk to me about some tech, hit me up on AOL Instant Messenger. My screen name is hardhouse0. Either IM me or leave a comment letting me/us know what you guys want to see! You can ask us to check out a particular product or to just see what your favorite company is up to. Get ready….this… Read More

  • SanDisk Sansa Connects Wi-Fi

    SanDisk Sansa Connects Wi-Fi

    SanDisk shows off another MP3 player with a 2.2 inch screen, photo player, internal speaker, community connections via Internet and USB 2.0. The wi-fi connection is basically the same thing as the Zune’s wi-fi functionality. You may or may not know but this originally came from Zing earlier this year. Product Page Read More

  • Samsung Must Love Grey's Anatomy

    Samsung Must Love Grey's Anatomy

    Because it looks like they plastered Grey’s star Katherine Heigl with a Blackjack all over the place. Not that it’s a bad thing. …and yes, I love me some Grey’s Anatomy. Read More

  • R2-D2 Says Beep Bop Beep Bop

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen as far as Star Wars gadgets goes. This little R2-D2 is 1/2 scale and is controlled via the Millenium Falcon. It’s dome rotates 270 degrees and his ‘eye’ holds a projector that can project up to an 80 inch screen on the wall or ceiling. A DVD player, iPod dock, stereo speaker system, memory card, USB input, AV input, 11 classic… Read More

  • More Windows Home Server Design Concepts

    More Windows Home Server Design Concepts

    The only one of these actually going into production is the HP one (as I stated before), check it out above.
    The white one that looks like a Brita water filter is a concept from Inventec. Also, Microsoft’s working, cylindrical version glows green when everything is working, yellow when there is a problem, and red when it’s down. Wicked nightlights Read More

  • Samsung Releases 2nd Gen Blu-Ray Player

    No surprise here but Samsung has released their second generation Blu-Ray player, the BD-P1200, with enhanced audio and video. Woopaaadeeedooo. They’re already behind the game since LG released their dual format DVD player. Enjoy the eye candy. Read More