• Runtriz: How the housewives of the uber rich stay organized and inebriated

    My vast collection of Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck and other fine wines is so disorganized that I don’t know what do do anymore nor do I know what the temperature is like or what my stocks are doing. Enter Runtriz. A touch screen-based system that catalogs your wine cellar, provides up to the minute news, weather and stock info all at your finger tips. No clue what to make for dinner? Read More

  • LaunchBoxDigital Startup Incubator Raises Seed Round, Taking Applications

    Washington D.C. based LaunchBoxDigital, a Y Combinator-like startup incubator that will invest small amounts of capital in very early stage startup ideas, is now taking applications for their first program. They’ve also raised their own first round of funding – $250,000 from Jonathan Miller (former CEO, AOL), Reed Hundt (former FCC Chairman), Raul Fernandez (CEO Object Video)… Read More

  • TechCrunch is over? I'll get my coat…

    Apparently TechCrunch hates community and it’s all over for us. Who knew? According to Umair Haque, your friendly neighbourhood UK digital strategist, we’re all now tired of TechCrunch (apart from TCUK, thanks Umair, I owe you a pint now). His argument is that TechCrunch is “peaking”, it doesn’t invest in the “community” and instead gets its attention… Read More

  • MIA: No 80GB PS3 on Sony's Web site, new version due?

    [photopress:ps380gone.jpg,full,center] Head on over to Sony’s online store today and you’ll notice that something’s missing. Yes, the 80GB version is nowhere to be found. Rumors abound that Sony is about to introduce a higher capacity model, something the corp has denied and denied and denied—sorta like Roger Clemens. If Sony had an Apple-like “page down for… Read More

  • Optimus Maximus FINALLY shipping

    We begin shipping Optimus Maximus keyboards to those who ordered it last year. It’s about damn time! Optimus Project Read More

  • Review: Lacie Ethernet Disk Mini with HipServ

    [photopress:IMG_1386.JPG,full,pp_image] Setting up a home storage server has long been fraught with peril. I’ve in fact had a terabyte and a half of storage space lying in NAS blocks in the past year and never stored more than a few movies on any of these devices. There just wasn’t a good, sane way to keep things updated without going through arcane web interfaces or maintaining… Read More

  • Extend Your Brain With Evernote (Private Beta Invites)

    We are all dealing with information overload. Some of the most useful Web startups are the ones that help us deal with the never-ceasing flow of data washing over us every day. Evernote is one of those startups. A Windows version of Evernote has been around for a few years, but it is now releasing a Web version in private beta, as well as a new Windows client, mobile software clients… Read More

  • Drink driving: Ndrive G400 GPS device has built-in breath analyzer

    http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/x4eudr I think this qualifies as synergy. The Ndrive G400 looks like the typical GPS device you’d see walking down the street. But it’s not typical. Well, it sorta is, but it does have a feature I’ve never seen before—a built-in breath analyzer. As the above video shows (does it cut out, or am I crazy?), the G400 will analyze your breath… Read More

  • Hi-Can canopy: I'd never get out of this bed

    The Italians sure are fashionable. When I was there last year I saw some impeccably dressed individuals doing mundane, normal, every day tasks. So it’s no surprise that the Hi-Can canopy bed was designed by Italian, Edouardo Carlino. This bed does everything you’d want it to do and more. You could run your home from this thing as well as surf the Web, listen to music, watch TV and… Read More

  • Web Mission: Last chance to get your entries in

    Monday is the last chance you can submit your startup to Web Mission 08, the trip to Silicon Valley for 20 lucky UK firms (I wrote about it all here). So get your entries in! This is going to be an amazing opportunity to make connections in Silicon Valley and hang out with your fellow UK startups. As if that wasn’t enough TechCrunch is a media partner, and I’m going too. Read More

  • Bravia J-series LCD TVs coming to Japan in March

    Sony’s got some new Bravia LCD TVs hitting Japan in March. They’re not necessarily affordable, as a 20-incher will set you back over $1,000 according to SlashGear. There will also be a 26-inch version and a 32-inch version with prices topping out at just under $1,600. Sony’s similarly-configured S-series here in the US features a 26-inch TV for $699, by comparison. The… Read More

  • CoverFlow for Apps comes to the iPhone

    I’m not a big fan of CoverFlow and rarely use it, but it seems a lot of people feel differently about it and now it’s making an appearance on the iPhone thanks to Erica Sadun. Erica came up with AppFlow, which is essentially the same thing as CoverFlow, but it’s for your iPhone apps. You can find it here. Thanks for the tip, Patrick. Read More

  • DLO's VideoShell: Put your nano down

    Ummm… this is a little stand for your nano. It costs $19.99. It is made of plastic. Product Page Read More

  • Video: Laptop gropes the Lenovo ThinkPad X300

    Our buds over at Laptop have the X300 on hand and it’s all on tape. Their unit is equipped with the following: * 64GB SSD Drive (standard)
    * 2GB RAM (you can get up to 4GB)
    * 1.2 GHz Core 2 Duo processor SL7100
    * Ultrathin DVD burner
    * 6-cell Li-Ion Battery (claimed life of 4.5 hours or so)
    * Ports: 3 USB, external display, headphone, ethernet
    * EV-DO from… Read More

  • Go ahead and buy the standalone Rock Band drums

    If you’re like me, you used to play drums all the time and then you lived in apartments during and after college so you stopped playing but then eventually you bought a house but for some reason never got another drum set and then you moved to Boston where you currently live in an apartment again but someone gave you Rock Band as a wedding present and you find that the drumming aspect of… Read More

  • Facebook's UK numbers are down. Meh.

    Yes, it is worth noting that Facebook’s user base in the UK actually dropped between December and January for the first time ever. It’s uniques dropped 5% to 8.5 million, while MySpace UK, in the No 2 slot, also dropped 5%, to 5 million and Bebo dropped only 2% to 4 million. But here’s the reality check, people: THAT WAS OVER THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. Facebook’s audience… Read More

  • Video: Eddie Izzard's Death Star Canteena reenacted with Legos

    I know this video is old, but chances are a few of you haven’t seen it. And even if you have seen it, it’s still funny, so deal with it. :) Darth Vader ‘Death By Tray’ Lego Video [Geekadelphia] Read More

  • Sony inks deal with Ensequence for interactive Blu-ray content

    Blu-ray’s biggest problem, for me, was the lack of online interactive content that was prevalent and great about HD DVD, but a new deal between Sony and Ensequence is putting that gripe to bed. A 10-year deal was struck to bring interactive features to Blu-ray discs, which entails bonus content, notifications about sequels, PIP and a slew of other goodies. 10 years, huh? Those are… Read More

  • Microsoft Bumps Online Storage To 5GB

    Microsoft has increased storage on Windows Live Skydrive to 5GB, up by a multiple of five from its previous limit of 1GB (the 1GB having doubled the original 500mb in October). Erick compared Skydrive to Gmail in an apples and oranges comparison last time; my Gmail account sits at 6.4gb today so Skydrive is still behind, having said that I’m not sure how many (average) people would… Read More

  • Digital Tattoo Interface: creepy concept that runs on blood

    Concepts are usually beyond me since I have enough real gadgetry to get me worked up, but once in a while I’ll come across a few things that catch my attention. The Polaroid concept from yesterday is something I’ve been raving about to friends and I hope it comes to fruition. The other happens to be this digital tattoo interface submitted by Jim Mielke for the Greener Design… Read More

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