• Juniper Research: Mobile Web 2.0 to be worth 22.4 billion in 5 years.

    The UK’s Juniper Research published a report this morning which predicts massive growth in Mobile Web 2.0 revenues. According to the report, they expect social networking, user generated content, mobile search and instant messaging to more than triple the Mobile Web’s current estimated worth of $5.5 billion up to $22.4 billion by 2013. I will have to check the accuracy of this from… Read More

  • Pundit: MacBooks could take 50% notebook share in a year/ Me: Prolly not

    I like to think that everyone will buy Macs. I buy Macs regularly and just bought one for my sister- and brother-in-law so they can join me in my OS X joy. But folks who say Apple can hit 50% market share in notebooks next year are deluding themselves. Jeremy Toeman believes in this delusion and his points are these: 1. Virtually all MacBook owners will recommend most MacBook models when asked
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  • Touchwall: Microsoft's Inexpensive Wall-Based Multi-Touch Interface

    Bill Gates will demo a new multi-touch computer and interface today called TouchWall at the Microsoft CEO Summit in Redmond. TouchWall refers to the touch screen hardware setup itself; the corresponding software to run TouchWall, which is built on a standard version of Vista, is called Plex. TouchWall and Plex are superficially similar to Microsoft Surface, a multi-touch table computer that… Read More

  • 115 CEOs Converge At Microsoft For CEO Summit

    Microsoft’s annual CEO Summit kicks off officially today with an 8:30 am keynote by Bill Gates titled “The Next Wave of Business Productivity and the Challenge of Continual Innovation.” 115 CEOs will attend from 26 countries, says Microsoft. The combined annual revenue from these companies tops $3 trillion annually and they employ 10 million people worldwide. Attendees… Read More

  • The boldest PR pitch of the day OR something to wake you up this morning

    I’m going to post this in its entirety as an example of either the greatest pitch in the world or the mad ramblings of an insufficiently breast-fed misogynist. I’ll let you all decide. Hello, Please find a link for a submission to your blog. I have also attached
    an image. It is called Boob Art Canvas and is SFW. http://www.gofrostfire.com/acatalog/Boob_Art_Canvas.html kind regards
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  • Stitcher Streams Customized Audio Feeds to Your iPhone

    Few things are more annoying than two week-old podcasts. Yet it seems that every time I’m about to embark on a long train ride, I forget to sync my iPhone with iTunes, leaving me with stale news reports. Stitcher, which launches today in public beta, looks to put an end to this problem by providing a customizable and continuous stream of news, talk, and sports to your iPhone and… Read More

  • Magnify's New Blogging Plugin Tries to Make Multimedia Simple

    Magnify.net has introduced a plugin for Movable Type and WordPress that attempts to minimize the effort required to add multimedia content to a blog. Magnify.net is a video discovery and broadcast platform that provides a hosted framework for video distribution. The plugin, called Magnify Publisher, allows bloggers to search and embed content from over a dozen media sites including YouTube… Read More

  • Slingpage Lets You Share the Web With One Click (500 Private Beta Invites)

    The idea of leaving sticky notes on the Web for others to find has been tried many times, but has never really taken off. Third Voice dotbombed with the idea in the late 1990s, then Activeweave tried it with Stickis (only to abandon the idea in favor for an app called BlogRovr, which was recently acquired by BuzzLogic). The missing element was that there was never a social way to share the… Read More

  • Scoutle: Automated Social Networking For Bloggers

    Dutch startup Scoutle marries different networking ideas to deliver what they call an “Automated Social Networking for Bloggers.” Scoutle operates via webcrawlers they call Scouts. Users create their own personal Scouts, for example one for their blog, another for their Facebook or similar profile, and the scouts “walk through the Internet,” by meeting other Scouts… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour – Events across Europe

    Since I write for TechCrunch from London, and since the rest of Europe is less than a two hour flight away, I am going to do some “Euro-tripping” over the next few weeks, criss-crossing the continent meeting startups and writing about them on TechCrunch (the image is courtesy of Dopplr). But I need your help. I’d like to meet as many startups as possible both informally and… Read More

  • Travel Search Site UpTake (Formerly Kango) Launches In Public Beta

    If you are looking for ideas for a family vacation, a pet-friendly hotel, or the perfect place for a romantic weekend, try travel search engine UpTake. It is geared only for travel and looks for keywords in destination descriptions and user comments across the Web that help it place results into different travel buckets. It can understand about one million different travel-related keywords… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Starman Edition

    Video: The Get Out Clause makes a video the new-fashioned way
    Xbox “Lips” on its way, whatever it is
    Detroit condos to be built from shipping containers
    Han Solo ice cube tray and R2D2 ice bucket
    Canon’s Selphy CP770 printer is, for some reason, shaped like a bucket
    TokyoFlash S-Mode Oberon: When legibility isn’t an option
    Microsoft’s ‘Worldwide… Read More

  • Report: Al Gore's CurrentTV Offered $100 Million For Digg In 2006

    Note: trust me, the picture makes sense once you read the quotes below. Sarah Lacy’s new book, Once You’re Lucky, Twice You’re Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0 (goes on sale on Thursday, pre-order here, get free autographed copy here) does a deep dive into the histories of a number of high profile web startups. But Lacy was also able to uncover a… Read More

  • Upcoming events of interest

    May 15: next08, Hamburg
    next08 is on May 15, 2008 at the Prototyp museum in Hamburg. The main theme will be “get realtime”, taking care of the challenge that customers are communicating in real-time but companies do not. Together with DLD in Munich it has become Germany’s most important New Media event. Confirmed speakers as include Anil Hansjee (Google), JP Rangaswami… Read More

  • Zoho No Longer Requires Accounts. Sign In With Your Yahoo Or Google ID

    Office productivity suite Zoho removed the need to create an account to use their services today – you can now log in to any of their products using a Google or Yahoo account. Sign in is completed via Yahoo’s and Google’s authentication APIs. I asked Zoho evangelist Raju Vegesna why they don’t just adopt OpenID to handle authentications instead. He says they will, soon… Read More

  • Ok, Wired, Let's Do This.

    A week ago Wired Magazine voiced its displeasure over our syndication partnership with the Washington Post. Wired’s Betsy Schiffman wrote “We’ve got nothing against TechCrunch, but it seems crazy-crazy to us that the Washington Post, a paper known for the sort of reporting that can take down U.S. presidents, is publishing content written by a dude who invests in the companies… Read More

  • Top posts for Tuesday, May 13, 2008

    Today’s Top Posts: HBO confirms iTunes sales Swisscom: 32GB 3G iPhone will come in silver, black, or white Uwe Boll would love to direct a GTA movie! Canon’s Selphy CP770 printer is, for some reason, shaped like a bucket Otterbox rugged case for Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC Microsoft’s ‘Worldwide Telescope’ now available Video: sneak peek of upcoming Xbox 360… Read More

  • Dash Opens Up APIs For Its GPS Device to Developers

    Dash Navigation is opening up its in-car GPS device to outside developers through an API program. The Dash already lets consumers create Yahoo map mashups on the Web which they can then send to their car. (Read my earlier review). Now, companies that want to create specific applications for the device, which includes a two-way data channel through GPRS as well as WiFi, can join the API… Read More

  • OpenTable Ranks Restaurants, Guarantees No Fake Reviews

    Restaurant review sites have long been plagued by polarized opinions – most of the people that take the time to write something have either loved a place or hated it. These sites also have to deal with reviewers who share their opinions, regardless of if they’ve ever visited the restaurant in question. Today OpenTable, the web-enabled restaurant reservation manager, has introduced… Read More

  • FriendFeedLinks: A Memetracker For FriendFeed

    Given the popularity of FriendFeed, it’s surprising that we haven’t seen many memetrackers appear for the site. Today French developer Michael Mortchelewicz has unveiled FriendFeedLinks, which attempts to fill that void. Compared to other memetrackers like TweetMeme and RSSMeme, FriendFeedLinks has a very spartan interface. There are no summaries or discussions to speak of… Read More

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