• Total HD Disc From Warner Bros.

    Total HD Disc From Warner Bros.

    Last night Warner Brothers showed off their new Total Hi Def Disc at a special conference.
    They showed a clip from the movie Superman Returns on HD-DVD, Blu Ray Disc, and Total HD. They all looked the same, they all looked great, and Total HD is just another format we don’t need. Move along folks, nothing to see here. Read More

  • eBay's Place in the Dirty World of Ticket Scalping

    Update: eBay’s acquisition of StubHub has just been announced. The secondary market for event tickets is a dirty but lucrative place to be. I have first hand knowledge from my time as COO of RazorGator, a Kleiner-backed ticket marketplace based in Los Angeles. There’s a food chain, starting with the guys that hang out at stadiums before games and concerts scalping tickets, up… Read More

  • Creative XDock Wireless

    Creative XDock Wireless

    X-Fi is a technology for improving audio quality from standard sources including MP3 players and streaming sources. They’ve stuffed this technology into a set of wireless devices, the XDock Wireless dock and the X-Fi Wireless Receivers. You plug in an iPod into the XDock and can play music out to an optical or RCA-enabled receiver. Then, you can transmit the audio to a Wireless Receiver… Read More

  • Day 3 @ CES: Sweepy

    Day 3 @ CES: Sweepy

    What do you get when you put a manic-depressive, a beat-down married man, and a guy from the South together in one place? Our CES experience. Here, John takes a quick nap before heading off to his next appointment — in the dumpsters behind the Bellagio hotel. Read More

  • Facebook Goes Mobile

    Facebook Goes Mobile

    Facebook announced a bunch of mobile features today, although all of them have been around for some time. The only new feature is the Facebook mobile page which lists all of the mobile tools in one place. The tools include a mobile optimized website at m.facebook.com, an easy way to upload photos and notes to facebook via SMS and MMS messages, and a tool to receive new Facebook messages on… Read More

  • Hybrid Blu-ray-HD-DVD Player Coming

    Hybrid Blu-ray-HD-DVD Player Coming

    for the PC that could read both Blu-ray and HD-DVD discs. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that LG has announced a standalone player that will play both disc formats. The BH100 Super Multi Blue Player will support 1080p resolution via an HDMI 1.2 output. The suggested retail price is $1,199 and the player is supposedly to be released by April. Not that LG would ever let us down! Product Read More

  • Eton Self Powered Radio

    Eton Self Powered Radio

    Most of the larger booths at CES probably pull more electricity than is used by a small city. But even if you’re not one of those “green” types, you have to admit the idea of saving a little bit of energy is a good idea. Eton Corporation also does so without looking all hippie to boot. Their FR 300 self-powered AM/FM radio with NOAA (National Oceanic & &… Read More

  • Samsung Simpsons Phones: Little, Yellow, Different

    We got a chance to see the Simpsons phones in the wild. It’s all clamshell all the time over there with an A717 for Cingular, an M500 for Sprint, and a U740 for Verizon ensconced in glass cases and colored yellow as Homer’s sun-kissed pate. The phones will be available during the film launch in July. Read More

  • CarMD Tells Your Car to Turn Over, Cough

    Most cars made for the American road since the late ’80s have included a small microprocessor that keeps track of various goings-on under the hood. It not only keeps things digitally regulated, but also makes a record of any problems so your motor can have a quick “check-up” from any mechanic with the diagnostic gear to decode the information, which is not always cheap. CarMD… Read More

  • UPDATE: Cisco and Apple DIDN'T Make a Deal on the iPhone Name

    UPDATE: Cisco and Apple DIDN'T Make a Deal on the iPhone Name

    When Apple wants something, Apple gets DOESN’T it. According to ZDNet, Apple got a call early yesterday morning to the effect of: The fact is that we have not received the approved agreement back from Apple as late as this morning. What we said in our statement, which you posted, was that we sent them the final terms on Jan. 8 and by the fact that they launched the iPhone on Jan. 9… Read More

  • Keep Death from Beheaded Pretty Flowers via USB

    If you can forgive the noir color scheme, you might enjoy this USB flower vase from some design house in Europe. What could a flower vase possibly do via USB? Tell you that your pansy is low on water, that’s what. When your slowly dying bud (ha! ha!) needs more liquid love, a message pops up on your computer monitor to alert you to the task. Even with this technilgical help, however, I… Read More

  • Apple's iPhone: Fiction From Fact

    So it’s out, it’s real, it’s expensive. We now know all the facts regarding iPhone, so we can now turn the focus of the rumor mill to Transformer’s movie scuttlebutt. But in the aftermath of the debut of the “ultimate digital device”, we learn that much of the dirt we’d heard on the handset is bogus. Let’s have a look at a few of the near… Read More

  • The Inevitable Death of DRM

    Notwithstanding Apple’s announcement today of the sale of 2 billion songs on iTunes (all with DRM), most of the recent market signs suggest that the eventual demise of DRM is inevitable. Consumers are more frustrated than ever that certain file types are playable only on certain devices. The only real questions are when, and will it be replaced with something far more sinister? The… Read More

  • Samsung SCH i760: Blackjack ][

    Samsung SCH i760: Blackjack ][

    Got some hands-on time with the SCH i760, the Blackjack Deux, with an external keypad and fold out QWERTY keyboard. It’s probably coming out on Verizon, although the kids at Samsung weren’t talking. More as we get it. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: New Turtleneck Edition

    Daily Crunch: New Turtleneck Edition

    Crunchgear @ MacWorld 2007
    CES Knows The Old School
    iTV out, Apple TV in
    It’s Still the iPhone?!
    Kenwood’s Idea of Seamless Entertainment Read More

  • Getting Your Startup on TechCrunch

    We continue to review 20+ startups every day, most of which come in through the company submissions link at the top of TechCrunch. Some of our best content comes from those submissions, but we’ve also missed quite a few good companies because we have to make a write/no write decision very quickly. That’s why the favorite section of the new TechCrunch Forums is the area reserved… Read More

  • SynapseLife Phase 2 Launches

    SynapseLife Phase 2 Launches

    Synapse is a business-focused Ajax productivity suite (think Zimbra – email, calendar, etc.) that we covered back in August when it first launched. It’s easy to ignore Syanapse – the corporate website screams 1998 – but we’ve taken the time to look at the actual application and have come away surprisingly pleased. Version 2 will be released in the next few days… Read More

  • Judy's Book: Avoiding the DeadPool

    Judy’s Book and Insider Pages are two companies that launched at roughly the same time, raise roughly the same amount of venture capital, and had very similar products. They also face fairly intense competition from a number of similar services (Yelp, Zipingo, others). Insider Pages just had significant layoffs and entered the TechCrunch DeadPool. Judy’s Book, in contrast, made… Read More

  • Kenwood's Idea of Seamless Entertainment

    Kenwood's Idea of Seamless Entertainment

    A typical press conference at CES. Kenwood demonstrates “seamless entertainment.” This Power Point slide has us convinced! Read More

  • Kleer Cuts Loose

    Kleer Cuts Loose

    Of all the products and technologies I’ve seen so far at this year’s CES, the most impressive is, without a doubt, from Kleer. Its technology utilizes a 2.4GHz radio for full lossless audio. I had a chance to test it out with an iPod adapter and I’m thoroughly pleased with the results. I noticed no distinction in audio fidelity between wired headphones and the Kleer… Read More