• KeyTouch: Interesting Enough to Matter

    KeyTouch: Interesting Enough to Matter

    I stumbled upon KeyTouch while trying to tackle a pair of Ukrainians who wouldn’t stop talking about the LG Shine in their Kraken-howl language. It’s not particularly ground-breaking, but it’s a text entry system that uses the directional keys to pick characters after each keypress. Say, for example, you wanted to type AK 47. You would hit the 2 key and see a little compass… Read More

  • Toshiba G900: Meh

    Toshiba G900: Meh

    Took a look at the Toshiba WinMo 6 line today and I can’t say I was impressed. They’re pretty to look at but what you’re essentially seeing is anything and everything by HTC stuffed into a case marked “Toshiba.” Essentially this is a powerful smartphone with fingerprint recognition and a Sony-Ericisson-esque 2-megapixel camera. It’s got WiFi and 64MB… Read More

  • Polymer Vision Readius

    Polymer Vision Readius

    I finally found the Polymer Vision Readius nestled quite close to the press room. This is the rollable display everyone has been talking about and it’s actually quite cool. The device is about as big as a flashlight and has a 5-inch greyscale, 16 “color” screen that updates in about a second. This is more like the Sony Reader than anything else and it doesn’t appear to… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Earnest Edition

    Daily Crunch: Earnest Edition

    Ginormous Lego Millennium Falcon Kicks the Most Ass Ever
    Toy Fair Doesn’t Mean Playtime
    Pop Goes the Soda Bot
    Round Sound
    Help Key: How to Set Up Surround Sound Speakers Read More

  • StumbleUpon Video Stumbles Upon Wii

    . The service provides an innovative way for users of the system to discover a wide array of video content without using additional hardware. StumbleUpon VP of Marketing, David Feller says: “Both the video game industry and online video have been experiencingexplosive growth. By customizing our Stumble Video platform, we’re giving
    Wii gamers another gateway to discover new and… Read More

  • FilmLoop Betrayed By Investors?

    When I added FilmLoop to the TechCrunch DeadPool last month based on rumors of mass layoffs, it was clear there was more to the story. The thirty person company had raised $11.5 million in capital and by any calculation should have still had at least $3 – $5 million left in the bank. They were trailing Slide, RockYou and Photobucket in their market, but had just launched a completely… Read More

  • StumbleUpon Video Coming to the Wii

    I’m no gamer but I love StumbleUpon Video – so tonight’s announcement that the crowdsourced video discovery tool is going to be available on the TV via a customized version made for the Nintendo Wii sounds like great news to me.  If you’ve never seen StumbleUpon you should make sure to check it out; the company provides a browser toolbar that takes you to unexpected… Read More

  • He's…..Back

    You may have noticed a few posts today written by retired TechCrunch writer Marshall Kirkpatrick, who recently left us to become Director of Content at Portland startup SplashCast. Marshall graciously agreed to come back and write for TechCrunch for the next week or so while I’m away in London to speak at the Future of Web Apps conference. It’s good to see him back in the… Read More

  • LiveOps Raises $28m More

    Distributed call-center outsourcing service LiveOps has announced the closure of a Series C round of funding for $28 Million.  The round was lead by Benchmark Capital, a new investor in the company and a fund that rarely makes later stage investments.  Benchmark’s investments in the consumer space, which more readers here may be familiar with, include Pageflakes, Bebo and Yelp… Read More

  • Veoh Relaunches Powerful Video Sharing Service

    P2P and web video sharing service Veoh will relaunch Tuesday with some important new features and a new look.  Cynics looking for interesting video sites post-GooTube will find Veoh of real interest.  The company has Michael Eisner on its Board, content deals with companies like Us Magazine and United Talent Agency and most important – some very good looking technology.   Starting… Read More

  • Ginormous Lego Millennium Falcon Kicks the Most Ass Ever

    If you don’t want this, you should seriously think about why you’re even at a website like this one. Made up of over 5000 individual bricks, the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon is the magnificent point where obsessive Star Wars geekery and perfect Lego hobbyism meet. For $500 you get the largest Lego set ever assembled, dedicated to building the most lust-worthy… Read More

  • EA Acquires Karaoke Site SingShot

    Electronic Arts announced today that it has acquired San Francisco based online karaoke site SingShot for an undisclosed sum. Kareoke sites are real crowd pleasers and this is the third in a year to be acquired. Fox Interactive Media acquired kSolo in April, then Yahoo! scooped up Bix in November. All three acquisitions brought experienced social media executives into the fold of larger… Read More

  • Mighty Brighty Projector Paint

    Mighty Brighty Projector Paint

    I like this idea of paint-on screens. It makes sense in that unobtrusive modern way. Granted most white walls would be sufficient for projection, but if you want something more specific consider this. The Mighty Brighty projection screen paint is highly reflective white paint. It’s that simple really. The paint starts at $190 and goes up to $580. Is it worth it? Probably not, but I… Read More

  • The Web 2.0 We Weave

    http://web.splashcast.net/p/ Neat video by Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Kansas State University. The video presents a broad overview of the difference between 10+ years ago on the web and the social web of today (“Web 2.0″) — focusing on how HTML was used for defining structure and stylistic characteristics (“form”), whereas XML… Read More

  • No Red Blackberry Pearl For T-Mobile

    No Red Blackberry Pearl For T-Mobile

    Over the weekend, some sites were posting rumors about a red Blackberry Pearl coming out. I e-mailed my peeps who do PR for T-Mobile and they say there will be no Blackberry Pearl in red or any other color coming out soon. Sorry office-working, corporate chicks – looks like you’ll have to settle on a black or white Pearl come Valentine’s Day. Read More

  • Gamecock Comes Out Fighting

    Gamecock Comes Out Fighting

    The former heads of Gathering of Developers (G.O.D.), a video game publishing company, which launched in the mid-1990s before being bought out by Take 2 Interactive, have returned. Industry veterans Mike Wilson, the former CEO of GOD, and former president Harry Miller have officially announced the launch of a new independent game publisher, Gamecock Media Group. Said Wilson about the name… Read More

  • Google and Microsoft Working on Wireless Device?

    , we receive info that Microsoft is working in conjunction with Google, Dell, HP, Intel and Philips. A report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer suggests that the companies plan to submit a new will soon submit a prototype device to U.S. regulators for testing. The report goes on to claim that MS will be developing the prototype and the rest of the coalition’s involvement remains… Read More

  • LG and Yahoo! Partner

    LG and Yahoo! Partner

    LG and Yahoo! announced today that Yahoo! Go 2.0 service will begin shipping on LG’s mobile phones. The service is said to redefine the mobile Internet experience for users. With its unique design, users are able to personalize content and search efficiently with Yahoo!’s oneSearch function. The service also features Yahoo! Go widgets, personal channels for email, local… Read More

  • Attensa Releases New Version of Its Feed Server

    Enterprise RSS vendor Attensa released a new iteration of its attention-data focused RSS service this morning.  The race to see which enterprise RSS vendor can figure out how to drag the business world kicking and screaming into using a technology (RSS) that seems undeniably good for it continues.   New in version 1.1 of Attensa’s enterprise feed server are the following… Read More

  • UNIEA Leather U-Suit for MacBook

    Designed to protect your precious, precious 13-inch MacBook, the U-Suit has a leather exterior and a hard-yet-lightweight ABS plastic material inside to protect your notebook from scrapes, bumps, dust and dirt. Because the shell is two separate pieces—one for the top, one for the bottom—all your ports, air vents and the optical drive remain accessible when the U-Suit is on. Read More