• RFID Tattoos Leave No Place To Hide

    RFID Tattoos Leave No Place To Hide

    Think those barcode tattoos we used to see in the movies were just a fantasy? Think again, Somark Innovations has tested a special ink that changes pattern with each injection of the needle. A proprietary device that operates at a high frequency has been able to pick up the distinguishing tattoos on cows, mice and rats from as far as a meter away. It looks like Somark’s next step… Read More

  • SpinVox Spins to the States

    to note that SpinVox is now launching within our borders. He’s been using the service since December and seems to be mighty pleased with it. Whenever you receive a voicemail, SpinVox converts the message to text and sends it to your phone via SMS. That way you can get the message in a timelly, but unobtrusive, fashion. Although it is currently negotiating carriers, you can test the… Read More

  • From the Vaults of Ridiculous: TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold

    From the Vaults of Ridiculous: TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold

    Do you own an MP3 player that doesn’t bling (is that a verb?) enough for you? Do you feel the need to cover all of your possessions in gold and jewels? Do you have $20,000 lying around and have absolutely no use for it? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me direct your attention to the TrekStor i.Beat Organix Gold. Sure it’s just a mediocre 1GB player, but… Read More

  • iPhone Uses 1.5:1 Aspect Ratio

    iPhone Uses 1.5:1 Aspect Ratio

    Looks like Apple has some ‘splaining to do. Seems the iPhone isn’t going to be a conformist anytime soon. Apple is using a proprietary 1.5:1 aspect ratio for video playback as opposed to the normal 16:9 widescreen mode. Why would Apple do this when even their own AppleTV uses 16:9? Movies aren’t going to look horrible or anything like that, but those hoping for a… Read More

  • Blu-Ray Cracked [??]

    encryption system. I’m calling bull on this one. I suspect someone will deAACS Blu-Ray with a standalone drive and a PC, just like they did with HD-DVD, but what do I know? This just in: Possible Blu-ray title/volume key exploit found on PS3 [HDTVBlogger via PS3Scene via Gizmodo] Read More

  • HTC VOX Spotted

    HTC VOX Spotted

    that looks like a direct successor to the Hermes and Herald line. Click the image for a bigger pic. The image was apparently taken using satellite imagery but it seems to point to the product actually hitting someone’s line-up this year. It’s a Quad-band GSM phone with EDGE so it probably won’t hit T-Mobile but it would be strange for Cingular/AT&T to cannibalize… Read More

  • AdFree.tv: Will Rip and Convert for Beer Money

    AdFree.tv: Will Rip and Convert for Beer Money

    Not sure what to make of this odd site. It looks to be a labor of love by a young student with dreams of “watching ad-free TV” but I think it will be shut down faster than a bull fight in a Hummel figurine plant. That said, go and get thee some 40 Year Old Virgin while old Mr. Crenshaw is napping in his corner office. AdFreeTV Read More

  • Breaking: Apple To Open Up FairPlay DRM To Accessory Manufacturers

    Breaking: Apple To Open Up FairPlay DRM To Accessory Manufacturers

    Whoa Apple! First you were all “Get out of my shit!” with your proprietary iTunes DRM, now you’re all “Come into my humble abode.” What gives? Rumor ’round the mill is that Apple will be making an announcement this week and that the announcement will be the opening up of the FairPlay DRM system to select manufacturers. The move could not only help… Read More

  • HTC Cavalier In The Wild

    HTC Cavalier In The Wild

    Damn the Boy Genius Report! Looks like our pals over at BGR got their mitts on an HTC Cavalier. This GSM beauty is the follow up to the popular HTC Dash/Excalibur for T-Mobile. It comes with HSDPA and 3G (guaranteed to make Blake wet), a 400mhz Samsung CPU, 128MB of flash memory, a 2MP camera, and a subtle design upgrade. Too bad the device is “postponed indefinitely” according to HTC. Read More

  • 1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick

    1 in 8 Dudes Would Rather Have A Gadget Than A Chick

    Conducted by some group called GFK NOP, a bunch of people were interviewed on whether or not they’d swap love for gadgets. Well it turns out that us guys are total bastards after all (big surprise there)! 1 in 8 men said they would lose the girl in favor of a sweet gadget like an iPhone, widescreen TV set, or fridge freezer. Overall, 13% of the men surveyed wanted gadgets over girls… Read More

  • Colbert Helps Explain The New AT&T, Cingular Deal

    Most of us are aware that Cingular has switched over to using the AT&T name instead. Not only is this another odd telecom move, it’s also confusing. Lucky for us, we have Stephen Colbert on our side to explain how it all works. His powerful graphs and gripping lingo make for an awesome clip to watch. The funny part is, it’s actually quite informative. Stephen Colbert Helps… Read More

  • Belkin Helps You Protect Your Junk

    Belkin Helps You Protect Your Junk

    As I’m writing this post on my couch watching the Karate Kid I can’t help but wish I had one of Belkin’s Cooling Stands so my junk wasn’t getting roasted off. Powered by USB, the fan pushes the hot air upward, the natural flow if you didn’t know, and away from the laptop to keep it cool and fresh. So remember Daniel-san, “Look eye, always look… Read More

  • Spinvox Moves Stateside

    Spinvox Moves Stateside

    London based Spinvox is coming to the US. TechCrunch announced the US launch and handed out 100 free accounts for the voicemail to email or SMS service this morning. See our previous coverage here. Spinvox has mainly distributed their service through carriers, but will also set up customers directly. Pricing is to be determined by carriers. Their UK prices are here. If you would like to test… Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…iRiver's CLIX2, Shuttle's X200, Antec's Cases And Mini Hamburgers

    So after a long day running around the LVCC it was time to head off to a 3:00 p.m. meeting with iRiver. I was looking forward to this meeting since I set it up and thankfully I was not disappointed. Read More

  • Spinvox Launching in U.S. – We Have 100 Accounts To Give Away Now

    London-based Spinvox is a voice to text service that we wrote about last May (see MobileCrunch coverage as well). The key product takes voicemails, converts them to text and sends them via email and/or SMS to you to read. At the time they were only available outside of the U.S. Now, they are starting to take U.S. customers. Spinvox mainly distributes their product through cell phone… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Rise of the Machines Edition

    Daily Crunch: Rise of the Machines Edition

    Luxeed Lights Up Multi-Hued Keyboard
    Razer Collection: Getting Better All the Time
    Morgui Wants To Kill Sarah Conner
    Rubberband Machine Gun of Death
    Sony VAIO VGX-TP1DT Roomba PC Read More

  • The Entrenched Player Dilemma/Opportunity

    I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the signals NBC is giving to the market around their IPTV and social networking plans. Most of the other players have fallen into place – Fox with MySpace, CBS is in bed with YouTube, Viacom looks to be partnering with Tagworld, etc. Everyone except NBC is at least experimenting with online TV in other ways, too. NBC seems to be choking… Read More

  • Commercial Break For Our Sponsors

    Commercial Break For Our Sponsors

    It’s time for our occasional break to thank everyone for making TechCrunch what it is – our readers for reading and commenting, and our sponsors for keeping the lights on. Here they are: The Mystery Sponsor – An Internet startup who shall remain nameless is looking for a few good web developers and designers. They promise you will live like a king and work with some top… Read More

  • CES 2007: Dear Diary…Seagate's Hard Drives, iPod Accessories Galore And Exhaustion

    , but with more walking. This entry catalogs the companies I met with the first “half” of January 8, my first full day of the show. After waiting in a cab line for half an hour and then coughing up $20 to get from our hotel to the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) I hit the show floor for my first meeting at 9:30 with Seagate. Last time I spoke with the company reps back at… Read More

  • Unboxed: Treo 750

    Unboxed: Treo 750

    Behold one of the fruits of my CES schmoozing: a Palm Treo 750. It arrived fresh at my doorstep this morning via a dubious looking FedEx guy (he wasn’t my regular courier, quite strange!). I will be conducting a full review over the next few days, but for now, allow me to whet your appetite with some hot-and-steamy Treo 750 porn. All angles exposed below! Read More