• Polyvore To Tempt Fashionistas To Create, Then Spend

    Polyvore, founded by ex-Yahoo’er Pasha Sadri (he created Yahoo Pipes) will appeal to the fashionistas out there in the world. Users install a bookmarklet and grab images from around the web (see demo here) – this part is very similar to what Kaboodle, recently acquired by Hearst, does. They then take those images, plus any images others have uploaded, and create… Read More

  • Twitter + Second Life = Spontaneous Web Meetspace

    We’ve been rather harsh in our coverage of Second Life in the past, the sad truth being that this year Second Life has provided a range of tabloid fodder that we’ve seen fit to print. Of late our coverage has started to change. The initial rush of “build it and they’ll come” corporatism has given way to something with more useful substance. Companies including… Read More

  • Dear Parents: Save Some Money, Use Kindersay.

    One thing that amazes me when I visit friends who have young children is the stunning amount of cash they lay out on educational toys and videos. Parents will pay literally anything if they think their kids will learn something and get a head start over the competition. Companies take advantage of that need people have to be perfect parents and sell them every conceivable type of educational… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Myvu Universal Edition review Paul G The great white Giordi Laforge… look out for that bus; not to mention the fashion police are about to take you out. (BONUS COMMENT!!!) Joel Butterfly in the sky! I can go twice as high! Read More

  • Simply Cool: Best sports bottle ever

    We talk about high-speed data connections, HD video, computers, and Transformers, but sometimes our favorite gadgets are just tweaks to things we’ve been using for hundreds of years. Behold the simplistic glory that is the Binibottle. It’s a standard sports bottle with a secondary opening near the bottom for easy filling in cramped quarters. We love it very, very much. And the… Read More

  • Firefox on your phone: Moz set to enter mobile browser market

    When it comes to Web browsers, I swear by exactly two: Firefox by Mozilla, and Opera Mini by Opera, the former for my laptop, and the later for my mobiles. All of them. But now I may have to reconsider Opera Mini, on the news that Mozilla is working on a mobile version of Firefox. It’s welcome news, as more browsers means more competition, which then means better browsing experiences… Read More

  • And The Walls Came Tumbling Down: Madonna Dumps Record Industry

    Since reporting Monday that Nine Inch Nails had dumped its record label and was to offer future albums direct to the public, Oasis and Jamiroquai have also joined the move away from the record industry, but the biggest announcement of all is news today that Madonna has dumped the record industry. According to reports, Madonna has signed a $120million deal with L.A. based concert promotion… Read More

  • P2P Music Sharing Service Grooveshark Ups Compensation

    P2P music sharing and sales service Grooveshark has raised their level of compensation for sharing music from 10 cents to 25 cents a track, their entire profit on each sale. Grooveshark is an interesting service that we’ve not covered previously, but has been reviewed by CrunchGear. Users upload their music to Grooveshark, and any member can listen to those tracks for free. If they want… Read More

  • Meet The Back-Up

    [Autoplaying movie after the jump] I don’t know what’s better: that they embedded their video in a fake Quicktime player, or that it exists at all. I don’t have any longarms, but I’m so ordering one of these. For the first time, the bedroom will be the best place to hole up when the inevitable zombie invasion happens. The Back-Up [product page] Read More

  • Facebook Vs ConnectU: "Facebook Makes Untrue Assertions" Claims ConnectU

    The long running saga of claims and counter claims between Facebook and ConnectU hit court today with an initial setback for ConnectU. The case before the San Jose Federal Court was not the allegations that Mark Zuckerberg stole ConnectU’s code and idea to create Facebook, but Facebook’s counter claim that ConnectU illegally hacked into Facebook in 2004, stole email addresses then… Read More

  • 3G iPhone hits the streets (kinda)

    Many of you have switched from your old smartphone to the iPhone. While I can’t agree it was as good idea (yet), I can see why you’d want to: the iPhone is far more enjoyable to use than any Windows Mobile device to date. But if you still have the WinMo phone, and it’s of the Wi-Fi-having sort, and it’s 3G, then you can use it as a replacement for your iPhone’s… Read More

  • Yahoo's Australia Arm Undergoes Shakeup

    Yahoo7, the joint venture site between Yahoo and the 7 network in Australia has undergone a big shakeup following declining traffic and poor advertising results. According to a report at Australian IT, Yahoo7’s traffic has declined from 5.5 million in January to 4.9 million in August, and advertising has remained flat despite massive growth in the sector. Yahoo appointee and previous… Read More

  • New Harry Potter DVD to include digital files for PC and portable devices

    All you crazy Harry Potter fans who like their content to go are in luck. Warner Bros. will be including iPod-friendly (or Zune-friendly) versions of Order of the Phoenix with the standard DVD when it’s released in early December. This is notable as it means the movie business is cluing in to how people enjoy their legally-purchased content. Superman Returns featured a similar idea… Read More

  • Sony's 4X Blu-Ray Burner

    The BWU-200S is a 4x BD-R/16xDVD+/-R burner for the average Joe. At about $600 it essentially democratizes the BD burning process to an impressive degree, enabling us all to create our own “backup disk” of media, movies, and amateur goat porn without having trek down to Ye Olde Blu-Ray Disk Burning Shoppe. The disks can hold up to 50GB of data or 230 minutes of 1080i vide. It… Read More

  • Mom gives Microsoft CEO a stern lecture about Vista

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Unless, of course, that woman is also a mother. Then the fury the likes of which hell hath no (?) is actually a bit worse. Such was the case today at a conference in Orlando when supermom/analyst Yvonne Genovese let Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer know what she thinks about Vista. Her reasons for disliking Vista are pretty much the same as every other… Read More

  • Samsung updates its Blu-ray players, should fix copy protection playback problems

    A “couple” of weeks translates to this Friday. Samsung will make available updated firmware for its BD-P1000 and BD-P1200 Blu-ray players. The new firmware should fix the playback problems caused by the BD+ copy protection found on discs like “The Day After Tomorrow.” You’ll be able to update your player’s firmware by downloading it from Samsung’s Web… Read More

  • Dreamcade 2.0: 145 arcade hits, legally, for less than $2K

    I can think of no better way to spend $1,900 than on this home arcade machine, Dreamcade 2.0. With “over” 145 built-in games from Asteroids to Street Fighter II CE, the “cocktail arcade” would be a fine way to go back to your childhood, when your biggest concern was finding a few quarters to dump into the Dig Dug machine. Yes, you could always put together your own… Read More

  • Bluetooth-enabled VTech 5.8GHz cordless phone handles landline and mobile calls

    Thanks to built-in Bluetooth support, the $150 VTech LS5145 cordless phone is able to basically act as a wireless headset for your mobile phone, in addition to being able to make and receive standard landline and/or VOIP calls. It works on the new 5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum and is expandable up to 12 total handsets. There’s also a 65K color display, built-in answering machine and… Read More

  • Netflixers

    Not that this statistic is any indication of the how the format war is going, but it’s staggering nonetheless. Netflixers browse Blu-ray titles 1.8 times more than HD DVD, but the HD DVD browsers are 4.4 times more likely to make that their default. The actual figures equate to 2.4:1 in favor of HD DVD then Blu-ray. Except this doesn’t mean a whole lot considering the fact that of… Read More

  • Rolex will never do a phone, LG or otherwise

    I may not be a smart man, but I do know watch companies and there is no way Rolex and LG are teaming up to make a phone. It appears that TechDigest got to see a “Rolex” mock-up at an LG design facility with a real Rolex watch embedded in the phone face. Rolex has too much time, money, and goodwill invested in its brand to even consider trying something like this — let Armani… Read More

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