Let’s all make a Web 2.0 gadget company, shall we? Please pick one item from column A and one from column B. Heck. Pick a few. A B Social Networking Handhelds Ajax-enabled Monkey Cages Buddy-list toting Trashcans XML Feed Using Goat Farms Ultra Simple Routers Interactive, Sensing Weather Station VoIP MP3 Players with Vibration Read More

  • Halo 2 For Vista Delayed

    As if anyone out there right now is even remotely interested in Halo 2 considering that the Halo 3 beta is in full-effect. Microsoft has now come out saying that Halo 2 for Windows Vista has been pushed back from May 18th to June 8th. It will be overpriced, it will feature a map editor, and people will still buy it. Did I mention it’s also a catalyst to improving Vista sales considering… Read More

  • T-Mobile Wing Second Look

    When T-Mobile began shipping the Wing (made by the good folks at HTC) just the other day, they earned bragging rights for being the first provider to give us a Windows Mobile-6.0-loaded phone. So how does the gadget hold up? I’ve spent a good deal of time playing with the brand-new T-Mobile Wing, and am now ready to pass judgment on it. Click the jump for a full review and lots of… Read More

  • The Futurist: The Impending Liberation Of Mobile Phone Designs

    Much of a phone’s form factor is a result of the need for the device to, above all else, work as a phone. That is, it must be held against your face. Of course, this is changing. The past few years have seen Bluetooth headsets spread from middle managers to nightclubs. In a few years, the idea of actually talking directly into your phone will be as archaic as a rotary dial. That’s… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Nokia Two Screen Tablet with Removable Key Board

    Nokia received a newly issued patent covering a laptop-style device with two touch screens and a removable keyboard. Nokia shows in this patent its development breadth towards the convergence of laptops and cell phones and has created this concept to smartly attain a smaller device size with improved functionality. Read More

  • Gmail Ups Attachment Size Limit

    One of the reasons why e-mail still drives me nuts sometimes is the limit on file-attachment size. You’d think a service like Gmail would allow unlimited attachments right off the bat, right? Well Gmail doesn’t, though now it’s now offering a 20MB size limitation on all e-mails. This means you can start sending your friends those pesky 320kbps-encoded MP3s that peak… Read More

  • Hearbeat Indicator Mouse: It Could Save Your Life If It Weren't Just a Concept

    The Heartbeat Indicator Mouse does more than help you navigate strange, unorthodox Web sites. There’s a built-in sensor that monitors various health signs, including heart rate and how long you’ve been working. Sitting at a desk all day long isn’t exactly healthy, you know. Should one of your vital sends head south, the system will notify a loved one or hospital, thus… Read More

  • Apple, Labels Giving Artists The Shaft

    A new class action lawsuit is upon us and yet again, Apple is the target. This time, independent music label Dawg Music is suing Apple, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music for selling its catalog without consent or compensation. The two major labels here have not only screwed Dawg Music out of royalty checks, they’ve also made illegal hard copies of music not owned by them. Read More

  • Turn Any Cellphone Into an E-Mail Checking, BlackBerry Wannabe

    The New York Times rightly recognizes that not everyone wants to look like a zero, whipping out a BlackBerry every 27 seconds to check their e-mail. That said, who wouldn’t want to periodically read some e-mail, so long as it doesn’t become obtrusive? Mr. Pogue looks at a few services and apps that lets ordinary cellphones, in one way or another, check e-mail. Woo~! Read More

  • Next-Gen Format Copying May Become Legal

    Though Blu-Ray and HD-DVD are readily available in a store near you, the cost for either format isn’t cheap. If I had to plunk down $30+ for a movie, I’d certainly want to be able to make legal backup copies of it. And according to a new licensing agreement, you may be able to do that very soon. The big studios need to get behind the push, but if all goes well, you should be allowed… Read More

  • Napster and Motorola Enter Agreement

    Are we seeing an effort from Motorola to take on the upcoming iPhone? The Napster on demand music subscription service will soon be heading to mobile phones according to PhoneContent.com. The site is reporting that Napster and Motorola have announced a marketing agreement that will provide easy access to Napster’s music library and other content through Motorola’s line of… Read More

  • Mobile Web Could See Better Pricing

    Advertising dollars aren’t flowing on the mobile Web in a significant way reports ClickZ News. And the reason could be the barriers put in place by US carriers. This was one of the opinions stressed at this week’s “Goin’ Mobile,” a Yahoo Summit Series event held in New York. European service provider Vodafone is embracing a “de-walled” strategy, and… Read More

  • Sequoia Leads Trulia's $10 Million Series C

    Real estate search engine Trulia joins an elite Silicon Valley Club today with the announcement of $10m Series C funding in a round headed by Sequoia Capital. Trulia moved out of beta earlier this month and launched a number of new features. Sequoia is joined in the funding round by previous investors Accel and Fayez Sarofim & Co. The $10m takes Trulia’s total funding to $17.7million. Read More

  • Buzznet Lands $6million

    Social media network Buzznet today announced the closure of a $6 million round of financing led by Redpoint Ventures and Anthem Venture Partners. Buzznet is the largest social network site you’ve possibly never heard of. The Sunset Boulevard based company was established in 2003 and was last covered by TechCrunch in June 2005. Buzznet has an extraordinary presence given it only returns… Read More

  • Sony Introduces Pint-Sized Home Theater System

    Sony unveiled a pint-sized 5.1-channel home theater system tonight in NYC. The satellites are about the size of an apple, but don’t let the size fool you. The tiny package puts out a total of 450 watts. The five satellites put out 50W each while the two-way subwoofer exerts 100W per channel. Not bad for such a small system, right? The DAV-IS10 is centered around a DVD/CD player that… Read More

  • Adsense For Video, Google Still Lagging

    Google has announced a closed beta test of Adsense for Video. According to the post on Inside Adsense, Adsense for Video consists of “in-stream” advertisements. Publishers define at what point the advertisements will appear for each video. It’s a change in the right direction for Google. The previously announced advertising trials for YouTube consisted entirely of text… Read More

  • Compete API Open For Business

    Web analytics startup Compete.com opened its API for public use today. Websites and applications can now access Compete’s data and incorporate it into their own products. This is timely for the company, which competes directly with Amazon’s Alexa. Recenty, Statsaholic has been in a very public dispute with Alexa over use of its data, with both sides looking bad. That dispute… Read More

  • Webjay Joins DeadPool, Yahoo Scores Hat Trick For May

    Music playlist sharing site Webjay, acquired by Yahoo in January 2006, will be closing June 30 according to a message that has appeared on the site. The announcement gives Yahoo a hat trick of closure announcements for May, Webjay joining Yahoo Photos and Yahoo Auctions in the TechCrunch DeadPool. Founded by Lucas Gonze, Webjay allowed users to publish music playlists on the web. Media… Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Treo 680 for $39.99 (AR)

    MyTreo.net’s store is having a fantastic sale on Treo 680s for Cingular/AT&T for existing customers. You do have to wade through rebate hell, but when all’s said and done, you wind up with a brand new Treo 680 for $39.99. That is a very, very good deal. That’s for current customers. If you switch your service to AT&T, you can get the same Treo for free. This is how… Read More

  • Rumor: Nokia 8600 Drops May 25

    Some of you Nokia fetishists are drooling on your shirts in anticipation of the hottest entry-level phone the manufacturer has ever put out, the 8600. It’s stats are “meh”, but man it’s sexy. And it looks like you’ll be getting it on May 25. The Ring Nokia nerds got a leak from Carphone Warehouse stating that it will have exclusive selling rights to the 8600 for… Read More

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