• Google Sends Man to Jail, Metaphysically

    Investment News wrote up an interesting piece on Google News’ algorithm and its apparent failures. The magazine wrote a piece on a new SEC ruling. This paragraph appeared: “Mr. Radano, who in the early 1980s was a staff aide to then-Rep. John Breaux, D-La., before Mr. Breaux was elected to the Senate, was charged in 2002 with helping investment adviser Steven Bolla hide from… Read More

  • New portable Bluetooth speaker released in Japan

    Tokyo-based Retailcomm unveiled a new portable speaker. The BIT-STB2819 is powered by 3 AA batteries and measures just 160×48×48mm (weight: 180 g). Output power is 2Wx2. The speaker can be wirelessly connected to media players and mobile phones via Bluetooth. It is limited to 500 pieces and exclusively on sale on Amazon Japan for $57. Read More

  • Multi-touch, the Musical! or The next wave for UI

    Just the beginning… With all the talk of multi-touch, surface computing, and mobile technology, let’s think, for a moment, where we’re all headed. Given the fact that we are all gadget geeks and give the fact that most of us will use Windows until we’re old and gray, we need to start talking about future interfaces that might supplant the standard OS entirely… Read More

  • Today in Patent Trolling: VueStar

    The internet has a few kinds of links, but the most common are text and image links. For example, I can link this image of VueStar’s logo: To a website featuring stuff on a cat (luckily I’m in a good mood or you guys would have been in for a surprise). It’s one of the backbones of our freedom. Sadly, a Singapore firm,VueStar, patented a system for “Method of… Read More

  • Multi-touch, the Musical! or The Next Wave for UI

    Just the beginning… With all the talk of multi-touch, surface computing, and mobile technology, let’s think, for a moment, where we’re all headed. Given the fact that we are all gadget geeks and give the fact that most of us will use Windows until we’re old and gray, we need to start talking about future interfaces that might supplant the standard OS entirely… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: I Lake Crone Edition

    Be careful with those energy drinks, coders: May encourage ‘risky’ behavior!
    World’s smallest humanoid robot available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $200
    Speaking of Productivity: Speech recognition is ready
    Say goodbye to workplace swamp ass with the ‘Suzukaze’ air conditioned seat cushion
    Taser may have affected man’s heartbeat, which they’re not… Read More

  • Michael Dell spotted carrying 'Dell Mini' notebook

    Hot damn, boys and girls. Either that’s a hilariously large novelty pencil or we’ve got ourselves an Eee-sized Dell notebook to look forward to. To which to look forward. Which to whom we will forwardly look. Grammar is hard. Anyway, Michael Dell was spotted carrying this little guy around at All Things D by Gizmodo. Details are pretty murky but early photos seem to present a… Read More

  • Causes Reports On Its First Year – $2.5 Million For 20,000 Charities And NonProfits

    Causes, a Facebook and MySpace application that promotes viral donations of time and money to charities and nonprofits, launched a year ago. They’ve now released statistics today on their usage and donation numbers for that first year. The company says they’ve registered 12 million users who are now supporting more than 80,000 non-profit causes worldwide. $2.5 million has been… Read More

  • Is Google about to release an API for location?

    (Update 31/5/08): TechCrunch’s Nik Cubrilovic has now taken up this baton and run with it: Google To Launch Large Scale Geo-Services ———— Is Google poised to release an API for geo-location, based on it’s magical My Location feature in Google Maps for mobile? Could be. Something called the “Geolocation API” has appeared on this list for Google… Read More

  • Adobe and Qualcomm partner to integrate Flash into BREW

    Qualcomm and Adobe have announced a partnership to integrate Adobe Flash directly into the BREW Mobile Platform, further solidifying Flash as a tenable platform for mobile development. BREW is Qualcomm’s mobile application development platform, while “BREW Mobile Platform” is the name of the next generation of BREW. As you may know, a Flash Lite for BREW extension has… Read More

  • Delta gets probably the most expensive flight simulator on the planet

    Does that thing look cool or what? I’d like one for playing games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil — total isolation, total darkness. Plus, no one would hear me scream and weep, unlike at my apartment. The object pictured is the top-of-the-line CAE-7000 commercial flight-sim system put out by CAE, a major provider of such things. Delta’s using the CAE-7000 to train its… Read More

  • Chicago Tribune's Ryan coming to a Tivo near you

    If you’re a Tivo user and are also a fan of Maureen Ryan, then today’s you’re lucky day. The TV critic, via her paper, the Chicago Tribune, has inked a deal with Tivo to automatically push her recommended shows to Tivos across the country who subscribe to the service. Personally, this sounds rather weird to these ears. The idea of someone else, even if they are an expert… Read More

  • MTS dropping $1.6 billion on 3G for Russia

    Mobile TeleSystems, Russia’s largest carrier, is planning to spend up to 1.6 billion dollars (or roughly 37 billion rubles, which is far more fun to say) to roll out a national 3G network which they’re aiming to complete by 2012 — right around when some countries might be starting to implement 4G networks. A bit late, perhaps – but hey, faster speeds are never a bad… Read More

  • Soundflavor Wants To Be IMDB For Music

    Soundflavor has relaunched as a consumer-friendly database of song information that will provide users with a one-stop-shop for song information, videos, and recommendations. The site sports a clean interface and offers a slew of search options that make it easy to find a particular song or artist. Users can browse and filter their searches by genre, decade, or even by the subject of the lyrics. Read More

  • Google Gets Fancy With Google I/O TShirts. Too Fancy

    With all the thousands of engineers at google, you’d think someone speaks binary. But perhaps not. Attendees of the Google I/O conference today were given t-shirts that, presumably, were supposed to spell GOOGLEIO on the front in binary. Just one problem, the actual message printed spells GOOGLEKO: G: 01000111
    O: 01001111
    O: 01001111
    G: 01000111
    L: 01001100
    E: 01000101
    K: 01001011
    O… Read More

  • Metroid movie? Please tell me this is true

    If it’s on the Internet, it must be true. Of course, this is entirely speculation — pure internet “it is rumored” nonsense, but damn it man, we can hope can’t we? And they really ought to cast this young lady right here as the armored heroine. Read More

  • Video Review: Smartparts 8-inch digital picture frame and printer

    Rather than bore you with words, I chose to do a video review for the Smartparts digital frame mashup. It poops out 4×6 glossy photos and handles a variety of memory cards. The UI is simple to navigate and there isn’t a whole lot to it, so it’s perfect for anyone with any sort of tech knowledge. One ink cartridge is good for 36 prints and refills cost $20. Swapping ink… Read More

  • Live At D6: Mark Zuckerberg And Sheryl Sandberg Talk Facebook

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg just took the stage at the D6 conference in Carlsbad, California for an interview with Kara Swisher. Zuckerberg, of course, is a famously difficult interview (my interview of Zuckerberg from TechCrunch40 last year is here). At first glance, this interview is going much better. The audience, at least, is tame. Swisher: What is Facebook right now? Read More

  • Leopard 10.5.3 update works just fine, cures babies of cancer, feeds the homeless, protects you while you sleep

    I’m fortunate. My upgrade to 10.5.3 from 10.5.2 took about 15 minutes and went off without a hitch. Sadly, some people aren’t as lucky. No notable differences jump off the screen, though the fix to Spaces is quite nice. Before, if I had two windows from the same app — Say, Firefox — in two different spaces, a click on the Dock icon would take me back to the first one… Read More

  • Drobo shacks up with Western Digital: special multi-terabyte offers!

    In case you missed our recent review of the Drobo and Droboshare, they come highly recommended, and if you’re looking to take the plunge, now is probably the best time ever. Data Robotics has teamed up with Western Digital and they’re bundling up to four terabytes of WD’s new GreenPower storage with new Drobo systems for pretty solid prices. 1TB drives are going for between… Read More

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