• AT&T raising SMS/MMS rates

    Yep, that’s right, folks. Starting March 30, 2008, your standard SMS rate will now be 20 cents and MMS rates will be 30 cents. If you’re on an all-you-can-eat plan then it doesn’t matter, but for those of you on an ala carte plan, you might want to consider switching plans. AT&T Raising SMS Rates [Phone News] Read More

  • Mahalo Expands Multiprofiles: One Stop For Various Social Networking Sites

    Jason Calacanis has announced an expansion to the Mahalo social platfrom that allows users to access most major social networking sites within Mahalo itself. The idea of social networking site aggregation or single landing page isn’t new, we’ve covered startups aiming to provide a similar service, such as MyLifeBrand, ProfileLinker and Loopster, but none have really captured… Read More

  • Can the Skyfire mobile browser shake things up a bit?

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this Skyfire news since I read Rafe Needleman’s post about it this morning and most people seem to be pretty excited about the service. According to the company’s website, “Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile web browser that makes browsing on your phone exactly like browsing on your PC.” How is this possible? Through the magic of… Read More

  • Rumor dissolved: Samsung i900 will not be running WinMo

    In case you don’t remember what Croix looks like. If our informant is to be believed and I’m most certain that he/she/it knows what he/she/it is talking about so you, reader, better believe what he/she/it told us. The i900 will NOT be running Windows Mobile, rather, it will have Samsung’s Croix UI (like the F700, Armani, F490), which makes me feel much better about things. Read More

  • Crunch Network

    Help-Key: Jailbreaking your 1.1.3 iPhone/Touch

    Well that was quick! A few days after 1.1.3 hit the proverbial streets it’s been cracked wide open for general consumption. To that end, we’d like to discuss a few ways to crack open your 1.1.1 or later iPhone/Touch with a few simple tools. Read More

  • iPhone SDK app key leaked?

    18 84 58 A6 D1 50 34 DF E3 86 F2 3B 61 D4 37 74 What does it all mean? In a Lost-esque move hackers have released the iPhone SDK key which means, potentially, you can “sign” your homebrew apps and have them show up on the iPhone as official applications. Doesn’t help us much right now, but who knows. Maybe it was Penny’s boat! Rumors: iPhone Application Key… Read More

  • Face recognition technology identifies John Travolta 100% of the time

    Or so they say. What they’re doing is using multiple pictures of the same terrorist/innocent civilian to create a sort of average face, which in this case looks like you mapped Travolta onto one of the guys in Quake. Wow, he really does look like a Quake guy there. They claim that this eliminates the confounding factors of beards, smiles, Groucho Marx glasses, and so on and creates an… Read More

  • More Jailbreaking goodness coming very, very soon?

    We’re hearing rumors around the inboxen that there will be yet another way to Jailbreak iPhones and iPod Touches released either later tonight or early tomorrow. It’s an OTA upgrade, meaning you download and install the app over Wi-Fi. We’ll let you know when we know more. Read More

  • LG Voyager owner's help needed

    I don’t have access to a Voyager at the moment and I’m not sure if this was apart of the firmware upgrade that went out last month. Can any Voyager owners comment? K. Thx. Read More

  • "Missing" non-AT&T iPhones cost Apple $300+ million

    I’m a little skeptical regarding these numbers but some fancy-pants financial types are estimating a $300-$500 million loss in revenue due to unlocked, non-AT&T iPhone sales. This presumes there are about 1 million units out there unlocked and unaccounted for, something I find hard to believe. If Apple were to somehow stop the sale of unlocked iPhones (by forcing customers to… Read More

  • What to expect from Google Earth

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1799272&fullscreen=1 Don’t think this won’t/can’t happen. Google is like a batshit crazy ex-girlfriend. It will find a way and you’ll wake up one morning with IT standing over you all wide-eyed and frothing at the mouth. Read More

  • Samsung's flagship WinMo device, i900

    I’m waiting to hear back on whether this is true or not, but let’s say it is for now. Going along with that the features for the i900 are as follows: WinMo 6.1, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, 3.5-inch touchscreen, GPS, FM radio, TV-out, 5-megapixel camera, GSM/UMTS/HSDPA and microSDHC support. The photo is said to be a mock up and the release date for this particular device is rumored to… Read More

  • Building the Lego Millennium Falcon

    http://p.castfire.com/Xu7m0/video/5247/bbtv_2008-01-28-161850.flv Want to spend 3 minutes watching someone else build a Lego Millenium Falcon? Well, now you can. However, I’d suggest going and getting your own and building it, ensuring fun for the whole family and leading to less disturbance in the Force. via BBG Read More

  • Guitar Zeros: Guitar Hero hacked to the extreme

    http://current.com/e/88826633 This has to be the ultimate Guitar Hero hack. Anyone disagree? via Electro Plankton Read More

  • ATI's Radeon HD 3800 series hits; HD 3870 X2 slays NVIDIA 8800 Ultra

    Looks like Radeons are competitive again. For a whole year, ATI and their owner/partner AMD have lagged behind the industry leaders NVIDIA and Intel in GPU and CPU performance. Well, it looks like ATI has finally managed to come out on top (again), although it’s entirely possible that their competitors will drop something hot in the next few weeks as well. The 3800 series is their… Read More

  • Rumor: 120GB or 160GB PS3 on its way, 80GB on its way out

    It seems as though AT’s mole has the skinny on the recent mumblings of Sony discontinuing the 80GB model, which are, apparently, true and that a 120GB or 160GB would soon replace it. It’s also being said that prices will remain the same. A few more tidbits were revealed as well. The Spiderman 3 pack-in will disappear as well once the 80GB unit is gone. In order to maintain a… Read More

  • Redux Discovers Friends So You Don't Have To

    You’re probably familiar with the “recommended items” lists on sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. They help discover things you’ll probably like based on what you buy and what you view. Redux founder Darian Shirazi wants to apply the same power of discovery to growing communities of people online. The site is launching into beta today. This site is part social… Read More

  • Hi-tech planes used to combat unlawful whaling

    [photopress:whalingrobot.jpg,full,center] What is it with Japan and whaling? There’s been plenty of international consternation over the country’s continued whaling policies but Japan, from what I’ve read, hasn’t been particularly cooperative. That’s where the tech comes in. Australia has deployed an AirBus A319 that’s loaded with specialized imaging and… Read More

  • Is Apple skimming dough off AppleTV rentals to cover the price drop?

    Everyone was happy to hear that the AppleTV was losing a bit of cost, as it was hard to justify getting one before with the features it offered. Now, however, it’s a much better deal (some disagree) and even my skeptical self is tempted. But whence this discount? The margins are as thin as the skin on my teeth. Computerworld speculates that since the discount did not extend to the UK… Read More

  • The Hype Machine Releases 2007 Music Blog Zeitgeist

    The Hype Machine is a great music blog aggregator that we’ve somehow failed to write about until now. The site continuously collects material, including reviews and songs, from the best music blogs on the net. Comparisons can be drawn to Techmeme, which curates a selection of the best tech news articles from the multitude published each day. The Hype Machine does the same for music… Read More

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