• Facebook Users Up 89% Over Last Year; Demographic Shift

    Comscore has reported some interesting stats on Facebook, shedding light on the site’s growth after opening up last September and their demographics. Over the past year (May ’06 – May ’07), Facebook saw an 89% increase in unique visitors to the site at 26,649,000 uniques, with a 143% increase in page views at 15.8 billion. The site’s stickiness has increased and… Read More

  • Helio And YouTube Get Official And A Whole Lot More

    We were the first to tell you about the upgrade to Helio UP last week and now we have a few more ‘official’ deets for all the Helio subscribers. YouTube Mobile is now free for Helio All-In members. It took some bitching and moaning from customers, but it happened. Of course data charges still apply for A La Carte memberships. You can’t win ‘em all. Besides… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    In case you guys missed it this morning, you can now sign up for your very own commenting account which will allow you to do cool things in the future. It’s really easy to put yourself on the path to commenting greatness, just shoot an email over to commenter at crunchgear dot com with your name (or nickname), password, and email address in the subject field and our team of highly… Read More

  • Apple Stock Hits All-time High For Some Reason

    After a 30-percent overall increase in the months leading up to the iPhone release, Apple’s stock has continued to climb since last Friday. They’ve now hit their all-time high stock price, trading for as much as $132.97 on Nasdaq. AT&T, on the other hand, closed down 1.3 percent (54 cents) and has seen a slight loss over the last few months. So Tuesday… Read More

  • "Digg for Deals" Up for Sale on eBay

    Deal site Trezr is yet another eBay exit for a website (here). The site is like Digg for frugal shoppers looking for deals, coupons, and tips on how to save money. Users submit tips to the site, which other users can vote up in importance. Trezr has a rather clever way of making money, by monetizing outbound links through affiliate programs with Commission Junction, Linkshare, Amazon, and… Read More

  • Xbox 360's Get Extended Warranty For Failures

    Earlier today we mentioned something about Xbox 360’s seemingly having a higher failure rate than all the other consoles out there. Lo and behold, Microsoft Corp. answered back by expanding the global Xbox 360 warranty coverage to 3 years from date of purchase for a general hardware failure. This is apparently indicated by three flashing red lights. The company is also retroactively… Read More

  • Backfence Joins The Deadpool

    Community focused citizen journalism site Backfence announced June 29 that it is closing. Perhaps demonstrating how dire their situation had become, no one noticed until today. Backfence had been in trouble for some time; In January CEO and co-founder Susan DeFife resigned and the company reduced staff from 18 to 6. The company took $3million in venture capital from SAS Investors and The… Read More

  • Hard Drives With Frickin' Laser Beams Attached To Their Heads

    An egghead at Raboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands’ third biggest party school) has published a paper describing a method of using dynamic, polarized light to write and retrieve hard drive data at blazingly fast speeds – up to 100x faster than conventional hard drive speeds. Conventional hard drives use magnets to read and write data. This new method would use lasers to… Read More

  • Apple Sued, Sued Again For Copyright Infringement

    The wall-of-videos image used in the marketing materials for Apple TV is off-limits, according to Louis Psihoyos. Psihoyos had allegedly been negotiating with Apple for the rights to use his wall-of-videos photo, seen here. Instead of paying the Boulder, Colorado-based photographer, Apple used this image instead. Similar? Yes. Just different enough to avoid legal trouble? Read More

  • Multi-touch Mouse From Apple Coming Soon?

    Now that multi-touch is all the rage with Apple products and for good reason mind you, what can we expect next from Cupertino? Come October we should see slimmer MacBooks with a multi-touch touchpad. How about a mouse? That’d be the coolest thing wouldn’t it? The latest patent filing from Apple shows us such a mouse that would relegate all ‘button’ functions into… Read More

  • Sphere Quietly Nailing Its Business Model

    Blog search engine Sphere has kept a relatively quiet profile recently. After a private beta launch in late 2005 and a big-press full launch in the spring of 2006, they’ve kept mostly to themselves. Instead of focusing on building a better blog search engine (an area that Google now dominates after a recent Technorati refocus), Sphere has spent its time developing technology that… Read More

  • Tiny Vibration-powered Generator Announced

    Across the pond at the University of Southampton, a teeny-tiny generator powered by ambient vibrations could be the next big thing for pacemaker-packing patients. The less-than-one-cubic-centimeter device is said to be 10 times more efficient than current devices and eliminates the need to change out the batteries, something that’s long-been a tricky task. In a pacemaker, the device… Read More

  • Creative Charges $9.99 For Enhanced Vista Drivers

    If you’re running Windows Vista and you want to enjoy EAX-enabled effects from your Creative Audigy sound card, get ready to shell out a ten-spot for the privilege to do so. Although initially reported that Creative was charging $9.99 for Vista drivers in general, a post by ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes was later updated to reflect that the surcharge was to enable the processing… Read More

  • Playing Video Games Hardly Affects Kids' Study Habits Because They Don't Study to Begin With

    A recent study that appears in the June issue of Archive of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine (come on, who doesn’t subscribe to that?) suggests that video gamery has little to no effect on youth (age 10-19) social and educational habits, such as they are. First off, 80 percent of all gamers are boys, so there’s no need to worry about girls. Of the young men, only 36 percent of… Read More

  • Belgium Says ISPs Must Protect Copyright

    A court in Belgium has ruled that an Internet Service Provider bears the responsibility for stopping illegal file-sharing on its network. Although the ruling was made in Belgium, it relies on the E.U. copyright directive and may set precedent for the entire Union according to IFPI, an organization that represents the recording industry world wide. Belgian courts have sided strongly with… Read More

  • When the iPhone Runs Hot It Just Might Break

    I know it’s punishable on pain of death to speak ill of the iPhone ’round these parts, but a writer on MSNBC had a rather nasty experience with his these past few days. Joe waited in line just like everyone else did, but after four days of playing around with the cellphone, it broke. Hard reseting it didn’t fix it and neither did reconnecting it to iTunes. Since AT&T… Read More

  • EA Family Play Dumbs Down Wii Controls So Grandpa Can Play

    EA, the gaming company we all love to hate (or just plain hate), has come up with a way to drain even more money from even more people. A new feature called EA Family Play will debut with the three main sports titles for 2008 for the Wii, Madden, NBA Live and FIFA Soccer. “FP,” as I have now just nicknamed it, dumbs down the controls to the point where “the console controls… Read More

  • Pogue on HotSpot@Home: It's Cool

    I’ve been using T-Mobile’s HotSpot@Home from Poland this week and I can honestly say that the service is a lifesaver if you’re a frequent pond-hopper. David Pogue tends to agree, saying that T-Mobile is CRAZY for doing this but has some good reasons. Because T-Mobile benefits, too. Let’s face it: T-Mobile’s cellular network is not on par with, say, Verizon’s. Read More

  • Universal Can Supply Music "At-Will" to iTunes

    Universal Music has confirmed that they will not renew their current contract with Apple and will only supply music “at will.” This means that Apple will not have the entire Universal catalog but only selected albums, at Universal’s discretion. Although this sounds potentially “bad,” it’s actually not. It’s a way to fire a shot across Apple’s… Read More

  • Great Outdoors: Bugz-B-Gone

    It’s that time of year again. You know, that magical few months when it’s hot as sin and a single step outside means exposing yourself to yellow fever. If there’s anything we pasty-faced nerds hate more than the sun, it’s bugs. Not only the ones in our software but the kind which fly around aimlessly and try to sting you in the most inconvenient places. Usually those… Read More

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