• GTA4 stunt compilation: Do not attempt

    Don’t watch this if you don’t particularly care about GTA4 but its fun to watch the different ways you can risk life and limb and survive in the game. That the game’s physics allows for this sort of mayhem is a testament to math teachers everywhere. Read More

  • The Really Cool keyboard might actually be so

    This keyboard is a Really Cool keyboard, as in that’s its name. What’s so cool about it, you ask? It’s waterproof. Admit it, you’ve spilled coffee or soda on your keyboard before, rendering it sticky and useless, much like our own Peter Ha. It’s also quiet, unlike Peter, meaning you won’t disturb your fellow cubiclemates with your clickity-clack while… Read More

  • AMD officially announces 'Puma' notebook platform

    AMD has officially taken the plastic-wrap off of its new high-performance notebook platform, formerly known as “Puma”. The platform consists of the new AMD Turion X2 Ultra Dual-Core Mobile Processor and graphics powered by ATI Radeon HD 3000 Series chips, along with 802.11n and 3G wireless connections. We’ll see notebooks outfitted with the new platform from Acer, Asus… Read More

  • Verizon in talks to buy Alltel

    Alltel, the little carrier that could, is in talks with Verizon to merge this year. Verizon is expected to pay eight times Alltel’s EBITDA (“Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization”). How much that is we do not know but it’s definitely more than fifty dollars. UPDATE – The deal could be about $27 billion, according to Reuters. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Gears of War and Mass Effect for $35

    Today’s Amazon video game deal of the day brings two popular Xbox 360 titles to you, reader, for the low price of $35. Of course, the upcoming reissue of GoW will be $5 more and packed with more content, but if you care not about that then you might want to grab this deal while it lasts. I haven’t played Mass Effect, but I hear good things about it. Maybe I’ll buy it now… Read More

  • Joy Division Zune coming June 17

    I won’t lie and say I know who Joy Division is, but the rock band from Manchester is getting their very own special edition Zune with an adaption of Peter Saville’s artwork for the Unknown Pleasures album on the backside of the black 80GB. Also included on the Zune is the aptly named documentary “Joy Division” that chronicles the life of the band. There are only 500… Read More

  • Klipsch introduces new Image X5 headphones

    Klipsch’s original Image headphones came out about six months ago, and now they’ve modified them with a different driver and a slightly larger form factor, contributing to a lower cost. The new X5s (the old ones have been renamed the X10s) have more high-end emphasis, apparently; either they felt the X10s were too bass-heavy or the new driver isn’t quite capable of the range. Read More

  • Location Technologies Primer

    The rise of the mobile device is upon us, even if it’s arriving a little late to the U.S. The reason why mobile devices will become so important – they’ll help us (and our friends, and maybe everyone) know where we are at all times, driving social, advertising and other applications. Being location aware is the single most important feature in a mobile device that… Read More

  • Jackie Chan wants Segway to manufacture in China, Segway doesn't think so

    Did anyone know that Jackie Chan is the owner of a Segway dealership in Hong Kong? Me either. The action superstar is hoping that Segway will allow the scooters to be assembled in China to help drive down the costs, which would in turn drive sales. The Segway currently retails for $10,000 in China and that’s double what we here in the US would pay. However, Segway doesn’t want any… Read More

  • Seagate introduces new awesome 2.5-inch HDDs, but not for laptops

    The world of 2.5-inch HDDs is generally that of notebook computers, but sometimes they make sense in high-end servers. Sadly, that’s the case for Seagate’s latest 2.5-inch drives, which boast 320GB storage as well as a 10k RPM speed, meaning they are bloody fast. It’s called the Savvio, and is made for enterprise servers and storage devices. It’s not going into any… Read More

  • Bionic Body Shop (HQ version) – reminds me of Syndicate

    That’s what this bionic shopping center simulation reminded me of. Man, Bullfrog was way ahead of its time. This is a cool little flash demo showing some of the many cybernetic parts that are available or forthcoming to the human race. Bionic eyes, exoskeletons, robot arms, and all. There are links within the flash demo to more in-depth articles on teh subjects and IEEE Spectrum is a… Read More

  • Introducing A New TechCrunch Video Project: Elevator Pitches

    We get a ton of pitches at TechCrunch every single day. It is a deluge we can hardly keep up with. Some are amusing, some are horrible, and a select few rise to the level of deserving a post. The large majority, though, never see the light of day. We thought: Why not let startups connect directly with our audience, and let the audience decide which ideas are worthy and which ones are… Read More

  • MindBites Gets iPhone Friendly For How-To's On The Go

    MindBites, a paid-content instructional video site that launched earlier this year, has introduced a mobile version that allows users to stream guides to their iPhones. Users that access the standard site from their iPhones will automatically be redirected to the mobile version. MindBites differs from most of the other how-to sites because it requires viewers to pay to view a video (they… Read More

  • KidZui Persuaded by the Power of Free

    KidZui is a kid-safe browser made available in March for those willing to pay a monthly subscription fee ($5/mo to start and $10/mo thereafter). The exclusively subscription-based model (which did include a 30-day trial) was a bit unusual since most consumer products on the web are free nowadays, at least for a base level of service. SmugMug is one company that purports to profit quite nicely… Read More

  • Scribd Introduces Effortless Email Attachment Viewing

    Scribd is launching iPaper@Scribd today, a new feature that lets users convert outgoing email attachments to the company’s iPaper format. Documents in iPaper can be viewed in any browser that supports Flash, which should mitigate the inevitable headaches associated with getting email attachments to work properly. The system is remarkably simple: CC ipaper@scribd.com on your outgoing… Read More

  • Hynix Semiconductor shrinks solid-state memory by 1/3

    I don’t pretend to understand the subtleties of flash memory manufacturing. But I think what’s happened here is that Hynix has contrived a way to put three bits instead of two into each cell, increasing the data density of a chip by 50% – or reducing the size by 30%. Before now they could only do this on 16GB NAND modules, but now they’re doing it for 32GB ones. High… Read More

  • DIY tiny Hummer saves gas, pride

    So you want to drive a Hummer, but the $4 a gallon price of gas across the country now has you thinking twice. You could concede and get yourself a Kia. Or you could do as this Brit did and outfit a smaller, more gas-conserving car in a Hummer’s trademark skin. The fake Hummer — based on a Suzuki, among other parts — is tiny. It gets 60 miles to the gallon and can reach speeds… Read More

  • Zero Punctuation on Oblivion

    http://www.escapistmagazine.com/global/media/movies/player/FlowPlayerDark.swf We need to hire this guy. What currency do they use in Australia? Wallaby eggs? Read More

  • Off-topic: Has anyone solved the new MS SQL injection hack?

    Quick question for all you programmers. I’m dealing with an MS SQL injection problem on a site running Windows 2000 and MS SQL 2003. Has anyone seen/solved this problem yet? Read More

  • Using cellphones to track people's movements, study human behavior

    What does your cellphone say about you? Not in the fashion sense—it says you’re a dork—, but what does it say about your behavior? It turns out, quite a lot. A recent study tracked people’s movements using their cellphone. You take your cellphone around with you everywhere, so what better way to track someone? And wouldn’t you know it, most people are… Read More

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