• Apple TV's "Take Two" upgrade rocks; Causing problems with Leopard for anyone else?

    [photopress:SG100264.jpg,full,center] So I had to wait an extra day for some reason, but last night I got my Take Two upgrade for my Apple TV up and running. I rented an HD movie (The Simpsons, for those who’re curious) and it looked and sounded great. The 5.1 Dolby Surround was flawless and the video looked just amazing, far better than what I get with Comcast HD. The update itself… Read More

  • Game On: Zynga and SGN Battle For Social Gaming Developers

    The social networking game is all about scale. There are so many apps now on Facebook alone, nearly 16,000, that it is nearly impossible to get noticed unless you are already part of one of the bigger app companies. Cross promotion between apps is the key. Some of the largest app companies like Slide or RockYou, for instance, typically charge 50 cents per install to distribute apps from… Read More

  • Military plans to shoot rogue satellite out of the sky

    [photopress:satshoot.jpg,full,center] We’re gonna shoot that rogue satellite out of the sky. How clutch is that? Yup, the president just gave the go-ahead to knock that now-broken satellite right out of the sky. The satellite, which the military hasn’t had control of since its launch in December 2006, is predicted to fall back to Earth the first week of March. Rather than risk… Read More

  • Indiana Jones 4 trailer, now in Quicktime HD!

    [photopress:indiana_jones_4_photo1.jpg,full,center] Today is one of the best days I’ve ever had here at CrunchGear. So far I’ve written about a new Star Wars movie, the new Star Trek movie, and now I’m really, really happy to give you the new Indiana Jones movie’s teaser trailer in HD. That’s some sort of holy trinity, right there. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of… Read More

  • Star Trek delayed to 2009

    [photopress:star_trek_chokes.jpg,full,center] I’m really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie. I love what JJ and his crew can do, and I was excited about a Trekkie Xmas. But it appears I’m going to have to wait, as the release has been pushed back to early 2009. That’s, like, a year away. The good news is last night I got my Apple TV’s “Take Two”… Read More

  • QuickCup heats up water in 3 seconds: tea anyone?

    [photopress:tefalquickcup.jpg,full,right] The QuickCup, delightful little device that it is, somehow manages to heat up water in three seconds. From there you can make a cup of tea or cocoa or whatever else requires hot water. I know, it’s all very complicated. Be sure to watch the embedded video on the manufacturer’s Web site. I think they hired Oasis for the background music. So… Read More

  • ROKR E8 to T-Mobile sports Linux, 2GBs, and 2.5G?

    [photopress:suckr.jpg,full,left]I still think the name ROKR is a bad name for a phone, and you can’t tell me that the ROKRs we’ve seen so far don’t suck. That being said, I kind of like how the upcoming E8 for T-Mobile is shaping up. 2GB internal storage, MicroSD, 2-Megapixel picture taker, SVGA video, stereo Bluetooth, and FM tuner make this fairly feature packed. What makes… Read More

  • SIM cards to get NFC payments soon, but will it be enough?

    [photopress:simcards.jpg,full,center] Subscriber Identity Modules, or SIMs, might be on the verge of extinction. SIMs themselves are getting smarter, now capable of doing far more than hold your cell number and a phonebook of your friends. The problem is that most carriers — especially those in the USA — don’t give a rat’s pooper for the capabilities. That means… Read More

  • The Clone Wars might not actually suck

    [photopress:20080212_2_sm.jpg,full,center] I’ve been reading the last couple days about this forthcoming CGI Star Wars movie, and I’m torn. I’m not a fan of CGI prequels/sequels simply because I like actors on a screen. However, I think many stories — especially this one — need to be fleshed out more, and comic book tie-ins and official novels are usually crap… Read More

  • Video: My Apple Genius

    It’s Valentine’s Day, and this is cute as hell. And for the young lady in the video, I can fix your broken iPod. I’m kind of known for it. Read More

  • No Date For Valentine's Day? Get Some "Adult Content" At Zivity

    Zivity, the venture-backed adult content site, which we first covered in August 2007, is starting to get mainstream press attention – co-founder Scott Banister appeared on the Fox Business Channel late last year, and Forbes wrote a long piece on them last week. The service, which distributes payments to models and photographers based on user voting, is still in private beta. Today… Read More

  • Xbox 360 red ring of death repair kit from Team Xecuter

    Flickr’d Team Xecuter, whose X2 Pro modchip I used on my Xbox1 back in the day, appears to have developed a kit that fixes red ring of death-affected Xbox 360s. The kit, which costs $12.95, includes all the necessary Torx screws to open your console. The kit was developed by an Xecuter member whose 360 rrod’d on him recently. Rather than send it… Read More

  • Indiana Jones High Def Trailer

    From CrunchGear: Check out the high definition trailer for the new Indiana Jones movie on Yahoo Movies. You can’t embed the trailer, of course (that would make too much sense), but they have some ridiculous countdown widget thing that shows the exact number of seconds until the movie is released. In case you are curious: http://l.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/i/mo/ij4/ij_countdown.swf Watch… Read More

  • RIAA wins this one; OSU filesharing offenders named

    Seven months after the RIAA requested the names of 11 OSU students accused of copyright infringement, the university is finally coughing them up in the face of further legal threats. The courts decided that there was no good reason the uni shouldn’t give the RIAA the names, so while OSU stalled as long as they could, they would now face contempt of court if they don’t follow… Read More

  • New Philips mobile lets you pop in a AAA when you forget your charger

    I really don’t know why we don’t see more of this melding of the new and old school. Sure, there are products on the market that let you charge your phone with batteries or through the car’s cigarette lighter, but these are aftermarket solutions. This one has a slot for an AAA battery built in, letting you rock out with 3 more hours of talk time. Of course, a AAA is a bit… Read More

  • Sony PlayTV previewed

    http://blip.tv/play/AamLWw Not to sure when we’d see this if ever at all, but it’s cool to see Sony’s PlayTV getting closer to launch for those over in Europe. Like Mr. Zatz pointed out, I don’t think this could or would ever be a necessity or even a wanted add-on stateside. What do the PS3 owners think? And why does the BBC get first dibs on this? That UI looks… Read More

  • FreeAgent Central aims at… free agents who hate book-keeping

    Privately-backed FreeAgent Central (FAC) is a new online money management and accounting tool intended for small, service businesses of 1-3 employees or sole traders in the service sector (so not retailers). The UK firm comes out of beta today and is also available from now as a planning tool in the US/globally, but without the tax functionality. The reason it’s interesting is that… Read More

  • Worms World Party coming out on N-Gage (again)

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never played any of the titles from the “Worms” series but I’ve heard good things and my cousin John used to get all riled up about the games when we were younger. Nokia’s just officially announced that Worms World Party will be available on the new N-Gage platform, just like it was on the old N-Gage platform. You’ll… Read More

  • Watch out Craigslist, Sister Site Kijiji Is Taking Off.

    It’s not yet a Craigslist killer, but eBay’s free classifieds site Kijiji is taking off in the U.S. eBay, of course, is also an investor in Craigslist, but its 25 percent stake doesn’t give it a controlling interest and the other 75 percent is not for sale. So in March, 2005, eBay launched Kijiji as its own competing free classifieds site overseas. Then last summer, it… Read More

  • Indiana Jones trailer: Awesome

    http://l.yimg.com/cosmos.bcst.yahoo.com/up/fop/embedflv/swf/fop.swf Harrison Ford is still the man. ‘Nough said. Read More

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