• GT5 Prologue dated

    I’ll be purchasing a PS3 on April 17 because that’s the day GT5: Prologue is hitting store shelves in the US. You can also download via the PlayStation store, but I haven’t found anything that says it will/might be cheaper than the retail version, which is $40 and is currently on pre-order from Amazon. It’s also worth noting that the date, March 18, on Amazon is… Read More

  • Continental announces in-flight Wi-Fi

    Today Continental announced that they will be offering Wi-Fi, but it will be the same crippled mess that you’ll find on JetBlue. It’s not all bad, though. The agreement with LiveTV will also bring 36 channels of live TV directly to your seat via DirecTV. First-class passengers will receive the service (TV) for free while passengers in economy-class will have to muster up $6. The… Read More

  • Denver Airport wireless adds local movie downloads

    Already pretty high up on a short list of airports offering free wireless internet access, Denver International has just upped the ante a bit. The same network provider, FreeFi, is now offering movie rentals over the local network. So simple, yet so brilliant. Read More

  • Woolworths supporting Blu-Ray, offering a nice tin of spotted dick for a quid off

    That’s right, friends across the pond: Woolworths is officially supporting Blu-Ray. Why? Because of the PS3, which is actually one of the better reasons I’ve heard in a long time. “Sales figures clearly show that the market is moving towards one format of high definition DVD,” says Woolworths DVD buyer Steven McGunigel. “The main reason is the success of… Read More

  • Ron Paul Softens Stance On Net Neutrality; Talks On Other Tech Issues

    We’ve spoken with most of the top presidential candidates over the last few months to get their on record position on ten key technology issues (Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Mitt Romney, Mike Gravel and Dennis Kucinich). But we were never able to nail down time with Ron Paul, despite his strong support from the Internet in general. Well, it’s never too late. Just two… Read More

  • Movie Licensing Goes Virtual With Habbo-Paramount Deal

    An important part of any blockbuster movie’s revenues these days comes from merchandising deals—all the ancillary toys, T-shirts, and backpacks that flood stores after the release of a Harry Potter, Spiderman, or Star Wars movie. Now that virtual worlds are popping up where residents actually pay for digital representations of avatars, furniture, clothing, and other items… Read More

  • The CrunchGear Tech Presidential Primaries

    In honor of TechCrunch’s fiercely debated Tech President Endorsements, we present the CrunchGear Tech Presidential Primary. Read on for brief descriptions of our top candidates and a chance to vote. Read More

  • Mobile Gaming this Week

    This week Glu has offered to buy British mobile game company Superscape for $36 million. If the deal is accepted, Glu will come close to matching the U.S. leader of cell phone games, Electronic Arts. Superscape has about 5% of the U.S. market and sells games on carriers Verizon Wireless and Alltel. The Superscape board has approved the takeover. Superscape was a pioneer in bringing 3-D gaming… Read More

  • Two HD Everio camcorders from JVC on the way

      It’s confirmed: Two new high-definition hard drive-based camcorders are slated for release in Japan in February. The JVC Everio GZ-HD5 and GZ-HD6 will likely replace the GZ-HD7 and will be 40% smaller. The GZ-HD6 will record in 1080i and then upon playback will upscale the footage to 1080p when connected via HDMI. Cool, no? The GZ-HD5 will come with a 60GB hard drive and… Read More

  • YouTube + Digg + Obama = YouBama

    One reason we endorsed Barack Obama as our Democratic nominee for TechPresident earlier today is because he has made an effort to understand technology and create a comprehensive technology platform. Not only is he Web-savvy, so are his constituents. A site called YouBama that launched a few days ago is a case in point. Designed by two Stanford grad students, Christopher Pedregal and Eric… Read More

  • GeekBrief.TV #302

    We’ve made our way through most of our Macworld footage and now we’re back with fresh news about gadgets and tech. Nokia is planning to purchase Trolltech, a software company that could presumably extend the utility of Nokia hardware. PMA is the annual show dedicated to cool photo gear. One of the early announcements from PMA is that Lensbaby Lenses are now available for motion… Read More

  • MacBook Paper

    Oh, you silly parodists! Always funny! via Wired Read More

  • NEWSFLASH: Text messaging is a huge rip off

    I was spoiled. The first phone that I had when this whole “texting” (as the kids call it) craze hit was a T-Mobile Sidekick, which included unlimited SMS messages with the data plan. Then somewhere along the lines, I fell off the wagon and switched to Sprint in order to get my hands on a Treo 650. Imagine my surprise when I got my first bill and found out I’d all of a sudden… Read More

  • Yes, 1 million iPhones have been unlocked (but that's OK for Apple)

    AP image Some here may doubt the veracity, or truthiness, of reports suggesting that somewhere out there lie 1.7 million inactivated iPhones, 1 million of which are said to be unlocked. Two well-placed analysts think that’s exactly what’s going on. They believe there are groups that buy iPhones in bulk, unlock them, then re-sell them to folks… Read More

  • T-Mobile Subscriptions near 1 Million Mark in 4Q

    T-Mobile USA added 951,000 subscriptions between October and December of 2007. This gives the country’s fourth largest mobile phone company a subscription customer base of 28.7 million. T-Mobile’s sales were up 14.6% over 2006 numbers. Shareholders of Deutsche Telekom AG, the T-Mobile parent company, were asking for the sale of T-Mobile USA last year. Chief Executive Rene… Read More

  • Ustream.TV Chosen to Live Stream the Republican National Convention

    For those of you without C-SPAN, the Republican National Convention will be streamed live over the Web, and Ustream.TV has been chosen to be the official provider of live video streaming technology. (No doubt, other live streaming services such as Justin.TV,, Blog.tv, or Mogulus will be used by journalists and bloggers covering the event as well). The announcement is being made right now… Read More

  • Tactile MP3 player: Control it with near-zero forethought

    [photopress:tactilemp3.jpg,full,center] Having lost my iPod nano last week, along with a host of other personal effects, I’ll presently be in the market for a new media player, one that doesn’t have to be an iPod. Though I realize I’ll never be able to buy this little player, the Tactile MP3, I do like its premise. There’s no display of any kind; you control the player… Read More

  • Over 25% of iPhones may be Unlocked

    Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi thinks that over 25% of iPhones sold in the United States may have been unlocked. Sales numbers from Apple and AT&T revealed about 1.45 million phones were “missing in action” at the end of 2007. AT&T is thought to hold 480,000 handsets as inventory, leaving another 1 million phones, or 27%, that Sacconaghi said were unlocked so… Read More

  • Digg Nearly Triples Registered Users In a Year, Says Sleuth Programmer

    The last time Digg officially announced how many registered users it has was back in March when it passed the one-million mark. Now, programming sleuth John Graham-Cunning extracted registration dates from Digg user profile pages to come up with an estimate of 2.7 million registered Digg users. Some of the key inflection points came in June, 2006 when Digg expanded beyond technology to… Read More

  • Quo vadis, Qtrax?

    [photopress:qqtrax.jpg,full,center] Qtrax, ostensibly the first free and legal P2P service, went live yesterday to all sorts of questions. If there record labels didn’t sign any deals with the service, whose music would it be serving? Why would it make such a hullabaloo about its launch if the man behind the curtain was asleep? Will the source code for its main software component be… Read More

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