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    Review: SimpleTech [re]Drive

    Hard drives are boring. You plug them in, watch them spin, and then replace them when they die. Hopefully somewhere in there you back them up and maybe reformat them, just to switch things up a little, but you’re pretty much dealing with a bucket of metal platters that store information. Enter the SimpleTech [re]Drive. I’d wager that this drive is probably one of the best… Read More

  • Yang Still Needs To Make Nice With His Biggest Shareholders

    Yahoo founder Jerry Yang may have dodged a bullet by settling with angry investor Carl Icahn, giving him aboard seat and agreeing to open up two more. That victory was secured in part by talking one of Yahoo’s biggest investors, Legg Mason’s Bill Miller, into backing him. But that doesn’t mean Friday’s shareholder meeting will be smooth sailing. Yang still needs to… Read More

  • Kampyle Ties User Feedback to Website Analytics

    Kampyle has integrated its user feedback management platform into Google Analytics and Nuconomy to provide side-by-side analysis of user feedback and website analytics. Since the launch of its platform last March, Kampyle has been implemented by over 1,500 websites whose users have generated over 100,000 feedback messages collectively. The company claims that small sites average one to… Read More

  • Virgin Galactic Launches the White Knight 2, CG is There

    Our own space ninja, Peter Ha, is reporting live from the Mojave desert at the unveiling of the White Knight 2. Virgin Galactic is Sir Richard Branson’s latest venture which should put the rich into outer space where they can no longer harm us, the poor. I’ve just touched down in the Mojave and we’re all awaiting the unveiling of the White Knight 2. Buzz Aldrin is on hand as… Read More

  • How to make a small box out of six floppy disks

    Got six floppy disks? Need to carry a minute amount of crap around with you? Then check out this video, which details how to turn six 3.5-inch floppies into a little box, complete with carrying handle and latch. You’ll walk down the street holding your box and everyone will say "Look at you, Mister Man! That’s a fine looking box!" Something like that. Maybe not. Read More

  • On the Jobs health scandal

    Like Jesus and FDR, Steve Jobs was put on this earth to do good. In fact he’s doing so much good that scumbags like Joe Nocera are getting rambling, expletive-laced calls from him in the middle of the night denying all allegations that Steve-o won’t be around next year to release another line of thinner, more wow-filled PMPs. It went down like this: Joe Nocera, an NYT veteran… Read More

  • Here’s an expensive shirt with two USB-powered fans

    It’s hot out there. If only someone would invent a shirt with two 10cm fans powered by USB, 4AA batteries, or a car’s cigarette lighter. Oh hey, here’s one right here. The USB Air Conditioned Shirt costs a whopping $169. Again, it’s a shirt with two fans in it that are powered by USB, batteries, or DC power — for $169. Plus, if you’re the type that likes… Read More

  • Weird study of 21 people says that cell phones cause depression and poor concentration

    A very thorough study (of 21 people) in Sweden found that people who use their cell phones excessively can be prone to sleep problems, fatigue, and stress, which can lead to depression and concentration issues. Hey, there’s a cat near me! I hate cats. I hate me! Where was I? Oh yeah, so Sweden. What’s up with Sweden? It’s like, we get it! You have great healthcare! Oh no… Read More

  • Facebook Hires Mozilla Exec Mike Schroepfer As Director Of Engineering

    Mike Schroepfer, the extremely well regarded VP Engineering at Mozilla, is now Facebook’s Director of Engineering. He’ll be heading up Facebook Platform and the main product front end, he said by telephone this morning, although his exact scope of responsibility hasn’t been nailed down yet. He will report directly to CEO Mark Zuckerberg starting in September. Schrep, as he… Read More

  • Motorola cleans out closest, reorganizes, again

    Motorola announced plans for another reorg, this time in its home and networks mobility unit. The division is the company’s second largest business unit after its flailing mobile phone unit. It supplies carriers and cable companies with networking equipment and currently is organized into product units including cable set-top boxes, modems, cable infrastructure and networking… Read More

  • Skyfire browser and Symbian make sweet beta love

    We’ve mentioned Skyfire before – they’re the ones aiming to hop in and face-punch all the other mobile browsers by doing everything the rest can’t; Flash, AJAX – all those fancy intertubes technologies generally reserved for desktop browsers. After a $13 million funding round and a couple of roster expansions, Skyfire is all prepped for its Symbian launch –… Read More

  • ‘SofaBox’ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like

    It’s a sofa. It’s a box. It’s the SofaBox — a sofa that folds into its own box. Nice idea, especially for frequent travelers who can’t stand to be without a portable sofa for more than a couple of days or impromptu sitting sessions. The product’s website — www.sofabox.ch – is in a mystical, magical foreign language but somewhere in there it… Read More

  • Sega releases awesome Thunderforce 6 promo clip

    I love 2D-shooters and played all of Tecnosoft’s five Thunderforce games over and over. Sega has taken over development for part 6 of the legendary series and it comes out for the PS2 on October 30 (for $57). As of now, it’s unclear whether the game will be officially sold outside Japan as well. The promotion clip the company released today… Read More

  • Airvana and Alcatel-Lucent combine femtocells with IMS

    Airvana and Alcatel-Lucent announced plans to jointly develop a CDMA/EV-DO femtocell platform that incorporates an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). The two said that: “this initiative will ensure that CDMA/EV-DO network operators are able to make use of femtocells to improve the in-building wireless experience for their subscribers, while ensuring that these new network elements work… Read More

  • Do Not Mistype Cuil

    CrunchGear’s Nicholas Deleon pointed out that misspelling Cuil – as if that were possible – results in a bit of NSFW action for those who transpose the i and the l (culi.com). Try it yourself in the privacy of your home office or bedroom. Cuil launched last night. CrunchBase Information Cuil Information provided by CrunchBase Read More

  • Star Trek MMORPG officially announced

    You guys into Star Track? Who doesn’t like Star Track? It’s a pretty popular show, right, Star Track? Star Track lovers will be happy to know that an online version of their favorite show (Star Track) has just been officially announced. For some reason, "Track" is spelled incorrectly as "Trek" but don’t let that dissuade you. Early gameplay footage will… Read More

  • CG Reviews the Eco-Friendly [re]Drive

    Hard drives are boring. You plug them in, watch them spin, and then replace them when they die. Hopefully somewhere in there you back them up and maybe reformat them, just to switch things up a little, but you’re pretty much dealing with a bucket of metal platters that store information. Enter the SimpleTech [re]Drive. I’d wager that this drive is probably one of the best… Read More

  • New Xbox 360 interface leaked, can be installed on modded systems

    The new Xbox 360 interface has been leaked, and those of you with a modded 360 (including our very own John Biggs) will be able to install it soon enough. This Zapruder film shows the new interface in action on some dude’s 360. Ah, to be young again, and do nothing all day long but hack around with my Xbox. Emulators, XBMP, Avalaunch, the works. via Xbox-Scene Read More

  • MPAA to launch Web site that tells folks where to get movies legally

    This may come as a bit of a shock to y’all, but the MPAA actually has a idea to “save” the movie industry that doesn’t involve sending out John Doe letters to dumb teens. The association is launching a Web site (no release date yet, ‘fraid) that will help folks find legitimate sources of movies. You know, iTunes, Xbox Marketplace, Netflix, etc. It’s 2008. Read More

  • Verizon escapes economic hard times, thanks again to wireless

    Verizon reported another strong quarter, with little thanks to the few remaining landline customers. Verizon Communications, the 51% parent to Verizon Wireless, says its second quarter earnings were up 12%, reaching $1.88 billion, or 66 cents per share, from $1.68 billion, or 58 cents per share a year ago, even as more landline customers disconnected service. The company reported an 11.4%… Read More

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