• CrunchArcade: Red-colored PS2 debuts in Japan next month

    Ding ding ding d!ng…… Sony’s releasing a red-colored PS2 in Japan on July 3. It’s gonna cost you ¥16,000, or around $150, for the eight-year-old game console. Nowhere is it suggested that this model of the PS2 will be released here in the U.S. :-( And yes, in lieu of a PS3, I still have a PS2 connected to my TV, thank you very much. Read More

  • Latin American Social Network Sonico Raises $4.3 Million

    Back in February Duncan described Spanish language Sonico as “the biggest social networking site you’ve probably never heard of”. At the time, Sonico had raised to an Alex rank of 167 after just 6 months in operation. And with over 8 million users, it was also a top 50 site in several Latin American countries including Colombia, El Salvador, Bolivia, and Mexico. Fast… Read More

  • Microsoft makes its push into netbook territory official

    Like the episode of The Office where Michael shows up uninvited to Jim’s barbeque, Microsoft has shown up at the netbook party, thrown its coat to the Temp, and grabbed the Karaoke microphone. A recent press release says the following. “Customers and partners have made it clear to us that they want Windows on their netbooks and nettops,” said Steven Guggenheimer, corporate… Read More

  • Buy a Mac, get an iPod touch or nano for free (again)

    Like years past, Apple is offering a deal for incoming college students, and it’s more or less the same one it has offered in the past. Students who buy a Mac (which includes the MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac) will get a free iPod touch or iPod nano. My advice: go with the MacBook+iPod touch combo. You can’t bring an iMac to class, and an iPod touch can do so much… Read More

  • Starbucks officially announces free Wi-Fi

    As reported yesterday, Starbucks is giving away two hours of free Wi-Fi to customers who purchase a $5 (minimum) Starbucks card. The two hours cannot be spread out from one coffee run to the next, though. If you want to take advantage, you’ll have to sit there and suffer. I could care less if Starbucks offered me 10 hours of free Wi-Fi to use whenever I feel like in a… Read More

  • Softbank presents 11 new Japanese cell phones

    Today Japanese telecommunications giant Softbank unveiled their cell phone line-up for sommer 2008. Starting in July, the company will roll out a total of 11 new handsets in Japan. 3 models are mady by Sharp, NEC and Panasonic each while 2 come from Toshiba. Nothing amazing here, but some of the handsets come with a couple of cool features. Read More

  • New "virus washer" technology to clean the air in Japanese movie theaters

    Yesterday Sanyo announced it will install a new kind of air purification system in 26 multiplex movie theaters Warner operates in Japan. The system will be integrated into rooftop air conditioner units and features Sanyo’s so-called virus-washer technology. Using electrolyzed water, the company claims the technology is able to to fight the activity of odors, bacteria, viruses and pollen. Read More

  • AT&T Settles Class-Action Lawsuit

    If you are an AT&T mobile service customer you may want to check your past bills carefully. For at least four years content providers have been sneaking charges onto AT&T bills for services like ringtones, jokes and horoscopes. These fees, which may be hidden or poorly explained, show up on cell-phone bills, often as recurring charges. In a bid to win back customer trust, AT&T… Read More

  • Whrrl rolls out client for BlackBerry users

    Pelago’s mobile social discovery service Whrrl ties the social networking concept into a map of your surrounding area, allowing users to rate and review local spots, and share their current location and status with trusted friends. While it’s an awesome idea, its growth thus far has been stunted by its limited list of native mobile clients. Sure, users could interact with Whrrl via… Read More

  • Apple should hire this guy, but not as a cameraman

    Someone named Umang Dokey posted this iPhone 2 mock-up as an entry for an iLounge contest. His work is almost flawless and the tilt concepts are amazingly cool. Sadly, Umang filmed the damn thing sideways which kind of detracts from the experience. Better luck next time, Dokey! via Giz Read More

  • Acer Apspire one hands-on: Glossy, colorful lid

    <br /> <span class=”mceItemObject” classid=”clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000″ codebase=”http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=8,0,0,0″ width=”468″ height=”400″ id=”abPlayerObj” align=”middle”><span … Read More

  • Nekura Progression and Scramble watches: LED and LCDs make sweet love

    These two new watches from Toykoflash feature a unique LED system that can change the face color at the touch of a button. While the watches are standard TF fare — odd faces and cool designs — the real magic happens when you swap the red face for the blue, making you just that much cooler. Both are available now from Tokyoflash for $123.29. Read More

  • Samsung F480: Your daily dose of WTF?

    Are they selling something? Making a comment on male-female relations? Hiring for an a cappella group? All we do know is that this is a non-US cartoon made for the Samsung F480, a phone we all want but will never, ever own because it’s Asia-only. Read More

  • Jimmy Wales: Wikia Search Finally Doesn't Suck

    Wikia Search is finally ready to play with. Jimmy Wales admits that up until now his company’s project to apply the wiki concept to search: Pretty much sucked. It has not been usable on a day to day basis. We agree. But today, Wikia Search is beginning to suck a lot less. It has only indexed 30 million Websites, but it is finally rolling out a set of editing features that lets… Read More

  • MSI Wind now officially official

    What’s $499 and runs Windows XP Home with a 1.6GHz Atom processor? Why the MSI Wind, of course! It should be available in June (a Linux version drops for $399 in July) and will definitely give the ultralight Asus eee a run for its money. Read More

  • Lumos Labs Gets $3 Million Funding for Brain Games

    As you age your brain slows down, your memory goes, and your attention lapses. Online brain fitness games like Lumosity sell the promise of stopping that decline. But as the chart below shows, it is all downhill after 30. (The chart is based on the brain performance index scores of 40,000 Lumosity users). Lumosity lets members play games designed to improve their memory, processing speed… Read More

  • HTC Diamond: So fancy!

    Dave at MobilityToday grabbed him a Euro HTC Diamond. It’s a standard WinMo candybar with some nice UI tweaks. Thankfully, the UI stuff has completely covered over WM’s wonky interface, offering something a bit more pleasing than the standard ugly to which we’re accustomed. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Torcher Edition

    Video: Rad Roomba hacked into a Pacman
    CrunchArcade: 250 improvements coming to FIFA 09
    Wheelchair throws flames, scares everyone
    Rock Band hack enables the disabled to rock the kit
    Capcom + Ultimate Game Chair = Capcom Ultimate Game Chair Read More

  • DriverSide Takes The Guesswork Out of Car Repairs

    What’s your favorite car site? If you can’t pick one, you’re probably in the majority: despite the abundance of successful auto sites, few people ever frequent one regularly. That’s because most of these sites are primarily concerned with buying and selling cars rather than their long term maintenance. DriverSide, a new startup that launches today, is looking to… Read More

  • Road Warriors Take Note: MSI Launches Another Ultraportable

    If you’re anything like me, you might be tired of lugging around a full-sized laptop from airport to airport and meeting to meeting. Enter the ultraportables. While we are all aware of the cake-cutting Air, manufacturers like ASUS and now MSI are jumping into the ultraportable market with laptops that are usable and highly portable. The MSI Wind — I wonder where they got the name? Read More

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