• Tactile MP3 player: Control it with near-zero forethought

    [photopress:tactilemp3.jpg,full,center] Having lost my iPod nano last week, along with a host of other personal effects, I’ll presently be in the market for a new media player, one that doesn’t have to be an iPod. Though I realize I’ll never be able to buy this little player, the Tactile MP3, I do like its premise. There’s no display of any kind; you control the player… Read More

  • Over 25% of iPhones may be Unlocked

    Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi thinks that over 25% of iPhones sold in the United States may have been unlocked. Sales numbers from Apple and AT&T revealed about 1.45 million phones were “missing in action” at the end of 2007. AT&T is thought to hold 480,000 handsets as inventory, leaving another 1 million phones, or 27%, that Sacconaghi said were unlocked so… Read More

  • Digg Nearly Triples Registered Users In a Year, Says Sleuth Programmer

    The last time Digg officially announced how many registered users it has was back in March when it passed the one-million mark. Now, programming sleuth John Graham-Cunning extracted registration dates from Digg user profile pages to come up with an estimate of 2.7 million registered Digg users. Some of the key inflection points came in June, 2006 when Digg expanded beyond technology to… Read More

  • Quo vadis, Qtrax?

    [photopress:qqtrax.jpg,full,center] Qtrax, ostensibly the first free and legal P2P service, went live yesterday to all sorts of questions. If there record labels didn’t sign any deals with the service, whose music would it be serving? Why would it make such a hullabaloo about its launch if the man behind the curtain was asleep? Will the source code for its main software component be… Read More

  • Our Tech President Endorsements: Barack Obama and John McCain

    It’s sadly clear that our current leaders have little understanding of technology and why it’s important to our economy and culture. That has to change. We’ve been interviewing 2008 presidential candidates for the last few months to get them to state, on record, their positions on ten key technology related issues (Barack Obama, John McCain, John Edwards, Mitt Romney… Read More

  • Turkish social network Yonja raises $12.5m

    What is it about Turkey? They are really getting into social networking. Turkish social network Yonja (whose logo actually looks Irish to me) has raised $12.5M in Series A funding from Greywolf Capital Partners and Tiger Global Management, reports PEWire. HQ’d in San Francisco, the firm is led by founder and CEO Kerim Baran, who was educated at Harvard and Siebel before launching Yonja. Read More

  • One Million Unlocked iPhones: Beautiful.

    According to a new report issued by Bernstein Research analyst Toni Sacconaghi, one million iPhones of the 3.75 million sold have been unlocked to run on non-official networks. A debate over Apple’s sales figures has raged this past week after it was revealed that AT&T had only activated 2 million iPhones, and only 315,000 iPhones had been purchased in Europe, leaving a gap of… Read More

  • It's Fair To Say That Germans Will Soon Have Zero Access To Online File Sharing Sites

    German owned yet globally popular file hosting site Rapidshare may be heading to the Deadpool after a German court found that it was liable for copyrighted files uploaded to the service. The German equivalent of the RIAA, GEMA took Rapidshare to court over hosting copyright infringing files and at a court hearing January 23, won. The court found that Rapidshare must take responsibility for… Read More

  • Go To Google Groups. Get Tricked Into Downloading Malware. Do Not Pass Go

    Above is a shot of one of many spam blog comments I’ve received lately with multiple links to pages on Google Groups. Spammers have always targeted Google products, and services such as Blogger have always been a favorite destination for spammers. Google Groups isn’t as well known as a spam platform, but after some investigation I found that it has become a leading destination… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Lego Collie Edition

    Building the Lego Millennium Falcon
    Cartridge prices on the rise as ink breaks the $1000 a barrel mark for the first time
    Weed vending machines in LA
    Life Begins at Fifty: Happy Birthday to LEGO
    Help-Key: Jailbreaking your 1.1.3 iPhone/Touch Read More

  • JVC may or may not have made a 1080/60p compact camcorder

    Judge for yourself – to call the translation ambiguous would be charitable. I assume we’ll find out more soon, but it appears that JVC has a camcorder that somehow outputs the 60i video in 60p; now, that sounds like horsefeathers to me but I also didn’t believe DV could look as good as it does on the HV20. This of course has a spinning hard drive in it up to 120GB, so… Read More

  • Samsung, Moto pull ahead of HTC in Windows Mobile market share

    This is the most confusing and segmented survey of the Windows Mobile market share I’ve ever read. Try and stay with me. In 2007, HTC was at the top of the heap with a market share of over 50 percent in the non-touchscreen, smartphone segment. Motorola is now numero uno with Samsung coming in second leaving HTC with less then 30 percent. Things aren’t all glum for HTC, though, as… Read More

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl intro, spoiler ahead

    In case you can’t wait till March. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Warner Bros. HD DVD, Blu-ray discs up to 53 percent off

    This is a limited time offer so jump on it. HD DVD [Amazon]
    Blu-ray [Amazon] Read More

  • Sony, SK Telecom to deliver VOD flicks to your phone

    Well, not your phone unless you and your phone reside in South Korea. Here’s another reminder that the Telecom industry in the US just flat out sucks. Pioneering the way is SK, again. Sony Pictures Television just inked a deal for four years to provide SK Telecom subscribers with full-length, VOD movies directly to their mobile phone. It’s fairly inexpensive at $1 to $2 for films… Read More

  • Nikon's point-and-shoots at ~$200, give or take

    If $200 is your estimated budget for a new point-and-shoot, keep reading. Others may want to skip to the next item. Above you see pictured the new S520 ($230) in “tawny.” It and its slightly cheaper cousin, the S210 ($180), have remarkably similar feature sets. 8-megapixel, ISO “up to” 2000 (a modest boast), anti-reflective 2.5″ LCD, a cool face-priority… Read More

  • Nikon updates DSLR line with D60

    The leaked specs earlier today were spot on and I don’t have too much else to add. The most exciting feature on the D60 is the Stop-Motion Movie mode, which allows you to make stop-animation movie clips from a series of as many as 100 consecutive JPEGs. Pricing isn’t yet available, but will be disclosed 30 days prior to availability. That’s cool, but you say it’ll be… Read More

  • Nikon's P60 brings the features and the manual control to the game

    [photopress:p60.jpg,full,center]Nikon’s latest offering to the point-n-shoot gods is the COOLPIX P60, a more full-featured and user-controlled camera than the L18. While the megapixelage is the same at 8, everything else is a step or two up, including a 5x optical zoom, vibration reduction, and electronic viewfinder assist. The camera can be set to manual or automatic with the flip of… Read More

  • Nikon's little superstar, S600

    The cream of the crop has got to be the S600. Why? Because it’s the snappiest of the bunch, has tons of great features and it is the best looking. That being said, you can decide based on the specs. The S600, like the S550, has a 10-megapixel sensor, 4x wide-angle 28-112mm zoom Nikkor lens, image stabilization and the fastest start-up time, 0.7 seconds, in its class. ISO sensitivity… Read More

  • The simple L18 from Nikon makes me smile, and that's about it

    [photopress:l18_1.jpg,full,center]Available in blue and red, the new Nikon COOLPIX L18 is the latest in the parade of low-coast, high-performance point-n-shoots to hit PMA next week. The basic 8-Megapixel camera has all the modern features, like a 3x optical zoom, face-detecting auto-focus, a 3-inch LCD, image enhancement in low-light conditions, and ISO of up to 1600. For most people, this… Read More

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