• iMac Gets Dolled Up For WWDC

    Well, now that the iPhone release date hoopla is sort of over, let’s fire up the rumor mill about what’s coming our way at WWDC. Could it be a brushed metal iMac, ala Mac Pro, perhaps, with a Santa Rosa chipset? Doesn’t look like it’s the black iMac that was rumored last month. It’s buzzing around that the newest iMac will also be super sized to proportions… Read More

  • JVC Tours American Heartland Showing Off Its Hi-Def Goodies

    Yee haw, partners! JVC’s goin’ ’round the country to county fairs, balloon festivals and air shows to show off its brand new products to the general public, no fancy press pass needed. Dubbed the “Focus on Hi-Def” tour, it will make stops at some 50 events in 24 states letting people see, hear, touch, taste and smell JVC gadgets, with an emphasis on the hi-def ones. Read More

  • Going.com Offers Drink Gifting Service

    Event based social network Going.com has partnered with BuyYourFriendADrink.com in a deal that will allow New York area Going.com members to buy drinks for their friends directly from their profile page. Going.com is a rapidly growing social service with 200,000 + members covering New York, Boston and San Francisco and competes in the same space as LateNightShots. The ability to buy some one… Read More

  • Travel Gear Roundup

    I wouldn’t be a geek if I didn’t have the gear to go along with the gadgets I tote around while on the go, right? I like getting my paws on the latest gear whether it’s clothes, footwear or sunglasses, which is exactly what I got to test and review along with the Osprey packs. Did you ever think bamboo could be woven into a shirt? Do you think sunglass lenses that adapt… Read More

  • New, Mystery App Spotted on iPhone

    Hats off to Macenstein, whose sleuthing efforts have paid off to the tune of 1,300 Diggs. In the newly released iPhone movies, Macenstein noticed the appearance of a mystery application on the iPhone’s home menu. What was originally 11 apps on the home menu is now, apparently, 12. Dun, duh, duuh. What could be the new mystery app? Are you excited to find out? Who has the time to… Read More

  • Toshiba HD DVD Writer For Your Laptop

    Are you excited at the prospect of owning a slim HD DVD-RW drive for your laptop? Pretty sure HD DVD will win the format war? Well, then you are in luck because Toshiba has announced the SD-L912A, a world’s first in satisfying your rewritable HD DVD media cravings. The only problem other than the inevitable downfall of HD DVD is the 1X read/write speed. The Qosmio can also write to HD… Read More

  • Melt Umbrella: Not Only is it Better, But it's Environmentally Friendly

    Of all the everyday gadgets out there, doesn’t the umbrella really need an update? Every time it rains in New York, you see people with gigantic umbrellas knocking other people over, people with $5 umbrellas struggling to keep them from exploding, etc. So this here “Melt” (itsaconceptsueme) attempts to reinvent the umbrella. Rather than dealing with springs and hooks and… Read More

  • M60M Watch Doesn't Have Hour, Minute or Second Hands

    This M60M watch tells time without the traditional hour, minute and second hands. I guess they were deemed too “practical” and “usable” by its designer, Roger Kellenberger. It does look pretty fly, which, really, is all that matters in this day and age. Read More

  • Samsung E590 Designed by Jasper Morrison is Ho-hum

    Samsung teamed up with designer Jasper Morrison to offer a multimedia rich mobile phone that also looks good. Ummm…that’s all well and good, but how is the E590 any different than most candybar phones Samsung already offers? It really isn’t in my opinion. I suppose the many features that the 3.2-megapixel camera offers makes up for its lack of flare. Auto focus, half-shutter… Read More

  • Panasonic Toughbooks Get Upgrade

    Panasonic announced today the launch of the Toughbook 52, which replaces their venerable Toughbook S1 of year’s past. As with previous Toughbooks, it’s designed to withstand spillage and droppage — this one can take drops of up to 2.5 feet on all sides without cracking a crack. However, this one improves over the last-gen by giving you some Santa Rosa chip action, a… Read More

  • Besides the iPhone, What Else Happened on June 29?

    We now know the iPhone will be released on June 29. For better or worse, June 29 will from then on be one of those dates that you just know, like July 4, December 7 and any Friday the 13th. So, what else happened on June 29, you know, before the iPhone’s launch? Read More

  • Sony Slashes Price on Blu-ray Player

    Oh boy. Sony is upping the ante in the next-gen format wars with a surprising move that sees the BDP-S300 $100 cheaper than previously announced. If you were in the camp with a mindset that the PS3 was the cheapest way to get your Blu-ray fix then you’ll be happy to hear this news. It’s rather interesting because Sony’s first Blu-ray player cost a cool $999 when it was… Read More

  • Review: Osprey Meridian and Aura Packs

    While I haven’t been traveling as much as some of the other CrunchGear writers in the past few months, I’ve done enough to put a set of Osprey packs — Meridian 28-inch and Aura 65 — through the ringer. They’ve been to Italy, South Korea, Puerto Rico and numerous places around the NYC area. I’m happy to say they passed with flying colors. Read More

  • Thomson EH308 DAP: Shiny, Tiny, Bo-biny

    Thomson’s a fairly small player in the DAP world (and who isn’t compared to Apple and Microsoft?), but its shiny new EH308 could draw some eyeballs if it plays its cards right. It’s a tiny little guy with a 1.8-inch OLED display. Despite its diminutive size, and owing much to that OLED display, battery life is comparable to some of the bigger guys at around 15 hours. The 8GB… Read More

  • Yahoo Opens Panama Gates With API Program

    Yahoo today announced the Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program that will provide businesses and developers free and open access to the Panama search marketing application program interfaces (APIs). The program will give advertisers, developers, ad agencies and technology providers the ability to build upon Yahoo’s core search marketing technologies to enhance their existing… Read More

  • Microsoft Expands Anyone But Red Hat Linux Partnerships to Xandros: Includes IP Protection

    Microsoft has announced a new deal with Linux outfit Xandros that is similar to the Microsoft-Novell tie-up of last year coming complete with Intellectual property assurance. The “broad collaboration agreement” covers a range of technical, business, marketing and intellectual property commitments. Microsoft said that the commitments will provide customers with enhanced… Read More

  • Sticky Entry-Level Services Could Mobile

    Research analyst firm Berg Insight’s recent study suggests that the rise of Web 2.0 is fusing the fixed and mobile Internet into a single entity. The findings report that the wireless Internet will likely evolve just as the wired online world, and that moving forward the mobile communications sector should not be treated as a separate business. Entry-level sticky services, such as… Read More

  • AT&T Going All Out With iPhone

    AT&T will pulling out all the stops later this month when Apple’s iPhone makes it debut. And while Apple will be making an aggressive launch of the product, AT&T is taking the phone’s arrival very seriously. Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s new CEO, told Reuters this weekend, “We are putting a lot of money behind the launch as well, to drive traffic to the Apple… Read More

  • Pirates Go After Mobile

    You won’t need an “E Ticket” to experience the latest version of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the latest installment of the Walt Disney Pictures franchise. mDisney, the mobile publishing unit of the “mouse house” announced last week a launch of a suite of mobile content based on the hit film. This includes a movie-based game titles (aptly… Read More

  • Roger’s Hearing Voices

    File this one under the “There I said it” category. Or more accurately the “Roger said it” category. Finally someone has spoken up about the direction that this next generation of handsets is taking, and I couldn’t agree more. Do we really need touch screen phones such as the Prada or the iPhone? What’s happening on the voice centric side asks Roger? Good point. Read More