• The real 24 pilot from '94

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1788161&fullscreen=1 Classic! Read More

  • RIM gets pissy, sues LG

    RIM is once again suing another mobile phone manufacturer over something completely absurd and, well, asinine. Apparently people will mistake the Black Label line of smartphones from LG to RIM’s BlackBerry devices. It violates some trademark and is ‘confusingly similar’. Yeah, whatever you say, RIM. BlackBerry Maker Sues LG for Black Label Name [Chosun Ilbo] Read More

  • Old Man Dvorak says 'the Google phone is doomed'

    Every industry needs an old, crotchety curmudgeon. We have the always-entertaining John C. Dvorak who’s lately seemed to be slowly slipping into senility. That’s okay, though. That’s okay. He’s our grandpa and we love him and you don’t just cut people out of your life because they’ve started going crazy. His latest outburst is against the Google-led… Read More

  • Flash Zune already sold, but doesn't work

    Zunerama forum’s n00b, eds, has acquired him/herself with a brand spankin’ new Zune before the Tuesday launch. That’s all well and good, but he/she can’t use said Zune 2 until the firmware is released on the 13th. What a bummer. Totally takes away all the fun of having it first if it won’t work, right? Oh, but what about the install CD? Yeah, I guess it… Read More

  • Blist Prepares Easy Web-Based Database Application

    I recently had the opportunity to see a demo of a product coming out in early 2008 called Blist (pronounced like “bliss” with a “t” at the end) that will take on DabbleDB and Trackvia by giving users the tools to easily create and manage databases online. Blist’s initial target demographic will be Excel users who need more functionality and are trying to make… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Runway Edition

    Microsoft delays Surface technology
    Verizon Fashion Show: A circle of Hell or a good time with free mojitos?
    UK iPhone launche is a madde house
    YouTube unwraps multiple file uploader, 1GB size limit
    gPhone Madness contest over on Monday Read More

  • Nokia's N81 sucks, Om Malik says so

    With the glaring, bright, intense exception of the iPhone, music phones have more or less been a failure. Many have tried, many have failed. In fact, it could be argued that the only reason the iPhone gets any iPod attention was because people already had iPods, ya know? But that’s a different story altogether. According to the esteemed Om Malik, that’s still the case. Om got… Read More

  • An interview with Big Daddy

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1788429&fullscreen=1 I actually know this guy. We used to work together. I never realized he was such a good crazed-undersea welder/Little-Sister-protector maker. Not many people are, so it’s nice to find someone with that talent. via CollegeHumor Read More

  • VOIS: An OTC Listed Social Network

    Boca Raton, Florida based VOIS Inc offers yet another social networking site but with one distinct difference: it’s traded on the OTC:BB. The site itself offers your usual array of social networking features: user profiles, blogs, groups, classifieds etc etc. Traffic to the site isn’t wonderful, but I’ve seen far worse as well, with vois.com tracking at around the 10,000 mark… Read More

  • gPhone Madness contest over on Monday

    Because of all the server futzing I’m extending the gPhone Madness contest until Monday at 12pm eastern. Feel free to vote, enter, and do whatever over the weekend but remember that it ends Monday. Read More

  • The Back Burner: Things we didn't post this week

    A big thank you to everybody for filling our tips at crunchgear dot com inbox with wonderful, unique, and newsworthy items. Here are five that we just couldn’t get to this week. Read More

  • Shoeboxed Heads Into Social Shopping

    Receipt organization service Shoeboxed has moved into social shopping with a relaunched site that introduces the concept of “receipt flaunting.” At the basic level, Shoeboxed allows users to organize all their e-mail and paper receipts, providing a cut-down accounting style package for those looking for basic spend-tracking as opposed to a full blown accounting program such as Quicken. Read More

  • Mandriva apparently back in the Nigerian saddle again

    Okay, remember a little over a week ago when the CEO of Mandriva François Bancilhon sent an open j’accuse! letter to Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer  saying that Microsoft convinced the Nigerian government to use Windows on its computers instead of Mandriva Linux even though Mandriva and Nigeria already had a deal?  Well apparently "the government agency funding… Read More

  • 1.1.2 iPod Touch firmware jailbroken

    Yawn. It’s not even a challenge any more. A few hours after its unofficial release — seriously, this firmware isn’t even out yet and it’s already broken — haxors have jailbroken it, peed inside its Media folder, and used the built in security as a hand towel. No details yet, but soon. 1.1.2 iPod touch Jailbroken–before its official release! [TUAW] Read More

  • Bear with us, gentle readers, we're going through some growing pains

    We’re sorry about the slow load times and stretch between posts, but we’re doing some maintenance on our servers today to handle our increased capacity. Hopefully we’ll have everything back to normal shortly. In the mean time, you can look at this photo of this awesome dude virtually shredding. Read More

  • That's Your AIM in My GTalk

    It is amazing that we still have major instant messaging platforms that don’t talk to one another. Yahoo and Microsoft got their two systems to work with each other more than a year ago, but AOL is still working on interoperability issues with those two. In the meantime, it looks like AIM will soon be working just fine with Google Talk, Google’s IM client. In fact, AIM and… Read More

  • CrunchRumor: Sony launching 16GB Memory Stick at CES?

    We hate rumors. No, wait, we love them. So do you, that’s why you’re here. We’ve got one that we’ve been hearing about that will bore most of you, but some of you will love. The word is that at CES in January, Sony is going to be dropping 16GB Memory Stick Pros, doubling the current top-end of 8GB. If true, then Memory Stick might not be a back-seat format anymore… Read More

  • Bluetooth funnies: How very Sienfeldian

    http://www.5min.com/Embeded/11918/ It’s a weird day here at CG central — Pha’s laptop is breaking, Nicholas is out gallivanting, and I’m getting migraines — so here’s a cute clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm for you to enjoy while I poke my eye out with an icepick just to stop the pain. Read More

  • Upcoming: Presidential Candidate John Edwards On TechCrunch

    Next in our series of interviews with 2008 presidential candidates is a Q&A with Senator John Edwards. We were not able to schedule time on the phone with Senator Edwards, but he has agreed to do a written interview and answer all questions we put to him. I first met Senator Edwards in April 2006 when he visited Silicon Valley and met with a group of bloggers. This was not a fund raising… Read More

  • West Coast writer wanted

    CrunchGear, long a haven for liberal East Coast wonks (except for Hickey), is now looking for a charming and personable hippie from San Francisco thereabouts to become the latest addition to our already bloated and bloviating group either as an Intern or full-time writer. Do you have what it takes to write about tech for hours on end? Take pictures of electronics? Pretend to know everything… Read More

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