• Breaking: Technology makes it easier to get to pr0n at work

    According to a survey by the American Management Association, you’re looking at porn at work. Yes, you. And, lo and behold, it’s because the technology we use every day makes it easier. Cellphones, laptops, and other portable devices are making it harder to crack down on habitual porn users. It’s quite shocking. In related totally obvious tech news, Apple releases products… Read More

  • Re: Giant genitals on Motorola phones

    Remember that nice, big dick on the clock on the screen of those Motorola phones? It’s now Moto’s Loch Ness Monster: despite evidence, it doesn’t exist. BGR, who brought us the story, got a quote from Moto saying it was just unfortunate shading, and if someone’s offended, they can just disable the analog-style clock. It’s a bit of a mia culpa for sure, there was… Read More

  • RIAA now targeting Usenet: The party's over?

    The RIAA has now set its sights on Usenet, that decentralized network of discussion groups, some of which happen to host copyrighted material. The cartel filed suit against http://www.usenet.com, a Usenet access provider, for offering—get this—”essentially the same functionality” as the Groksters of the world. (When was the last time anyone used Grokster? Why don’t… Read More

  • If You Are A Frequent Traveler, You Are Going To Love Tripit

    Tripit, one of the companies that launched at TechCrunch40 is an extremely useful application for frequent travelers. It’s dead simple to use and it keeps you organized – all you have to do is forward confirmation emails to them when you purchase airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. Tripit pulls the relevant information out of the emails and builds an… Read More

  • Virtual Affection: The Hug Shirt

    We get the weirdest crap in our tips inbox, most of it unpublishable (unless your filter allows through things like “Hard HORSUE sexx tranny”, as ours does). But then there’s things like this Hug Shirt. It connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. It has sensors as well as actuators. You have your Hug Shirt, your partner has their Hug Shirt. You hug yourself, and the… Read More

  • New copyright group forms today; Companies take a realistic look at Web video?

    The Samberg Digital Shorts are the best thing going on SNL right now. Dick in a Box and The Chornic (les of Narnia) were viral hits that instigated new interest in the show. The video shorts buzzed around the Internet and won Timberlake an Emmy. If it wasn’t for sites like YouTube hosting the video, none of that was likely to happen. So the question for copyright holders is this: how do… Read More

  • Skype to launch handset for UK

    Although there has been no official announcement, my sources say it’s a done deal that Skype will launch a mobile handset with UK operator Three this month. BusinessWeek is also claiming that the mobile will also launch in Italy, Hong Kong, and Australia, with the five remaining territories for Three after that. There appear to be no plans to launch the mobile in the US, which makes… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless serves up blitz of smartphones

    Heads up! It’s smartphone day at Verizon Wireless, where the carrier has today launched not one, not two, but four new smartphones today. Read More

  • Xtreme Mac's Tango Studio iPod speaker+dock: When new really isn't new

    Do you have a bookshelf or a desktop? Do you like to listen to music? Oh man, then you and XtremeMac’s Tango Studio are a perfect match. It’s more or less the same speaker+dock we’ve seen for the past several years, complete with FM radio and compatibility with damn near every iPod out there (save for the really old ones). Nearest I can tell, the only “new”… Read More

  • Western Union building mobile payment service

    Soon, you’ll be able to get money on your mobile phone no matter where your location. The GSM Association is working with Western Union to develop a cross-border money-transfer service that would work in any country with a GSM network. Together, the two companies are building the technology that would allow customers to transfer funs with their mobile phones. Come Q2 of next year, you… Read More

  • Adobe to drop desktop apps, move entirely online-based within the decade

    And you thought this whole Web 2.0 thing was a fad. Adobe’s CEO said yesterday that, in five to 10 years, all of its applications, including Photoshop, will be available to use online. Not only that, but that by the time that happens, Adobe said it will have completely shifted its resources from developing desktop applications like we see now to online-only apps. No more multi-gig… Read More

  • edocr aims to be YouTube of documents

    UK-based edocr opens its doors officially today allowing anyone to upload documents. There are already US startups trying to become the ‘YouTube for documents’, notably Scribd and Docstoc and edocr does something similar, but with a twist. Coming out of Manchester, edocr lets you upload your document and then allow people to download, share or embed it via a Flash interface on… Read More

  • Skype launching branded mobile phone

    From our big brother TechCrunch comes news that Skype will be releasing a branded mobile phone later this month. The device will be released in partnership with 3 Mobile in Britain, Italy, Hong Kong and Australia, with three more countries to follow by years end. Unfortunately for us patriots here in the USA, we won’t be seeing this mystic Skype phone anytime soon, as there are currently… Read More

  • To promote PGR, Microsoft backs Formula One's Lewis Hamilton

    Microsoft is endorsing British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton to win this weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix and, hence, the F1 championship this weekend. It’s one of those times where the last race of the season will actually determine who wins the title. (The contenders are Hamilton, Spain Fernando Alonso and Finland’s Kimi Raikkonen.) And why is this being posted… Read More

  • The Web is the Platform

    The platform wars are over. Long live the Web. That was the basic message delivered by Jeff Huber, Google’s vice president of engineering, in a ten-minute presentation at Web 2.0 a few minutes ago. His talk was nominally about widgets (which Google calls Gadgets). Huber noted that over 100,000 sites have already embedded Google Gadgets, with 63 of them attracting more than one… Read More

  • eBay down $936 million in Q3 due to Skype purchase

    Auction powerhouse eBay posted a Q3 loss of roughly $936 million dollars, making it the second time in the company’s history that it’s reported a loss. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, considering that the company claimed a $1.4 billion charge to write down its purchase of VOIP provider, Skype. Take away the Skype purchase, and eBay more than doubled its earnings per… Read More

  • The Motivation Behind the Anti-Google Copyright Protection Coalition

    It didn’t take long for all the media companies to respond to Google’s launch earlier this week of its copyright fingerprinting system on YouTube. Today, they announced a set of limp-wristed “guidelines” that both technology and media companies should abide by in order to protect copyrighted content going forward. Companies who signed on to the guidelines include… Read More

  • Ambulance Chasers Have A New Home, SueEasy

    Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident? Suing TechCrunch? To answer these questions, soon-to-launch SueEasy.com is hoping you turn to them before the white pages, FindLaw, or ratings sites like Avvo. They’re currently in a private beta, tweaking the service. The site is kind of a reverse directory for lawyers that’s sure to be a haven for personal injury lawsuits. Read More

  • Submit Your Startup to the LeWeb3 Competition in Paris

    LeWeb3, a conference in Paris about Europe’s most exciting new startups, is soliciting applications for a competition they will be holding on the first day of the event in December. If you want to present your startup at the conference, submit an application to LeWeb3 by Monday, October 22nd at 5:00 PM PT. Conference organizers will select 30 companies to present to an audience of 500… Read More

  • Alltel launches MOTOROKR Z6m

    Interested in something other than the iPhone and have Alltel wireless? Check out the Motorola MOTOROKR Z6m that just launched. It’s available for $130 with a 2-year contract and has 20 XM Satellite Radio channels available for your listening pleasure. You’ll also be able to playback music and take pictures and video with a 2-megapixel camera. The Z6m has a dedicated 3.5mm… Read More

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