• Free in-flight Wi-Fi on JetBlue with a catch, of course

    This isn’t exactly what we expected in terms of in-flight Wi-Fi, but beggars can’t be choosers and something is better than nothing. JetBlue, Yahoo! and RIM have announced free in-flight Wi-Fi services starting on the 11th of this month. But there’s a catch as there always is. The service is limited to Yahoo! Mail, Messenger and Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerries will have access… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Western Digital Passport

    with prices starting at $80 and topping out at $230. It’s the perfect gift for any student, road warrior or anyone, really. It also comes in a myriad (Not so much a myriad, but you get the point. Available in white, black, red and green) of colors. Product Page Read More

  • I want convenience and accountability for Christmas

    I don’t want to play the “peace on Earth, goodwill towards men” card but I would like the following five things, which I think would benefit other people besides just me. 1. Mandatory Online Cancellation Policies If a company lets you sign up for service and manage your account online without talking to anybody, it should be mandatory that they let you cancel the service… Read More

  • Samsung's AMOLED phone has the longest acronym

    Samsung has created another good-looking phone, and this time it even has a few chin-stroke-worthy features. Sure, everyone loves LEDs, and OLEDs I’m told are the future. So what about AMOLEDs? Surely more letters = more quality. The AM stands for Active Matrix, and Samsung and LG have used it in a few very thin TVs. To you, the consumer, this means low power consumption, bright… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Wal*Mart secret in-store sale tomorrow

    I know most of you are doing or at least attempting to do your holiday shopping this week or next so here’s a little something to help you in your cause. Wal*Mart is having a secret in-store sale tomorrow at 8AM. Is there anything special in the secret sale? Of course there is. I’ve got my eye on a 50-inch Plasma from Vizio for $998 though, it’s only 720p. There’s a… Read More

  • Apple's upcoming sub-notebook to cost around $1,500?

    Two things here. First, it’s being reported on CNBC that Apple’s sub-notebook that’s supposed to be launched at Macworld next month "is expected to be priced aggressively at approximately $1500," according to AppleInsider. The device will be 50% thinner than the MacBook Pro, use NAND flash memory instead of a hard drive, and "it will definitively arrive at… Read More

  • AT&T supports any cellphone in the world, is amazing, cures cancer

    Huzzah! After years of keeping its shining light under a bushel, AT&T has finally come out as the biggest, hottest multi-sexual phone carrier in all the world! Have a phone! Use it on AT&T! ConAir! Motorola! GE! An old rotary phone from Grandma’s! Hook it up to AT&Ts wireless network and get calls from Jesus and dead loved ones! That is, if you believe this hype-filled lump… Read More

  • Slacker Portable delayed, delayed again

    Aaaaaaand, I’m done. That’s enough for me, thank you. I give up. First it was the end of summer, then it was mid-December, now it’s the end of January when the Slacker Portable is supposed to ship. I have no faith that it’ll ship on that date. Sorry. I’d been waiting to buy this thing since the moment it was announced. I had custom searches and RSS feeds set up… Read More

  • CrunchGear Exclusive: Grand Opening of the W14th Street New York Apple Store

    The Grand Glass Staircase Here they are, folks: great shots from the brand new Apple store on 14th Street in Manhattan. There’s no floating apple in a big cube, but there is one of the sexiest staircases this side of the Prada store. Feast your eyes after the jump. Read More

  • OpenSocial Still "Not Open for Business"

    It’s only been about a month since Google launched OpenSocial, its development platform for social networking applications. But already developers are frustrated with how half-baked the whole thing is. Russ Whitman, the founder of MediaPops, a startup that launched at TechCrunch 40, reports to us in an e-mail: While we were initially very excited, we have learned the hard way just… Read More

  • Hands on with the Sprint Novatel Wireless Ovation U727 dongle

    Besides the AT&T Duo, I received the latest USB dongle from Novatel for Sprint’s wicked fast EV-DO Rev A. network. The U727’s most notable features are the microSD slot and GPS. Once I get this up and running I’ll have a full review. If all goes well and I hope it does, the U727 will be my workhorse for CES next month. Read More

  • DemystifyingDigital: New & Easy Printers

    DemystifyingDigital is a feature written by Dan Havlik, editor of DemystifyingDigital.com If you’re scrambling to buy a holiday gift for any of your friends with a digital camera, you can’t go wrong with a portable printer. While in the past these portables were long on cuteness but short on features and print quality, the latest models from Canon, HP, and Epson rival desktop… Read More

  • Sidekick Slide back in the saddle again at T-mo's site

    After some initial — ahem — setbacks, the Sidekick Slide is back up on T-Mobile’s web site for $199 after rebates and discounts. The major problem was caused by poor battery contacts, which seems like a simple enough fix. It’ll be interesting to see how well this device does now that it’s been pulled and then put back up for sale, though. Any current or former… Read More

  • Sprint's Wimax initiative could mean death of 'regular' cellphone service

    Since when did Sprint become part of the technological avant garde? Its investment in WiMax, what it’s branding Xohm, is beginning to pay off, with the company rolling out the wireless broadband service in D.C., Baltimore and Chicago in the coming weeks. Speeds of 2-5mbps are expected, which is more or less the typical home broadband speed, but the expected range for the signal is now… Read More

  • Post-fall update, Xbox 360 still isn't great a DVD player

    Tuesday came and went, along with it the fall update for the Xbox 360. (I would have downloaded it, but my stubborn younger brother refuses to give me my 360 back.) Microsoft lists “improved deinterlacer support for video playback,” but does this do anything to remedy the 360’s generally shoddy DVD playback? In a word, no. No it doesn’t. ExtremeTech points out that the… Read More

  • Hands on with the Pantech Duo

    After a dreadful day of sitting on the couch, sleeping on the couch and playing Assassin’s Creed from the couch since I was under the weather yesterday, I return to the CrunchGear/TechCrunch office to find a UPS box waiting for me. What could it be?! Yeah, I know you already know since it’s blatantly obvious in the headlines but bear with me. So what I have here is the Duo, which… Read More

  • Windows XP being ported to XO Laptop

    Photo from this guy’s Flickr. Microsoft is hard at work porting Windows XP for the XO Laptop. That’s good news for any number of reasons, not least of which because it gives an air of legitimacy to the laptop. (Reports have suggested that some governments are weary of the XO because it runs Linux. For better or worse, the perception is that you need to run Windows.) It’s… Read More

  • Freewebs Drops The "Free" And Launches It's Own Facebook Gaming Network

    Freewebs is taking a step back from its personal website network and expanding into a social media portfolio company under the name Webs.com. The domain will serve as a hub for its new web properties, including recently launched social publishing site Pagii and Freewebs. The site will also include a new property, the “Social Gaming Network” (SGN). SGN is a game developer that… Read More

  • Samsung dual player still dropping this month, even cheaper

    There’s a lot of confusion going around about Samsung’s dual player, BD-UP5000, and when it may actually hit retailers. Amazon says it won’t be here till next month, but Samsung is on record saying the player is shipping now and that we’ll see it before the end of the year. Well, you better get a move on, Samsung. The gift giving day is fast approaching and people… Read More

  • French "claim" iPhone "to gain voice recording," "disk mode," "glass of nice Bordeaux" in next update

    iPhon.fr claims that firmware 1.1.3 will offer a voice recorder and disk mode in the next iPhone update. The news is fairly nebulous and there is no second-hand confirmation of this in any of the major Mac sites, so let’s give this a 45% chance of happening at all and a 25% chance of this happening before Christmas. iPhone 1.1.3: Quid of the functionalities? [Babelfish translation] Read More

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