• Packed House At Y Combinator Startup School

    Today marked the fourth year of Y Combinator’s startup school, and judging by the overflowing auditorium that persisted throughout the event, it was a runaway success. A crowd of over 650 developers, writers, and entrepreneurs packed Stanford’s Kresge Auditorium for a chance to pick the minds of tech-industry greats. The annual event gives members of the startup community… Read More

  • Yeah, that's a clock

    This may look like a weird modern art piece, but it’s a actually a clock. The little white “matchsticks” move around and form words that spell out the time in plain English. Unfortunately, it will only tell you the time in hours, so it’s probably not the most useful clock in the world. Currently, the designer, Christiaan Postma, has made no plans to produce the clock. Read More

  • PayPal to block access to site for Safari users over phishing concerns

    Would all Web browsers considered safe by PayPal please take one step forward? Not so fast, Safari. PayPal is planning on barring usage of its site by browsers that don’t include Firefox-like anti-phishing features in the near future. This would include Safari and many older browsers, effectively giving Firefox and Internet Explorer the only real access to its site. Many other… Read More

  • Microsoft politely points out the Xbox 360 version of GTA IV doesn't have a pesky 5-minute install time like the PS3 version

    When GTA IV comes out, you’ll have your choice of Xbox 360 or PS3 flavors. The PS3 version reportedly has a five-minute install before you can play, whereas the Xbox version is ready to go out of the box, and Microsoft wants yo to know about it. The Xbox team sent out an email to its mailing list stating some fairly snarky things, such as by the time you’re ready for the title… Read More

  • Yahoo Offers Limited Release Of BrowserPlus

    Yahoo has offered a limited release of Yahoo BrowserPlus, a software distribution framework that allows device developers to bridge the browser programming environment to any component. Skylar Woodward explains: Some time ago we created a platform team to focus on device software at Yahoo! and this is what has emerged amidst the quickly shifting strategy of the mothership. The 1.0 release… Read More

  • Xbox 360 causes house fire; Are you and your family safe?

    You’ll forgive the pandering headline, I hope. It would be easy to make jokes about how everone knows the Xbox 360 is prone to overheating, but that would be gauche. Instead, just the facts: an Xbox 360 in Arkansas caught fire and nearly burned down a house. The kicker is the owners weren’t home, it wasn’t being played when the fire started. Microsoft did recall power cords… Read More

  • Europe experimenting with in-flight mobile phone use

    Well, once again, Europe steps ahead of us on the road of progress. Air France is doing limited testing on allowing passengers to use their mobiles while on the plane. The complications are considerable: sound quality is bad due to the method they use of conducting the signal to the towers. People who don’t need phones on the plane don’t want them on planes. And then there is… Read More

  • Eee PC 900 gets priced and dated

    Sweet. I might actually be able to use a little XP machine at these specs. People are probably going to make noise about the thing costing $549 (more than expected, I think), but really it’s still an incredible bargain and the hardware bump allays the concerns many had about getting an Eee. It’s got a gig of RAM now and 12 or 20 gigs of solid-state hard drive space (12 for XP, 20… Read More

  • Deadpool: Red Envelope Files For Bankruptcy

    I can’t say we didn’t see this coming. Quirky online gift catalog site Red Envelope filed for bankruptcy on April 17, according to an SEC filing. Its assets will be purchased by Creative Catalogs in exchange for $5.7 million and the assumption of debt. Red Envelope is also getting a $4.5 million debtor-in-possession line of credit from Creative Catalogs and Granite Creek… Read More

  • Tresling = Tetris + Arm Wrestling

    Tresling is the combination of one of the most beloved video games ever made, Tetris, and one of the fiercest sports around, arm wrestling. The idea is that you move your arm to move your piece and tap a button to rotate it, however, you do that while locking arms with an opponent. So, the loser not only sucks at Tetris, but he/she also is physically weak. Read More

  • T-Mobile cares about the Earth, wants you to opt for paperless billing

    How serendipitous that T-Mobile has notified us of their plans to go green. You’ll find out why very soon. T-Mobile has joined with The Arbor Day Foundation to plant a minimum of 150,000 trees on behalf of T-Mobile customers who opt for paperless billing. Said trees will be planted in Southern California and New Orleans where Mother Earth is struggling to get things back in order after… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Street Scanner Edition

    Maybe a little raw meat to protect your iPod?
    mm Wave technology at JFK
    Make your own scientific calculator watch
    Decorum: Using cellphones on public transportation?
    Samsung wants you to use your hands Read More

  • Who Did Six Apart Acquire?

    San Francisco-based blogging startup Six Apart has made a significant acquisition, we heard today from someone with knowledge of the deal. “Significant” in the sense of a possible strategic shift for the company, if not in terms of deal size. It will be announced in the next few days. Who did they acquire? Put your best guess in the comments. First comment that is correct gets a 2… Read More

  • Review: Blackberry Pearl 8120 from T-Mobile

    Here we go again: another Blackberry product with UMA from T-Mobile. If you travel at all, you need UMA on T-Mobile. Straight up. Say what you want about your Samsung Ace with SIM card slot. That’s weak sauce compared to a phone that works at any hotspot worldwide. The 8120 is an updated Pearl with improved keyboard and Hotspot@Home support. Hotspot@Home is a $10/month service that… Read More

  • European news round-up

    In our new regular weekly round-up of news in Europe, here’s some of the broader stories that may be of interest. • The European Union is never very far away from reaching for the regulation trigger, so it was refreshing this week to see that it was warning member states that people should not be criminalised for the file-sharing of copyrighted material if they are not profiting… Read More

  • Encyclopedia Britannica Now Free For Bloggers

    Encyclopedia Britannica often is used in case studies as a definitive example of how new technology can disrupt a business. Everything was great for the nearly 250 year old privately held company until the Internet came around and a Category Five hurricaned on their parade. According to Comscore, for every page viewed on Brittanica.com, 184 pages are viewed on Wikipedia (3.8 billion v. 21… Read More

  • Is The Venture Capital Party Over?

    According to a new report from Thomson Reuters and PricewaterhouseCoopers, venture capital investment in the United States headed south in the first quarter of 2008. The report found that venture outlays dropped 8.5 percent to $7.1 billion in the three months ending March 31 from the $7.8 billion invested in the previous quarter, resulting in the lowest quarter since Q4 2006. Funding for early… Read More

  • WeeWorld: South Park Style Avatars Designed By Girls And Big Business

    UK startup WeeWorld is offering a avatar focused social networking service that is doing some great numbers. WeeWorld is pitched as the “world’s first multiplatform visual identity” and offers a personalized Web experience that can be used across IM, blogs and social networking sites. WeeWorld users design a WeeMee, a customizable avatar that gets its own space, and embeding… Read More

  • Leaked: Photos of the cast of the new G.I. Joe film in costume!

    What you see above you is a leaked photo of Dennis Quaid as General Hawk from the forthcoming G.I. Joe movie, and I must say, he looks very much like the Flint of my youth, but he’s General Hawk. It got me pretty excited. We’d seen Snake-eyes before, and he’s badass indeed. Then I saw Marlon Wayans as Ripcord and Rachel Nichols as Scarlet, and I got really excited, they… Read More

  • Onkyo launches three new attractive full home theater systems

    Onkyo today dropped a trio of home theater in a box set-ups, and they’re fairly affordable, full-featured systems. The HT-S3100 is your basic 5.1 home theater system with capacity to hand HDTV via component inputs. Up to three hi-def devices can be displayed on your HDTV, switched automatically. It also has plenty of standard analog inputs for your legacy gear. The HT-S4100 is the… Read More

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