• Yahoo! Announces Unlimited E-mail Storage

    Yahoo! Announces Unlimited E-mail Storage

    Gmail not doing enough for you? Need a little extra room to stuff those tax documents into? Yahoo! has just announced that come my birthday May 2007, all Yahoo! mail users (not just iPhone/Beta users) will have access to unlimited e-mail storage. Flippin’ sweet! But those of you already coding out UNIX shell scripts to automatically backup your hard drive to Yahoo! Mail, hold up a second. Read More

  • Hands-on Pics of The Xbox 360 Elite

    Hands-on Pics of The Xbox 360 Elite

    So the Xbox 360 Elite’s existence has been confirmed about two dozen times now, but we’ve gone this far without any real pictures of the thing. Major Nelson, guru of all things Xbox, just posted a bunch of hands-on pics of the new black beauty. For whatever reason, electronics do look better in black than they do in white (I had the black sports edition of the DreamCast back in… Read More

  • WebJam Bags $2 Million for Community of Personalized Pages

    WebJam Bags $2 Million for Community of Personalized Pages

    London-based WebJam, a community of openly editable personal pages, just raised $2 million from French early-stage VC I-Source Gestion. You can see our earlier coverage here. WebJam lets you create as many personal pages as you like by using their ajax editor to drop specialized modules onto your page. It’s a little Ning and a little Netvibes or Pageflakes without the open module standards. Read More

  • And Now, Something A Little More Frivolous From Zoho

    And Now, Something A Little More Frivolous From Zoho

    ToonDoo launched this morning, a new site that lets users easily create comic strips with pre-built or uploaded images and text. This is an Indian company, and has the same parent company, AdventNet, as Zoho (one of our current sponsors), a fairly serious online office application startup (see our coverage here). The creation tool is a Flash applicaton that includes a number of options for… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Home Recording Edition

    Daily Crunch: Home Recording Edition

    M-Audio 02 MIDI Keyboard Hands On
    M-Audio’s Session KeyStudio: $99 Band In A Box
    Microsoft Roundtable For, You Know, Roundtables
    Mempile TeraDisc Boasts 1TB Of Storage
    Samsung K3 Digital Audio Player Dipped in Red and Green Paint Read More

  • Pinger Now Commitment Free

    Pinger Now Commitment Free

    Voice messaging service Pinger no longer requires recipients to be pinger members in order to listen to messages on their mobile phones. Instead, upon receiving messages from Pinger users, recipients will be prompted by a text message to click and call a local number to hear the message. Previously non-members were emailed Pinger messages. Sending messages out and managing contact lists will… Read More

  • HTC Goes CDMA, GSM Not SOL, We P&L, From CTIA

    One thing the GSM camp in America has always had over the CDMA camp was smartphones: there were simply more of them. This was largely due to one manufacturer, HTC, who’s Windows Mobile-base smartphones were rebadged concurrently by both T-Mobile and Cingular (now the new AT&T *insert jingle*). But things change, CDMA friends. If you’re on Verizon or Sprint (poor thing) then… Read More

  • Happy Tomorrow: Xbox 360 Elite is a Reality

    Strictly speaking, today is the 27th, meaning that the Xbox 360 Elite is all officilized, and priced at $479. That gets you the rumored 120GB internal HD, an HDMI cable, and a black casing. Nothing new, but that’s the good news: the guts are all the same (except the harddrive) so current owners don’t have to feel too bad. We don’t like the name “Elite”… Read More

  • YouTube Geting a Mobile Mini-Me

    YouTube Geting a Mobile Mini-Me

    Katie Fehrenbacher over at GigaOm is reporting U.S YouTubers will be treated to a mini version later this year at the conclusion of the exclusivity clause in YouTube’s contract with Verizon wireless. The service will be live in Europe later in May. The mobile version will be a condensed version of YouTube, featuring 800 videos picked by YouTube’s editorial staff. No word yet on… Read More

  • Whispers About Stealth Startup Vutool

    We’re getting information about a new stealth startup called Vutool. The founder is Sebastian Thrun, Director of the Stanford AI Lab. We hear that he has a team of ten or so people, most of them Stanford Ph.D. students. Vutool is a “Google Earth” from the ground level. It is being created the hard way – a battalion of cars are traveling around major U.S. cities and… Read More

  • Microsoft Accidentally Sends Secret File On Journalist, To That Journalist. Oops.

    Wired Contributing Editor Fred Vogelstein received an interesting and inadvertantly sent email from Microsoft’s PR firm, Waggener Edstrom. The contents of the email were Waggener’s internal notes on Vogelstein and how to work with him. Vogelstein writes about this on a Wired blog, saying “as journalistic windfalls go this is about as good as it gets.” The entire file… Read More

  • Ok, Maybe McCain Should Go Back To The Old Template

    This morning we mentioned that Presidential hopeful John McCain’s MySpace page was “enhanced” with a new pro-gay marriage political message. That was quickly taken down, and the site repaired after about 13 hours. The new site, though, has a bad misspelling – “Gorup” should be “Group.” The first time around this could be laughed off as a… Read More

  • Yahoo! Trailblazes With Its New Mobile Publisher Services

    Yahoo! Trailblazes With Its New Mobile Publisher Services

    Yahoo! has announced a new service that will be kind of a big deal for the mobile arena. Yahoo! Mobile Publisher Services is a suite of services designed to enable publishers to increase the discovery, distribution and monetization of their content on mobile phones. The suite is comprised of Yahoo! Mobile Ad Network, Mobile Content Engine, Mobile Media Directory and Mobile Site Submit. Read More

  • FlipTrack Get's $1.5 M for Syncing Slide Shows

    FlipTrack Get's $1.5 M for Syncing Slide Shows

    We covered FlipTrack last November when they launched a beta version of their desktop client, which syncs a photo slide show to music. They’re back, with a $1.5 million first round of financing and a new web client. The financing comes from a group angels and Mohr Davidow Ventures. The new investment included some investors in FlipTrack’s former parent company, iPlay, makers of… Read More

  • Latest CrunchBoard Jobs

    Recent CrunchBoard Job Listings: Project Manager, grayboxx, Inc., Saratoga, CA Ajax/LAMP Rock Star, The Sunlight Foundation, Washington, DC Director of IT, Blue Lithium, Inc., San Jose, CA Visual Design Consultant, Piczo Inc., San Francisco, CA Web Application Developer, LicketyShip, San Francisco, CA Sr. UI Designer, AOL, Mountain View, CA Business Developemnt &… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Elite Officialized Tomorrow

    Another day and another Xbox 360 Elite rumor, but this one might actually hold water. GameDaily Biz has been informed by an industry source that Microsoft will officially announce the existence of the Elite sometime tomorrow. Eh. We’ve known about it for months, but it’s always nice when it actually becomes official. If the rumors are true we’ll know for sure that the Elite… Read More

  • VoiceSignal VSearch: Embedded Voice Search

    VoiceSignal VSearch: Embedded Voice Search

    VoiceSignal makes the majority of voice recognition systems found in almost every major handset made. Never heard of them, you say? Well, that’s because they’re so embedded that its a struggle for them to even get their logos on the handset screens. Any time you issue a voice command, however, there is an excellent chance you’re using VoiceSignal technology. Now… Read More

  • HOMBRE: Ajax-alike Thin Client for Any Phone

    HOMBRE: Ajax-alike Thin Client for Any Phone

    HOMBRE, which stands for Hands On Mobile Runtime Environment, is a 65 kilobyte environment for building mobile applications. It can run on almost any handset and actually uses the handset’s on board applications and API calls to play video, audio, and access network features. The UI itself is quite nice and reminiscent of Helio and Adobe’s Web 2.0 reflection-tastic UIs you find on… Read More

  • New Competition For PayPerPost (humor) (I think)

    New Competition For PayPerPost (humor) (I think)

    New service BegForPost takes on the ethically questionable PayPerPost service that allows advertisers to pay bloggers to write about their products. BegForPost promises none of the ethical hassles of PayPerPost. There’s no payment, just begging for coverage: You’ve worked for months building a startup on a boostrap budget and the launch is near. How will you get an initial influx… Read More

  • SanDisk 4GB M2 Card Aimed At Mobile Phone Users

    I’m not the type to use my mobile phone for media purposes because the software programs just suck. I’ve never used the MP3 player on my SK3 and my Nokia 5300 hasn’t even seen the light of day. The lack of memory is the main reason why I don’t use such features, but the SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Micro line just might change my tune. While it’s geared towards the… Read More