• LED shower light turns blue when cold, red when hot

    If you’re like me, you’ll agree that there’s nothing in the whole wide world that’s quite as bad as getting your hand wet. I hate it! So it pleases me greatly to see this $40 shower head with built-in LED lighting that turns blue when the water’s cold and red when it’s warm (89 degrees, to be exact). The shower head requires no batteries, thankfully, and… Read More

  • Crowd Science: Google Analytics For Demographics

    Crowd Science, a new demographics service that aims to help online publishers maximize their audience and ad revenue, has launched today in an invite-only beta. The site compares itself to Google Analytics, but explains that it focused on “demographics and attitudes rather than clicks”. The first 100 TechCrunch readers to go here and enter TECHCRUNCH as the promo code will be able… Read More

  • Continental Airlines offers Mobile Boarding Passes

    Long lines at the airport can make flying really frustrating. To help breakup some of the congestion, Continental Airlines is experimenting with a pilot program that will let you put your boarding pass on a mobile phone or PDA. Transport Security Administration (TSA) officers are using the WORKABOUT PRO from Psion Teklogix to electronically scan boarding passes on passengers’ mobile… Read More

  • Softbank to bring iPhone to Japan

    Japan’s number three mobile carrier Softbank Corp. announced late yesterday that it has struck a deal with Apple to sell the iPhone to the tech savvy Japanese public. Sales of the iPhone should begin sometime this year. Softbank was able to beat Japan’s number one service provider, NTT DoCoMo, for the coveted right to carry the iPhone. Last year NTT DoCoMo was in negotiations… Read More

  • Comcast To Trial New Network Management Technique

    Starting this week, Comcast is running trials in three US local markets of a new method to manage traffic on its fiber broadband network. Comcast has recently come under fire for filtering and blocking P2P data on its network, causing both legal and illegal torrents to stop working or have their speeds reduced to a crawl. Comcast has responded to the criticism by publishing a new network… Read More

  • WhitePages.com To Buy Snapvine for Around $20 Million

    Seattle based WhitePages.com, a people search and background information site founded in 1997 by Alex Algard, will announce their pending acquisition of VoIP and widget startup Snapvine later today. The acquisition price is not being disclosed, but is rumored to be around $20 million, all cash. This deal with SnapVine comes after WhitePages walked away from a Jangl acquisition (a competitor… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Office Warp Edition

    JBL’s Control NOW speakers are expensive, toroidal
    Santa Monica builds solar powered ferris wheel lit by 160,000 LEDs
    The Far Future: Digital paper on Coke cans?
    CNN Money asks: Is an Apple environment right for your small biz? Yes, if you’re not a moron
    FotoDialer: Make phone calls based on photos
    Pedalectric kart is perfect for going to the store (or being crushed by an SUV)
    Read More

  • The History Of The Internet Is Being Written By…Vanity Fair

    They say that history is written by the victorious…which begs the question as to how Al Gore and Friendster manage to get center stage in a history of the Internet. Vanity Fair writes a rambling eight-part 22 page story on history of the Internet called “How The Web Was Won” for its latest edition. The article pays tribute to Internet pioneers, including Al Gore, as well as… Read More

  • HubDub launches PunditWatch. We don't do so well (so far)

    Prediction markets are being touted as the new way to really engage users. If you can get users to mass around content like a fantasy league, the idea is they will consume more, super-charging traffic. There are a few out there already: BluBet (more of a game than a market), The Industry Standard re-launched (with mixed results) aiming at tech, Pikum is majoring on sports, and HubDub is aiming… Read More

  • HTC to launch Touch Pro for biz users this year

    So the HTC Diamond is a phone that people are into, and HTC is upping the handset with a new version called the Pro. It has similar styling to the Diamond, with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and a full-sized touchscreen, a 3.2-Megapixel camera with video calling, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, WinMo 6.1, TouchFlo, and fast HSDPA 3G connectivity. We’ll see it here at some point this year, though… Read More

  • oDesk Raises $15M More For Outsourcing Development

    oDesk, the site that helps customers find and remotely monitor outsourced developers, has raised $15 million in a Series C funding round led by DAG Ventures. Existing investors Benchmark Capital, Globespan Capital Partners, and Sigma Partners also participated in the round. This brings oDesk’s total funding to $29 million. oDesk allows companies to weed through thousands of… Read More

  • EA Acquires Shawn Fanning's Rupture, Says The LA Times A Month After We Did

    The LA Times and others are reporting that EA has acquired Shawn Fanning’s social-network-gaming startup Rupture for around $30 million. We reported this deal a month ago. The first sentence of the LA Times story: “Shawn Fanning…has finally earned some money.” The title of our post a month ago: “Shawn Fanning Finally Gets A Real Payday…” They did add… Read More

  • Pandora Hits the Desktop With AIR. *Thud*

    Personalized radio service Pandora has taken the plunge and released an AIR application into beta that allows users to play music from Pandora without opening the browser. When I first heard of this development, I thought it was such a cool idea. Music playback is one of those things that really doesn’t need a full browser experience; just give me a simple control panel to enter songs… Read More

  • Grouply Claims to Blow Past Ning; Now What?

    Adam Penenberg of Fast Company got lots of well-deserved grief for his cover article about Ning last month, the one that focused on the Andreessen and Bianchini duo’s “viral expansion loops”. The overly simple idea behind those loops is this: members join a service and then invite their friends. Rinse and repeat, and you’ve got exponential growth rates. Things… Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone app store ready to go at conclusion of WWDC keynote on Monday

    We’re guessing that Monday’s Apple WWDC Keynote will bring news of the iPhone 2 as well as a launch date for the iPhone apps store, but CNET has it on good authority from someone within Apple that the app store itself will be ready to open as soon as Steve’s keynote is done. Other rumors indicate that the iPhone 2 will also be available on Monday, but we see a Friday launch… Read More

  • Most popular stories for Tuesday, June 3, 2008

    Todays Top Posts: Contest: We’re giving away three ‘GearJuice Mobile Pocket Power’ rechargeable battery packs Google: Android for sure in 4th quarter of 2008 Intel’s PAN technology: Bluetooth’s worst nightmare? HTC Diamond: So fancy! MSI Wind now officially official Apple should hire this guy, but not as a cameraman CrunchArcade: Red-colored PS2 debuts in… Read More

  • Games for the blind or visually impaired, designed on Nintendo’s Wii

    Gamers with impaired vision usually had a hard time finding games they could play with their friends, who had no vision problems. The researchers at MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Gambit Game Lab have been working with the Wii to create a game that will fill this need. They unveiled the fruits of their labor on Tuesday, a game called AudiOdyssey. The game is all about… Read More

  • Age of Conan patch shrinks characters' boobs, chances of ever seeing them in real life

    Straight from the “Time to Leave Mom’s Basement” files comes the story of the shrinking boobs of Age of Conan. Funcom, developer of the popular new game, released a minor patch for the it recently. While the patch did some fairly mundane maintenance on the game, it had one unintended side effect: the breasts of some female characters shrank noticeably. This, of course… Read More

  • CNN Money asks: Is an Apple environment right for your small biz? Yes, if you're not a moron

    Look, I’m not trying to be some anti-Windows Apple fanboi. I’m not saying that a Mac is for everybody; I think everyone should give them a try and then think critically about switching. But when it comes down to choosing between upgrading your small business to Vista or switching to OSX, it’s kind of a no-brainer. That’s why I take umbrage with this story from… Read More

  • Canon introduces a projector that exceeds 1080 HDTV resolution

    This monster of a projector is part of the REALiS Multimedia Projector line and is called the REALiS WUX10. This WUXGA-resolution (1920 x 1200) widescreen projector uses LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology to produce reportedly amazing color and clear image quality. It supports 1080 video content natively. The REALiS WUX10 cranks out 3200 Lumens with a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It… Read More

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