• First Look: Hardware DivX Player Prototype

    Ubergizmo got a chance to play with an in-development 720p networked media player built around the DivX platform. While they compared it to AppleTV, such a device seems more like an orange — it’s dependent upon a host PC, doesn’t have a hard drive, and doesn’t make use of content purchased from an iTunes-like store. All that aside, the device has a couple… Read More

  • BioShock Review: Worth the Hype?

    I rarely get excited about game titles any more — a Half-Life might get my juices flowing but I’m definitely not going to reserve copies of anything at the local GameStop — which is why I’m really interested in BioShock. It actually seems like a game I could get into, irregardless of the kid, the wife, and the 5 million deadlines looming over me. Read More

  • Nokia to Offer Windows Live on Symbian Phones

    It will be a cold day in hell when Nokia teams up with Microsoft to offer Activesync support and Windows Live services… oh, wait. Yep, that’s right. Big Lutefisk is teaming up with Big Bill to offer Symbian/Nokia fans a little taste of Windows Mobile. The new software will enable Hotmail and MSN Messenger access along with some ActiveSync. How can you know if your handset is ready… Read More

  • Nerd Tats: Link

    CG writer Raj sent us in this picture of the first pass on his new Link tattoo. Raj loves him some video games and pop culutre — he even has Nightmare Before Christmas ink on his scrawny, emocized bicep. What’s next, Raj? A magic mushroom under your eye in honor of all the Marios you killed in prison? Read More

  • Reebok Wants You To Get Ready For The Fit, Ride Of Your Life

    I had an incredible opportunity to visit the Reebok campus and see what effect the Adidas takeover had on the company and its vision for the future. What they showed me blew my mind. When the Spring ’08 lineup hits stores, you’ll find me first in line somewhere in Manhattan. Two separate lines of running shoes will change your mind about the current state of running shoes and… Read More

  • The Futurist: Why Vizio Is Now The #1 Flat Panel Maker In The US

    Quick question: As of today, which company is the top-selling flat panel HDTV brand in the US? Sony? Nope — your Bravia may be nice, but it’s not number one. Panasonic? Nah. And nope, it’s not Sharp, LG, Samsung, or Philips either. The answer: Vizio.
    A company that didn’t exist 4 years ago and, unlike all of the companies above, is actually based in the United… Read More

  • Unexpected Surge in Google Mobile this Summer

    Traditionally, Google mobile and non-mobile web surfing declines in the summer months as people go on vacation. (At least in North America). This year traffic on mobile devices utilizing Google has increased 35%. Mobile devices looking at Google Maps has increased as much as 50%. This appears to point to a trend, in which people use their mobile devices for information while taking time off… Read More

  • BodyGuardz For Your iPhone

    I’m not sure how many of you are overzealous about your gadgets like me, but if I were to actually own an iPhone, chances are I’d invest in some protective wear for my precious. Just to show you how dorky I am about my gear I’ll tell you what’s on the screen of my Sidekick 3. Packing tape. It fits perfectly onto the screen and I only have to trim the corners. I’m… Read More

  • Windows Live on your Nokia

    Giants Microsoft and Nokia are teaming up today to provide Windows Live on S60 compatible devices. This service will be available to Nokia Series 40 compatible handsets next year. Windows Live is a comprehensive set of personal Internet services and software. It is designed to bring together in one place all the relationships, information and interests people care about. Safety and… Read More

  • Not Paying Lypp Service

    A new group-calling service is under development that allows conference-type calling from virtually any wireless device (including phones) and your desktop. This new application is called Lypp. When the service launches, users won’t have to pay a monthly fee and the first 500 minutes are free. No installation of software will be required so the service can be used instantly after… Read More

  • Tell Them MySpace Friends

    A new mobile phone service is available for those of us who want to stay in contact with our MySpace friends. Tell Them is a service that lets the user send pictures and text via a mobile device. The service is free and simple to use. First, go to the Tell Them site on your phone. Enter your MySpace E-Mail password and select the friends you want to contact. Write a message and attach a picture… Read More

  • Nikon D300: Pictures Of A Camera. So Very Meta.

    Behold the D300, which Nikon is positioning for prosumers not quite ready to dive into the complexities of the D3, but who are ready to step up from the D40s and D80s of the world. Again, Nikon’s got all the specs for you to pick at online, so I’ll just give you a little pictorial. I’ll have impressions up after I use the cameras for a little bit longer. (Nikon has men armed… Read More

  • Nikon's D3, The New Digital SLR King: Live Shots From Tokyo

    So that super-duper, top secret reason why I’m here in Japan—the Nikon D3 and D300, two digital SLRs that should help the Japanese company reclaim some lost ground in its Tolkienian battle against Canon. The D3, which is aimed at professional photographers, is Nikon’s first to make use of the FX format, a fancy term for what amounts to a full 35mm sensing area. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Red Carpet Edition

    Pentax Launches Two New Point and Shoots
    Sony Creating 12.47-Megapixel DSLR Sensors
    Laser Beam Wristwatch: 100% Computer Controlled
    Samsung’s HD Flash Camcorder Says, “Guten Tag”
    LG Viewty, Ain’t She A Beauty?
    10 Days of CrunchGear Giveaway: The Final Countdown Read More

  • Ok, Ok. All Of You (even YouTube) Invented Video Overlay Ads "First"

    When I wrote a post earlier today suggesting that YouTube was not the first to use a Flash overlay advertisement for online video, I didn’t realize I’d be getting so many emails and comments disputing exactly who first invented the unit. VideoEgg has certainly been doing this for a year or so. In a comment to that post, though, an (unconfirmed) ex-YouTuber says the idea was… Read More

  • AdaptiveBlue Makes SmartLinks Feeds Viral

    AdaptiveBlue has announced that their SmartLink Feeds for books, music, movies, and stocks are now “viral.” The new SmartLink Feeds from the companies flagship Blue Organizer Firefox Add-on now include a “Grab Me” button that allows anyone to copy a list of favorites and place it on their web sites and social networking profiles. SmartLink Feeds can also be customized… Read More

  • Apple Store In Seattle Gets Robbed

    Does this look like a man who would steal from Apple? The University Village Apple Store in Seattle was mysteriously robbed of serviced laptops and refurbished iPhones that were waiting to be restocked early Monday morning. It seems the burglars came in through the ceiling and even swiped one of the technicians pimped out laptops that was locked down in the cubicle area. Coincidentally our… Read More

  • Teh.Be$t.Kommenter.Evar

      Comments are the greasy oil that keeps the blog machine running. Here are three great (and 100% unedited) comments recently posted by your fellow readers. Read More

  • Facebook Will Use Profiles To Target Ads, Predict Future

    Facebook is planning a new advertising system that will target ad delivery based on profile information added by Facebook users. According to a Wall Street Journal report, the new system will “let marketers target users with ads based on the massive amounts of information people reveal on the site about themselves” with future development that is aiming to (in true Orwellian… Read More

  • Technolust, You Done Me Wrong: Palm Foleo Delayed

    As probably the only person on this planet that’s been anxiously waiting for August 22nd, 2007 — the Palm Foleo’s supposed release date — the news has hit me like a ton of low-down, dirty, awful, smelly, rotten, jerky bricks. Looks like I’m not getting my Foleo anytime soon. Good thing I just sold my MacBook. According to numerous reports floating around the… Read More

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