• Can you engineer a technology cluster? The Irish experience

    So I recently wrote about the idea of having a purpose-built/created technology cluster or building(s) in London which I whimsically called “TechHub”. (As London is a big city the tech scene has always been incredibly spread out, with no definable cluster). The post was inspired by my visit to the Digital Hub in Dublin, a series of old Guinness warehouses turned over to the task… Read More

  • Skyfire Brings Full Browser Experience To Nokia S60 Phones (200 Private Beta Invites)

    Throw out that WAP browser on your cell phone. We are quickly approaching a point where a full browser experience is available on our mobile devices. And it is not just the iPhone. A startup called Skyfire is in some respect even further along than Apple in bringing the entire Web to your phone. Its mobile browser lets you slide Web pages around and zoom in like with the mobile version… Read More

  • The behind-the-scenes story of Xbox Live

    You gamers should know how great Xbox Live can be, but do you know how the service came about, or what Microsoft’s plans for it in the future are? (You may also know how incompetent many XBL players are—playing Team Fortress 2, it never ceases to amaze me that on my team of eight players, six were engineers, one was a useless dunce, and I was the only scout trying to get the briefcase. Read More

  • Department of Homeland Security can search through your laptop at border crossings

    A more perfect union~! How much do you trust the Department of Homeland Security? Like, a lot, or a lot lot? Doesn’t matter, really—it now has the right to riffle through your laptop, iPod and other electronic (and non-electronic) devices and documents when you cross a border coming into the U.S. To Liberty! Yes, the DHS now has the right to riffle through your junk at the border… Read More

  • This week's top three jobs on CrunchBoard

    This week’s top three jobs on CrunchBoard are: Ruby on Rails developer with an interest in sport New Media Coordinator Programmer / ninja for groundbreaking interactive restaurant The CrunchBoard job board gives you access to millions of technology and business savvy readers of TechCrunch, MobileCrunch, CrunchGear and other top technology blogs. CrunchBoard is permanently linked from… Read More

  • Can Toyota's Winglet become a Segway killer?

    Toyota says it’s newest invention, the Winglet, is a personal assistant robot but their move rather resembles an open attack at Segway. The vehicle the world’s biggest manufacturer of automobiles presented today will feature an electric motor, two wheels and a set of sensors to ensure stability. Just like its American counterpart, the Winglet (odd name) is ridden in a standing… Read More

  • IBM Joins the Cloud

    Continuing with the Blue Cloud initiative announced last Fall, IBM has wasted no time in its efforts to create a worldwide cloud computing network. Within the last six months plans for data centers have been set into motion in Ireland, China, and South Africa, and today IBM has announced a blueprint for North Carolina and the grand opening of a cluster in Tokyo. The North Carolina project… Read More

  • Fujifilm F60fd specs leaked online

    Photos and specs of several new Fujifilm digital cameras have hit the Web in the past several hours. Among them, the F60fd. (The full breadth and width of the leaks are right now being discussed on the DP Review forums, if you’re so inclined.) That fuzzy photo there is the F60fd, by way of some online merchant, which can safely be compared to the just-anounced Pentax Optio M60. The… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bubbly Edition

    Alesis Performance Pad builds upon SR-16 drum machine
    Video: Water-based touch interface for soothing bubble display
    Microbot sticks gently in your gut, snaps pictures
    Sweet Honey: The MP3 player concept with built-in aroma therapy
    Sega Toys presents a new robot animal, the dream hamster Read More

  • Where's my NetShare?

    Jason at TC writes about NetShare, a tethering app that has been pulled from the App store this evening. Looks like someone didn’t like the idea using up lots of mobile bandwidth on an all-you-can eat machine. More as we get it. Macrumors reports that Apple’s App Store was selling a tethering app compatible with the iPhone (both 3G and EDGE) for a brief period earlier this evening. Read More

  • Yahoo Turns Yelp, Yahoo Local and LinkedIn SearchMonkey Apps On In Search

    Yahoo is making a number of changes to its default search experience tonight to add more structured data to results. Yelp, Yahoo Local and LinkedIn SearchMonkey widgets are being added to search results automatically, eliminating the need for users to go into the search gallery and add them manually. SearchMonkey is a key part of Yahoo’s attempts to embrace the semantic web and open… Read More

  • Tethering Briefly Comes To The iPhone, Tempers Flare

    Macrumors reports that Apple’s App Store was selling a tethering app compatible with the iPhone (both 3G and EDGE) for a brief period earlier this evening. The $10 application, called NetShare, was developed by Nullriver software, and would be a godsend for many iPhone owners. After going up around 8PM EST to the elation of a lucky few, the application was pulled down around 20… Read More

  • iShoe helps the elderly by providing balance feedback

    As much as I want to give a knee-jerk snarky treatment to something called the iShoe, I just can’t. The iShoe is designed to help determine how well the wearer is balancing by sensing pressure variations over time. The sensor and corresponding software is being developed to help the elderly catch early warning signs of failing balance. The information is recorded and then that data should… Read More

  • Rumor: Nintendo ready to launch DS successor by year's end

    According to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, Nintendo has a handheld gaming device in the works ready for launch by year’s end. “We think that the timing of a new product introduction will depend upon the sales profile for the DS, and believe that lower than expected DS hardware sales could trigger an earlier launch for the new device,” Pachter said in an… Read More

  • First Look: D-Link DSM-330 HD Media Player

    Here’s a five-minute look at the DSM-330 from D-Link. It’s a DivX Connected player, which basically uses your home PC for most of the menu rendering and downloading horsepower. We’ll have a full review up in the not-too-distant future. So far, I see promise in the plug-ins feature, which allows developers to create their own stuff – I installed a Digg.com thing, an HD… Read More

  • Google Street View goes ahead in UK. Thanks again, Privacy International

    So I should say at the outset that there is nothing wrong with the concept of privacy. But in an age of social media, people really are going to have to start getting used to the idea that a lot of what we do in public is going to be “out there”. To digress briefly – as we heard at a session at MoMo London recently, mobile location based social networks in South Africa… Read More

  • Alesis Performance Pad builds upon SR-16 drum machine

    Expanding on the popular SR-16 drum machine, Alesis has incorporated eight velocity sensitive pads and released the Performance Pad. The kit-mountable Performance Pad comes with 2 inputs for external kick and hi-hat pedals along with a line-level input for attaching your iPod of CD player. A MIDI output (but not input?) is also incorporated. The 233 included sounds are mappable to any pad. Read More

  • The Consequences of an Ailing Broadband Infrastructure Begin to Surface

    When Akamai missed earnings estimates yesterday, they not only cited a slowing economy but also U.S. broadband bandwidth as a reason for poor earnings and forecasts. This brings up the serious issue of broadband infrastructure in the U.S. and the repercussions of ignoring a system that needs to be upgraded. Akamai CEO Paul Sagan stated that unless broadband speeds increase, growth will taper… Read More

  • Review: Samsung i8 digital camera

    Love them or hate them, convergence devices are here to stay and thankfully they’re getting better and better. Case in point, the Samsung i8 digital point-and-shoot camera. This tiny little 8.2-megapixel touting digi not only takes clean and sharp pictures, but it also plays back music and video like its predecessor the i85. Oh, and you can catch up on your latest novel too on the… Read More

  • Logitech is set to develop instruments for Guitar Hero World Tour

    Today Activision announced that they plan to collaborate with Logitech to develop “premium” instruments for the new Guitar Hero game. Supposedly the new instruments will be compatible with all the new features found in “World Tour”. Charles Huang, VP of business development for RedOctane said: “With Logitech, we know we have found the right partner who can… Read More

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