• Gmail Labs: A Public Stage for Googlers' 20% Time

    Google invited members of the press to its main campus in Mountain View today to unveil Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs is essentially a stage for Google employees to develop new features for Gmail under the public eye. Starting at 6pm PT tonight, all Gmail users in the US and UK will see a new tab in the settings area called “Labs”. The tab will show a selection of beta features, such… Read More

  • Interview with Product Manager Todd Jackson on Gmail Labs

    Steve Gillmor and I spoke with Gmail product manager Todd Jackson for a few minutes today following their announcement of Gmail Labs. See our real time notes here for more details. http://qik.com/player.swf?streamname=72f9814b9e9d4c7b8b9aa9c181794ee7&vid=94936&playback=false&polling=false&user=techcrunch&userlock=true&islive=&username=anonymous Read More

  • FIFA 09 promises '50,000 combinations' of tactics'. Sure it does.

    Like sands in the hourglass, EA will release FIFA ’09, presumably, this fall, with all sorts of pretend new features. Today there’s word that EA will pack “50,000 different combinations of tactics.” If there’s ever been a less meaningful phrase in the history of the English speaking peoples, I haven’t heard it. Put another way, EA, in talking to PSM3… Read More

  • T-Mobile officially announces Sidekick LX Tony Hawk Edition

    It’s official. The Birdman has landed his own Sidekick. I wants it. Gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Gaming UMPC with freaky 3D screen – I want one

    Looks like this cool little thing isn’t really going to make it to market, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t have one. It was created by a company called Masterimage as a proof-of-concept for a 3D screen that works without glasses. As usual, you can’t really tell whether it works, but the specs are right: 800×480 screen, a nice joystick, 60GB hard drive and half a… Read More

  • YouMail rolls out Visual Voicemail for smartphones

    Ever since text messaging became a popular thing, I’ve loathed the standard voicemail set-up more and more each day. It’s just so incredibly broken and dated – all of the annoyances of any automated phone system, with the added treat of messages that tend to be 5 minutes longer than they need to be. Visual Voicemail on the iPhone was a huge step in the right direction, but… Read More

  • Asus to launch eee gear including eee mini box and eee monitor

    Can’t get enough eee? How about an eee SUPER mini PC and an eee monitor, both clad in pearlescent white and delicately stuffed with the latest in circuitry. Some spies at Computex grabbed a shot of Asus’ roadmap pointing to two new devices. The eee monitor should launch in september but there is no word about the supposed mini mini PC. Read More

  • Woot today: Razer Barracuda AC-1 sound card, $55 shipped

    Looking to break free of Creative’s SoundBlaster yoke? There are other companies making sound cards, you know, and although I haven’t tested out Razer’s offering, I’m confident that it’s capable of delivering a perfectly decent sound experience. It’s got support for all the DTS and Dolby-type things you like, 24-bit output and good signal processing. For… Read More

  • BREAKING: AT&T employees getting iPhone 2 training beginning today

    An AT&T employee just informed us that AT&T store employees are currently receiving iPhone 2 training in preparation for WWDC-day. More as we get it. Read More

  • This Just In: People like Facebook and YouTube

    Almost 40 percent of 18 to 24 year-old office workers said that they would consider leaving their jobs if their access to Facebook and other popular web sites was blocked from their work computers. The survey was given to 1,000 office workers and included other sites as well, YouTube being one of them, according to vnunet.com. The survey by IT services firm Telindus found that 39 per cent of… Read More

  • Rumor: O2 offering iPhone upgrade — for free?

    Rumor has it that O2 will sell the 3G iPhone for $193 or may give it away for free to folks who sign up on an $140/month service plan with 3,000 minutes of talk time and 500 text messages. They may also offer the iPhone for about $500 on a prepaid-plan and may offer a free upgrade to current iPhone owners if they renew for 18 months. That said, Crazy Spice may also star in a lurid shiesse… Read More

  • Video: Is this what HP/Voodoo will unveil on June 10

    Looks like it. We’ll find out next week when I’m in Berlin. Read More

  • Vizio responds to MPEG-2 lawsuit

    I had no idea this had even happened. Anyone else? Irvine, CA – June 5, 2008 – VIZIO, the fastest growing brand of flat panel HDTVs in North America, announced today that it is aware of a suit filed June 2, 2008 in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan by several electronics company competitors alleging that VIZIO failed to enter into a licensing agreement for MPEG-2 video… Read More

  • 1989 Honda CRX named ‘Ultimate Apocalypsemobile’

    We know you’ve all been waiting a long time for the results to come in, but Wired has named the 1989 Honda CRX HF the “Ultimate Apocalypsemobile,” citing the car’s great cargo capacity, simple and reliable engine design, and great gas mileage – 50 miles per gallon, to be exact. If Wired’s recommendation isn’t enough to persuade you, Carsurvey.org also… Read More

  • Google Maps for Mobile gets bus and train directions

    Google Maps for Mobile has received an update for Blackberry and Java-capable handsets, adding in bus/train directions for the SF Bay, Seattle, New York, and over 40 other cities. Quickly find the closest bus stop, the route to take, and whether or not you have time for one more drink before the last stop of the day. I can not even imagine how much time this will save me. I lived in the SF Bay… Read More

  • MGS4: 90-minute cutscenes ‘grossly exaggerated’

    Earlier reports of feature-film length cutscenes have been denied by the game’s production company. According to Kotaku, Ryan Payton, assistant producer at Kojima Productions, said the following; I’m surprised nobody has stepped forward to debunk this rumor. There are no 90 minute cutscenes in MGS4. The ending is long, but 90 minutes is a gross exaggeration. And here I thought… Read More

  • Video: VIA Mini-ITX setup with Nano processor playing Crysis

    It’s not exactly a revolution in computing, but the fact that the game appears somewhat playable on a setup with such a small form factor is nice. They’ve got a PCI Express x16 slot for the GeForce card they’re using, and the Nano processor seems to be pulling its weight nicely as well. The idea, I think, is that basically you’ve got nearly every benefit of a larger… Read More

  • Live Coverage Of Google Gmail Event

    Update: Our full story on Gmail Labs is here. At 1pm PST Google is hosting an event to launch a new Gmail feature they’re calling the “next evolution of 20% time.” They say it will be a change in their development process and “users will be able to influence Gmail’s design.” Mike, Mark and Steve Gillmor are on the way to the event and we’ll be… Read More

  • Getting around Windows XP’s June 30th cutoff date

    InfoWorld has a somewhat long-ish article about how to beat the drop-dead date for Windows XP sales, which Microsoft has set as June 30th of this year. That’s in less than a month! What to do?! Well, here are a couple of options. First, June 30th is the last date that Windows XP can be sold. However, retailers and manufacturers can still sell copies of XP to the public and/or load copies… Read More

  • WWDC development sessions to be about 33% iPhone

    If the sessions at this year’s WWDC are any indication, it’s safe to say that Apple is looking for the iPhone to blow up as a development platform. According to PC World’s count, around 33% of the 150+ sessions will be dedicated to development on the iPhone. Around 50% of the remaining sessions will be general Mac stuff — accessibility, Cocoa, etc — with the last… Read More

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