• iPhone software updated to version 2.0.2

    Hurray! It’s bug fix Easter egg time! Apple has pushed a minor software update (2.0.2) to the iPhone, citing only “bug fixes” in the release notes. If you’ve got an inquisitive itch, go pop open iTunes and get’cho update on. Let us know if you spot anything. Personally, I’ll be waiting until word comes ’round that jailbreaking is working unless Apple… Read More

  • Take it Easy on Dell

    Dell‘s controversial attempt to claim ownership of the coinage “cloud computing” has officially been denied. The request was rejected by the US Patent and Trade Office on the basis that the term was “generic” and “therefore incapable of functioning as a source-identifier for applicant’s services.” This makes a strong case against… Read More

  • SF Chronicle wardrives all over Bay Area, puts up results

    Wardriving is not nearly so exciting as it used to be, what with half the city blanketed in unsecured wi-fi, but the San Francisco Chronicle wanted to test it out anyway. It’s controversial, but only among technophobes; everyone else knows that having an unsecured network is like leaving your front door swinging on its hinge and you pay the consequences if you’re dumb enough to do so. Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 Image Gallery

    Wanna see Android v.9 in all of its not-quite-final glory, but don’t feel like downloading the big ol’ SDK? Check out our screen shot gallery after the jump. Read More

  • Special Citizen Review requests

    Hey, winners: we’d love it if you could post citizen reviews of the gear you got at BFF. We built that site for you guys to share your opinions with us and it’ll be great to get lots of feedback from you all. Read More

  • Android SDK v.9 released, along with '08 Developer Roadmap

    We’ve got good news, and we’ve got bad news. The good news: After a five month stretch without a publicly available update to the Android SDK, Google has finally pushed a new release. They’ve also released a Developer Roadmap for the rest of ’08 which, amongst other things, re-re-re-confirms that device(s?) are on the way for Q4 ’08. The bad news: Android 1.0 will… Read More

  • DTV Transition now less than six months away

    Americans are now less than six months away from the analog to digital transition. Barring any legislative roadblocks, February 17th, 2009 should be the last day of analog broadcasts. Some stations might have an extra two weeks due to the NAB quite period but don’t count on your station staying lit. We just don’t want to see anyone lose their television signals because of… Read More

  • WineGong – Might be your next doorbell

      Is this doorbell classy or nerdy? We can’t decide. Part of us digs the natural material and wine glasses, but then, it is a DIY project that involves gong’n two flutes all controled by a homebuilt circuit board.  The setup is quite easy: – The two glasses (Butlers) are srewed to a wooden board (OBI)
    – The servo (Conrad) is attached to the board via angle brackets… Read More

  • RED files infringement lawsuit against LG for "Scarlet" usage

    When I heard about LG’s “Scarlet” line of HDTVs and its misleading ad campaign, the first thing I thought of was the real Scarlet and then “Is RED going to sue these mothers or what?” And so, four months later, they have. A post at the RED forums by Jim Jannard reveals that the legal gears are turning in Orange County and they’re going to be doing a little… Read More

  • Friendster Launches Support For OpenSocial Apps

    Friendster, the social network that has seen explosive growth in Asia but continues to lag behind Facebook and MySpace elsewhere, has launched support for OpenSocial apps on its development platform. Friendster initially launched its platform last October, but has restricted available applications to those developed especially for Friendster’s API (much as a developer would have to… Read More

  • Boston Acoustics i-DS2 iPod Speaker System

    Just in case you don’t know what this Boston Acoustics boombox does, dock your iPod on the top and it pumps your tunes out through it’s dual 3.5 full-range speakers.   Controls and charges all dockable iPod models 15 watts RMS/30 watts Dynamic Output Power per channel Remote control puts basic iPod functions at your fingertips Auxiliary input for connecting additional media… Read More

  • Sony's new E-series mp3 players pop up on NZ site

    The latest revision of Sony’s little Walkman E-series mp3 players has hit New Zealand first, apparently, and they appear to be more or less what was expected. 2GB, 4GB, and 8GB versions of the lightweight players will be available, and though the prices aren’t there yet, you can probably expect them to be roughly analogous to their older cousins — around $150-$250 for the range. Read More

  • Poll Everywhere Asks The Crowd To Spice Up PowerPoint Presentations

    Despite using a plethora of flashy graphics and professionally designed templates, many lecturers have to grapple with one common dilemma: PowerPoint presentations are usually pretty boring. One common way in increase engagement, especially in a large group setting, is to encourage audience participation using a polling service. Unfortunately, many of these systems use proprietary devices… Read More

  • Denon working with NBC for '08 Olympics

    NBC has turned to Denon with help on the audio control for this years Olympics. As it turns out, this is the fifth straight Olympic games that Denon has been involved with. The AV company suppled NBC with their top of the line gear for work in post-production. Denon’s flagship audio/video receiver, the AVR-5308, plus a DVD-1940 are installed in the Executive Board Room, while two… Read More

  • HTC Dream clears the FCC

    When a new HTC product going by “DREA1000” hits the FCC, there really isn’t much question what it may be. Of course, the product description goes on to outright call it “Dream”, but hey – it’s more fun to pretend that this took some hardcore sleuthing. Now that this much talked about first-ever Android handset has made its way through the FCC’s… Read More

  • BlackBerry to kill itself with virtual keyboard?

    Apple’s iPhone 3G has the App Store, 3G connectivity and legions of fans. RIM’s BlackBerry has business class ubiquity, a physical keyboard and the not-so-unfortunate fact that it rhymes with crack. Pros and cons on both sides of the smartphone fence, but Apple is making inroads as an enterprise solution, the traditional breeding grounds of the BlackBerry. One of the biggest… Read More

  • 10 Days of CrunchGear: The Iceman Processeth

    VIA has been so kind as to give us one red-hot Iceman PC. What is an Iceman? Fanless and ventless, the VIA iceman excels in harsh environments where others fail. Engineered to be dust, rain and splash resistant, the iceman is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. Fulfilling all your media needs through integrated hardware MPEG-2 decoding acceleration, the iceman serves an almost… Read More

  • Wearable, Tron-ish motorcycle concept, looks nice and safe

    http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1735797252 There’s a reason the “wearable vehicle” concept has only taken off in games and insane stunts. It’s probably that part where there’s heavy machinery attached to your body and if you take a turn wrong, it’ll tear your limbs off. Let’s hear what the creator has to say about the death machine… Read More

  • Skyfire gets Silverlight support

    If you’re one of the small pack of people that found their way into the Skyfire browser beta, pop open your copy – they’ve just added support for Microsoft’s response to Flash, Silverlight. Only a handful of sites are making use of Silverlight at the moment, but more support should be on the way. Netflix has demoed Silverlight versions of their “Watch… Read More

  • Business ultraportables coming from HP next month

    HP officially announced three new ultraportables today. The Elitebook 2530p will feature the steel wool-proof aluminum casing that Peter saw back in June along with a 3.19-pound frame, 12.1-inch widescreen display, and your choice of a 1.8-inch hard drive plus optical drive or a higher capacity 2.5-inch hard drive without an optical drive. Then there’s the Elitebook 2730p convertible… Read More

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